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Deaths in Buenos Aires Province

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    Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


    Influenza A is expected to confirm the first fatal victim

    Confirmed the first two suspected cases in the city which were attended in public health in early June. On Saturday a woman who died was placed in Pergamino. The Crisis Committee will meet today to decide what the shops. The discussion focuses on recreational activities in enclosed areas, while influenza spreads around the country

    Influenza A is the daily running of the capital to settle in the interior, ceased to be the main report of the news channels seem to open and is no longer important and that care must be smaller.
    However, we must remember that this flu, which can result in death, affecting humans around the world and Argentina is the third largest in the world in number of deaths that could be between 94 and 108, according to official data, and still do not know actually what is the total number of affected.
    Many infections could have been avoided if he had acted in time and if people had taken the dimension that an unknown disease and the ability to stop the activity of entire cities.

    Confirmed cases
    During the morning of Saturday confirmed that the first two suspected cases of Influenza A H1N1 treated in public health. Add to the three confirmed that the clinics. The difference was in time of action, as the case of the clinics were quickly confirmed by the analysis have been sent to private entities, where it costs about $ 150 pesos a "formality." The case is the pair of Bolivian origin who was treated at the Hospital on June 19, the analysis sent to the Institute Malbr?n unveiled almost a month after that the result was positive. The couple lived in the area of Las Canaletas beyond the lowering of Ch?vez, at the home of some friends from last May, the date on which the neighbors say they began to see women. Her husband was going and coming from Buenos Aires to San Pedro and one of those trips made contact with some Mexicans who infected him. Then he passed the disease to his partner. They are now in Capital, and discharged without problems, but after being in contact with dozens of people who were not treated.

    Does the first victim?
    Last week it was learned the tragic news of the death of sampedrina Cristina Salazar, 28 years. The woman, five months pregnant, had submitted a picture of pneumonia, which was served at a local hospital. With the complication of the case was referred to St. Joseph Hospital of Parchment, where he was placed in intensive care under strict control and attention.
    There, according to their share of death, lost his life due to "respiratory failure" and it could be the first fatal victim sampedrina of Influenza A.
    According to Dr. Gerardo told Monacci, Director of the Hospital San Jos? de Pergamino, once was the death, with the permission of the family, took the woman's body a specimen of the lung to perform a post mortem. There are two objectives of this study: first, to confirm whether the death was by Influenza A and, on the other hand, if the result is positive, take the fabric as a test case for studying the virus and its progress.
    The sample has already been sent for analysis to the Institute for Malbr?n, along with a worksheet that reports the situation and requests that there are no major delays in its definition.
    Is inconclusive for two children a month and a half who died after being transported by suspected cases of influenza and respiratory those who never did the analysis.
    According to the Undersecretary of Health, about eighty-five percent of cases "should have been" influenza A, although all those affected with symptoms that exist to be served are treated as sick of the H1N1 strain.

    The analysis and prevention
    There is limited amount of people who are subjected to tests that will determine whether or not they are victims of the disease known as swine flu. However, several people with flu-like state are sent to their homes to remain at rest there, without knowing what is happening to them because it is totally unnecessary you are in the public health service. Since a week ago made the decision to give to each of the suspected cases the tablet with the ten tablets of Tamiflu. " If such a determination had been made on time, surely it could have come to prevent further spread, prevent deaths and paranoia.
    The lack of analysis suggests a large number of potentially contagious sick and they do not know their diagnosis and perhaps never will, so also are or will be part of the statistics. In fact, as stated by the Secretary for Health, Dr. Julio Caraballo, regarding the epidemiological picture of Intendente Barbieri: "It must have been Influenza A, sure ... and went walking in the campaign. It is no kid, and even came to take the medication he was given antibiotics and it happened ", but is another who has never been analyzed.

    Social responsibility
    A major dilemma arises as a result of the advancement of Influenza A. Isolation and avoid contact with the largest numbers of people are important from the outset a key recommendation, but the daily, routine, and above all economic activities are beginning to bring into play the very consistent in terms of care of their health and lives of loved ones.
    Over the weekend, the fight was in the hands of employers and individuals, in some cases reported the opening of shops, while it was "forbidden", as did several restaurants and a pub in Saint Lucia (see page 15) and in other cases resulted in sanctions by the OIG to business operation.
    The strongest case in the discussion centered around a birthday fifteen scheduled for Saturday, because although they were not permitted private parties, was granted a permit for the event, Governor Castro. That was the starting point for any opinions on whether to resume normal or no activity, despite the health emergency and the agreement that kept the area municipalities in the Regional Crisis Committee.
    Birthday should have been suspended, if it serves the text of the regional and local events that might prohibit jeopardizing the health of people crowding. Inspector General was presented to verify if the birthday could be done or not, because the father had everything ready quincea?era.
    No missing versions state that the CEO Alvarez would have given the nod to a neighbor of his partner in the elections. Bronze slipped himself that someone "put the spoon and told the good man who could do it," it stressed to Inspector General to see whether to authorize. Bronze took over the responsibility to allow an exception to the rules in force and the birthday was developed without the traditional dance, and that the authorization provided that only scenarios, with the tables as the resolutions indicated for restaurants.
    Bronze was in bret provide publicly resign over the possibility that suspected on arrangements for the conduct of that birthday: "I'm going to ****," said Director of Inspection, who admitted to an implied authorization exception and that was because the situation was "touched the heart."
    Now beginning to consider the boundary between the responsibilities and obligations. When you begin to get at the heart of the discussion should take place if a birthday or not and if a table less than two meters is another solution to avoid a penalty by inspection, it seems relegated the most important thing. Although the key actions of the authorities to try and regulate what can and what is not done as an extra to an unforeseen situation, it is also important to the implementation of civic duty. Is it necessary that an authority should punish a trader to open their doors? Or a person can decide whether to risk their health or not. It is also important to note that these traders must pay a month-end accounts as every thirty days. But it is crucial to articulate a duty to meet the obligation.
    It is true also that the power can have a resolution is not the same as an ordinance can be punished by a City Council concerned and driven to the health emergency that affects their constituents. At meetings of the Crisis Committee, few have been elected to the faces that were seen.

    Today the committee meets on crisis
    On this day, the municipal Crisis Committee to hold a further meeting to publicize a new release with the resolutions on the next steps in the health emergency with respect to activities for the advancement of disease.
    The Assistant Secretary of Health announced the view that the meeting be based primarily on defining what will be done with the business. Although from the province to the municipalities were free to decide according to the epidemiological picture, recommended to keep closed spaces crowded with young people, such as dancing clubs in this area will focus the discussion.
    The doctor said "go down significantly the number of consultations" with respect to influenza, in both adults and pediatrics sector where there is the descendant "for 15 or 20 days."


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      Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


      Google translation:

      Refuse more deaths confirmed influenza A
      Commonly suspected cases "but are in analysis"

      First news releases indicating that the number of deaths by influenza A in the districts of the region have increased in recent days, from the secretaries of Health Quilmes, Florencio Varela Berazategui and even noted that there have been no new confirmed cases although awaits the outcome of the analysis of several suspected cases.

      From Quilmes, the director of the Hospital Materno Infantil de San Francisco Solano, Osvaldo Morales said that "normal care" and stressed that "the population has matured and awareness about prevention, symptoms and care must be taken with influenza virus A ".
      Berazategui in some versions in the last few hours showed that cases of influenza A H1N1 in dead had risen to 15, while there are about 26 in intense treatment, some of which are serious. " Since the municipal Health Department official said that even there is only one case of a deceased person with the virus and the rest are under examination.

      "Nothing confirmed so far"

      "We have suspicions, but nothing is confirmed so far. We are awaiting the results of the samples that were sent to be analyzed, several of them died from pneumonia, but we have to investigate what were the reasons why it originated. There are also placed in state severity, who were given treatment by influenza, but a preventive, not yet have confirmation, "said this half Health Secretary, Eduardo Podesta.

      Also, the official berazateguense held that "the number of consultations in hospitals has diminished considerably. We're getting a 70 per cent of consultations in international and guards have fallen by 60 percent."

      "In addition, other centers have been equipped for the analysis of the swabs and that will help you get results faster and able to report on what actually was an influenza A and what not."

      Meanwhile, in Florencio Varela has also been officially confirmed only one case of death from influenza A H1N1, while seven deaths that might be linked to the virus. Since the town noted that "there are five people who are being treated for the flu, although not all have been confirmed as it was sent to analyze the samples.


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        Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


        Google translation:

        Influenza A: Buenos Aires reported 8 new deaths PDF Print
        Written by Editor
        20-07-09 ---- 16:08
        Thus, the total number of deaths rose to 77. The government of Entre Rios said its second death from the disease.

        The government reported today bonaerense 77 killed by influenza A in the province, eight more for the last report.

        Health authorities said at a news conference that 709 were confirmed cases and 2,870 without the ratification of equivocal Malbr?n Institute.
        Meanwhile, health authorities in Entre Rios now the second confirmed death from influenza A in the province and said that there are more than five fatal cases are being studied at the Institute Malbr?n the Capital Federal.

        Health Secretary entrerriano, Pablo Basso, said the fatal victim was a patient of Gualeguaych? who lost his life after suffering complications from pneumonia that was combined with the new influenza A/H1N1.
        The woman died on June 26 last, but health authorities in the province confirmed the reasons for its demise nearly a month later. DyN-NA.


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          Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


          A Baby BUT DIED decline Number of extensions

          Influenza A: Three suspected cases ended in death

          With cautious optimism, but at the same time, Dr. Carlos Lombardi, director of the City Health, gave an overview of the situation on the influenza A in our city.

          Influenza A: Three suspected cases ended in death

          While the situation seems to have improved much compared to what happened two or three weeks ago, the death of a drink worsens the fear smallest.
          Lombardi explained that the continued downward trend in the number of consultations, as well as the stabilization of the number of inmates. Very few suspected cases of influenza A internees from the weekend until today. "These are patients with complications of pneumonia, but with a good evolution," explained.
          It also changed the method: now every patient who consults with flu and a table is greater than 15 years receiving medication, unlike what happened three or four weeks ago.
          "This picture makes us think that timely measures have been very beneficial. Anyway we continue day by day because this is a new and unknown virus's behavior in the future. We rastrillaje and frequent contact with private institutions and the Hospital to see how things are going. Do not stop being vigilant, but the trend is, frankly, beneficial, "he said.

          A suspicious death

          Despite the best overview of suspected cases of influenza A, a bad news sneaks in the middle: a bebe for a year and three months, died on July 20. "There was admitted with pneumonia, a complication that required ventilatory support after, and thus is a suspected case of influenza A, although there is no confirmation that this has been the cause of death," said Lombardi.
          Dr. Lombardi reported that Jun?n suspected cases who died were three: the first adult male was placed in a private clinic, the second was the pregnant woman (after an emergency caesarean section had a baby), and the third case, the baby who died recently.


          As for the pregnant and the recommendations made from medical units, the Director of Health said: "It is a very special because pregnancy is a major risk factor in the case of Influenza A. 40 per cent of deaths in the province of Buenos Aires accounted for pregnant women. Is not a minor, which led us to liberate us from the workplace to all pregnant women. "
          "Last Friday we recommend that pregnant women do not return to their jobs. And on the subject of health checks suggest postponing the routine. It is not exposed in a waiting room with people who might be sick, "he added.


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            Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


            Jun?n - Argentina / Wednesday, July 22, 2009
            Confirmed a new death from influenza A
            LA PLATA, (DIB) .- The secretary of health of the local municipal bonaerense Coronel Suarez, Rogelio Ur?zar confirmed a new death from influenza A in the city, where four victims of the deadly epidemic, while the province, which now reports only weekly changing cases, remained a figure of 77 deaths.
            According to the official suarense, Ra?l Ernesto Heumann, 56, died late yesterday, a fatal case in addition to Celia Anah? Echeverria, 24, nurse's Nursing Home "Sunday Go?i, who stopped there last Sunday morning, both affected by influenza A.
            Reportedly, the girl who died suffered from auto immune disease called rheumatoid arthritis, the patient fell off the risk of complications that generates the influenza virus.
            The previous week, confirming the first two deaths caused by influenza A and Su?rez Huanguel?n, the Municipal Secretariat of Health announced the existence of two patients in critical condition with complications that did not meet the recommended treatments.
            Patients were on dialysis for kidney damage and suffering complications multiorganic.
            Also, from the Crisis Committee in the area insisted on rescheduling the events indoors with no natural light and adequate ventilation, since the agglomeration of people is an ideal for the spread of the virus.
            "Lower your arms now, in times of amesetamiento implies the possibility of another outbreak. We must make the last effort to combat this scourge," says in a statement.
            Until yesterday, the number of inmates in the various hospitals in the city of Buenos Aires was in adults 10 to 10 patients in clinic and therapy (3 and 7 intermediate therapy in mechanical ventilation) and totaled 10 in pediatrics.
            Meanwhile, health authorities in the province decided to restrict information on the evolution of the epidemic, only a weekly, so that repeated bonaerense dead in soil are 77, the same as noted on Monday, a figure that does not take into account the recent deaths occurred Su?rez. (DIB)
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              Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


              Confirmed two more deaths from influenza A in the Province

              I informed the minister Zin. Suman and 79 fatal cases of disease in the territory bonaerense
              The Government confirmed today bonaerense two fatal cases of influenza A in the province, where he joined the 79 dead of disease.

              So informed the Minister of Health of the district, Claudio Zin, in a talk with reporters at the headquarters of the Bank of Buenos Aires Province.

              Buenos Aires is the jurisdiction over cases deadly influenza A/H1N1 in the country, followed by Santa Fe, which accumulated up to 72 deaths on Tuesday.

              Taking into account the figures that each district operates on the deaths from influenza A, the evil would have killed 219 people in Argentina.


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                Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                01/08 confirmed a case of influenza A and one patient died from pneumonia

                At a press conference, the newspaper detailed the last part of the health situation in terms of tables of pneumonia. A new neighbor had after suffering a fatal heart attack. A table was placed by flu at the Hospital. In parallel, confirmed the announcement of this paper: made from the swabs was a case of the H1N1 virus. the trend and international consultations, inpatient care is normalized.
                As anticipated from these pages, it was detected the first case of influenza A in the city of Tandil, according to the results of studies performed by the department of Virology of the sole.
                There were 17 swabs, although the studies were 10 cases. One of them was positive, and six were indeterminate and three seasonal influenza. Continues to decline while the number of frames affected by flu.
                At a press conference, health authorities confirmed yesterday as reported by the Journal, while reporting the death of another person who was interned for 20 days. In other cases, always in the same theme on Monday will resume normal activity in the Hospital.
                The Secretary of Health, Oscar Teruggi, and Medical Director of Hospital Santamarina, Vito Mezzina gave details of the health situation in the game.
                After acknowledging the confirmation of a case of Influenza A, Teruggi highlighted the benefits of the single laboratory, stating that "let us know what was happening in the first few days. This is a good thing we can know the current situation, we had confirmed influenza A, because the symptoms coincides with other patients. "


                He noted that this operation is being oiled and "will allow us to be aware that results are going to continue with the samples.
                The official added that the trend of reported cases of pneumonia, the activity will be adjusted at the Hospital since Monday.
                "We observed several days that the situation appears to be controlled and from Monday, is normalized to the activity is rescheduled surgeries," said secretary among other innovations.
                On the other hand, said he was resolved spacing information to parties on Thursday, there will no longer be a daily part.
                For his part, Dr. Vito Mezzina confirmed the death of another person for Influenza A-see detail-"on Thursday from a complication of a cardiac patient with pneumonia and could not overcome was a patient with a suspected Influenza A with 20 days of internship.
                In the case of influenza confirmed by laboratory of UNICE, said that "it is in the hospital with pneumonia and was done the right treatment for these cases."
                In turn, the professional said that "there are several cases that had the same symptoms, this positive correlation can be above, the vast majority have been released from the hospital or outpatient treatment and some who were killed in therapy" .
                Speaking to the Final Review of AM1560, Mezzina said that "in fact we had already started the week with gains of shifts in different specialties and now available at the Hospital is able to work full shifts of all specialties medical and health clinic and have longer shifts in order to carry out planned operations in patients who were scheduled. This will happen gradually from the coming Monday. "
                "Every secretary of the respective closed-services-will communicate with patients and shift the priority obviously those who have had the older shifts.


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                  Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                  2009-08-05 16:13:00 | 337 across the country
                  Nation confirmed 123 deaths from influenza A in the Province

                  The Ministry of Health of the Nation, published this afternoon by the numbers of deaths by province Influenza A, which highlights the cases of bonaerense territory, more precisely 123, surpassing the average for the entire country, where there are 337 registered victims fatal.

                  In an official communique from the health portfolio, highlighting the alarming figure in the province, above otos cases like Santa Fe, Cordoba and Buenos Aires.


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                    Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                    National - Thursday, 06 2009 09:27
                    General Information
                    Influenza: 123 confirmed deaths in the province, almost half the national total, there are 1200 infected
                    The Ministry of Health's Office confirmed today that the province of Buenos Aires there are 123 dead poor Influenza A, while authorities reported that there salitarias ranches in 1267 confirmed in the province.

                    According to part one aired by the national Ministry of Health, since the epidemic began in the province were 123 cases of death registraroin.
                    At the same time, the portfolio saniotaria provincial, who commands Claudio Zin told the agency that had been 1263 confirmed cases of people infected with the H1N1 virus.
                    Also, the holder of the portfolio of Health said: "The epidemic began to recede for four weeks," adding that kids come to class is a great barometer of the decline. "
                    Finally, Zin said that "now we have to start working is prevensi?n dengue.
                    It should be remembered that this mid, the Ministry of Health of the Nation, published the 'official numbers' of deaths per province for Influenza A, which highlights the territory bonaerense cases (123 cases), surpassing the average for all country where there are 337 registered deaths.
                    The swine flu epidemic caused 1154 deaths throughout the world since its emergence in March and affected 162,380 people, according to a report released in Geneva, Switzerland, the World Health Organization (WHO). The virus A (H1N1) and reaches 168 countries and territories, said WHO.
                    Moreover, a survey has found that "over half" of the Argentine people "remains concerned" by the spread of influenza A, and only 23 percent of respondents think the government is taking appropriate measures to combat it. The survey was conducted by Ibope intelligence in this city, the suburbs and several provinces of the country in late July. (DIB)


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                      Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                      Influenza A: There were 12 new deaths in the province
                      The Ministry of Health also reported that bonaerense 1267 are infected with the H1N1 virus.
                      AGENCIAS Buenos Aires ()

                      19:27 | General Information

                      A flu continues to claim victims: the province of Buenos Aires today reported 12 new deaths from the H1N1 virus.

                      According to sources from the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires, headed Claudio Zin, 1267 are now confirmed cases of influenza A, while the death toll rose to 135.

                      Until yesterday, the province had reported 123 deaths from the disease proceeds, according to the last part the Ministry of Health of the Nation.


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                        Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                        2009-08-24 18:53:00 | In the Province

                        Influenza A: Most of those killed were between 20 and 54 years
                        Most fatal cases of influenza in the province of Buenos Aires were in the age group 20 to 54, while risk factors were prevalent in adult metabolic syndrome and obesity, reports a study.

                        The Health Ministry report said that Buenos Aires this year compared with 2007 and 2008, deaths from pneumonia and influenza, where more than 90 percent of circulating flu virus is H1N1, had greater impact on the belt stretching from 20 to 54 years.

                        Fatal cases between 25 and 29 years increased from 0.2 percent in 2007 and 0.4 in 2008 to 3.7 in 2009, and between 50 to 54 years of 1.5 percent in 2007 and 1.8 in 2008 to 7.3 in 2009.

                        For children, the most common risk factors for developing severe cases of the new flu was the previous presence of congenital heart disease, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, Down syndrome or prematurity at birth, among other conditions.

                        However, a detailed study of 33 medical records of fatal cases of the new flu in adults showed that risk factors were statistically most prevalent metabolic syndrome and obesity.

                        "In fact, 22.8 percent of those 33 died of influenza A H1N1 suffering from metabolic syndrome, a poorly derived overweight is a direct result of excess fat, especially that which accumulates in the abdominal region, and which can lead to diabetes, high triglycerides and excess, "he said.

                        Meanwhile, cardiovascular and respiratory constraints also appear as risk factors in third and fourth respectively.

                        About the pandemic, Health Minister Claudio Zin, said, "although the peak of the disease was left behind, do not forget that the virus continues to circulate and even have the experience of northern countries, which were even cases in the summer. "

                        He therefore reiterated that "they must put aside the prevention measures, especially hand washing with soap and water and contact your doctor at the first signs.

                        The national health ministry on Friday released a portion in which 439 deaths reported, without specifying the number of deaths by province.


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                          Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province

                          Translation: Spanish ? English

                          The province confirmed ten cases of influenza A

                          Tama?o health portfolio in the province of Buenos Aires reported that in addition to the new confirmed cases in Olavarria and General Pueyrred?n, analyzed an additional 31 probable cases of the disease

                          The cases were confirmed by the National Institute of Epidemiology "Dr. Juan H. Jara" in Mar del Plata and correspond to infections occurring during the month of October: 7 confirmed cases were recorded in Mar del Plata and the remaining 3 in Olavarria . Except for a 70-year-old remains hospitalized in the latter city, the rest of the cases (all under two years) were discharged and are at home.

                          Meanwhile, suspected cases totaled 31: 3 in Mar del Plata and 28 which are discussed in the party of Las Flores. Cases of Flowers are not epidemiologically linked, ie that they are relatives. In all cases, the patients performed an outpatient basis and the samples were sent to Malbr?n Institute for analysis. All concerned suspected influenza A H1N1 developed favorably.

                          In this regard, the provincial health minister, Claudio Zin, stressed the need to maintain preventive measures taken during the influenza pandemic of H1N1 because "despite a sharp decline in cases and logic against the rising temperatures the virus continues to circulate in the country. " "We must not lower our guard and we must continue to implement all the preventive recommendations such as washing hands and using tissues when you sneeze, called Zin.

                          Meanwhile, explained that although the heat reduces risk of infection because people tend to do outdoor activities and ventilate homes and offices, "the disease did not complete" and recommended making "rapid medical consultation before the symptoms of the disease and then obey the house insulation recommended by the doctor. "

                          He also recalled that in the northern hemisphere countries, which are currently experiencing the fall, are multiplying cases of influenza A H1N1. In fact, the United States declared a health emergency.

                          For that reason, said "we ask all travelers to northern hemisphere countries to continue with preventive measures we already know, and those who return to the country, and experience flu symptoms, consult a doctor quickly," said the minister .

                          It never hurts to remember symptoms and prevention
                          The main symptoms of influenza A H1N1 that should motivate the medical consultation are:
                          - Fever over 38 ? C
                          - Headache
                          - Sore throat
                          - Muscle and joint aches

                          Given these symptoms:
                          - Do not treat
                          - Place a chinstrap and go to the hospital, clinic or doctor of confidence
                          - After being diagnosed with flu stay home and reduce contact with others for a week

                          The flu is spread by droplets expelled when an infected person talking, coughing or sneezing. In that sense, it is recommended:
                          - Cover mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. Throw the tissue away after use.

                          - Wash hands with soap and water several times a day. Hand cleaners based on alcohol are also effective.

                          - Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. This is how germs spread.

                          - Stay home if you feel sick and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.


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                            Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                            Translation: Spanish ? English

                            NEWS AGENCY OF THE PROVINCE - From the health portfolio chaired by Dr. Claudio Zin confirmed 10 new cases of influenza A and reported that there are 31 in the study.

                            The National Institute of Epidemiology "Dr. John H. Jara "in Mar del Plata was asked to report 10 cases of patients who contracted the H1N1 virus. According to reports, relate to infections occurring during the month of October. Promptly 7 of them were registered in Mar del Plata, while the remaining 3 in Olavarria. However, there are 31 suspected cases (3 in Mar del Plata and 28 in Las Flores).

                            Against this background, the Minister Claudio Zin asked not to preventive measures taken during the pandemic of influenza A H1N1. "The virus continues to circulate in the country," he said.

                            Zin urged to remain vigilant and continue to implement all the preventive recommendations such as washing hands and using tissues when you sneeze.

                            Finally, he recalled that in the northern hemisphere countries are multiplying cases of influenza A H1N1. Therefore I asked all travelers to these sites to continue with preventive measures and that those who experience flu symptoms quickly consult m?


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                              Re: Deaths in Buenos Aires Province


                              H1N1, is the return?

                              It detected a new case of influenza A in Rosario

                              04/11/2009 08:50 |

                              It is a young man who had contracted the disease abroad, as it would have traveled to Canada and had contact with infected persons. It is the first case in 2 months.

                              Municipal health secretary, Lelio Mangiaterra said this morning that the girl "passed the disease without serious inconvenience. The good thing was that he immediately informed that had been in contact with infected people. He was always treated as outpatients. It passed like a common cold.
                              "Automatically began with the implementation of the drug oseltamivir, and started with social distancing, which is the insulation in the house and hygiene measures we should never have abandoned. Insist not to relax with handwashing, the change abrupt temperature, coughing with the elbow crease, "city official abounded.