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Increased cases of respiratory infections in all Bolivia

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  • Increased cases of respiratory infections in all Bolivia

    The director of the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health, Jos? Zambrana, confirmed Thursday that nationally increased cases of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) in the year and are still increasing, but flu cases A H1N1 were maintained. 'The latest data we have is that there were more than 1,560,000 cases of IRAs this year, week zero to week 42', the ABI said.
    He noted that in recent weeks increased the number of IRAs, but cases of influenza A H1N1 did not increase significantly. He argued that the policy of the Ministry of Health is testing once suspected cases are detected before a new outbreak appears as it did the past few weeks in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.
    'With regard to influenza A H1N1, there was an increase in confirmed cases since last week, it seems that has remained static, although we have reports that there are many more suspects in Santa Cruz, Chuquisaca and La Paz', said.
    He recalled that the confirmed flu cases rise to 730 across the country about the suspects and reach about 3,000.

    In Santa Cruz, was returned to Register here two cases of swine flu, there are two children, the school proceeded to suspend classes and send them to treatment are made.