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5th fatality reported in Bolivia

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  • 5th fatality reported in Bolivia


    Google translation:
    Has the fifth fatal victim of the Influenza A

    A former official of the City of Santa Cruz died today of a complication caused by the influenza virus AH1N1, official sources reported.

    Erbol reported that the network is a person of 40 years, which was subject to a kidney transplant two years ago, and despite the fact that his health was in danger of infection with influenza A virus that caused it simple intervention that .

    According to the statistics of the epidemiology of 497 confirmed cases are in Santa Cruz, meanwhile that the national stakes and added 715.

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    Re: 5th fatality reported in Bolivia


    Google translation:

    Amounted to five killed by influenza in Bolivia
    Alert influenza - Monday, July 20th (15:35 hrs.)

    * The number of infected is placed in 715 health authorities indicate
    * Provides for the purchase of 10 thousand treatments and will receive an allocation of WHO

    El Financiero Online

    La Paz, July 20 .- Two men of 33 and 40 years respectively, died in Bolivia by influenza A, which will join the five deaths due to this disease in the country, official sources reported today.

    Influenza A killed a man in 33 years last July 14 in the city of El Alto, near La Paz, said the National Director of Epidemiology, Eddy Martinez.

    Another man who was 40 years of renal transplantation died today in the eastern city of Santa Cruz for complications of influenza AH1N1, which was joined by a pneumonia and a heart attack, reported the health authorities of that region.

    The two new deaths are in addition to three victims of the epidemic were reported in recent weeks: two in the city of Santa Cruz, a girl of six years and a man of 59 years suffering from other diseases, and another man of 26 who killed in the city of La Paz.

    The number of infected in the country stood at 715, 497 of which were recorded in Santa Cruz, 95 in La Paz and 67 in Cochabamba, which are the main cities.

    And the northern Amazon region of Pando, which borders Brazil, is the only one of nine in Bolivia where so far no cases have been reported officially, but Martinez admitted that this may be because few samples were taken for tests.

    The head of Epidemiology recalled that an investigation by the World Health Organization (WHO) will not be reporting more cases of the disease because "it reflects what is happening in the country."

    The Bolivian Ministry of Health has 22 thousand medical treatments for influenza A, will buy 10 thousand more and receive an allocation of WHO's other 10 mil. (With information from Reuters / MVC)


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      Re: 5th fatality reported in Bolivia


      In Santa Cruz and La Paz confirmed 2 new deaths with influenza A/H1N1

      July 21 2009, 08:09

      La Paz - Bolivia .- In the midst of doubt and disinformation, health authorities yesterday confirmed the death of two others because of the new influenza virus A/H1N1, so the fatalities of the disease in the country increased to five.

      While the authorities of the Department of Health Services (Headquarters) of La Paz and Santa Cruz, reported the deaths of these people, the national chief of epidemiology Eddy Martinez, said that these reports are confirmed.

      The head of the Epidemiology Unit of the Regional Health Service (Seres) El Alto, Chavarr?a Nelson, confirmed that the analysis of samples of the deceased last week, confirms that the cause of his death was the influenza A/H1N1.

      The authority confirmed that information on the results of the analysis submitted by the National Health Laboratory (INLASA).

      The head of the Epidemiology Unit headquarters in La Paz, Franz Torres, confirmed the death of the trader for 33 years of the pandemic virus in the hospital "Heart of Jesus" by Kenko on the zone of El Alto.

      In this respect, Martinez said that this diagnosis should be reconfirmed by the National Center for Tropical Diseases (CENETROP) of Santa Cruz.

      Meanwhile, the director of the headquarters in Santa Cruz, Erwin Saucedo, confirmed the death of the legal adviser to the City Council of Santa Cruz, Edgar Alberto Chavez (40) joined the clinic in this capital, where he received medical attention on Thursday July 16 due to kidney problems, because he had received a kidney transplant two years ago.

      Saucedo said the deaths occurred on Sunday, Chavez because of a chronic complication that worsened with influenza A/H1N1 virus, which caused a brain death and cardiac arrest.

      On this point, Martinez said that the Ministry of Health does not have the official report, so it can not be handled as an officer.

      With these two cases of fatalities, the number of deaths in the country has risen to five, three of which correspond to two Santa Cruz and La Paz.

      EL DIARIO queries according to some hospital authorities, they reflect a balance of apparent politicization of the disease, which is totally reprehensible.


      According to Health Minister Ramiro Tapia, the daily average of positive cases with influenza A/H1N1 in the country fell from 50 to 40.

      Santa Cruz with 497 cases is still the region most affected by the pandemic, followed by 95 to La Paz, Cochabamba 67. Pando is the only department without cases alerted. Until Sunday, the number of positive cases with evil in the country stood at 715.

      In this regard, the national chief of the Epidemiology Unit, Eddy Martinez, reported that since yesterday, and this dependence will not issue reports on the behavior of the virus in response to a provision of the World Health Organization (WHO). Accordingly, said that in Bolivia, will be known only the data of the deceased and positive cases attending disease.
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