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    Despite the low temperatures in the city of El Alto, for up to seven degrees below zero, cold cases, pneumonia and stomach infections in children under five years, have not increased, cases of influenza A/H1N1, beyond 100 suspected cases, according to data disclosed to El Diario, the Regional Health Service (Beings).

    For the epidemiological week 42 519 registered cases of colds in children under five years, while the last administration of medical care were 48 841 cases and 2008 cases seen in the most vulnerable population was recorded in 40 538 cases, said the director of Epidemiology the Seres, Nelson Chavarria.

    Between 2009 and this year there is a little attention about 6322 cases, which means that this year have been addressed -12.9% compared last year.

    "We must assume that the answer to the decline in registered cases of colds in the first cold week, is due to the incorporation of preventive vaccine H1N1, also had less ice than the last administration," he said.


    The data of respiratory complications in children under five years, according to Chavarria are: 6029, while the 2009 cases seen are 8359 and 2008 cases to 7029 cases seen arriving.

    "There is a decrease of cases in a 2330 case, an aspect which means that attended (-29%) compared with the present management.


    The records seen in the five health networks, have been dealt with now 138 cases of people suspected of being infected with H1N1 influenza, which does not identify any cases of possibility.

    Of the 138 cases 66 corresponds to a female population, while 72 are male. "But what is striking is that all these cases dealt with children under five years are the most affected with 12 cases," he said.