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Bolivian government extended school break until Friday

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  • Bolivian government extended school break until Friday

    Bolivian government extended school break until Friday
    July 21, 2010, 7:06

    La Paz - Bolivia .- The Ministry of Education yesterday directed the expansion of the recess until Friday, July 23 throughout the national territory in order to safeguard the health of students as a result of low temperatures in recent days, so that classes will resume on Monday.

    The decision was communicated by the Deputy Minister of General Education, Ivan Villa, after receiving reports from the Ministry of Health and reports on the low temperatures were recorded not only in the country but the entire region of South America.

    Likewise, confirmed the validity of the winter with a time delay in the entry in the departments of La Paz, Oruro and Potosi and a half hours in the rest of the country.

    "The climate behavior is not predictable, we do not know what temperature we will have a future, the past week we decided to resume classes on the recommendation of Senamhi. Now not to expose the students was determined to extend the recess, "said Villa.

    Following a series of questions about the attitude and lack of tact in the determinations of the Ministry of Education, regarding the return to classes of students, educational authorities initially decided to cancel classes throughout the country within three days term ending on today, but before the entry of a new cold front decided to extend the break until Friday.

    For its part, Health Minister Nila Heredia, suggested to the authorities of Education extend the suspension of classes until the weekend due to the increase of 17 percent of respiratory infections in order to curb the number of infections to colds and forewarn the progress of influenza A/H1N1.

    Under these arguments, the education authorities determined the extension of the suspension of the ban also Villa reported that the country is on the edge of the boundary of the security strip with 50 000 registered cases with acute respiratory infections in the country, where the city of Cochabamba has the largest number of these reported cases.

    In this regard, the president of the state, Evo Morales, like Villa, apologized to parents for not having attended his request to extend for another week educational rest, causing a corresponding increase in very much the number of colds in the country.

    Also, the education authority said that due to suspended on the school calendar will be rescheduled, since it is very likely that the completion of the school year is in December but this will be coordinated with schools and education authorities.

    Also indicated that the winter schedule still remain in effect until further notice, so does the uniform at this time is in no way mandatory to allow students to attend their schools warm.

    In that sense, Villa sued the parents safeguard the health of infants with appropriate food and shelter.

    On the other hand, said the Ministry of Education will design "strategies" for students to address the educational content scheduled for this management.

    Villa did not rule out additional classes are implemented at different times and even on Saturdays to complete the 200 days as prescribed by the curriculum.

    On the other hand, announced that the Ministry of Education held next year, a previous study of the impact of climate change in the country to set the school calendar.

    "We're seeing as the Ministry of Education to address these experiences next year we will have to reprogram all they are the instructions and planning at the school calendar year," he argued.
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