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Chaco confirmed/suspected A/H1N1 cases

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  • Chaco confirmed/suspected A/H1N1 cases


    Chaco examine suspected cases of influenza A
    Thursday, 09 July 2009 - Published in the print edition

    The Situation Room Crisis Committee for influenza A were reported yesterday raised to 373 the number of possible infected with the H1N1 virus, which until Tuesday was 334. While 22 remained in the number of positive notices, and continues in 10 nil.

    As a new protocol determines the sampling only to patients, swabs were not made to the current 373 suspects, but they are under surveillance.
    Moreover, before a saturation in the care of the demand for most of the country, health authorities explained yesterday that the province expected to confirm their own cases.
    Nation and enabled centers in other provinces, in addition to Malbr?n samples by the H1N1 virus, also called Chaco then create one in the dog, which has a team of immunologists in a position to make such a study.


    Some 14 children are placed in the Pediatric hospital and they are only a slogan that is gravity.
    In dogs there are patients with pneumonia, influenza unsuspecting, and four patients with mechanical ventilation for acute respiratory syndrome.
    There is also a person in the hospital on July 4 S?enz Pe?a, another in the service of President of the Plaza and several private institutions.

    Further consultations

    In part of yesterday, the government also stressed that increased the number of consultations and attributed it to the media campaign which recommended before the onset of symptoms.
    The health portfolio has ensured that the necessary medicines and chinstrap, and confirmed that nation sent five respirators, which come to central hospitals.
    The province handed antivirals to health care and medical institutions that were provided by government and can not be marketed.

    For municipalities

    The Ministry of Health also indicated that municipalities are aware of the protocol and the actions taken by the provincial health emergency.
    Include the recommendation to close places where agglomerating people, especially young people, but clarified that this determination is under municipal jurisdiction, by holding the power to police safety.
    The authorities noted that these suggestions were made explicit on several occasions and that all municipal governments, with the exception of Resistance, so they understood.

    Yesterday, Health Minister Francisco Baquero party newspaper reported on by influenza A.

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    Re: Chaco examines suspected A/H1N1 cases



    One analysis was negative for influenza A

    Three people were killed by "severe pneumonia" in Chaco

    Thursday was officially informed that three people died in the province because of "severe pneumonia". One analysis was negative for Influenza A and the other two are awaiting the results of the studies. 32 are the Chaco with influenza A, of which there are 11 inmates.

    The Situation Room of the Emergency Committee for influenza A has been reported that the reported death of three patients for severe pneumonia, of which a determination is negative for influenza A, and the rest are awaiting the results of confirmatory studies to be performed at the Institute Malbr?n.

    They also confirmed 32 cases of H1N1 virus, 408 reported, 3 patients were to have seasonal influenza and 15 negative. Health Minister Francisco Baquero, stressed that the measures of personal hygiene and compliance with the protocol are essential to spread the cut viral transmission.

    In addition, the health portfolio is reported that 11 patients in the different health facilities in the province (both public and private) Severe acute respiratory infections.


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      Re: Chaco examines suspected A/H1N1 cases


      Since the Situation Room
      Baquero confirmed the death of a patient 9 months
      Health Minister in part by the emergence newspaper, confirmed the death from influenza, but not yet determined the subtype. Considering that 443 suspected cases, but no further positive developments in the last 24 hours.

      Dr. Francisco Baquero announced this Tuesday, the death of a patient 9 months old, with influenza, but not define the subtype. The same, he added, "I was faced with other difficulties pathological basis."
      The officer indicated in his report the existence of 443 suspected cases, while keeping statistics in 34 positive and 15 negative.

      Baquero appropriated, in the public sector, three patients required mechanical ventilation, two of them are malnourished and a third heart, as the basic disease. Adding 10 adult patients who are "inmates with serious respiratory infections, one with mechanical ventilation, and two of them had associated diseases."

      Meanwhile, in the private sector, has reported the presence of 9 patients, 3 of whom required mechanical ventilation and two patients have pathologies added. "One patient who was placed in a delicate state in the private sector, and that was one of the most disturbing pictures, was discharged with good results," explained Dr. Baquero.
      Stressing that "we will continue to pay close attention, because we have a large influx of patients to outpatient consultations in all health centers, public and private." In this regard, he stressed that "there is a high saturation of pediatric patients interned with partnerships with various diseases such as bronchiolitis or severe asthma categories. What felt like a box "and typical of this era is what we were expecting," he said.

      Baquero insisted "it is nearing the peak saturation in the pediatric level." Analyzing that between this weekend and next, when the emergency ends, the situation begins to decrease and become more stable. "


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        Re: Chaco examines suspected A/H1N1 cases



        Was a person without risk factors, "said Baquero

        One woman died of Influenza A and also two deaths in Chaco

        Health Minister of the province announced Wednesday that a woman of 48 years died from influenza A, which was not "risk factors" and expect the results to see if it had the H1N1 subtype. This adds to the death of baby who died on Sunday, which was Influenza A. Positive cases in the province are 36 suspects and 443.


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          Re: Chaco examines suspected A/H1N1 cases



          Influenza A: 35 confirmed positive cases and two deaths studied
          Thursday, July 16, 2009 - Published in the print edition

          Through the last part delivered by the Emergency Committee, the government confirmed that 35 are confirmed cases of influenza in the province, where 445 suspects. It was also reported that two deaths are being studied.

          Cases grow
          Health Minister Francisco Baquero, said yesterday that the province was confirmed in 35 cases of patients with influenza virus H1N1. He further reported that 443 suspected cases are under study.
          The official added that as part interned three pediatric patients with mechanical ventilation, twelve adults and twelve public institutions in the private system, admitted for severe respiratory problems. He also explained that there were two deaths: a man associated with diseases such as malnutrition and cerebral palsy, and a woman of 48 years without known risk factors, so that the swab was performed to determine the presence or absence of virus influenza A (H1N1).
          Furthermore clarified that the death of baby who died last Sunday was not due to complications from the flu, because although the tests had been positive,
          he could recover from the disease but had to turn to for an intern who developed an intestinal malformation acepsis severe.

          No self
          The manager of the portfolio indicated that the health oseltamivil should not be consumed casually or without prescription. "It is specific for patients within the risk group (those who are affected, over 15 years within the first 48 hours of symptoms and health professionals who are in contact with patients)," he said.
          "Self has two risk first that the body produces antiviral resistance which will be detrimental for future medications," said Baquero and said although the province has enough doses of the drug to all health centers "is not unlimited," said and said that we must be aware. "
          The minister stressed on preventive measures such as hand washing, ventilation of enclosed spaces and cleaning of surfaces, in addition to consulting the doctor when symptoms appear, to rest.


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            Re: Chaco examines suspected A/H1N1 cases


            Influenza A: 37 confirmed cases and two deaths in study
            Friday, July 17, 2009 - 17:00

            The Health Minister explained that currently there are 455 reported cases and 37 positive. He is awaiting test results from samples of two deceased to determine whether they had the virus.

            By giving the party the status of the Health Emergency in the province, Health Minister Francisco Baquero, said that the circulation of influenza A (H1N1) and seasonal influenza are in the same percentage. He assured that if the virus continues to flow in these parameters on July 27 will return to normal activity.
            The official explained that according to the considerations of the World Health Organization, which coincides with the provincial government, there is no point in giving figures for the number of suspected cases. But said that until today there are 455 reported cases, 37 positive, 16 negative and 16 patients with seasonal flu.
            In this regard he stated that the figures do not correspond with the data on the amount of inpatient and exemplified in the Pediatric Hospital there are 48 children with respiratory diseases, of which 14 have not determined the influenza A subtype virus and 14 others have common flu, "viral circulation is 50 percent of flu." He also commented that the Hospital and Dog in the private system are adult patients with acute respiratory diseases, some with mechanical ventilation, said that so far no deaths to mourn for the new influenza, but was quickly asked the Institute Malbr?n the results of the deceased, although it is known that 5 of the 7 deaths were not the virus.


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              Re: Chaco examines suspected A/H1N1 cases

              Google translation:

              There are 37 positive cases
              Two people have died from influenza A, in the Chaco

              Two people have probably died of influenza A in the Chaco said Health Minister Francisco Baquero.
              Are already 37 positive cases and suspected cases reached 455, according to the report of the Situation Room for Influenza A.

              Francisco Baquero minister said that probably would have two deaths by influenza A

              And 37 cases were positive for influenza A and suspected cases reach 455, said Health Minister Francisco Baquero to give part of the Situation Room for Influenza A.

              Detail than in the pediatric hospital, there are 48 children for respiratory disease, of whom 14 are affected by the influenza A subtype unspecified, and 14 others were affected by viruses circulating respiratory disease, common flu, which occurs every year. Among patients in the public sector, there is a malnourished pediatric patient requiring mechanical ventilation and an adult patient who requires mechanical assistance.

              Meanwhile, yesterday confirmed that "a child died 3 years who had a very severe heating problem" and held that the death was caused by a respiratory problem unrelated to the respiratory syndrome. "

              He further stated that "Dog in the hospital there are new revenues," whereas in the private sector there are patients with mechanical ventilation.

              He acknowledged the significant growth of the consultations, which he attributed to "viral circulation assistance by requiring medical care in many ways and the activity of awareness has been very effective."

              Meanwhile, he said that yesterday was "anti-viral medication in the two presentations of pediatric suspension 20 to 45mg to be provided to children who require it."

              While acknowledging that two people have probably died of influenza A, 5 remarked that do not correspond to pneumonia associated with influenza A. For these cases have asked the Institute Malbr?n confirmation and are awaiting the results.


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                Re: Chaco examines suspected A/H1N1 cases

                Google translation:

                Health Emergency
                The government can not confirm the number of deaths by influenza A
                A 37 positive cases in the Chaco is the number issued by the Board of the Emergency Situation by influenza A. Anyway, the minister said Baquero can not confirm the number of deaths from this disease.

                The Ministry of Health could not confirm the number of deaths from influenza A in the Chaco

                Francisco Baquero reported are 455 reported cases of influenza A, of which 37 cases were positive and 16 positive for H1N1 influenza season.

                However, the Health Minister said that reducing the amount of consultation, whereas in the week of June 26 was the peak for this type of influenza.

                Despite days ago from suspected cases were reported, the minister said Baquero can not confirm the number of deaths from influenza A. Anyway, the official stressed that "we are at a figure lower than those achieved in 2007 was the peak of demand."

                Baquero consulted about the reasons that the WHO does not recommend giving the figures of suspected cases, said it estimated that "must be to the cases is declining in all affected areas in the southern hemisphere and are hoping that in the hemisphere be provided north of the required vaccines.


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                  Re: Chaco examines suspected A/H1N1 cases


                  Investigating whether three deaths in the weekend are related to the H1N1 virus

                  Monday, July 20, 2009 - 17:40

                  The Ministry of Health is investigating whether the deaths of three patients of Resistance, and The Charat Leonesa presenting tables or pneumonia are not connected with the H1N1 virus. The deaths occurred over the weekend, as detailed in the health portfolio daily report on the pandemic.

                  Health Minister Francisco Baquero, said that although outbreaks are expected, the epidemic shows that he entered a phase of decline as the total number of consultations is lower than last year. However, maintaining the recommended preventive measures. The weekend is lifted restrictions for the school and government.
                  Baquero The minister explained that a patient of 56 years who died on Saturday with pneumonia, people coming from Leonesa, and a woman whose death occurred in Charat are suspected pneumonia cases that are analyzed to know whether or not they were the H1N1 virus.
                  On the other hand, commented that the Institute Malbr?n not yet sent the results of those who were killed last week by what was called quickly and forwarded the list with new cases.
                  In the daily report on the progress of influenza in the province, Baquero alluded to cases are being treated in health centers of the capital and interior chaque?o. As stated that the suggestion of WHO at the global level suggests that further viral evolution and does not report or the number of cases or deaths.
                  Baquero said that the circulation of the virus H1N1 virus entered the phase of decline, so if the situation continues, beginning the weekend will be lifted restrictions on school activities and government. He also reported that there were 455 reported cases, 37 positive, 16 negative and 16 patients suffering from seasonal influenza.
                  He commented that the province came to a communique from the World Health Organization (WHO) which explains that monitoring the virological characteristics of the pandemic virus is an important feature but it is recommended that after the initial virological evaluation, analyzing at least 10 cases per week to determine if the activity is for the H1N1 virus, "which is what we do for the influenza virus type A subtype not determined." And he stressed that the WHO advises that no amount of disseminated cases or deaths, but suspects that the evolution of traffic affected by the pandemic.
                  The minister said that the peak of the new disease came from June 28 to July 4 in the Chaco, which was the week 26 viral circulation. "The total number of consultations by the influenza-like illness is lower than 2008," detailed and said that is entering the phase of decline but are expected to sprout can generate an increase in the number of consultations, "but following these developments in a position to recommend to the governor to lift the restriction on school and government from the weekend, "said Baquero.
                  The official said that favorable progress in the fight against the disease was due to four factors: "the measures of social isolation, the health system that worked, to a large number of seasonal influenza vaccine that were applied in early years and was aware that people on seeing a doctor before flu symptoms which facilitated treatment and prevent contagion, "which highlighted the need to not let our guard down with preventive measures.
                  Responsible for the health portfolio also commented that in the Pediatric Hospital is a patient with mechanical ventilation and thirteen with determination sinsial respiratory viruses, influenza and two for two for denovirus, seven of which are negative and the rest is expected to result. Hospital in June 4 of S?enz Pe?a interned with no suspicion of influenza and the private health system there are three patients, one adult and two children with respiratory problems.


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                    Re: Chaco confirmed/suspected A/H1N1 cases


                    Remaining 16 cases confirmed by other
                    Influenza A: The first two confirmed deaths in the Chaco
                    Public Health Minister, Francisco Baquero, confirmed two deaths from the virus, however, clarified that the number of deaths from respiratory disease is less than that of 2008. Alert likely resurgence in the third week of August

                    In the part on Thursday, Health Minister Francisco Baquero said the number of deaths from pneumonia and respiratory causes in the province so far this year is still lower in comparison with the same period last year. It also cautioned that while the curve of the amount of consultation is still in decline, the rule indicates that one could expect minimal regrowth during the third week of August.

                    For this reason, the official suggested that although the pathology and the number of cases tend to diminish and warns of a projection as favorable in the coming months, should not be neglected and lower arms with preventive measures.

                    In this regard, he urged the responsibility of the heads of all areas of public administration and who have the decision in any other area not to allow patients with respiratory conditions to attend the workplace. "Please do not let go to work, these people should stay home and follow the medical indications," he said.

                    Moreover, the minister said that tomorrow is Friday at the reunion of the Federal Capital Federal Health Council, where all the districts updated information available and discusses the evolution of the disease.

                    Positive cases and internees

                    Baquero has announced the latest results provided by the Institute Malbr?n, but not before explaining that these are cases that have previously been confirmed now, seen as decreased the number of consultations and samples for analysis, increases the amount of information to disseminate . In this way, said that so far, Chaco has 131 positive cases, 31 and 16 tested negative for seasonal flu.

                    In the hospital, dogs are placed 23 patients with respiratory disease, of whom remain in serious condition but with great potential for recovery, the two patients puerperae. Meanwhile, in the hospital are available for 40 patients with various respiratory diseases, two with mechanical ventilation and 17 with no identification of influenza A subtype criminalize 17.

                    In the hospital June 4 S?enz Pe?a is one for adults with mechanical ventilation and one patient with pneumonia 24 years to the community. In the pediatric internship is a baby of 9 months with positive influenza A and five more in common rooms. In addition, there are 15 patients for different pathologies.

                    With regard to private clinics, there are 6 patients with various ailments, some of which remain with mechanical ventilation.

                    Number of Fatalities

                    Minister of Health reported that in week one patient died 64 years he was in the hospital and two other dog in the hospital on June 4 S?enz Pe?a, one of which belonged to the pediatric field and the other was from an adult of the Aboriginal Quitilipi Cologne.

                    So far total 18 patients died, two were confirmed suffering from influenza A (H1N1). "It is the patient puerperal women and children who died in the Pediatric. Confirm the remaining 16 cases, "said the official.


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                      Re: Chaco confirmed/suspected A/H1N1 cases


                      Influenza A: They confirm the deaths of two Chaco
                      New official part ..
                      The Minister of Health Francisco Baquero-recognized today that the deaths are influenza A H1N1 patients. However, unofficially the figure is estimated at four.

                      Francisco Baquero-provincial Minister of Health on Thursday issued a new part of health and said that so far total 18 patients died, of whom only two were confirmed suffering from influenza A H1N1.

                      According to the official, "it is the patient puerperal women and children who died in the (Hospital) Pediatric. "Rest the other 16 confirmed cases," he added.

                      Unofficially, it was reported that there are at least two others who died from this disease. The victims were an elderly man and an adolescent of 15 years, who had been interned in Sanatorio "Chaco" Resistance.

                      However, Baquero merely commented that the week he died of a patient who was 64 years in the hospital "Julio C. Dog "and two others in the Hospital" June 4 "of S?enz Pe?a, one of which belonged to the pediatric field and the other was an adult from the Aboriginal Quitilipi Cologne.

                      Finally, he indicated that the province has 131 positive cases, 31 and 16 tested negative for seasonal flu.
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                        Re: Chaco confirmed/suspected A/H1N1 cases


                        18:21 13.08.2009 SOCIETY
                        Confirm the death of another chaque?o by influenza A
                        Suman three fatalities, according to the official part.
                        The Minister of Health Francisco Baquero, reported today on a new death as a result of illness, but avoided giving details. Despite the death, said that "the curve is still in free-fall cases."

                        The Minister of Health Francisco Baquero-confirmed Thursday that a new death was recorded due to the influenza A H1N1, so the victims Chaco by the disease and three in recent weeks.

                        According to the official part, so far there are 640 probable cases, 146 positive and 41 negative and 16 who were diagnosed as seasonal influenza, which left 437 cases reported unconfirmed.

                        Despite these numbers, Baquero said that the situation of pandemic influenza A runs through the low stage in the Chaco and although it is hoped that an increased number of cases for half of August, yet there is no change in curve. "The line of cases is still in free fall," he said.
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