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A/H1N!: Man recovers then dies of Chagas Disesae

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  • A/H1N!: Man recovers then dies of Chagas Disesae


    Bolivia: Man is infected by influenza A discharged but died by the Chagas disease

    SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia, July 2 --

    The Ministry of Health reported that a patient discharged AH1N1 influenza in Santa Cruz, died after affected by Chagas disease.

    The head of the National Influenza Rene Lenis, told a local environment that the patient was medicated and was successfully recovered from the flu, but said that he had "Chagas' disease, cardiovascular problems and a pacemaker."

    According to the medical report of the Departmental Service of Health (Headquarters) from Santa Cruz, the death was caused by cardiorespiratory arrest.

    The National Center for Tropical Diseases (CENETROP) found 224 cases of influenza AH1N1 in Bolivia with more than 50% of domestic contagion.

    LATAM: Report

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    Re: A/H1N!: Man recovers then dies of Chagas Disesae

    More information would be useful to know whether to count this death of not. There are two illnesses called Chagas' Disease, caused by the same parasite. A chronic one that lasts for 10-20 years caused when the parasite enters through the skin after a bug bite, and an acute one with a length of just a few days that occurs when the parasite is ingested.

    If he died of chronic Chagas, this is an H1N1 death with the Chagas a pre-existing condition. If this is acute foodborne Chagas, that is enough of an unusual co-infection to discount the death as due to H1N1.

    My guess from the above article is the former, as the Chagas is mentioned in conjunction with cardiovascular disease and other pre-existing conditions.