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Bolivia confirms first 2 A/H1N1 deaths

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  • Bolivia confirms first 2 A/H1N1 deaths


    Google translation:

    UPDATE 1-Bolivia 2 confirms first H1N1 flu victims
    10 Jul 2009 19:16

    LA PAZ, July 10 (Reuters) - Bolivia on Friday confirmed the first two deaths affected by the influenza A H1N1, which has infected nearly 600 people in the country, said a health official.

    The victims, a girl of six years and a man of 59 years, were hospitalized in the eastern city of Santa Cruz died last week due to a pattern of influenza, which was compounded by other diseases based, said the director of Departmental Service of Health (SEDES) from Santa Cruz, Erwin Saucedo.

    "Both cases have died as a result of influenza virus A H1N1," Saucedo said in a press conference.

    "The similarity of the two (cases) were (...) is both very serious diseases base on which the development of the virus in their greater lethality that resulted in the death," said Saucedo.

    The small cerebral palsy and was a man of 59 years suffering from heart, he said.

    While Bolivia was one of the last countries in the region confirmed infected by the new strain of the virus in recent days confirmed cases grew at a rate of 50 a day and arrived at eight of the nine departments.

    The eastern department of Santa Cruz is the most affected with 374 cases. It remains the seat of government of La Paz with 82 infected. In Pando, north of the country, has not yet confirmed infections.

    The H1N1 virus, a mixture of strains of swine flu, avian and human, emerged in April in Mexico and has spread globally. Has killed at least 437 people and infected more than 95,000 worldwide, according to World Health Organization (WHO).

    (Reporting by Diego Ore, Edited by Javier Leira)


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    Re: Bolivia confirms first 2 A/H1N1 deaths


    Google translation:
    First two confirmed deaths by influenza A in Bolivian region of Santa Cruz

    10/07/2009 19:04 PM

    EFE. Peace. The authorities of the Bolivian department of Santa Cruz confirmed today that two people died from complications of his illness caused by influenza A in this region of eastern Bolivia.

    "We confirm the two deaths attributed by our technical committee for scientific AH1N1 (...) of influenza patients from ages two extreme risk of a child under 59 and another six years, both with background disease, confirmed Efe director of Health Santa Cruz, Erwin Saucedo.

    While the first two deaths from influenza A is known in Bolivia today, Saucedo said the man, who was suffering from chagasic cardiomyopathy, died last week while the girl, who suffered from infantile cerebral paralysis and lung problems, died at earlier this week.

    Health authorities in Bolivia today confirmed that cases of influenza A in the country joined 542 in eight of the nine departments.

    The Ministry of Health reported today that Bolivia also doubled its reserves up to 40,000 of the drug "Tamiflu" with the new purchase 20,000 doses of the same face to the epidemic.


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      Re: Bolivia confirms first 2 A/H1N1 deaths


      Bolivia recorded two deaths from influenza A (H1N1)
      Saturday, July 11, 2009

      July 10, 2009, 20:29 La Paz, July 10 (PL) A girl of six years and an adult of 59 are the first two fatalities in Bolivia because of the influenza A (H1N1) reported today the Departmental Service Health (Headquarters) of Santa Cruz.

      The Director of Venues, Edwin Saucedo said the two deceased were suffering from influenza and other diseases worsened his health.

      "The comprehensive analysis of two cases led us to the conclusion that confirms the suspicion that we had both died and confirm that we were as a result of the virus," he said.

      Indicated that two people had very complex diseases based on which the development of influenza virus at its greatest vitality that they caused the death.

      "The less than six years had cerebral palsy child and the eldest was 59 years of patients of blocking atrial cardiomyopathy with ventricular pacemaker and was obviously included all the effects to develop a highly lethal influenza A," he added.

      He also explained that these people died last week, but over the last few days the health authorities made a thorough study of each case to confirm that they died due to influenza A.

      To date, the Andean nation of over one thousand infected with the epidemic and Santa Cruz, with the greatest number of cases, is the epicenter.

      Most of the infected, he said, met all the treatment and returned to their normal activities.

      Saucedo said it will deal firmly controls and attention to patients showing symptoms of influenza, asking people not to self and go to nearest health facility.

      "The risk groups and individuals that maintain internal diseases such as pneumonia, asthma, hypertension, diabetes and other should be more careful," advised.

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        Re: Bolivia confirms first 2 A/H1N1 deaths


        Influenza A causes the first two deaths in the country
        A girl of six years and a boy of 59 are the first victims, had other problems. In La Paz, we report two people with sensitive tables, plus one in Cochabamba.

        At 44 days of the occurrence of influenza in Bolivia AH1N1 Yesterday, the Departmental Service of Health (Headquarters) of Santa Cruz has confirmed the death of the first two people affected by the bad, a girl was 6 years old and a boy of 59 . "We just confirm then that the Scientific Technical Committee made a comprehensive analysis of the history of the evolution of both," said the director of the Headquarters Santa Cruz, Erwin Saucedo.

        "The clinical laboratory radiological record led us to the conclusion that confirms the suspicion that we had previously, that both died as a result of influenza virus AH1N1," he said.

        Saucedo said that the deceased had chronic diseases when the influenza A virus attacked. In the case of girls, children with cerebral palsy had recurrent table a bronchopneumonia, and face intense flu that was detected was diagnosed that she had influenza A, and proceeds from the complication, passed away on July 7 " he said.

        In the case of patient 59 years old, he suffered from a dilated heart due to Chagas's disease with respiratory blockage, which complicate the respiratory and pulmonary June died last Friday.

        According to the report of the international news agencies, Argentina has 88 dead, 25 Chile, Uruguay 9, five Colombia, Peru and Brazil four, along with Ecuador and Bolivia, each with two.

        In the country and according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, eight of the nine departments, there are 542 cases with confirmed influenza A, six less than Thursday's report, because it was double-counting.

        In the city of La Paz reported two cases with complications from the disease. The director of the Instituto del T?rax, Germ?n Villavicencio, reported that a young (19) pneumonia in both lungs and the symptoms could be flu A. "Samples were taken yesterday and sent to Santa Cruz, like a lady (40) also has a critical table, both are isolated and respirators."

        In Cochabamba, a patient of 35 years and infected with influenza virus A, was interned in the hospital emergency Viedma to present a critical picture, said the hospital's director, Gabriel Tapia.

        "The patient with respirator, has viral pneumonia and respiratory failure that affected the lungs," he said, adding that a biochemical isolation is bad because it took care of the patients infected by evil.

        Campaign against common flu

        Doctors and seniors were vaccinated yesterday in the city of Cochabamba against the common flu to be the most prone to infection with influenza A. The campaign will extend to the entire country and also take into account the teachers.

        Health Minister Ramiro Tapia said that his office has 600 thousand doses of seasonal vaccines, of which 80 thousand doses were allocated to the department of Cochabamba, then distributed to the eight other regions of the country so that they start with the vaccination campaign.

        Tapia said that it is also important to vaccinate people with chronic illnesses, because it fears that the virus will strengthen and complicate the picture of health.

        The authority noted that the vaccine can not be administered to children, because the prescription is only for adults, but announced that he asked the WHO for the provision of 400 thousand doses for children younger than 36 years.