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Confirmed/suspect A/H1N1 deaths in Jujuy Province

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  • Confirmed/suspect A/H1N1 deaths in Jujuy Province


    Buenos Aires, July 15, 2009 - 14:22 pm.

    FIRST DEATH BY A FLU in the province of Jujuy

    Jujuy, July 15 (Telam) .- A man today became the first fatal victim of influenza A/H1N1 in the province of Jujuy, according to Health Minister Victor Urbani.

    The death occurred after the men are attending a private clinic confirmed Telam minister, who said that 73 cases of the new virus.

    The Secretary for Planning Policy and Regulation of Province Healthcare, Mercelo Bellone said the patient had died 22 days with mechanical ventilation.

    According to the officer he had been diagnosed with "bilateral pneumonia, which is specifically who died." (Telam) rm-rb-mag

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    Re: Confirmed/suspect A/H1N1 deaths in Jujuy Province


    Jujuy reported its first death from influenza A

    A man died today in this province as a result of influenza A, becoming the first died of the disease was officially reported. There are 73 confirmed cases

    Minister of Health of Jujuy, Victor Urbano, DyN informed that this is a man between 45 and 50 years, who passed away this morning at a private clinic in the capital, where he was interned.

    Urbani said that "the patient had more than 20 days on mechanical ventilation, was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia, which led to it has died."

    Moreover, Urbani noted that there are 73 confirmed cases of influenza A in Jujuy.

    After lamenting the death of the man, he stressed that "we must remain vigilant and continue with the health emergency, as this did not happen."

    "This influenza A has several peaks, several plateaus and we can not neglect," he said.

    Finally he said that "the majority of cases occur in San Salvador de Jujuy.

    Source: DyN


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      Re: Confirmed/suspect A/H1N1 deaths in Jujuy Province


      FLU A: A patient died in Jujuy.
      15/07/2009 19:36

      He was interned for 22 days with mechanical respiratory assistance.

      The Secretary for Planning Policy and Regulation in Health Dr. Marcelo Bellone said that until this day "is considered 162 cases of which 76 resulted in 86 positive samples were negative." With these figures, the Ministry estimated that the circulation of respiratory viruses in patients is 50% in the province of Jujuy.

      Of the patients who are infected with influenza A H1N1 virus was recorded late on the morning of Wednesday, July 15. It is a male person had 22 days confined in a private effector mechanical ventilation which was diagnosed cryptogenic pneumonia caused by influenza virus A.

      Bellone said that the team looked back at what happened in the first days of June and concluded that patients who were subsequently made tables flu pneumonia.