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  • Deaths in Buenos Aires Province



    Unfortunately the list keeps growing of deaths due to influenza A H1N1, in the latter part of the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires, released this Monday at 16 am aware that there are 11 deaths in the region.

    Tres de Febrero, there are 4 deaths and 16 confirmed cases. Saint Martin 8 cases and 3 deaths, Jose C. Peace 3 confirmed cases and 5 deaths, 1 Moreno died and 13 confirmed cases.

    No fatal cases are: Malvinas Argentinas with 3 confirmed, San Miguel Pilar 31 and 7 cases.
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    Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


    Another young man who died in Mercedes is likely to have contracted influenza A

    The news that another young person had died in Mercedes allegedly from Influenza A, re-sowing uncertainty among the population, since no official communication could corroborate the story and reporters are only based on unofficial sources, which in these cases is usually not as desirable because it leads to confusion, which only serve to increase the panic, instead of bringing peace to the people.

    Apparently this is another young man, who like the teacher Alberto Ayala, who died in similar circumstances a few days ago, suffered from serious illness symptoms that are consistent with symptoms of the virus Infuenza table. He was 32 years and was known for integrating the schools of samba comparsa It? Puc?, according to statements by the President of the comparsa, so I confirmed to the media.

    Would have perished on the road when an ambulance is transferred in critical condition to the City of Curuz?, after having been placed in recent days in the Sanatorio Mercedes.


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      Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province

      Bahia Blanca is in BA Province..


      Google translation:
      Two others died from influenza A
      A woman of 78 years died in Bah?a Blanca. Another victim in fatal Santa Fe
      Agencies and DyN Telam

      A woman of 78 years died from influenza A (H1N1) in a care center in Bahia Blanca, announced today the owner of the health region I of that city, Jorge Gabbarini.

      Gabbarini said "this is a patient who suffered a serious illness," which "received further treatment for influenza A" and "died at the weekend in the Spanish Hospital."

      The official recalled that the disease "are placed in public hospitals and 105 private patients, of whom 24 are children and other adults."

      For its part, Health Secretary of the Municipality of Bah?a Blanca, Guillermo Quevedo, said that "from the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires province assured us the proper distribution of medicinal products" which "will be awarded to public hospitals and private. "

      "We have over 4,000 doses and assure continuity in the provision of this treatment," the official

      Santa Fe. The Ministry of Health reported that the total 22 deaths from influenza A in the province, where 24 hours just joined a new fatal case in the district.

      Moreover, it was reported that formally had been 471 laboratory confirmed cases.

      Also specified that the total demand for care in clinics and hospitalization for respiratory diseases was 37,127, of which 16,669 were attributable to influenza-like illnesses.

      With regard to the 22 dead, 19 lived in the so-called "node Rosario, two in the" node Santa Fe and one in the Venado Tuerto.


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        Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


        Influenza "A" claimed one victim in Chacabuco

        play video
        This is Alejandra Beatriz Fioramonti, 37, who had a picture of severe bilateral pneumonia on mechanical ventilation

        Health Secretary of the Municipality, Mario Villanueva, confirmed the death of Alejandra Beatriz Fioramonti of 37 years who was being treated for influenza A.

        Fioramonti was interned at the Hospital Municipal del Carmen with a picture of severe bilateral pneumonia on mechanical ventilation.

        Was being treated for his pneumonia and influenza because of their fit within the parameters which have to introduce treatment.

        The show went Malbr?n and delayed, but the presumption is to be treated, and had this fatal outcome.

        Chacabuco had 57 of his neighbors receive treatment because they are considered suspect cases of Influenza A.

        There are 3 or 4 pictures of patients with severe pneumonia, which is still not required to be in intensive care, but healthy people who have no history of risk factors and make tables whose seriousness is not inconsistent with the general state of the patient.


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          Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province

          From a Junin, Argentina paper:

          Dangerous disease
          Nine people serious therapy and breathing
          At least nine people are going through a delicate state of health and are assisted with artificial respirator as a result of a suspected case of influenza A.
          Three of these patients are placed in clinical "Little Family" and the remaining six, including one of Jun?n, fighting for his life in hospital Interzonal "Abraham Pineyro.
          The severity of all symptoms was evidenced in words of the directors of both establishments, the only people who gave information of what happens in these institutions point, aside from the overall figures provided by the Health Region III.
          A purpose of the institution and Borges May 25, the official said that last part until yesterday afternoon joined juninenses the total of 76 apparent victims of the H1N1 virus, which brings the total to 136 since the epidemic began .

          Medical Details

          The director of "The Small Family", Norberto Petraglia, detailed not only the state had until last night that the cases affected by the swine flu but expressed the belief that most visits to the doctor who performed these days, is people actually attacked by the deadly type of influenza.
          Petraglia said that in the intensive care of the institution under his leadership "there are three adult patients with mechanical ventilation and therapy are five intermediate people who require oxygen, but we do not have to be helped by the artificial respirator.
          In pediatrics, there are two little ones. "
          In total, from around the country that started the wave of international consultation came to the hospital street Alberdi twenty-four individuals, of whom were discharged sixteen.
          Using words of counsel, Petraglia argued that "there semiplena evidence" that they are cases of influenza A.
          "These are cases in the period of this band which epidemiological and compatibility with the provisions of the laboratory," foundation.
          He continued that "it is said, and I think that is true, that ninety percent of the tables correspond to H1N1 virus. We, in fifteen years we have never had eight patients for viral tables, because this is not a bacterial pneumonia, which is distinguished very clearly. "

          In hospital
          For its part, the executive director of the Hospital Interzonal "Abraham Pineyro, Claudio Ricasoli indicated that increased to six individuals who are housed in intensive care and mechanical assistance for breathing.
          "One of them was of Jun?n and the rest were referred from other districts. Obviously, if we say they need the artificial respirator that is experiencing a serious situation, "argued the doctor, who continued talking about suspected cases of influenza A.
          According to Ricasoli, the group of people today are more sensitive is the people who are between 15 and 50 years.
          But that marked the last 48 hours there was a amesetamiento in the number of consultations, they expect something like the beginning of a trend in the coming days...

          ...A woman died in Chacabuco:
          was suspected Influenza A

          A woman of 35 years who was interned at the Hospital del Carmen, the city of Chacabuco, died yesterday due to a pattern of severe pneumonia. It is suspected that it could have been infected by influenza A.
          Dr. Mario Villanueva said the woman was being cared for pneumonia and unfavorable developments made it confined, although the situation was complicated and his death occurred.
          All his family are being treated on suspicion of Influenza A and there are preventive in Hospital five other patients suspected of having the so-called swine flu, all evolving favorably...


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            Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province

            From a Junin, Buenos Aires province newspaper:


            Health Region III
            7 people died with symptoms of influenza A
            The head of the Health Region III, John Quadrelli revealed that since he started the flood of cases of influenza so far recorded seven deaths in the jurisdiction of this body, composed of Jun?n and seven other districts.
            Moreover, health professionals began to use the word "amesetamiento" in these times to refer to the decline say they have noticed in the consultations for suspected Influenza A after the last few days.
            Indeed, since the health sector is excited about this drop in demand for care is the beginning of a downward trend in the number of treatments and internments caused, apparently, by the H1N1 virus.
            Meanwhile, still at least nine people facing the most critical for influenza and last night continued with mechanical ventilation in intensive care wards of the Hospital "Abraham Pineyro" and clinical "Small Family".

            In this context, the week will close with a meeting of the Crisis in Health, which will meet today at 11 in Health Region III.
            Juan Quadrelli, the entity where the director will be held the meeting, said he will hear the view expressed infectologists and epidemiologists on the course of the disease in soil juninense and parties in the area.
            This diagnosis and what happens to work because of suspected swine flu have health centers will be part of support for that in the top 12 on Sunday, decided to extend or suspend the health emergency.
            "By consensus we will define what steps to take and how we will continue," said Quadrelli told The Truth.
            Almost at the same time it appropriated for this weekend is expected to peak, but since Wednesday is a note amesetamiento now and hopefully come a downward trend and the cases are becoming more scattered. "

            Lack of details
            Quadrelli reiterated that since the EW number twenty (which is currently twenty-eight) do not reach results from the Institute Malbr?n, which constitutes a major challenge and has to consider all cases as suspicious.
            "It is a great concern yesterday and we did know the Minister (of Health bonaerense Claudio Zin), because we need to diagnose," he said.
            On the other hand recognized that the hospital and "Small Family" are "people who require therapy and are being observed on a permanent and appropriate medication," despite admitting that the situation of these individuals is complex. "

            Risk Factors
            Quadrelli remarked that there are members of the community more prone to contracting the disease, suffer some of the risk factors. In this group entering the diabetics, those suffering chronic lung disease, chronic heart disease, low defenses, those receiving medication oncology, the hiperobesos and pregnant women.
            In suspected cases, were given the antiviral drug (Osectamivil) and in a few hours some are starting to show improvement, others take two or three days, but the evolution is favorable in the majority, "he observed.
            As the last figure, Quadrelli marked predilection for the disease has an age range that runs from fifteen to fifty years, unlike the common influenza that attacks the ends of life.

            Seven suspicious deaths

            The official said that since the appearance of suspected cases of influenza A is now counted seven deaths in the jurisdiction of that agency.
            "They were all suspected cases, pneumonia and many of them compounded by the risk factors. We can not certify that they have been victims of the H1N1 virus until they get the results from the Institute Malbr?n, "he explained.
            Quadrelli noted that the dead are "Chacabuco, Lincoln, Jun?n, and Vedia General Viamonte".

            Interned in 1200
            throughout the Province

            THE SILVER (DIB) .- The number of internships for Influenza A in the province of Buenos Aires is 1,200, according to data from the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires.
            According to the health portfolio, about a thousand adults ranches remain in hospitals because of respiratory conditions associated with Influenza A, while 200 children are in the same situation in the pediatric rooms.

            Meanwhile, the authorities reported that a 5 per cent of available beds criticism throughout the province.
            Still, Health Minister Claudio Zin, said the international this week fell 20 percent, while the Council did so between 30 and 40 percent.
            "This is not a sense of the Minister of Health, this is what they say the directors of provincial hospitals have brought," the official said.
            In addition, Zin said that a rebound is not expected "promptly" of the disease, but "a second wave may occur in mid-August."
            Also, the head of the health warned that care must be maintained because there is movement of other viruses that are generating ill
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              Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


              10/07 Another death by the pandemic in Tandil

              While still not confirmed the diagnosis of those killed by the epidemic, the city would cover 10 percent of the official figures confirmed the country by the Ministry of Health of the Nation. Authorities recognize the concern, but insists that the trend has reached a plateau.

              Despite the amesetamiento evidenced in the cases of the city in terms of consultations and international, the pandemic claimed the eighth fatal victim in the city. The last fatality was a patient of Sanatorio Tandil, a native of the neighboring town of Las Flores.

              Luctuosa The news emerged from the daily report that the health authorities of the city shared with the media, insisting on the best scenario that has occurred, from isolation to be generated by cutting the chain of infection. But where they were recorded as severe, still resulting in deaths that do nothing more than increase the concern of neighbors and the authorities.

              Confirmed that the mortality of cases in the city are consistent with the suspicion of being part of the tables of Influenza A, the city is now with the 10 percent of officially confirmed deaths from the Ministry of Health of the Nation .

              It should be noted that according to information released by the minister for national legislators yesterday the registration of deaths by influenza reached the 82 deaths, while in the city have been recorded eight deaths, but have not yet been confirmed as cases H1N1 virus.

              In this regard, having been consulted on these indices Municipal Health Secretary, Oscar Teruggi recognized the gravity of the situation, explaining that the great Buenos Aires and the Eighth Sanitary Region in particular, which are a part, has been one of the regions that phase shift. "Balcarce, Necochea and we are very complicated. The first cases occurred in the river plate and of course this involved a chain of infection through close we have in the region," the official inferred.

              STATUS REPORT
              Regarding the report from the inmates in the day, which was detailed in the hospital Ram?n Santamarina maintained tables placed 17 patients with pneumonia in medical clinic. And 7 other inmates with the most serious categories intensive care unit. The respiratory care clinic, reached the 123 patients. There were also three high pneumonia.

              At Children's Hospital, meanwhile, coincided with the trend in number of consultations and internships. Yesterday added 19 beds and patients in 36 boys were treated by guards. For the office, came to 51 patients.

              At the hospital Larreta Enrique (Maria Ignacia), one neighbor was placed with a picture of pneumonia, while there was a high for the same table and there were 2 cases of respiratory clinic.

              In private schools, in New Clinical Chacabuco remain three cases with symptoms of pneumonia, all placed in intensive care.

              In Tandil Sanatorio which saw then was the death of a patient with pneumonia, a native of Las Flores.
              In the same facility there are two serious cases in therapy and remains a case of pneumonia in the room Neonatal Ventilated.

              - Extreme measures of hygiene in the home and ventilate the rooms daily.
              - Avoid contact with people suffering from acute infectious respiratory diseases.
              - In the case of sneezing, cover your mouth and fold of the elbow or with a disposable tissue and then throw it in the toilet (not in waste baskets that are on the streets, because the virus can survive for a while).
              - In the case of "blowing" the nose, do so and remove them as disposable handkerchiefs indicated.
              - Wash hands with soap and water or alcohol and glycerine soaps with alcohol kills the virus. Sneezing and then wash back to the streets where they have touched doorknobs, handrails groups, money, etc.. Rercordar this is the main source of infection.
              - Use of safety chinstrap for those patients considered at risk.
              - On the street, at work or in any other, trying not to scratch your eyes or put their hands in their mouth or nose. It insists: frequent hand washing is the best prophylaxis.
              - If you have symptoms, contributes to the doctor first and then stay home and avoid spreading the infection.
              - If symptoms such as fever greater than 38 ? C, muscle pain, conjunctival congestion, decay or shortness of breath, come immediately to a health center. Do not swallow in any case, aspirin or steroids on their own account. The doctor who will make the diagnostic and possibly therapeutic.
              - Isolate patients suffering from influenza or respiratory illness in their homes (quarantine) for at least 7 days.
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                Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                Four confirmed deaths from Influenza A in Capital

                In this way, the number of fatalities in the district rose to 13. Moreover,
                Jorge Lemus noted that there are two probable cases and 22 under consideration. "

                Minister of Health of Buenos Aires, Jorge Lemus, today reported 4 deaths from other influenza A
                in the City, so there are 13 fatalities in the district.

                Lemus said that there are 13 dead, 2 probable and 22 cases are under consideration in
                a press conference at the Buenos Aires government.

                ?Addressing chronic disease is an issue of human rights ? that must be our call to arms"
                Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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                  Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province

                  Map with official deaths reported by Buenos Aires goverment site



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                    Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                    Outbreak of Influenza
                    She died a woman who had been interned as a suspected case of influenza A
                    Health authorities yesterday confirmed the death of a young woman of 28 years, a native of our city, interned as suspected case of suffering from influenza A, which is the first fatal case of a patient born in Junin, who was placed in grave stayed in the Intensive Care Unit of IMEC.
                    The death occurred in the early morning of the eve and the couple had paid for several days with symptoms that are generated by the virus H1N1. Addition was pregnant, which was subjected to a cesarean delivery and the baby is in good health.

                    The municipal health director and member of the Committee on Health Crisis, Dr. Carlos Lombardi, after confirming the outcome, said that over the weekend (until yesterday afternoon) only had income from a new patient-care centers public and private premises with suspicious symptoms of influenza A that came from another region that is not the Health Zone III.
                    In Jun?n there were two earlier deaths of patients in serious condition on suspicion of suffering from influenza A. One result came from the town of Los Toldos and the other from the village of Rivadavia.

                    Lombardi asked the people to follow extreme precautionary measures to avoid infection and noted that in line with the rest of the country, the consultations also decreased by respiratory disease, confirming a "amesetamiento.
                    Jun?n in the last week rose from 40 to 140 patients, some with symptoms of influenza A cases trebled, while across the Health Region III 144-rose to 612. Faced with this situation, from the Crisis Committee decided on Friday to extend the emergency care, including restrictions in places where many people congregate.
                    For the resolution was taken into account, first, that these days amesetamiento not take land by the possibility that the demand for and international recrudezca and therefore no assurances that the situation is completely controlled, the another indicator that the envisioned were 612 complaints of patients with respiratory complications, to which it is believed that influenza was circulating in more than double that figure in the whole jurisdiction of the Health Region.


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                      Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                      Buenos Aires, July 13, 2009 - 17:12 pm.

                      FLU-A PROVINCES

                      The River Plate, July 13 (Telam) .- A girl of five years he was confined for ten days in the intensive care room of the Hospital Materno Infantil de Mar del Plata died of a respiratory illness and whether it was influenza A.

                      The authorities of the hospital confirmed the death of the girl and was awaiting the results sent to the Institute Malbr?n to confirm or exclude this hypothesis.

                      --------------------- WOMAN DIES IN FORMOSA WITH POSSIBLE SYMPTOMS OF INFLUENZA A Formosa .- A woman of 43 years, died "presumably infected with influenza virus A H1N1 "so that the samples were sent to the Institute of Buenos Aires Malbr?n, sources reported today in the provincial health portfolio.

                      Confirmed that the death was for influenza A would be the third case in the province, where 18 other patients remain interned, of whom one is in intensive care.

                      ---------- Confirmed two new cases of influenza A in Catamarca Catamarca .- Two new cases of influenza A in Catamarca were confirmed by the Emergency Operations Committee (COE) from the province, bringing to seven cases in that jurisdiction, while there are 550 cases under study.

                      Government Minister Javier Silva, in press statements, said, "It is very likely to be an extension of restrictive measures such as prevention of influenza A.

                      Meanwhile, the government of the province confirmed the receipt of a batch of money and supplies from Nation with the objective of combating influenza A.

                      ------ SOCIAL WORK COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE FOR RESPIRATORY DISEASES Rioja .- The manager of the Provincial Social Work (APOS) Oscar Martinez confirmed that he "extended coverage for the various respiratory diseases" due to members of the advance H1N1 virus.

                      Martinez made part of these statements after a meeting with the Crisis Committee composed of representatives from public and private health coverage, and stressed that "it will be hundred percent on drugs" .- (Telam) na-LRE-JRA-pad cdc-rb-mag -
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                        Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                        Google translation:


                        Pergamino died in three patients with suspected virus H1N1 tables

                        The deaths occurred between Friday and Sunday, joined other death recorded days in a private school.
                        According to the Ministry of Health, and four patients who lost their lives in conditions compatible with the disease.
                        .::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

                        RecomendarRecomendar Article
                        ForoOpinar in FORUM

                        LOCAL NoticiasNotas

                        On Sunday afternoon the feeling of authorities, doctors and nurses Acute Hospital Interzonal "San Jose" from the nearby town of Pergamino was facing the inevitable disappointment, between Friday and died Sunday morning of three of the six patients were placed in the Intensive Care Unit for Adults with pictures of the establishment suspected influenza A.
                        A young man and two pregnant women, hospitalized in a parchment but residing in the town of San Pedro, and Acevedo, who last week the medical team had managed to save the life of her baby, then to remain in therapy Neonatal Intensive Care for several days in the last hours, had been discharged neonatal.

                        "The feeling I have and that all members of the health team is experiencing a marked frustration that made all efforts to save these lives, even the patients had experienced some improvement, and then everything began to get complicated until you get to this outcome" confessed Gerardo Monacci statements in the media, who said that "obviously this virus puts the medical community against the unknown, facing a disease that has an attitude and an evolution that in many cases not fully known."
                        "We do not yet know whether these patients had influenza A, suspected by the clinical lead us to suppose so. Biopsies performed for lung and related analysis and send the samples to perform the studies, we are now awaiting results to confirm diagnostics,
                        "said the director of the Hospital pergaminense, dismayed by the situation and concerned about the trend of other patients, including two inmates who remain in intensive care, but without a mechanical ventilation.
                        In the same line expressed his concern for patients hospitalized in the Pediatric Intensive Care. "We have ten beds occupied and we are sending a respirator to seek to strengthen the city of La Plata," confided Monacci.
                        People who died in the Hospital are within the critical strip, young and healthy people, including two pregnant women, sick and then for more than ten days with mechanical ventilation led to a table of hemorrhagic alveolitis, defined by a intrapulmonary bleeding, which normally ended causing deaths, explained Monacci.


                        Informed of the latest deaths, Dr. Carlos Lapetina, Secretary of Health of the Municipality of Pergamino, updated the status of the table nearby city on the disease and explained that "Pergamino, paintings by deceased persons suspected influenza A total four "and remarked that" it would be within the local statistics of the death of a young woman of San Pedro and a man from the village of Coral. "
                        "These people died in Pergamino, because we must not lose sight of the fact that the city has a Interzonal Hospital receives patients from the region," said the official, remarked that while the four who died, three died at the hospital and one in a private school.
                        In all cases the tests were made for and sent samples for the studies.

                        Consulted regarding the numbers of suspected cases, the Health Secretary said that the municipality will not be until the end of the month when influenza consolidate statistics and explained that "it is-to move from the stage of containment of the virus to mitigation. "
                        Also, in agreement with what happens in hospitals and private clinics, Lapetina admitted that "in recent days in Primary Care Centers have seen a decrease in the number of queries that are addressed either by influenza cases for respiratory diseases that are received under the contingency plan for Acute Lower Respiratory Infections (Irab).
                        "Although we can not assess it yet, this makes us suppose that the restrictive measures in Pergamino have had good results," and felt that "we must now determine if we cut the transmissibility of the virus."

                        In the council

                        Both the Secretary of Health as the director of the hospital today confirmed that the 19 members of the Crisis Committee at the City Council concur to attend a meeting to draw a picture of the epidemiological situation in the local area and will move in the formulation of suggestions, in response to the restrictive measures taken by the Municipality expire at midnight today.
                        Regarding what the suggestions in order to keep the roads, both as Monacci Carlos Gerardo Lapetina agreed that "certainly recommend the lifting of restrictive measures, but with the emphatic recommendation to the community does not lower the guard on the measures prevention. "


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                          Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                          Google translation:

                          Killed by the first confirmed influenza A in Patagones

                          14/07/09 | The death occurred late at night in the hospital Ecay and Pedro is a man of 41 years.

                          This was confirmed by the hospital's director, Silvia Ocampo, who said he was a man who was placed in intensive care with pneumonia.

                          The victim was ventilated and was in serious cases, the only one who had confirmed influenza A.

                          Ocampo also confirmed that there is a woman of 80 years a native of Bahia Blanca which is in the hospital maragata with a high probability of suffering from influenza.


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                            Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                            published on 14/07/2009 - 18:53
                            Province of Buenos Aires reported 69 fatal cases of influenza A

                            The Ministry of Health reported this afternoon bonaerense 69 fatal cases of influenza A (H1N1) in the province and denied policy differences with the health portfolio holder Juan Manzur national health.

                            Also, the province that bears registered 528 cases of patients infected with influenza A.

                            The minister Claudio Zin felt press conference that "no discrepancies" with Manzur on combating the epidemic and stressed that "readings are observing."

                            Zin said that the province is situated on a plateau epidemic ", but considered that the situation of the epidemic must be" day by day. "



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                              Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province

                              Updates map on Buenos Aires province