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Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province

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  • Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province


    Joined by 23 new suspected cases
    The new influenza would become a new victim in the fatal
    Publication Date: Tuesday, July 07, 2009

    A woman from the rural area of Concepci?n died last Sunday with symptoms compatible with influenza A (H1N1). With this death, and three suspicious deaths surrounding the disease (the weekend was released for another woman from the same locality and a man of 31 years who was in the hospital Vidal) .

    Originally from the rural area known as Paso Lucero, died Sunday afternoon another woman with symptoms compatible with influenza A. According to the portal digital FM Road is Alicia Fernandez, 37, who came to the hospital in very serious condition in design, so it was decided to refer emergency Corrientes, where he died the day mentioned.
    Apparently, the family to take her to the doctor stated that the woman was in a critical situation, which led to complications which could not recover and eventually died.
    Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health reported yesterday kept in 26 cases of influenza A (H1N1) in Corrientes, confirmed by the national reference laboratory Malbr?n-the-while the dead are two of the localities Capital and Paso de los Libres.
    In the past few hours, entered the Central Laboratory of the Province 23 suspicious samples were sent to national reference laboratory. As the samples to be analyzed and exceed 220.
    Nevertheless, consistent with the provisions implemented in Corrientes, was the treatment of patients with possible influenza A (H1N1) following charges of "suspected case" concensuados with the rest of the Argentine courts, under the Pandemic grade 6 through which flows the health emergency declared by Decree No. 1150 of the Executive.

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    Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Concepcion (Tucuman Province)


    Influenza: 44 tucumanas are placed with symptoms

    So far, we studied 133 cases suspected of having contracted influenza A in the province. Of that number, only 28 were confirmed, 23 were discarded and 72 are under study. The expected outcome of Malbr?n to know if the deceased had the disease.

    "We have 44 patients with symptoms of influenza A: 31 are medicated and isolated rooms and 13 are in intensive care in hospitals and in private," said Health Minister Paul Yedlin.

    "We Malbr?n the Institute to give priority to the samples of the two deaths in this province to be infected with influenza virus A, but not yet sent us the results," he added. The deaths occurred in hospital health center.

    The official cautioned that the figures will be modified with the passage of time, as the pandemic spreads.
    He advised the people to be rigorous in monitoring and prevention measures that do not use winter break to attend crowded places or for holidays.


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      Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Concepcion (Tucuman Province)

      "We Malbr?n the Institute to give priority to the samples of the two deaths in this province to be infected with influenza virus A, but not yet sent us the results," he added.

      [Could this be one of the samples?]

      Argentina: Swine flu. Investigating the death of a pregnant woman

      July 10 2009

      A woman of about 30 years old with a pregnancy of seven months died in the clinic for a presumed pneumonia ERI, which was a suspected infection of influenza A. However, the Grasselli minister warned that the woman suffered a generalized infection that led to a respiratory complication. Expected outcomes of the studies submitted to Malbr?n.

      The provincial health authorities are awaiting results from samples taken from a woman about 30 years who died on Thursday at the clinic ERI, Vargas in the neighborhood of this capital, after a suspected link with the swine influenza virus.

      According to information in a manner reserved for admission to medical sources at the Ministry of Health, the young victim had been placed on Tuesday and doctors decided to perform a caesarean instentar save the baby of seven months of gestation, but failed .

      The cause of death of the mother was allegedly a picture of acute lung infection called pneumonia, bilateral, ie, the infection affected both lungs.

      Surveys were sent to the Institute Malbr?n of Buenos Aires and public health specialists are awaiting the results to determine the causes of death.

      But Health Minister Gustavo Grasselli, said the Independent Radio Friday that women are not admitted with pneumonia, but for having broken a bag and generalized infection, causing death in 24 hours.

      'The diagnosis of respiratory infection was not income, but still must await the results of studies,' said the minister, arguing that 'we can not say that it is an influenza A ".

      Grasselli also announced that the province signed an agreement with a private school in Buenos Aires to accelerate testing on the samples taken from patients' suspected 'of being infected with influenza. It's because the Institute is Malbr?n collapsed because of the number of cases.


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        Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Concepcion (Tucuman Province)


        Sunday July 12 2009
        Published in the print edition

        Studying four possible deaths from influenza A in Tucum?n
        These two children and two adults died in recent days with symptoms of influenza, although still awaiting a confirmation from the Institute Malbr?n.

        A flu epidemic is progressing in Tucuman, with a permanent increase in the number of potential infections and four deaths, two children and two adults who had symptoms of the disease.
        The latter was confirmed last night by THE CENTURY owner Epidemiology SIPROSA, Rogelio Cali, who said that "still awaiting the Institute Malbr?n send the results of analytical tests for these four patients, who died in the last two weeks to confirm whether or not influenza A ".
        In addition, the officer reported that "there are approximately 60 patients at various hospitals and private clinics in the province with symptoms of influenza A, of which 12 are in critical condition and are assisted with artificial respirators.

        Study confirmed and

        The official clarified that by now 32 of the virus H1N1 (four more than the 28 that had reported on Friday Minister Paul Yedlin) that were confirmed by the Malbr?n, while there are another 70 suspected cases are being tested in the laboratory of the Federal Capital.
        In addition, Cali explained that "the Respiratory Virus Unit Sentinel, which work in coordination, the Ministry of Health and the National University of Tucum?n, confirmed that there are approximately another 80 cases of influenza, although without specifying the type of virus."
        The epidemiology expert explained that "these figures are very figurative, because no samples were taken from all patients with symptoms of the virus to be sent to the laboratory, but which are considered as factors of increased risk, so the number of infections could be much higher. "

        "To underestimate the flu"

        The professional view that "due to the significant progress of the virus, which is everywhere, it should be much more extreme preventive measures by the population is to underestimate this disease and its people continue pace of life almost as usual especially young people who are still going to bowling alleys, cinemas and shopping malls, even if the treasury group at highest risk, "he warned. On the same subject, emphasized the need to "implement a social distancing, avoiding spaces in urban areas because there are increasing chances of infection, and making a voluntary isolation from the people having flu-like tables."
        Cali said that "in Tucum?n yet reached a peak of the epidemic, which is what we are waiting, because there is a constant increase in respect to consultations and the possible emergence of contagions. The spread of influenza virus is widespread in the province, is everywhere and people should take the necessary precautionary measures, "he insisted.

        94 killed in the country

        Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health of the Nation reported yesterday that the deaths from influenza A in the country are 94, 12 more than reported on July 9, with the former party official, while it increased the number of confirmed cases in 2928, against 2677 reported 48 hours earlier (see details in computer graphics).
        It is appropriate to clarify that the number of fatalities would be higher than the officially confirmed, considering that the nation did not take into account, in part yesterday, the three deaths confirmed influenza A in the last two weeks by health authorities in Cordova . Nor was officially informed of the deaths reported by the ministries of Health, Santa Cruz and Neuqu?n Formosa (fatal in one case each). In addition, authorities in Buenos Aires admitted that there are 99 deaths in study (24 in and 75 in Buenos Aires Province), which would have occurred in recent weeks as a result of the virus.

        An?bal Fern?ndez and Juan Manzur met to discuss the situation

        Cabinet Chief's Office, Anibal Fernandez, met yesterday with Health Minister, Juan Manzur, to analyze in depth the status box on the national epidemic of influenza A.
        After the meeting, Fernandez said that "the first thing that interested me was to contact the minister Manzur, and as I was in my office and he in hers, grabbed the car and I came to see him."
        Asked about the conversation at the meeting, the Chief of Staff indicated that it reviewed the progress of the epidemic into the country and the need to be prepared for all actions that we believe must be preventive measures in the case. We have reconciled all positions, and I leave very happy. "
        For its part, the head of the national health stressed the need for "the society must not relax in the prevention, because it is a new virus in the whole world does not even know how to change their behavior."
        After admitting that in the metropolitan area "down the consultations and greater availability of beds is critical," Manzur stressed that "the health sector must remain vigilant to face any scenario evolving from the lack of scientific information that allows us to anticipate the development of influenza A H1N1 virus. "
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          Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province - 9 suspected


          Monday July 13 2009
          Ultimo Momento | 11:41

          9 are potential victims of fatal influenza A in Tucum?n

          This was announced today by the executive secretary of SIPROSA, Alberto Sabaj, who explained that the samples made these patients were sent to the Institute Malbr?n, which should confirm whether or not they were infected with the H1N1 virus.

          As the epidemic of influenza A in Tucuman, with a daily increase of infections in the last 9 hours climbed to the number of potential fatalities from the disease.

          This was confirmed today by the secretary of Health, Alberto Sabaj, who said that the samples obtained from the swabs made in the deceased were sent to the Institute Malbr?n of Buenos Aires, which should confirm whether or not the H1N1 virus.

          Speaking to a television program official said that in all cases "are patients admitted with respiratory complications or who had complications with the flu symptoms and ended abruptly, as is characteristic of this virus." By the way, explained that "within 48 hours patients can make a respiratory failure, mechanical ventilation to enter and die as a result of complications. These patients generally have a disease, some pregnant, some with pulmonary failure," the professional .

          Sabaj explained that in these nine cases, "the trend is not good, several of them in generating pulmonary complications, respiratory failure complicating other organs, renal complications, liver complications and all patients dying of multi-organ failure."

          Furthermore, the Ministry of Health officials confirmed that there are hundreds of persons with symptoms of influenza A, 80 in the public sector and 20 in private clinics, while that "There are five houses in the Health Center with artificial respirator. "

          Regarding the work of containment of the epidemic started by the local health portfolio, said that Tucum?n "reached 16 thousand doses of Tamiflu (medicine provided to patients with symptoms of influenza A) and 2400 have been delivered in various centers health. Anyone seen by the doctor with a prescription, fill a sheet of epidemiological surveillance, to track and receive the medicine in this regard they should be quiet, "he said.

          According considered Sabaj, the medical leave provisions on the last Friday across the country had a positive impact. "For example, the Hospital Health Center came to serve 180 patients in the clinic for fever, and on Saturday there were 50 patients until 10 at night," he said.


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            Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province - 10 suspected



            Official data TUCUM?N
            There are 40 confirmed cases and another 72 under consideration by the influenza A
            Of the 137 suspected cases of influenza A that occurred so far in the province, 40 have been confirmed officially by the National Reference Laboratory Carlos G. Malbr?n while still under study 72 cases of suspected influenza A H1N1, according to the latest official data issued by the Ministry of Public Health in the province. It is also expected to confirm 10 cases of tucumanas that have died from the disease. In the country since 3056 are confirmed cases with 137 deaths. It should be noted that the actual data comfortably exceed those figures because the government only has the most serious cases.
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              Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province - 10 suspected


              Google translation:

              Four other people died in Tucum?n with symptoms of influenza A

              Thursday July 16 2009 17:12 | You are the 14 suspicious deaths and 144 people interned there. Yedlin yet recognized that the peak of infection occurred.

              The governor, Jos? Alperovich, today reported four new deaths apparently caused by influenza A, which brings to 14 the number of suspicious deaths in the province. The president clarified that still needs confirmation by the Institute Malbr?n, but confirmed that all the victims showed symptoms of the disease.

              "80% or 90% of the tables are flu influenza A. It is no longer doing studies to the vast majority of tables tucumanas with flu. What is important is that access to medication in the first two days of symptoms. In Tucum?n , we have not yet seen the peak of infection, "he said, for its part, Health Minister Paul Yedlin.

              Together with Alperovich, the official confirmed that the school will resume on July 23. Furthermore, the last part of the Provincial Health System (Siprosa) on the progress of H1N1 influenza stressed that so far 40 cases were confirmed positive for the disease. Meanwhile, awaits the outcome of analysis 90.

              In the province confirmed 113 cases of influenza without specifying the variety. Until now treatments were 4000 and Oseltamivir 144 people interned there (this figure rose significantly for the last part, because they were not before the data from the private sector in the south).

              Ministerial Meeting
              At the national level and international level, meanwhile, health ministers from six countries of South America met yesterday in Buenos Aires, at which time they admitted that there are different criteria for reporting cases in the region. As a result, they agreed to unify the standards and remain alert for a possible second wave of infections.

              The Argentine minister, Juan Manzur, headed the meeting, which lasted four hours and the participation of their colleagues in Bolivia, Ramiro Tapia, of Brazil, Jos? Gomez Tempor?o, of Chile, Alvaro Enzo, of Paraguay, Esperanza Mart?nez; and Uruguay Maria Julia Mu?oz.

              In addition to unifying criteria, during the chat agreed to take joint action in the region, where it is estimated that between 85% and 90% of the circulating influenza virus corresponds to that of influenza A. Efforts will be made, especially, manage to get vaccines, since as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO), a large part of production is already reserved by developed countries.

              Earlier, the president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner declared that Argentina showed a high level of mortality due to influenza A in comparison with other countries because they "are here to know all the numbers."

              Moreover, although the official report that the deaths amounted to 137 influenza A in the country, the figures reported by the provincial government show that total 148 fatalities. ? The Gazette


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                Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province - 10 suspected


                Google translation:

                20/07/09 10:04 pm | Official figures
                16 were killed by the Influenza

                LV7 told the Executive Director of Siprosa, Alberto Sabaj. He noted that in recent days we added two possible cases of Tucuman that died of Influenza A. There are 32 people in serious condition.

                Sabaj stated that the Hospital Health Center serves between 100 and 150 queries per day influenza.

                "This week will increase the cases," said the official. According to official figures, there are 184 inmates.

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                  Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province - 10 suspected


                  Tuesday July 21 2009
                  Ultimo Momento | 11:57

                  Are already 20 possible deaths from influenza A in Tucum?n
                  The Governor announced today Alperovich Jose, who explained that even none of these cases was confirmed by the laboratory of the Institute Malbr?n. There are 180 inmates, but contend that the situation "shows a certain stability."

                  The number of possible fatalities in the epidemic of influenza A in Tucum?n climbed to 20 in the final hours, with four new cases in the last 48 hours (until Sunday, the figure stood at 14).

                  Governor Jose Alperovich reported today that climbed to 20 the number of deaths of patients presenting with symptoms of influenza A in Tucum?n, with four new suspected cases, compared with 16 that were reported on Sunday.

                  The owner explained that the Executive still possible none of the fatal cases of influenza A was confirmed by laboratory analysis Malbr?n Institute of Buenos Aires, where samples were sent to those 20 patients who died during the last three weeks.

                  In statements to the press, the Governor said that "there is a deadlock (in the number of hospitalizations), because three days ago we had 180 inmates." However, it found that "more work is strong," because "in the province are going through the peak of the disease.

                  However, Alperovich thought: "It would give the impression that next week would begin to diminish (the progress of the virus)."

                  On the other hand, reiterated that the Provincial Health System (SIPROSA) has prepared the beds, if needed (for an increase in the number of hospitalizations).

                  Finally, Alperovich insisted the request to the community for those with flu symptoms like high fever, headache and muscle aches, cough and general decay, immediately consult a CAPS or hospital for diagnosis and appropriate medication . "They must take Tamiflu (medicine provided to patients with influenza-like tables) within 48 hours because it appears effective in preventing hospitalization," he said.

                  For its part, Health Minister Paul Yedlin, said today that in Tucum?n was delaying the epidemic curve, which maintains a growing trend in the number of persons to be interned.

                  In this regard, the official acknowledged that "there is a curve of increase in the number of inmates, which now reach 180", but said the situation "shows some stability. Since 140 patients were discharged," he said.

                  The official reiterated the request to the public on the need for those with flu symptoms like high fever, headache and muscle aches, cough and decay, consult your doctor for an urgent, once diagnosed with the virus receive the drugs corresponding (oseltamivir) which is free and available "

                  In this respect, he stressed that "patients who are medical time (within the first 48 of the presented symptoms) have fewer days of fever, fewer symptoms, less contagious and less complicated."
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                    Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province - 10 suspected


                    Tucum?n concern over the worsening of the epidemic
                    Expected outcomes of 25 fatal cases and increased the number of people affected by the virus, the question of restoration activities in the country

                    Thursday July 23, 2009 | 17:12 (updated at 17:40)

                    The government said today that tucumano influenza A is at its highest peak in the province, where 189 people are housed and expected results to determine whether 25 deaths occurred as a result of the disease.

                    "We continue with 189 inmates and studied 25 cases of people allegedly killed by influenza A," said Governor Jorge Alperovich. The results to determine the causes of death will be known next week, when they are reported by the Institute Malbr?n.

                    Ratified linking the deaths with influenza H1N1, Tucum?n happen to be located on the third level between districts with the largest number of fatalities, behind Buenos Aires and Santa Fe

                    "Those who are taking Tamiflu before the 48 hours have not had problems. Interned because they are not taking the medicine on time," said the president.

                    Concern for restoration activities. Given the worsening of the epidemic in Tucum?n, teachers unions complained to the provincial government an extension of the period of recess to reduce potential contamination of students and teachers.

                    However, Alperovich reaffirmed its determination to maintain the resumption of classes on Monday and found that "do not gain anything with a week delay." "We do not earn anything to extend the break. All we do is take a week the problem. If we eliminate influenza A, we extend it, but it is not," he added.

                    In the province of Jujuy, teacher unions at all levels and also requested court, through a formal note to the governor Walter Barrionuevo, a week of recess for the epidemic.

                    For its part, the president said "not yet defined the issue of extending school recess or not, since many situations must be analyzed both as a medical school, so probably in the next few hours will be defined this issue. "

                    Yesterday, at the continued threat of influenza A, eight jurisdictions extend settled one week recess and return to school classes on Monday, August 3, as planned for schools in the capital and the provinces of Buenos Aires, Catamarca and Santa Cruz.

                    The districts that have extended the recess are Chubut, Neuqu?n, Black River, Salta, San Juan, Mendoza, San Luis and Santa Fe, which together gather 2.2 million students.

                    In contrast, at the conclusion of the scheduled school recess, on Monday will open its doors to schools Chaco, Corrientes, Entre Rios, Formosa, Jujuy, La Pampa, La Rioja, Misiones, and Santiago del Estero Tierra del Fuego.

                    Meanwhile, the Union of Employees of the Justice of the Nation (UEJN) and the Bar Association of Buenos Aires asked the Supreme Court extended by a week of the fair judicial ending winter morning by the fear ads for a new peak of cases of infection with influenza A. This was reported to judicial sources, who explained that the request was submitted this morning directly to the private secretary of President of the Court, Ricardo Lorenzetti.

                    "We feel the obligation to re-order under review is expected tempraturas low, which exacerbates the spread and development of the disease," said the request raised by the holders of the guild. The text adds that "several experts have warned of a resurgence of the pandemic for these next two weeks" and requests the extension of the show until July 31 inclusive.
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                      Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province - 10 suspected


                      It confirmed the first case of death due to influenza A in Tucum?n

                      Sabaj Yeldin expanded, and new data from the pandemic. Photo: Ministry of Public Health.

                      Would be 29 in total so far of the pandemic in the province, while reaching a total of 50 confirmed cases of tucumanas who contracted the H1N1 virus. Since the government assert that reducing the level of consultation and internal (approximately 200 patients dropped to 120). "We are constantly on the alert even though we see that the epidemiological curve has a more marked decline," said Alberto Sabaj, Undersecretary of Health.

                      On the last day of the month most dangerous in terms of the risks of transmission of influenza A, yesterday confirmed the first death due to influenza virus A (H1N1) in Tucum?n. Minister of Public Health, Yeld?n Paul said he received the first official report of the Instituto Carlos G. Malbr?n in which he confirms the former, while 28 other deaths remain under suspicion.

                      For his part, Undersecretary of Health, Alberto Sabaj, added that cases of infection confirmed by laboratory porte?o reach 50, although admitted that not coming to study all the samples that are sent because the Institute Malbr?n is "overwhelmed" by the number of samples to arrive from across the country.

                      "The idea is that every patient that goes with flu symptoms is likely to take a sample and send it to Malbr?n. And from there you try to have confirmed as much, "he said in televised statements.

                      For his part, Governor Jose Alperovich was optimistic about a brake on the progress of influenza A. "There are 120 inmates and fewer queries. This does not mean they get off the arms, but we must learn to live with the flu even in the summer, "released the EP holder, who emphasized its decision to restart the school year despite criticism from teachers unions and parents who were against the measure. "It was what we were saying that was not going to happen, had to remove the fear of society," he stressed.

                      In the same sense that Alperovich, Sabaj stated that there was a decrease in the level of consultation and interned by influenza A. "We are constantly on the alert even though we see that the epidemiological curve has a descending and an increasingly amesetamiento marking which is reflected in the amount of feverish consultations, "he said and noted that nearly 200 the number went down to 120 ..

                      "The cases are complicated is an added feature. Are diabetes, obesity or other risk groups such as pregnant women. If complicated or do not receive the medication have a high risk of pneumonia, respiratory failure and suffer an end in a fatality, "he said to clarify what the situation is complicated cases of patients with symptoms of the pandemic virus.
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                        Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province - 33 suspected


                        03/08/09 09:16 pm | Advancement of Influenza
                        Tucum?n: 33 total deaths from Influenza A

                        The Ministry of Health reported that in the province, 50 are confirmed cases of Influenza. So far, the Institute Malbr?n confirmed that a woman who died suffering from the virus. Measures against the stoppage of autoconvocados.

                        "Of the 33 suspicious deaths, only one is confirmed by the Institute Malbr?n," said deputy Alberto Sabaj. He stressed that 126 persons are being held with symptoms of influenza A, 100 of them in common rooms. He noted that 14 are in serious condition, breathing with mechanical ventilation.

                        Sabaj stated that there is a downward trend of cases, given that dropped like the inernados.

                        On the other hand, Sabaj stated that hospital directors have orders to take measures to ensure the provision of services in the hospital where doctors performed a autoconvocados unemployment.


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                          Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province - 38 suspected


                          There are 38 suspicious deaths from influenza A in Tucum?n
                          Only one of the fatal cases was confirmed by the institute Malbr?n, the government said.
                          With a new death, recorded yesterday in a private sanatorium in the Capital, the number of potential fatalities from influenza A in Tucum?n was raised to 38, admitted as Deputy Health Alberto Sabaj.
                          "I have confirmed that it has added one more death in the private sector. It is a patient who was interned in the sanatorium Sarmiento, so we arrived at the figure of 38," said the official, who said that at the moment " There is only one fatal case confirmed through the laboratory of the Institute Malbr?n ", while the other 37 remain under consideration.
                          On the other hand, Sabaj informed that there are 131 patients in common rooms of various hospitals and private schools across the province, of which 29 remain in intensive care rooms. It also stated that of the latter group of patients there are 15 who are in critical condition and under mechanical ventilation, eight of them in the new Chamber of Clinics Hospital Health Center.
                          The Deputy Minister of Health reiterated that the epidemiological curve of influenza A "entered into a amesetamiento" and that "the number of daily visits in the various hospital and CAPS in the province fell sharply. Today we have between 60 and 70 consultations a day when weeks ago exceeded 200 or 300 per day, "he said.
                          Despite the decline in the number of hospitalizations and consultations, Sabaj recalled that the H1N1 virus "circulating for several months in the country," against which emphasized the recommendation for the population in case of symptoms (high fever, head and cough) "immediately consult a doctor to receive the medication within the first 48 hours." Sabaj also emphasized the need to maintain preventive measures such as frequent washing of hands and the self-isolation of patients with influenza-like tables.


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                            Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province - 38 suspected


                            There are five confirmed deaths from influenza A in Tucum?n
                            This was announced today by Health Minister Paul Yedlin, who said that 32 other suspects in fatal cases in the study Malbr?n Institute of Buenos Aires. The official said that the epidemic curve is still declining and that fewer than 100 patients with influenza A.

                            The number of confirmed deaths from influenza A in Tucum?n Since the pandemic peaked in the last five hours, while 32 other deaths in study patients who had symptoms of the disease, announced today the Minister of Health Paul Yedlin. Until now, the only fatality confirmed by laboratory testing and notified by the authorities was that of a young woman, who died last June at a private hospital after giving birth to a baby.

                            "They have found the results of the Institute Malbr?n of Buenos Aires and the 37 deaths were suspicious and we confirmed in five studies, while the rest have not been confirmed," the official said.

                            In addition, the head of the Health reported that 95 people are housed in various government hospitals and private clinics in the province with symptoms of influenza A, which, as seen, "indicate a continuing decline in the number of hospitalizations and consultations . ameseta We are seeing the epidemic curve, "he said.

                            On the other hand, admitted that the Yedlin Tamiflu (oseltamivir), a medicine supplied to patients with symptoms of influenza A, generate unwanted side effects. "Every medication has side effects from the antibiotic softer until this antiviral. We note, on time with oseltamivir, the presence of vomiting, diarrhea and oral intolerance among some patients, forcing the change of medication with another drug called zanamivir, which is supplied by aspiration, "he explained.

                            On the same theme, he explained that "when a delivery is massive, with over 12 thousand treatments in a month and a half of an epidemic, inevitably there are some signs of intolerance to the drug, with diarrhea and stomach pain, but no case was severe . Anyway if you have to compare benefits and side effects, the balance is tilted towards the latter group, because with oseltamivir could hinder the epidemic curve, "he said.

                            Finally, he encouraged people to take the medication, if prescribed by doctors, despite recommendations that suggest otherwise. "This drug has been used for 10 years in the United States without major complications for the treatment of common flu, and while in Argentina it was not providing massive now, there is a new drug and has absolute reliability and certainty, and it was very important part in combating the epidemic in our country, "he explained.
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                            Tuesday August 11 2009


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                              Re: Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Tucuman Province


                              Wednesday August 26, 2009
                              Published in the print edition

                              They confirmed 40 deaths due to Influenza "A"

                              According to information forwarded from the Buenos Aires Institute Malbr?n, seven officially confirmed deaths in our province as a result of Influenza A. Anyway, the national laboratory is still under analysis samples of about 40 people who died with symptoms of the disease. While the Ministry of Health confirmed a marked reduction in cases of infection, 95 patients are still hospitalized with symptoms of the H1N1 virus, of which twelve are mechanically ventilated.

                              From the province maintain alertness on this epidemic, as ratified that cases continue to appear even during the summer. Anyway, the major effort now faces dengue. Is that the existence of the mosquito that transmits the disease begins to grow stronger with the legacy of high temperatures and the accumulation of clear water. For this reason, the health minister of the province, Paul Yedlin warned remain vigilant about this disease. Recommended remove any container located outdoors that hold water. Yedlin not rule out the possibility of the emergence of more lethal ersion of the disease, such as dengue hemorrhagic fever. He said that will depend on the type of dengue appear this summer.