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Bolivia, influenza 2018 - 29 fatalities

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  • Bolivia, influenza 2018 - 29 fatalities

    Fifth death confirmed by influenza in Santa Cruz and declare health alert

    The director of epidemiology of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters), Roberto Torrez, confirmed on Monday that the fifth death was recorded over the weekend in the department of Santa Cruz, in the town of Comarapa, Vallegrande province."We always investigate the causes of the deaths, it was requested that this patient be sampled and tested positive for influenza, we are in epidemic and look is happening in a time that is not winter, but in summer where we have outbreak of epidemic," informed the journalists.According to Torrez, the person who died was a 26-year-old man, who died from contracting the H1N1 strain, unlike other deaths that were due to influenza B and H2N3.
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    Two other deaths due to influenza in the valleys

    Rodrigo Garc?a, manager of the Health Network of Vallegrande province, reported two new deaths attributed to influenza in the valleys of Santa Cruz. The victims are a father, 87 years old, and his son, 47, who lived in Pucar?. The father had digestive problems and died on the 11th of this month, while the son, low defenses and died on April 3. According to Garc?a, both people went to the Lord of Malta hospital in Vallegrande, when they were in serious health. The young man's death has already been confirmed as due to influenza, while the father's still awaiting the results of the study, although the father's symptoms were similar to those of his son.

    The doctor reported that another person with symptoms of the disease is hospitalized in that center. On March 25, at the Lord of Malta hospital, a young man (28) died of influenza A H1N1; he lived in Comarapa. Faced with this situation, the staff of the hospital works with masks and follows the protocol to avoid infection and to detect suspicious cases.

    Asked about the aggressiveness of influenza A H1N1, which occurred in six of the seven deaths from this disease, Chang explained that it is not a mutation of the virus, but this type of influenza develops more serious pulmonary complications that prevent the oxygenation


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      Health emergency declared for influenza AH1NI in Bolivia

      La Paz.- The Municipal Council of the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in the east of Bolivia, declared a sanitary emergency in its jurisdiction after the death of 12 people due to influenza AH1N1 in the first four months of 2018. The new regulation provides free care to all patients with symptoms of influenza and application of vaccines in health centers administered by the municipality. Health authorities recommend the permanent use of alcohol in gel, avoid kissing and greetings with your hand. They also ask the sick not to attend educational centers or their places of work. Laboratory studies confirmed that there are 257 positive cases of this disease from January to date and 12 deaths from influenza.


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        There are 17 deaths due to influenza and there are 432 cases registered

        The Minister of Health, Ariana Campero, reported today that the number of deaths from influenza in the country rose to 17 and that to date there were 432 cases, of which 93% was diagnosed in Santa Cruz. "We have a report that to date there are 17 deaths of the influences, of the 17 all had basic pathologies, that is, that their defenses were compromised," he told reporters after leaving the cabinet meeting. The minister reported that there are two other deaths; however, laboratory tests are still awaited to determine if the cause of death was due to influenza or if there was any underlying pathology in these people.

        According to ABI, the Ministry of Health, together with the World Health Organization (WHO), announced last week that 1.8 million vaccines against the influences AH1N1, AH3N2 and type B. They will arrive in the country the second week of May.


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          Up to 18 people killed by influenza and Santa Cruz prepares emergency

          The director of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) of Santa Cruz, Joaqu?n Monasterio, confirmed yesterday the eighteenth death caused by the influenza virus and announced the immediate declaration of departmental emergency, to activate contingency and prevention measures."We already have a number of deaths of 18 people and for this reason we must declare emergency, so that we have resources that are used in the contingency plan and patient care," he said at a press conference.He explained that the last two people who died were women between 50 and 41 years old, from Portachuelo and Santa Cruz, respectively, and both had "basic diseases", which compromise their defenses.


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            20 people are killed by influenza in Santa Cruz

            The cases of deaths from influenza amounted to 20 in Santa Cruz, confirmed yesterday the Departmental Health Service (SEDES). The department has 94% of the cases registered in the country. The director of SEDES Santa Cruz, Joaqu?n Monasterio, confirmed that deaths from influenza rose to 20; there is also a case that is studied in the scientific committee of the epidemiology unit, reported Bolivia Tv. Monasterio said that after the declaration of emergency, a "double effort" was made in the work, since the Government has a very strong economic deficiency, after the stoppage of the income of the gas field of Incahuasi. "We believe there are going to be many more and more deaths due to people who are unprotected and at risk," he told the ERBOL Network.


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              Bolivia declares epidemiological alert for increased cases of influenza and 21 deaths

              The Government of Bolivia, through the Ministry of Health, declared an epidemiological alert in Bolivia to the increase in cases of influenza and the death of 21 inhabitants in Santa Cruz, the region where the largest number of cases is concentrated. The measure was announced by the National Head of the Epidemiology Unit, Rodrigo Cordero, who explained that "the alert is directed to health facilities throughout the national system because the risk of increased influenza cases should strengthen the epidemiological surveillance, diagnosis, prevention, care and control of the disease ". The provision establishes that the health services notify daily and compulsorily the appearance of new cases of influenza, cites an institutional note.


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                Killed by the flu increase to 22 and the government denies that there is an emergency

                The Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) of Santa Cruz reported yesterday of the death of a woman with influenza, which increased the number of fatalities of this virus to 22. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health clarified that no national emergency was declared by the virus. The director of the Headquarters of Santa Cruz, Joaqu?n Monasterio, confirmed that the woman from Montero died from the virus, however she clarified that she had basic pathologies. He also explained that it was ruled out that two other cases of death were related to influenza. "Information was received from the scientific technical committee of the Epidemiology Unit, of the three cases that were under analysis, of which only one has been confirmed as positive, causing influenza to die," he said and confirmed that the victims are now 22.


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                  Confirmed the death of a woman because of the flu

                  A woman of 35 years, a native of Montero, hypertensive due to obesity problems, was the new victim of influenza in Santa Cruz, as confirmed by authorities of the Departmental Health Service (Sedes), which highlighted the massive response of the population at risk , that continues going to the health centers to be immunized. Until yesterday more than 80,000 people had already received the dose and it is expected that another number will be vaccinated this weekend, although vaccination in some centers will be irregular.


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                    In La Paz they record the first death by flu and report 19 cases

                    This Tuesday the first death was reported because of influenza in La Paz. It happened eight days ago in the town of Viacha, near the city of El Alto, where a baby of two months could not survive the disease that currently affects 19 people, according to data from the Departmental Health Service (Sedes). The director of the headquarters, Freddy Valle, confirmed the death of the child and explained that on May 15 it was confirmed that the newborn was suffering from influenza type B, although before and was receiving treatment for that disease. The minor was transferred to a hospital on May 10 "in very bad conditions and everyone thought it was another case (not influenza)." On May 11, the sample was taken for the respective examinations and treatment for influenza began.


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                      They discard new type of influenza and add 26 deaths in the country

                      "According to reports from the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization and our laboratories we have not seen any variation of a new virus that has appeared, they keep AH1N1, AH3N2 and type B", explained the owner of this State portfolio, when leaving the cabinet meeting in the Government Palace.In this context, he recommended to the directors of the Departmental Health Services (Sedes) to be more cautious with the information so as not to generate alarm in the population.Up to the epidemiological week 23, 1,014 positive cases of influenza and 26 deaths were reported in the country.Of the total number of deaths, 23 belong to the department of Santa Cruz, two to La Paz and one to Cochabamba."Yesterday (Tuesday) the death of a 44-year-old woman has been reported in the department of Cochabamba, so all the necessary actions are being taken from the epidemiological point of view," he remarked.


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                        Up to 27 deaths due to influenza and the Government is concerned about the low coverage of vaccines

                        The number of deaths due to influenza in the country rises to 27 in almost six months and 1,014 positive cases are estimated. The coverage of the vaccines in six departments, the only measure of prevention of the disease, worries the Government that has exhorted to go to the health centers to receive the injection. "It is the epidemiological week 23, and we have already reported 1,014 positive cases of influenza nationwide and there are 27 deaths. Yesterday (Thursday) the death of a three year old patient in La Paz has been confirmed, "said the National Chief of the Epidemiology Unit, Rodrigo Cordero, to the state radio station Patria Nueva. The official remarked that the main prevention measure is vaccination whose coverage in La Paz, Potos?, Oruro, Pando, Chuquisaca and Cochabamba is low.


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                          Deaths from influenza rise to 29 in the country

                          LA PAZ The Ministry of Health reported yesterday that, with the recent death of two male patients in Santa Cruz, to date there are 29 people who died in the country due to influenza. Of the total deaths, 25 were registered in Santa Cruz, three in La Paz and one in Cochabamba. According to the National Head of the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health, Rodrigo Cordero, it was confirmed that the last two deaths were due to this disease after their cases were reported last April. "After going through the Analysis Committee it was determined that they had influenza," Codero said in a press release. The first of these last two deaths corresponds to a 71-year-old man who also suffered from diabetes and high blood pressure, while the second deceased, 41 years old, was diagnosed with chronic Chagasic heart disease.


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                            First death due to influenza reported in Sucre

                            The Chief of Epidemiology of the Departmental Health Service (Sedes) of Chuquisaca, Ronald P?rez, confirmed on Wednesday the first death as a result of the H1N1 flu in the city of Sucre, whose victim is a person under six years of age, who suffered from an illness of base. "The corresponding results were received and the person is positive for influenza AH1N1, however, the picture that triggered the death of the child, respecting the pain of the family, is that the patient presented a bacterial complication," he told reporters .


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                              A 24-year-old man died of H1N1 flu in the city of Tarija

                              A young man of 24 years of age, died after suffering with the so-called H1N1 flu, his death occurred in a private clinic, now the health authorities recommend the population to be vaccinated against this virus, said the director of the Departmental Health Service Sedes, Pa?l Castellanos. The death occurred last Tuesday afternoon, and to date there are 15 suspected cases and two were positive cases, of which one of them recovered but the other lost his life. There are still extreme cold, people have to take care of themselves, we have to isolate patients who have flu symptoms, we have to use alcohol in gel, wash hands, sneeze covering with the forearm "were some of the recommendations given by Castellanos. Meanwhile, Virginia P?rez, head of the Vaccine Bank, said that many people are not going to receive the vaccines, which are for three types of flu.