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Fatalities total 19 in Bolivia

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    Re: Fatalities total 17 in Bolivia


    Bolivia reported two more deaths by influenza AH1N1 and up to the 17 fatalities

    The Ministry of Health on Tuesday reported two more deaths by influenza AH1N1, both in La Paz, bringing to 17 the number killed by the virus, did so knowing the government news agency ABI.

    The National Director of Epidemiology, Eddy Martinez explained to the ABI that the two victims died at the Chest Hospital in the city of La Paz.

    "One of the patients carry the virus, was a man of 55 years died last night due to problems of diabetes and the second person was a woman of 25 years who was interned at Dutch Boliviano Hospital in El Alto, but suffered from respiratory failure and was transferred to the Chest Hospital, where he died, "he explained.

    The doctor said that women suffered from obesity, a disease which, in conjunction with the pandemic, caused respiratory complications.

    "We have a report of 17 deaths nationwide. 80% of these deaths are AH1N1, ie the basic diseases that are complicated by the presence of the virus," he said on his part Health Minister Ramiro Tapia .


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      Re: Fatalities total 18 in Bolivia

      Source: Source:

      Ed Printed in Cochabamba and Santa Cruz
      Influenza A: 18 dead and several schools closed

      By Red Leader - Agency - 20/08/2009

      The pandemic of influenza A H1N1 forced yesterday to a school close its doors for two days in Cochabamba (from yesterday), while the same measure was decided last night to all schools (fiscal, private and agreement) of the City of Santa Cruz, in this case for a week (from today until August 28). A status report is added to the 18th death from the disease, a man of 61 years who died on Monday in Tarija.

      The extent to Santa Cruz was agreed with representatives of parents, teachers, and county Prosecutor, and determined by the Emergency Operations Center Departamental (COED), with the increase of positive cases, according to the director of that entity, Alcides Vargas.
      In Cochabamba, meanwhile, including the Calvert School of Tiquipaya, said its general manager Elizabeth Fiorilo to a local radio station, took the measure after a positive detection of influenza in a girl of nine years.

      Meanwhile, authorities in the department of Health (Headquarters) and Education (Seduce), Cochabamba, met in emergency to see the relevance of extending the limits set for the closure of schools and classrooms, because of 10 samples processed from Tuesday and Wednesday, newly empowered by the laboratory of the University Mayor de San Sim?n (UMSS) four were positive, including three students at schools.

      Until now, authorities had determined that if a class is closed due to the three positive cases, and to close the school was required the presence of the virus in three courses, but the concern of parents and the emergence virus in schools, they decided to review that decision.

      The director of the Cochabamba Venues, Rodrigo Heredia, said that between Tuesday and Wednesday, the laboratory, which operates simultaneously in two places, one part in the School of Biochemistry and Medicine at the other 10 samples processed, four gave a positive result.

      This is the girl in the Calvert School, an adult male in the hospital and two Belgian children in room isolation hospital, a year and a half and another of 14, the latter already at risk of suffering heart disease .

      Heredia said that to optimize the reagents with which Cochabamba for 200 samples, only testing for children, the elderly, chronically ill and seriously ill patients.

      31 students ill

      The Emergency Operations Center Departamental (COED), Santa Cruz reported that 31 students were positive on laboratory testing of H1N1 influenza A and 97 had clinical symptoms from August 3 to date.

      School day without work is used to perform a cleanup on the premises and to conduct training courses for teachers and contracts, particularly parents, who are not adequately implementing preventive filters.

      The head of Epidemiology Venues, Roberto Torrez, explained that the measure seeks to mitigate the spread of the pandemic and that there will be no cases of complications in school.

      Meanwhile, the head of the Prefecture of Seduce, Salomon Vargas, said that for the lost time teachers can prioritize content work on Saturday and give homework.

      The Deputy Minister of Education school, Germ?n Jim?nez, said it still was not aware of the issue and today the Ministry of Education set a position.


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        Re: Fatalities total 19 in Bolivia


        15:17 Suben to the 19 fatalities in the country
        A teenager dies in Cochabamba infected with influenza AH1N1

        By Abi - Agency - 20/08/2009

        COCHABAMBA |

        A 14-year-old died Wednesday night in the city of Cochabamba AH1N1 infected with the virus and up to 19 fatal victims of the pandemic in the country, official sources reported on Thursday.

        "The youngest of 14 years who was in our isolation of pediatrics, was confirmed by our laboratory to be affected by the flu AH1N1, who died of the disease. In this case, also two fatal victims of this kind in our district, "the director of the Departmental Service of Health of Cochabamba, Rodrigo Heredia.

        Reported that the child was not in the city of Cochabamba, therefore not studied in any school in this city and are presumed to come from Santa Cruz.

        "Probably the city brought the disease and that came in very poor condition for some 15 days to our pediatric isolation, where we immediately provide all the inputs, tools and professional service to the child, but he died," said Heredia.

        However, some precautionary measures announced to prevent spread of the disease in schools.

        "We have decided to reduce the technical requirements for closing the educational units. We have reached a consensus that if there is a child with influenza A N1H1en a positive way, will proceed to the closing of the course. If they had two children of different courses are proceed with the temporary closure of the school to clean up the environment and to allow the establishment of social isolation and so cut the epidemiological link., "he explained.

        The doctor explained that in Cochabamba were reported 520 suspected cases, of which 89 were positive. "There are currently four patients under observation," explained.

        Of the 19 deaths from influenza A N1H1 in Bolivia, seven were in La Paz, Santa Cruz in five, two in Potosí, Tarija in two, two in one in Oruro and Cochabamba.


        The flu takes another life to add up to 19 the number of deaths

        Cochabamba, 20 Aug (Erbol) .- A 14-year-old native of Tiraque, was killed in the last hours in the city of Cochabamba after struggling for two weeks to recover from influenza A (H1N1).

        The information was released the Departmental Service Director of Health of Cochabamba, Rodrigo Heredia, indicating that the unfortunate death last night after presenting complications in the lungs and heart.

        He stated that the child had traveled to Santa Cruz, the region hardest hit by the pandemic, where even lived one month and two weeks ago came to Cochabamba, where he died.

        "The adolescent of 14 years had confirmed the H1N1 virus, with this added two fatalities in the city of Cochabamba by this disease," stated the departmental authority.

        The health authority announced that in coordination Departmental Education (seduction), will take several security measures in the educational units which present a case of influenza A (H1N1).

        "We have reached a consensus between the Headquarters and seducing that if a child with positive influenza A (H1N1) in a course will be closed for that course. If there were two children of different courses shall be the temporary closure of the school for seven days to clean up the environment and social isolation to allow this property and thus cut the epidemiologic investigation, "he said.

        Also, he said, is following up the child concerned has the flu, but the trip was in contact with everyone in the fleet so it is unknown how many more will be infected.

        In Cochabamba, to date there are over 500 people suspected of having the disease, of which 89 are positive cases, of which four are under observation, including a baby a year and a half and one adult admitted to the Clinica Belga .

        The Ministry of Health until the last hours had confirmed the deaths of 18 people, but with this new report would amount to 19 fatal victims.
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