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Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

Flu: Tamiflu pills expire in January this year

Daniela C. Davila As campaigns intensify dengue, the epidemic of influenza A H1N1 so far registered 565 cases and 42 positive inpatients in Japanese hospital a patient of 15 years recorded the symptoms of influenza, but still expected response to the National Center for Tropical Diseases (CENETROP)

On the other side yesterday reported on the expiration of doses of Tamiflu, the drug expired in January of this year, contains oseltamivir, an antiviral prodrug virus influenza. On this issue, the director of the Departmental Health Service, Joaquin Monasterio, explained, "is certified by the World Health Organization and the institution that controls the distribution of drugs in the world that is valid for two years more, then this date does not mean it can not be used, is being used and is serving for the reactions, does not present any complications, so certify and so we are using, there is no problem and that is guaranteed. The patient with suspected influenza A found in the Japanese hospital is a 15 years old. Gustavo la Fuente, chief of intensive care reported that the patient was presenting the main symptoms of influenza, however it is still awaiting a response from CENETROP. "He was admitted on Monday and there is a favorable outcome, the patient was admitted on Monday 10 of this month," he explained. World Day handwashing Continuing prevention campaigns and how to celebrate the 'World Day of handwashing 'Self-Government Department, with support from Saguapac, BRC and the company Astrix, carried out in school Julio Alfredo Gutierrez, commemorating the washing of hands takes place on Saturday October 15. Monasterio said the activity aims to increase awareness and understanding of the importance of handwashing with soap as an effective means to prevent disease. "With hand washing prevents 50% of deaths from diarrhea, which is a major cause of mortality in Bolivia and 25% of deaths from respiratory infections, this simple habit, should be undertaken as part of our customs and allow us to meaningfully reduce all kinds of diseases, "said Monasterio. In the opportunity, the school implemented the nine steps for proper hand washing, since the idea is to educate the young so they can teach their parents and the rest of his family. It is important for children to clean in your hands after using the bathroom, after playing, after petting the animals and when you get home from school.