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Santa Cruz has 214 000 cases of acute respiratory infection

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  • Santa Cruz has 214 000 cases of acute respiratory infection

    Last week of June registered more than six thousand cases of respiratory illnesses, affecting largely children younger than five years. The authorities in health recommend to consume enough fruit and to wrap themselves up appropriately.
    The Service of Health (Head offices) of the Government, it indicated that due to the low temperatures registered in these days they increased the cases of Respiratory Sharp Infections (Anger) in the department cruce?o, but that the number of cases is inside the awaited thing, to sorrow that a big part of the cases registered in children younger than five years.
    For it, the authorities in health recommend to take care of his children, sheltering them and feeding them appropriately.
    The boss of Epidemiolog?a, Roberto T?rrez, indicated that of 214 thousand cases with Anger, six thousand had complications of pneumonia and up to the date they presented to themselves good evolution and it recommends to the persons to consume enough vitamin A, because it protects against the respiratory infections as the inflammations of nose, gullet, ears, larynx, bronchi and lungs; and vitamin C because it helps to recover of the illnesses, in addition to feeding on fresh fruits.
    ? We must not forget the measurements of prevention and come to the most nearby center of health to acquire the vaccine against the Flu To, before end of month, because he concludes the campaign ?, it exhorted T?rrez.
    It highlighted that an epidemic still does not exist in the national territory, but that the responsibility belongs to every person and we all must take conscience in the topic.
    The sanitary authority also reported that up to the date already 130 thousand doses of vaccine have been exceeded against the Flu To, but that it is important that the persons do not stop coming to his center of health to receive also the vaccine against the Diphtheria and the T?tano.
    The children younger than five years will have to receive all his dose that corresponds to him during his infancy. Also he was useful of throwing several recommendations to the population to avoid more cases in the whole society, who is to consume enough vitamin A and vitamin C, since his absence in the organism provokes hemorrhages and ulcers in the mouth cavity.
    It pointed out that in the vitamin A the food that more contain it is the green and yellow vegetables as lettuce, espinacas, parsley, zapallos, carrot, in addition to the eggs butter, oil of liver and in the milk.
    Other one of the vitamins that it mentioned was the vitamin C, since it supports the resistance to certain illnesses and infections and one finds in the raw and fresh vegetables like the tomato, watercress, paprika, cucumbers, onions, also in the liver, the milk, in the citrus fruits, apple, lemon, cabbage, espinacas, lettuce, melon, the banana and even more in the citric fruits.