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Bolivia, influenza 2016: 46 fatalities

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    Raises to 21 the number of deaths from influenza in Santa Cruz

    An adult and a pregnant woman are the two new victims of influenza in the department of Santa Cruz, according to data released yesterday by the director of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters), Joaqu?n Monastery.
    The victims were not immunized and are a man of 66, who lived in the North Satellite (Warnes), it was a chronic smoker and died in San Juan de Dios hospital on July 14. The other person was a woman of 29 years of the community of Ribera Palacios, located in the town of Mora (municipality of Cabezas), with 24 weeks of pregnancy. She had no underlying disease, but died on July 18 at a private clinic. She was admitted to a health center in your area for an acute respiratory infection, but given the seriousness of his condition was referred to a private clinic where he died six days later. Through studies it was found that her baby had died in the womb of the mother the day before she died.


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      A woman dies; H1N1 suspect

      Early Wednesday killed a woman of 33 years in the hospital of the Villa Primero de Mayo and the family suspects that his death was caused by the influenza.Allegados of the deceased say the young mother of two children-had no underlying disease and was twice hospital because he felt bad, but there just was given painkillers and sent home. The third time I went to the same hospital on Tuesday, but at dawn Wednesday muri?.El departmental chief of Epidemiology, Roberto Torrez, said he has no information about this case, but promised to investigate. From January to date in Santa Cruz 21 people died from influenza


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        Oruro: A woman is the fourth victim of H1N1

        A woman of about 56 years is the fourth victim of a related type AH1N1 influenza, death in Oruro department, reported Radio Pius XII ERBOL.El Network Director Departmental Health Service (Headquarters), Jose Ignacio, he said that this person already had an underlying disease complicated with influenza. The death was reported in the clinical Natividad.Las first two deaths from the H1N1 were reported in June with people from 68 to 72 years. The third death from this cause was last week, when the victim was an adult over 68 years.

        El director del Servicio Departamental de Salud (Sedes), José Ignacio, indicó que esta persona ya tenía una enfermedad de base que se complicó con la influenza.


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          Up to 46 deaths from H1N1 flu in Bolivia

          A total of 46 people died in Bolivia, from January to date, by the influenza A (H1N1), 17 more than the last report provided earlier this month, said Wednesday the Health Minister Ariana Campero. "A level national're with a report confirmed by a (H1N1) 1027 cases, and the report we have a total of 46 dead, "said the health authority in a press conference. The deaths were recorded in seven of the nine departments of Bolivia, since early a?o.En the previous report of the Ministry of Health the number of people killed by influenza reached 29, according to official count. This report also mentioned that previously had 740 infected.

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