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Intensify vaccination against influenza A/H1N1

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  • Intensify vaccination against influenza A/H1N1

    Intensify vaccination against influenza A/H1N1
    June 1, 2010, 4:42

    La Paz - Bolivia .- Expanded Program Immunization (EPI), due to low temperatures, re-launched the vaccination campaign against influenza A/H1N1, that will prioritize the rural and high-risk areas, are intended to be exhaustive about 1 million doses, said the national project leader, Max Enriquez.

    From yesterday, it launched the vaccination campaign against influenza A/H1N1, due to low temperatures in recent days and forecasts of cold fronts coming up in the country for the winter season.

    Currently, there are half a million people vaccinated, and 1.3 million doses to address the immunization campaign. This mobilization will prioritize their work in different universities, colleges, barracks, and public schools, where there is greater concentration of people in general adult population, also providing coverage to health centers in remote rural areas, and sectors that were not considered to previously.

    The national chief of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI), Max Enriquez reported that the vaccines will be implemented in the cities, is also creating a new rate schedules to meet the needs of the population, as performed in Chuquisaca, department already met its goal with micro planning schedules.

    "Given the response we're getting, we noticed more responsibility in people, the population is becoming aware that they have to take care of and the only way is with the application of this vaccine," he said.
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    Re: Intensify vaccination against influenza A/H1N1

    Vaccination against the influenza A H1N1 came only to 40 %

    To three months of having begun the campaign of vaccination against the piece of news influenza A H1N1, only it went so far as to cover 40 % of the population put to vaccinating in the whole country. In spite of everything, on behalf of the authorities of health, trouble does not exist to administer the doses since the vaccines expire in July and October, 2011, reported the person in charge of the Extended Program of Immunizations (PAI) of the Department of Health, Max Enr?quez.
    It is necessary to remember that in April it began the campaign of vaccination against the flu A with the priority of immunizing vulnerable groups, as the pregnant women, you present yourself with chronic illnesses and workpeople in health.
    Special care they had to have the persons with base illnesses (diabetes, asthma, pulmonary pathologies, renal illnesses, obesity, cancer, hypertension and VIH - A), since her A H1N1 combined with these it can be mortal.
    The boss of the program pointed out that 40 % of coverage with the vaccine means half a million administered doses.
    He added that of this percentage, in Chuquisaca 90 % was achieved of vaccinated, in Cochabamba 58,2 %, in Potos? 58 %, in Beni 59 %, in Bulging 37 %, in Santa Cruz 28 %, in La Paz 21 %, in Oruro 14 % and in Tarija 19, 4 %.

    ? We have seen that also we can go so far as to cover, give the necessary protection to the healthy population that had not been contemplated inside these groups and that that will do that we cover and reach our goals ?.
    Of vaccinating only persons of vulnerable groups, in the last days the vaccination of the population was decided in general, across centers of health and hospitals, as well as by means of mobile brigades.
    ? Our mobile brigades are in a number of 103 persons, these brigades will be in constant mobilization for two or three more weeks ?.