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Bolivia: influenza 2017

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  • Bolivia: influenza 2017

    Third death due to influenza

    The Department of Health Department (Headquarters) of the department of Santa Cruz, through its director of epidemiology, Roberto T?rrez, confirmed yesterday the death of an adult because of the virus type B. Last days was confirmed two deaths by The H3N2 virus, however, yesterday was a new death, this time by the type of influenza B, a 45-year-old adult.

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    Red alert in Santa Cruz for 5 deaths with influenza

    Health authorities declared a red alert in Santa Cruz, after registering two more deaths caused by the H2N3 influenza - already five in total - and the increase in cases of influenza that affects dozens of people. The regional director of the Departmental Health Service (SEDES), Joaqu?n Monasterio, reported that they are two women, one of 57 years who presented cardiac complications and another of 30 years, who had as diabetes-based disease. Due to the alarming increase of cases of H2N3 influenza in Santa Cruz , Yesterday was declared red alert. Monasterio explained that this implies one more degree to take precautionary barriers and operate the Emergency Health Operating Committee (COES), to accentuate compliance with protocols and all measures that correspond to the SEDES. Likewise, the population has to do its part, because they have already registered five deaths.