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Santa Cruz: School and factory closures

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    Influenza A causes the closure of 2 schools and a textile factory
    Updated 01/08/2009
    Delivery: the distribution of inputs by the Ministry of Health headquarters at La Paz


    Health Minister Ramiro Tapia, calls for common flu with children do not go to class.

    Influenza A caused the temporary closure of two schools in the city of La Paz, a kindergarten and a third factory in Santa Cruz.

    The Government believes that such determinations are unnecessary and, instead, recommended that children do not attend classes Agrippa to avoid contagion.

    The Departmental Service Director of Education (Seduce) La Paz, Carlos Limachi, reported that the Don Bosco College, located in the area Pampahasi was a high school during the work on Friday following the detection of a student with influenza A.

    Limachi reported that a child under 12 years was taken to hospital where he receives medical attention.

    As a precaution, he said, was determined to perform on the eve of a fumigation and cleaning facilities of the school and return to normal work from Monday.

    However, according to the head of the Epidemiology Department of Health Services (Headquarters) La Paz, Franz Torrez, it is only a suspicion and failed to confirm the presence of a case of influenza A in this school.

    The address of the particular German school, located in the south of the city of La Paz, through a statement, made aware of the closure of the premises from Monday 3 to Friday August 7.

    The reason, as explained in the note, is that at noon yesterday she was aware of one confirmed case of influenza A and other "cases with general symptoms of flu and some point where suspected influenza A".

    The measure aims to minimize the risk of contagion and the spread of influenza virus A.

    The Director of Epidemiology, Eddy Martinez, reported that it was learned that the parents of the Montessori school in the south of the city, announced the presence of an infection and called for the closure of the school work. A television channel has confirmed the closure of K in that establishment.

    The authority argued that there was no reason for that end.

    In Santa Cruz, the director of the Departmental Service of Health (Headquarters), Erwin Saucedo, announced on Monday that a closed textile factory, located in the town of Warnes, was detected because a person with influenza A. This measure will be implemented until the following Monday.

    Reported that in the case of private school La Salle in the city, the person who was not influenza A joined the establishment, then it was deemed appropriate to suspend the work. The school, he said, is operating normally.

    The young man concerned with evil, he explained, made it out of the country, a trip that usually do the promotions, but was diagnosed in time. Health Minister Ramiro Tapia, urged parents not to send their children to school they are cold to prevent the spread of the disease and preventing infections.

    Said that students who attend classes are not supported by the authorities, so they may recover over time without any difficulty once overcome the viral disease.


    In the city of Santa Cruz, the representatives of the Department of Health Services of Beni, Chuquisaca, Tarija and Santa Cruz yesterday denounced the lack of coordination with the central government to the attention of the new flu, resulting in the absence of input , medicines and medical personnel.

    The Director of the Offices Santa Cruz said that to date they are not equipped to manage items in 2009 and that the doctors hired by the emergency are being designed to meet the payment of Bonus Azurduy Juana instead of supporting the fight against the pandemic.

    He mentioned that we need input to make the laboratory analysis of the National Center for Tropical Diseases (CENETROP) and can not apply treatments to patients who carry the virus AH1N1.

    The manager of the Program of Influenza A, Ren? Lenis, explained that the inputs are being sent to all required Sedes.

    For the tests, said that the process is still CENETROP samples from around the country, except in La Paz, where you do INLASA because it has sufficient reagents to perform the task. The Cochabamba has not yet entered into operation.

    The first 20 respirators come August 25

    Mechanical ventilation within the first 20 of the 40 that initially offered by the Government to address the complicated cases of influenza A, arrived in the country August 25.

    The manager of the Program of Influenza A, the Ministry of Health, Ren? Lenis, explained that the company was awarded the strength of the teams is HANSA Ltda, which to date still makes respirators, a task which will take at least two weeks. At that time, he said, adding that two weeks is to be used for transfer.

    Health Minister Ramiro Tapia, reported that in addition to this first batch, manages the arrival of 20 breaths through the World Bank, the National Health Fund (CNS) will acquire a further eight and five will cooperate with Venezuela.

    Unfortunately, he said, "respirators are not immediately available, you must make arrangements and we are."

    According to Lenis, respirators with those of the existing hospitals were inadequate for emergency living pa?s.Tapia reported that the devices are being organized to spend where needed.

    A doctor at the Hospital del T?rax complained that the facility has three respirators and five beds, as well as trained medical personnel and adequate to serve the sick with influenza A, but there is an extreme susceptibility.

    For that reason we reject the patients, as in the case of Ren? Job Ticona, who died in Cossmil, and the patient was taken to a hospital in Patacamaya.

    Argentina, second in dead

    The number of deaths by influenza A in Latin America, the region most affected by the pandemic, over 600 after the announcement of new deaths in several countries between Thursday and Friday.

    Latin America, where the harsh winter has encouraged the spread of the disease, especially in the Southern Cone-concentrated and over two thirds of the victims of the pandemic, according to AP, which has left 816 dead in the world, according to the most recent balance sheet of the World Health Organization (WHO) published on Monday and already passed.

    The largest increase occurred in the previous days in Chile, where the death toll rose to 87, eight more than a week before, and in Mexico, where the pandemic began in April and 146 total deaths associated with influenza A.

    However, with 165 confirmed deaths, Argentina remains the country most affected by the virus in the region and the second in the world, behind United States (302).

    Peru (29 deaths in total), Costa Rica (22), Colombia (17), Guatemala (10), Bolivia (9) and Honduras (4) also revised upward its figures on the previous hours. Uruguay is at least 21 fatalities, according to the balance of the official July 23, and Ecuador, 17.

    Despite the progression of the disease, the Mexican Government considers that influenza A is controlled in the country, while Chile maintains that "there is a clear downward trend in the number of cases.

    A patient with a tracheostomy

    Of the two patients with influenza A interned at the Heart of Jesus Hospital in the city of El Alto, one is recovering well and the other is a diagnosis reserved.

    One of the social workers of the hospital, Beatriz Yupanqui, said that in the case of the patient aged 37 was transferred to the Hospital Juan XXIII, his recovery is favorable because it was taken yesterday to an intensive care isolation room .

    This woman was pregnant, came to hospital and underwent a cesarean section, days after her baby was born six and a half months, died of respiratory failure. She was almost two weeks in hospital.

    For the patient who was transferred from a hospital in Oruro, Yupanqui reported that their state is "sensitive" and yesterday underwent a tracheotomy (a tube is placed in the throat for breathing), and still in therapy intensive.

    She is a doctor by profession and has 23 years of age.

    Both patients were diagnosed with influenza A and receive treatment to combat this evil. In the rest of the country there are also gravely ill, as in Santa Cruz, where there are four patients in public clinics and private.

    The authorities failed to give the official count of cases on the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Pregnant women with high risk

    WHO warned that pregnant women have a higher risk of contracting the flu.

    Why we should increase precautionary mechanisms.

    They should consult a doctor immediately after the first symptoms noted.

    He said he does not have to hesitate to take the dosage of medication, but with control.