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Maternal and child mortality causes more deaths than influenza A

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  • Maternal and child mortality causes more deaths than influenza A


    Google translation:

    Tapia: maternal and child mortality causes more deaths than influenza A

    For Anf | - Agency - 3/08/2009

    LA PAZ |

    Health Minister Ramiro Tapia said, this Monday, in Bolivia, the maternal and child mortality, reports "serious loss of life indicators" as opposed to deaths caused by influenza AH1N1, which claimed nine fatalities.

    The authority noted that compared to other countries, Bolivia remains a proper management scheme of influenza A. So we chose not to mention the total cases of the flu, not to create panic among the population.

    "In Bolivia we have nine deaths with influenza A, we had 20 deaths due to dengue (last year), but in Bolivia a child dies every day for hours, that is the infant mortality, maternal mortality is also high," said Tapia, a television network, noting that because of this bond was created on "Juana Azurduy Gang" to be paid from next week across the country and benefit all pregnant women.

    According to the report of the Ministry of Health, there are a total of 45 people infected with influenza A who are receiving treatment in question. Except the department of Oruro, where there were no patients so far.

    While in Tarija is a patient in intensive care room and two patients in Cochabamba, a patient in intensive therapy and four patients receiving treatment in Santa Cruz four people are in intensive care and 13 to hospital treatment.

    In Chuquisaca no patients in intensive care and there was only one patient receiving treatment, no patients in Potosi, La Paz are four patients in intensive care and 11 who are receiving treatment in hospital, Beni and Pando have not registered for inpatient Because the influenza virus.

    He explained that since it was alerted about the presence of influenza A, the Ministry of Health regulations became fundamental to the epidemic prevention work.

    "We believe that at no time have we lowered our guard, prevention measures have to be increasingly important and the hygiene habits acquired must not lose," said Tapia, noting that one will later report on the characteristics of influenza A with the new cases registered in the departments.

    REAGENTS: Similarly, the minister Tapia confirmed the lack of reagents for laboratory testing of suspect cases, however, said that one must be honest with people believing that the country is facing a global pandemic that affects 170 countries the world that also need reagents.

    As a preventive measure Tapia instructed all national hospital service to patients highly suspected, it is not necessary laboratory tests and treatment should begin immediately with Tamiflu.

    "We have made our request two months ago reagents. We understand that in the course of today and tomorrow WHO reagents that cash will need if not done, friendly and supportive, we will reactive, otherwise we will send staff to the WHO and PAHO we have a debt to Cochabamba for laboratory medicine at the University Mayor de San Sim?n, we make that effort, "said lab.