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Bolivia: Influenza 2014 - 2 fatalities: 1 H1N1, 1 H3N2

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  • Bolivia: Influenza 2014 - 2 fatalities: 1 H1N1, 1 H3N2

    The Departmental Service of Santa Cruz (Headquarters) has confirmed the death of the first victim to cause deadly influenza A H1N1so far this year. According to the report, the deceased person, female (38), did not have the vaccine and disease had a base in the heart. The fatal victim of the influenza A H1N1 died last week in the city of Santa Cruz. After the death, the Headquarters conducted the tests and has confirmed the symptoms of influenza in women. Increase the cases of influenza

    In the department of Santa Cruz, in the year, 136 have been confirmed cases of influenza, in 2013 to this date the Headquarters had reported only 38 positive cases of influenza A H1N1.

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    Re: Bolivia: the first victim of flu A dies in Santa Cruz

    A man dies from flu; It is the second victim of the year

    The victim was 48 years old and died of influenza A H3N2. On Tuesday the first death was reported by the A H1N1 virus. The headquarters asked not to neglect preventive measures


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      Re: Bolivia: Influenza 2014 - 2 fatalities: 1 H1N1, 1 H3N2

      There are two serious patients from influenza; are from Camiri

      The Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) reported yesterday that two of the three people who remain in intensive care are of Camiri, by what travelled to a brigade until the municipality.

      Joaqu?n Monastery, director of the Headquarters, he said that one of the patients is located in the San Juan de Dios hospital. This is a woman, 22 years old, who had a cesarean section, after she suffered an infection and he was diagnosed with influenza. The woman is in a very serious situation.

      The other patient is in the National Health Fund and has also given positive influenza. Presents a lung infection, is a man of 44 years and suffers from chronic heart disease.

      These cases, coupled with the death of two people from influenza, have been mobilized to the authorities of the Headquarters, which were sent to experts until the place to do all the epidemiological work and, especially, of control. "There are two serious cases and we believe that we must curb this situation," said Monastery. Similarly, other technical move to different provinces.

      The third patient is also found in the National Health Fund. This is a man, 42 years, from the capital city whose health is stable.


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        Re: Bolivia: Influenza 2014 - 2 fatalities: 1 H1N1, 1 H3N2

        There are five other seriously ill from influenza

        The three patients with influenza and that are in the Intensive Care Hospital San Juan de Dios and the National Health Fund, joined five new cases. Roberto T?rrez, departmental manager of Epidemiology, reported yesterday that it has been reported the admission of a patient with influenza to Prosalud and others to the French hospitals, Safe Roads, miraculous Virgin and CNS. Says T?rrez, tomorrow would be reaching 3,000 doses against influenza for making it available to the population. From the wednesday the vaccines would be available in the health centers


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          Re: Bolivia: Influenza 2014 - 2 fatalities: 1 H1N1, 1 H3N2

          Two confirmed deaths from H1N1 flu in Cochabamba

          The Departmental Health Service (Headquarters) confirmed this Thursday the death of two people by influenza A H1N1 in Cochabamba, according to the report of the radio Pio XII of the Network ERBOL.

          The director of the Headquarters, Juan Carlos Castell?n, said that the death of these people were recorded recently and had the same underlying diseases. "There were two deaths with H1N1 in Cochabamba, the two cases were investigated and had superinfection of the flu from this virus," he said.

          The Headquarters of January record to date 31 cases of influenza H1N1 in the


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            Re: Bolivia: Influenza 2014 - 2 fatalities: 1 H1N1, 1 H3N2

            A woman dies who had contracted the virus of influenza

            A woman, 22 years old, who had a cesarean section and that had tested positive for influenza A H1N1, died yesterday at the hospital San Juan de Dios, after several days in intensive care for his serious condition. The victim, who lived in Lagunillas, had not required from the influenza vaccine and suffered from preeclampsia. In the first instance was met at the municipal hospital of Camiri and from there he was transferred to the maternity Percy Boland, where he underwent a cesarean section. Doctors had been able to save the baby, but it worsened, so he had to be derived in the intensive care of the San Juan de Dios, where he died. The chief of Epidemiology of the Departmental Health Service (Headquarters), Roberto T?rrez, confirmed that the women had tested positive for influenza, but indicated that the scientific committee will meet on Thursday to discuss the case and determine if the influenza was the main cause of death.



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              Re: Bolivia: Influenza 2014 - 2 fatalities: 1 H1N1, 1 H3N2

              455 cases of influenza in Santa Cruz

              The director of the Department's Health Service (Headquarters) of Santa Cruz, Joaquin Monastery, reported today that rose to 455 the number of registered cases of influenza in this region, reported alternative radio Network ERBOL. Must be that 263 of these patients had contracted influenza H3N2, while 169 persons were diagnosed H1N1. Monastery also noted that there were only 18 cases of influenza B.

              In addition, the Director of the Headquarters confirmed that there are now four people who died due to complications from influenza. The first of these deaths took place on July 11 when a 38-year-old woman lost her life with H1N1. The second case which ended in death corresponds to a man of 48 years a native of San Julian. The third victim of the influenza in Santa Cruz was a Mennonite of 53 years, with prostate cancer, who lost his life in a private clinic. The last person who died for this cause is a 22-year-old man who suffered a complicated delivery by cesarean section and died on August 1.



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                Re: Bolivia: Influenza 2014 - 2 fatalities: 1 H1N1, 1 H3N2

                Reported two deaths from influenza in Santa Cruz

                A Mennonite 53 years with cancer and a 22-year-old woman in a state of gestation are the new victims of the deadly influenza A/H1N1 and AH3N2 in Santa Cruz, reported the HEADQUARTERS. With these four deaths from the disease in that department, where he continues the Orange Alert. Joaqu?n Monastery, director of the Departmental Health Service of Santa Cruz, reported that the cobra influenza deaths in people who suffer some underlying pathology and that are not vaccinated with the trivalent. There are currently 10 people hospitalized in intensive care of tertiary level hospitals, clinics and social security, reported yesterday the headquarters through a statement.



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                  Re: Bolivia: Influenza 2014 - 2 fatalities: 1 H1N1, 1 H3N2

                  In La Paz 8 people interned for influenza

                  In the department of peace were recorded in the current year, more than 160 cases of influenza. There are currently eight persons interned in different healthcare institutions, one of them is in critical condition. The director of the Department's Health Service (headquarters) Peace, Henry Flores, reported that two types of influenza A: the H1N1 and H3N2, are the most affected population to the La Paz, especially for people who have basic pathologies. 'We have the record of 81 cases of H1N1 and 82 of H3N2, in total are 163 positive cases. Currently, eight are placed in different hospitals", stressed flowers. He emphasized that there are two children of two years in hospitals of the social security. One with H1N1 and the other with H3N2. Both are in favorable conditions. Another case is that of an older person who is admitted to the Hospital of the chest, the same has heart failure and is in recovery; while the other patients are undergoing treatment.



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                    Re: Bolivia: Influenza 2014 - 2 fatalities: 1 H1N1, 1 H3N2

                    fifth mortal victim in Santa Cruz

                    The director of the Departmental Service of Health of Santa Cruz (Head offices), Joaqu?n Monasterio, has confirmed that the flu A H1N1 has received from itself the fifth life in the capital cruce?a. The authority has been sorry that so much the last victim, as others four, did not receive the vaccine against the influenza.

                    ? The fifth deceased is confirmed because of the flu A H1N1 and we hope that they should be more. The most important thing now is to reinforce the preventive measurements. In what goes of the year we have the report of 458 positive cases in the department ?, he informed Monastery.

                    There are 2.500 vaccines against the influenza

                    The secretary of Health of the Departmental Government of Santa Cruz, Oscar Urenda, has informed that a new lot of 2.500 doses has come up to the region against the flu A. This way also, it has guaranteed the arrival of another quantity of vaccines in the next days.