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Bolivia, influenza 2016: 46 fatalities

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    Cochabamba in emergency for flu

    The Departmental Legislature passed a regional law declaring emergency Cochabamba in increased deaths due to the H1N1 flu in its jurisdiction, its president, Martin Siles said Thursday night.

    "It is empowering, first, that the executive government department perform the immediate acquisition of two mechanical ventilators with a value of 600,000 Bolivians to ensure timely and immediate attention, specialized and ongoing patients who come to the medical center" acot?.El Department of Health Services reported that in Cochabamba eighth died because of the H1N1 flu, in addition to that in this region there are 60 positive cases and 259 suspects were recorded.


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      Two other deaths in La Paz and Cochabamba

      Until yesterday, 17 deaths from H1N1 flu were confirmed by the authorities of the health services department of La Paz (9) and Cochabamba (8). In the La Paz department authorities they have enacted emergency epidemiol?gica.El head of the Epidemiology Unit of the Headquarters of La Paz, Jhonny Ayll?n, reported yesterday that a new H1N1 flu victim, rising to nine the number of deaths was reported. "to date, unfortunately there are nine people who have died from H1N1," he puntualiz?.Explic? that the latest victim was a male person of 43 years old.

      Un hombre de 43 años es la novena víctima mortal en la sede de Gobierno. En la región valluna se reportan ocho Las autoridades intensificarán la campaña de vacunación contra la influenza en Cochabamba y La PazABI - La Paz…


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        There are now 11 deaths from influenza AH1N1

        Santa Cruz, Saturday July 2 (ATB Digital) .- In the last hours amounted to 11 people who died from H1N1 flu, why what the Departmental Health Service of Santa Cruz (Headquarters) asked intensify campaigns prevention to avoid further bajas.El it Venues director, Joaqu?n Monasterios, also asked people belonging to risk groups go to the nearest health center to be vaccinated against influenza.


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          31 reported dead and more than 735 positive cases of H1N1

          Health Minister, Ariana Campero, said that until the weekend at least 740 positive cases of H1N1 flu and 31 people died from the disease were recorded. "There are eight in Cochabamba, 11 in Santa Cruz, one in Oruro, one in Beni, Pando one and nine in La Paz, "said Campero about 31 decesos.Expres? that all the people who died had an underlying disease and intensify actions to prevent this disease and that people with any disease basis as hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, should be vaccinated against the flu.


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            Santa Cruz brings to 12 the death toll from H1N1

            The director of the Departmental Health Service (SEDES), Joaquin Monasterio, reported Tuesday that the number of deaths from influenza H1N1 rose to 12 in Santa Cruz. "We have a new died from H1N1, is a patient of 81 years old I was not vaccinated who had a baseline heart disease and was hospitalized since June 13, laying did everything possible to save his life, "dijo.En Santa Cruz have been registered so far 409 confirmed cases of influenza , of which 356 are H1N1, H3N2 34 and 19 by the strain B, according to the headquarters. (7/5/2016)


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              39 deaths from the H1N1 influenza virus - Ministry of Health

              The Ministry of Health carries out the vaccination campaign against influenza with an investment of 22,431,491 bolivianos for the purchase of 1,400,000 doses of vaccine, of which 870,900 are intended for adults and 583,990 for ni?os.Joaqu?n Monastery, director of Departmental Health service (Headquarters) mentioned that "has done everything possible to save his life." In Oruro work for three days from yesterday Saturday until Monday morning, 260 brigades at fixed points as the square "10 de Febrero", markets and squares, plus health centers in each area, fulfilling a work schedule drawn up by the Epidemiologia.De staff according to the Headquarters, the epidemic has affected 409 people and has spread in 12 municipalities of the department.


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                Cobija confirms first death from H1N1 and population on the border is on alert

                The Government of Pando, Bolivian state that borders Acre confirmed the first death due to H1N1 flu. The report was made by social networks and a woman, a victim of the disease, have died in the ICU of the General Hospital of the city of Cobija, the state capital.

                With the situation, the government intensifies prevention and calls the population to be vaccinated against the virus. Initially, the government aims to immunize two priority groups: children under five years and adults from 55 years. The government also asks the population to feed well and try to keep the immune system strengthened.

                O Governo de Pando, estado boliviano que faz fronteira com o Acre, confirmou a primeira morte por conta da gripe H1N1. O informe foi feito pelas redes sociais e uma mulher, vítima da doença, teria morrido na UTI do Hospital Geral da cidade de Cobija, a Capital do estado. Com…


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                  Flu deaths rise to 14 in Santa Cruz and reach the record high of 2009

                  The director of Epidemiology Department Health Service (SEDES) Santa Cruz, Roberto Torrez, said Friday that the number of deaths from influenza rose to 14 in that region, a figure which reached the record high recorded in 2009. "We are talking about 14 cases, the Scientific Committee has confirmed two more cases, with analysis of each case so that Santa Cruz has equaled the number of deaths in the 2009 pandemic, "he said explic?.T?rrez all deaths correspond to the type H1N1 and in most cases it is people with underlying diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and chagas.La health authority added that the total number of flu cases exceed 420 of which 356 are for H1N1, and the remainder to H3N2 and B.

                  Todos los decesos corresponden al tipo H1N1 y en la mayor parte de los casos se trata de personas con enfermedades de base como diabetes, hipertensión y chagas.Incrementan los casos de influenza en el oriente. Foto: InternetLa Razón Digital /…


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                    35 flu fatalities

                    The deaths of influenza A-H1N1 added 35 and the region of Santa Cruz, is where most cases occur. Health authorities summoned the population at risk to access the doses being well distributed in health centers and in campaigns m?viles.Algunas units authorities questioned that vaccines have been distributed too late for application as to take effect should I go from 20 to 30 days after application. "it is true that it is best applied before, but we are applying stage of epidemic. always the trend is that, people are not so responsible and does not come when it should go," he said the head of the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health, Rodolfo Rocabado.



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                      1.4 million people are registered with IRAS

                      Bolivia has 1.4 million acute respiratory infections (SARI) and 894 influenza A H1N1, according to the report of the Minister of Health, Ariana Campero. La Paz and Santa Cruz are the regions where most people sick existen.Indic? that continue to be cases of H1N1 and the concern is that still have the risk population, who have more deaths. "There are 35 people who died," said the autoridad.De case according to detail; Tarija, Pando and Beni reported in 2, while Potosi barely reached 1; 59 Cochabamba, Oruro and Chuquisaca 30 15. Santa Cruz, with 442, and La Paz, 341.Campero also anticipated that request a report to the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) of Santa Cruz territory, given the lack of information vaccines in some centers medical. "Santa Cruz has it accountable," he said, in time to detail that are acquired 1.4 million injections by the Government, with an investment of 22 million bolivianos / JA


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                        Five people in intensive care for influenza

                        The director of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters), Joaquin Monasterio, reported that influenza has begun to decline, but at this time there are five people in intensive care with this gripe.Record? which remains at 14 the death toll, although the number may vary because there are cases that are being discussed and others who are sensitive to salud.Recomend? continue prevention measures and asked to pharmacies and private schools where they sell the vaccine beware fr?o.Monasterio chain indicated that vaccination for risk groups continues in health centers habilitados.En the department has 526 confirmed cases of influenza, of which 472 are of a H1N1.


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                          Ninth in Cochabamba died because of H1N1

                          The regional head of epidemiological surveillance, Ruben Castillo, reported Wednesday in the city of Cochabamba ninth died because of the H1N1 flu, a man of 57 years was recorded. "We had a new died from H1N1. It is a male patient 57 years. In that case we have nine deaths so far," he said in statements to the ABI. Castillo said that person died last week in a medical facility, where, he said, he was hospitalized for five days. He said a preliminary report on the case established that the patient had a pulmonary fibrosis and asthma as underlying diseases that were aggravated by the influenza virus. "This gentleman had begun to have symptoms of the flu about two weeks before his hospitalization," added Castillo. The authority also stated that in Cochabamba there are still 63 positive cases of H1N1 and 311 suspects.


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                            In 2 departments have influenza-related deaths

                            Departmental health services in Santa Cruz and Chuquisaca Thursday reported two new cases related to influenza.El head of Epidemiology Headquarters Chuquisaca, Roberto Torres deaths, said a 50, who had tested positive for H1N1 , died but said that influenza was not the main cause of death, but complicated a condition in the heart that resulted is a heart infection descompensada.Seg?n the official, interviewed by Radio Aclo of ERBOL Red, in this department recorded so far 22 confirmed cases of H1N1, two in Monteagudo and the rest in Sucre.En Santa Cruz, the head of Epidemiology, Roberto Torres, reported that a 55 year old man who suffered from Chagas disease, and was not vaccinated, he died with influenza. In the eastern province, they are recorded in total 549 cases of influenza, most of which correspond to the type H1N1. Torres said based on these data that the mortality rate is 2.8%, as reported by Radio Santa Cruz.

                            En Santa Cruz, el jefe de Epidemiología, Roberto Torres, informó que un hombre de 55 años que padecía el mal de chagas, y que no estaba vacunado, falleció con influenza.


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                              The first person dies from influenza in the Capital

                              As a man who had heart problems underlying pathology tier four died with influenza, after spending three days in intensive care. Day passes, flu cases are rising in Chuquisaca: there are 81 suspected cases of which 23 were given positivo.La information was confirmed by the head of the Epidemiology Unit of the Departmental Health Service (SEDES) Chuquisaca, Jhonny Camacho, who said that the first victim of influenza in Chuquisaca is a man of 54 years of edad.Camacho said the patient was first treated at the University hospital and then transferred to the hospital Santa Barbara where he was admitted with symptoms of heart difficulty grade four and influenza. Unfortunately he could not leave that state and died.


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                                Confirmed a new death from influenza in Santa Cruz

                                director Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) Joaquin Monasterio confirmed the death of a man of 55 years for influenza, bringing up to 15 the number of deaths from influenza A H1N1.Se is a person who He did not have the flu vaccine and had chagas and pacemaker. He was hospitalized for 20 d?as.En this time is nine patients in ICU (five suspects and four positive) and 34 other internees (29 suspects and five positive). The Scientific Committee is reviewing the cases of deaths, although there has been an arrest in the epidemiological curve regarding cases positivos.El latest report notes that in the department there are 549 cases of influenza, of which 495 are A H1N1 35 19 A H3N2 and type B.