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Suspect/confirmed deaths in Catamarca Province

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  • Suspect/confirmed deaths in Catamarca Province


    Catamarca: a man who died would have had influenza A
    The hospital director who attended said that the victim would have had 30 years of influenza. Await analysis.
    Agency DyN

    The director of the hospital "San Juan Bautista," the most important of Catamarca, Ernesto Mart?nez, reported this morning that a man of 30 years died today at the health center, and everything indicates that he was suffering from influenza A.

    Martinez said that the death occurred today, it is a man of 30 years and noted that she had a table of "bilateral pneumonia.

    "You can ensure that one died of respiratory failure," said the doctor to local radio, but could not rule out that you have suffered from influenza, he admitted that so far had no laboratory tests which certify.

    The man was in the isolation hospital, suspected of suffering from influenza A. The professional said that there are two others in critical condition, with a reserved prognosis, and that so far 14 patients were under care in the area of isolation.

    For its part, the head of the Emergency Operations-Influenza, Juan Carlos Sanchez Reynoso, said the contagion from the previous confirmed cases of influenza A occurred "by the circulation of virus in the province."

    In turn, the health minister of the province, Juan Carlos Ferreyra, said he will meet with Governor Eduardo Brizuela del Moral, as "possibly" discuss the continuity of the fair administration and special schools.

    If carried out this measure, it would be because the virus is circulating in the province and, therefore, has already completed the stage in which people were infected while traveling to other parts of the country or abroad.

    In Catamarca school recess began last June 30 and July 6 the administration due to the advance of the H1N1 virus.

    In Catamarca, there are about 700 cases suspected of suffering from this disease

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    Re: Suspect deaths in Catamarca Province


    Influenza A claimed its first fatality in Catamarca
    This is a couple of 30 years who had a box of severe pneumonia. The authorities said that 'it was a case highly suspicious'
    16/7/2009-11: 09 pm. |

    Minister of Health Catamarca, Juan Carlos Ferreyra, and members of the Emergency Operating Committee (COE) Influenza confirmed in a press conference yesterday the death of one of three suspected cases of Influenza A placed in critical condition at the Hospital San Juan Bautista.

    This is a couple of 30 years, originally from Bethlehem, who was admitted to hospital last Monday with a picture of severe pneumonia.

    Provincial authorities preferred to await the results of the samples were sent to the Institute Carlos Malbr?n to confirm that this is the first victim of the "New Flu."

    However, they reiterated that it was a case "highly suspicious" of having contracted the virus A / H1N1 by presenting symptoms. "I think that Friday will have confirmation of the laboratory, but it is a highly suspect case," Ferreyra said.

    The head of the COE Influenza, Juan Carlos Sanchez Reynoso said the victim, before the virus was a healthy patient who had no base disease.

    "The patient was placed in Bethlehem, then aggravated the clinical picture and that it was derived the last Monday in the Capital. Joined in serious condition, was assisted mechanical ventilator and died yesterday morning," he said.

    For its part, the hospital director, Ernesto Martinez explained that the couple died of bilateral pneumonia in a box and warned that "for now we can not certify that Influenza A is the final diagnosis, but can assure you that died respiratory insufficiency. "

    Regarding the clinical status of the other two remaining patients with mechanical ventilation, he said "still in critical condition, with a reserved prognosis.
    In this connection, Sanchez Reynoso said that "one of the plan is in two patients on dialysis. Today (yesterday) we will try to dialyzable because if we are not further complicates the picture."

    Regarding the number of suspected cases, the authorities reported that 782 of that, 48 were reported in the interior.


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      Re: Suspect deaths in Catamarca Province


      Catamarca: investigating 3 deaths from other influenza A (H1N1)
      The victims were a young pregnant woman, a man surnamed Soria and a couple tinogaste?o. All suffered from bilateral pneumonia

      ? The Ancasti | 21/7/2009-09: 03 pm. | Three new deaths were recorded in the Hospital San Juan Bautista "in the Capital, and all deaths were requested removal of the samples to corroborate the case of influenza virus A/H1N1.

      Two of these cases were notified to the Ministry of Health Catamarca on Sunday afternoon, while the remaining case occurred yesterday at nap time.

      In all three cases, physicians believe that the deaths were reported after severe pulmonary complications, which resulted in respiratory failure who were subsequently confirmed that bilateral pneumonia.

      According to information provided by those responsible for the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) Influenza, died on Sunday a man in his 40 years who suffered a kidney failure, and a young man of about 28 years he had been moved last week from Tinogasta to the Capital.

      And yesterday, the victim was a young woman (age not specified) who had a pregnancy of more than 20 weeks. In all cases the final diagnosis was a bilateral pneumonia, a severe respiratory condition usually associated with medical complications as a "derivative" of an infection with influenza A.

      The holder of the COE Influenza, Juan Carlos Sanchez Reinoso said that for these three cases were taken to send samples to the laboratory and confirm the presence of the pandemic virus. "We have verified that this virus is very aggressive," appropriated the doctor to confirm that after the death of the patients was caused by "serious lung complications."

      About one of patients, the hospital director, Ernesto Martinez, said that was the first time after several days of evolution of the disease so that complications soon arise.

      "In some cases, had many days of evolution (of disease) prior to treatment with specific antiviral," said the doctor, so they insisted that "we must turn to the doctor before the first symptoms to avoid complications. "


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        Re: Suspect deaths in Catamarca Province


        13/08/2009 | 17:53 Catamarca - New cases of influenza
        Closed schools for Influenza A

        Two local cases were confirmed infected with the virus of H1N1, so Argentina and 386 total deaths from the pandemic.

        Catamarca - On this day the Government of the Province of Catamarca decided to close four schools following the confirmation of two local cases of H1N1 virus. The closure is temporary, although there are dozens of suspected cases. Some of the schools that closed their doors are: Santiago del Estero Province, United Nations and Virgen del Valle. Yesterday the Ministry of Health of the province confirmed the first death from influenza.

        The Influenza Emergency Operations Committee (EOC), chaired by Dr. Juan Carlos Reynoso Sanchez, said the closure of schools in order to take precautions, according to Reynoso, because it is "Asylees pockets," and emphasized in fact take care and caution in all cases. [B]]For now, Catamarca already claimed its first victim of the fatal virus. The deceased was 30 years and suffered a picture of pneumonia, which was confirmed yesterday it was Influenza A.[/B

        Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health Catamarca joined efforts to prevent the spread of influenza in the province. The Plan Nacer, functioning there since 2005, addressed to all pregnant women, children under six years of age who have no Social Work, which seeks to have guaranteed access to healthcare systems. This week, the program issued a report on the precautions to be taken to prevent contagion, which cites the act of washing your hands often with soap and water, using alcohol gel, avoiding the take hands to the face, and if you have any symptoms, including fever, headache or muscle intense, no self, home and attend to the doctor.

        In country A, and influenza deaths was 386, with new cases in the provinces of San Juan and Black River. Argentina is second behind the United States in the world rankings by the number of deaths. The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that 1462 people died throughout the world because of the pandemic.


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          Re: Suspect/confirmed deaths in Catamarca Province


          26-08-2009 18:35:00 (Local Information)
          Confirmed the first death from influenza A in a child
          This was confirmed by the Children's Hospital director Dr. Mario Marcolli, this is a 10-year-old from the city of Fiambal? with a brain and respiratory table.

          (DIARIOC, 26/08/2009) This is the first death of a child who is suspected of having influenza A (H1N1). Health officials took the samples needed in order to confirm or not the diagnosis.
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