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A/H1N1 deaths in San Juan province

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  • Shiloh
    Re: A/H1N1 deaths in San Juan province


    S?b, 15-08-2009
    Influenza A: four confirmed dead

    In just over 24 hours confirmed the two deaths due to influenza A (H1N1), bringing to four the officially confirmed deaths in the province. This is a middle-aged woman and a boy and a half years, who died last week, but reached for confirmation of Malbr?n last Wednesday and Thursday. From Epidemiology said that should not be alarmed because it is facing a new peak of the disease. Confirm whether there is still the baby of five months who died last Friday 7 was caused by that virus.

    Frida Cappato, head of epidemiology, said that there is a new peak of influenza A. That no new deaths. And we must not give false alarm. The official made these statements after he was officially confirmed that, until yesterday, four were killed by the virus H1N1 in San Juan. "Four died from the virus, two women and two children. And the last two cases occurred just a week ago and a couple of days ago we received the confirmation, the official said. People need not panic. Perhaps we another few days has confirmed the death but a death that occurred long ago. I still do not receive the result of all the samples we sent to analyze the Malbr?n.

    Cappato also denied rumors of children with influenza A (H1N1) placed in two public hospitals. It said that there were 7 boys placed in Children's Hospital, and 7 at the Pediatric Service of Marcial Quiroga, but with seasonal respiratory disorders as often happens this time every year. "

    Also yesterday, two new suspected cases of influenza A revolutionized the education community. Occurred at the School Rosa Clara Cort?nez in Desamparados. And joined in this week occurred in the Pestalozzi School in Chimbas and General Balcarce College of Saint Lucia. The manager of the establishment, Graciela Romero, said it is an entry-level teacher and a music teacher who are being treated and isolated.

    Following the incident yesterday morning at the turn of the school Cort?nez there was a 40 per cent of pupils absent. Some parents decided not to send their children to school, and others, remove the facility. "We are all exposed to danger," said the director. But we have extreme preventive measures to follow the dictates of normal classes. "

    Compared to the cases this week in the three schools mentioned, Cappato said that they became suspicious and alarming people is not only a clear diagnosis. "This happens because people with flu symptoms to the doctor who will confirm them and make the state a certificate flu unclear what kind of flu-sufferers said the head of Epidemiology. Prescribe licensed by influenza A, but at no time make clear that it is not the H1N1 virus and that makes people confused. We must be cautious, since this violates the dictates of normal classes and the recovery of lost time. "

    Cappato said that the province, until yesterday, there were 4 deaths confirmed by the H1N1 virus, 40 positive cases, and over 400 samples analyzed in Malbr?n.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: A/H1N1 deaths in San Juan province


    San Juan: killing two babies sick with influenza A
    Wednesday, August 12, 2009 13:08

    Two babies died from flu in recent days A San Juan.Los analysis in the Rawson Hospital indicate that the boys died from the disease. From the Epidemiology Division reported that the samples will be sent to the Institute Malbr?n to ratify the result.

    With these two new victims the death toll in the province has risen to four, according to official data. From the Epidemiology Division, Dr. Frida Cappato said that the results of the analysis in the Rawson Hospital were positive, ie by 95% can be considered positive. "The kids were in the risk group. One of them had two months of life. I think I had growth problems. While the other baby was a year and two months. And would have had a heart, "said the responsibility of Epidemiology in the Ministry of Health.
    The analysis of the two babies were sent to the Institute Malbr?n with the objective of ratifying the results obtained by the health professionals. "The samples are considered as priorities, therefore we do expect a response soon," said Dr. Cappato, who also argued that no more cases were confirmed positive. Epidemiology from the information indicated that they lived the nenes been processed yet and that the task yesterday was focused on rotating the test to Buenos Aires.

    In addition we must remember that the Ministry of Health is awaiting the confirmation of 9 cases of suspicious death by influenza A that were sent to the Institute Malbr?n is still overwhelmed by the large number of tests to be performed and were sent back a few months ago . The Ministry of Public Health of the Nation in July for providing the recommended treatment of influenza A for all people who suffer from acute respiratory ailments. The swab, as indicated by the health authorities are specific to patients who are inmates affected by the pandemic.
    According to them prominent epidemiologists Argentina, the influenza virus that caused to go to the seasonal flu and stay at least two years. The disease became an epidemic and is presented in a permanent change. Therefore the community must assume behaviors that help prevent the virus in other countries also occurred in summer.

    "There is a resurgence of the disease"
    Health Minister Oscar Balverdi stated that the level of consultation in different health centers decreased substantially. "I personally traveled several hospitals and doctors tell me that the consultations for respiratory illnesses were reduced below the 2008 numbers," said Balverdi, who also ruled out an outbreak of the disease in San Juan.
    The situation of decline does not indicate that consultation can not be recorded cases of influenza A, according to Health Minister said. In addition, the officer reported that "the device designed in the public hopsitales is to serve existing patients."
    Referring to the distribution of the drug to treat the disease, it develops according to established standards. Ie the delivery consists of health centers in the event that the patient meets in public hospitals.
    In cases where there are patients to private health system and receive the prescription, they must go to pharmacies for delivery enabled a cure.
    Balverdi indicated that the community should not abandon healthy behaviors established during the peak expansion of the pandemic in the province. And also recalled that before the first symptom of the disease must be the doctor.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: A/H1N1 deaths in San Juan province


    In San Juan, confirmed the death of a baby by influenza A
    The head of Epidemiology, Dr. Frida Cappato spoke this morning to the death of a child as a result of the virus. Meanwhile, another death in the study. Requested extra preventive measures, particularly in schools.
    San Juan, August 12 .- This morning, the head of Epidemiology, Dr. Frida Cappato, confirmed to the microphones of Radio Colon the death of a baby due to influenza A. As also mentioned the death of another child, which is being evaluated to see if it was for this type of influenza.

    Last Saturday one of them died, 1 year and two months, while the other fatalities have 5 months and died last Friday.

    Meanwhile, the official noted that there are 10 children being treated for the virus at Children's Hospital, while others are housed in 4 Marcial Quiroga, although no serious patient as Cappato said.

    In addition, Dr. opportunity to advise the implementation of preventive measures, like washing hands every two hours with alcohol gel or soap, and special care in all areas of support, when sneezing or coughing. Asked parents not to send children to school if they develop symptoms and do not allow teachers to enter students allegedly affected by the virus.
    > swap

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  • Shiloh
    Re: A/H1N1 deaths in San Juan province


    ...San Juan. Health authorities in San Juan reported that eight months of a baby who died last week when he was transferred in serious condition due to Buenos Aires suffering from influenza A.

    The small plane was brought in a health of the province due to Juan Garrahan Hospital, but his condition was so serious that the ship had to land in San Luis, where he attended, but died in the province.

    The owner of Epidemiology, Frida Cappato, said in statements to the Diario de Cuyo, the baby was "very bad, was going to the Hospital Garrahan in Buenos Aires and, by their gravity, he had to stay directly in St. Louis." The child was admitted to the Hospital of St. Louis on June 25 and died right there in the early hours of Monday 29th of that month. Puntanos doctors said that the outcome of the analysis confirmed that the baby suffered from the San Juan H1N1 virus arrived yesterday. This event was added to yesterday, which gives an account of the death of an influenza A housewife of 38 years which was not included in any of the groups identified as at risk.

    Envy in the province were more than 160 samples Malbr?n Institute of Buenos Aires, while at least four people, two of them children, remained interned with symptoms compatible with influenza A. For its part, Health Minister Oscar Balverdi said this morning, in line with what was announced yesterday by the head of the national, Juan Manzur, in San Juan "will deliver the antiviral for free to all who have the symptoms of influenza.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: A/H1N1 deaths in San Juan province


    There is controversy over deaths and 2 beds available
    She is a woman of 37 years of Caucete, and a baby of 8 months who died in San Luis derivative.

    Yesterday, the list of those affected by influenza A in San Juan had a tragic turn, and which were confirmed deaths in the first 2 influenza A. San Juan This is an 8 months old baby who died after being transferred to San Luis to its attention, and a woman of 37 years who lived in Caucete. Both were three fundamental characteristics in common: they gave positive AH1N1 the virus, not until last night admitted to the statistics of deaths from the Ministry of Health of the Nation, and both spoke of lack of beds in public health, something that was controversial with local authorities.

    The first death in San Juan by influenza A, after suffering a shortness of breath, the baby was Tiago Molina, only 8 months old. But not died in the province, but in San Luis, where he had been moved into provincial health flight with his mother on Thursday June 25 last. He was taken to the Regional Hospital and died on Monday 29, at 0:30.
    Doctors puntanos already had a swab and sent to the Institute Malbr?n. And the result just came yesterday at noon. According to yesterday told this newspaper Cristian Cano, chief of Epidemiology, Ministry of Health of San Luis, the study confirms that influenza A was. " Was that what you told the local health authorities. And the owner of Epidemiology, San Juan, Frida Cappato, confirmed daily CUYO that "unfortunately there are two cases of San Juan killed by influenza A and the baby was" very badly, went to hospital for Garrahan of Buenos Aires, and its seriousness, he had to stay directly in St. Louis. "

    In the case of this creature, however, what was controversial was the reason for the transfer. It is revealed that according to the doctor Edgardo Derman, health coordinator of the flights from San Juan (activity to be done in coordination with the provincial Public Health), the baby had to be taken to San Luis "in all of San Juan because there was no bed in therapy Intensive-level public or private. Only one flight was made when the case of health could not be handled or treated in the province, and this case could have been seen in San Juan if there had been bed. "

    By contrast, Cappato denied yesterday that it had hitherto missing beds in the province. "At the level of public health facilities have had no information of lack of beds," he said. And at private beds are ready for us when we need them. "

    Still, the second death of a San Juan by influenza A, which occurred last Saturday, also involves a shortfall of beds in the public eye, depending on the version of the Mercedes family Videla, the woman died. A son of the woman who told caucetera middle of last month was taken to hospital Caucete department for review by coughing and a suspected influenza box, but told them that there were no beds available, so no internal or analysis was made (see page 3).

    The availability of resources (already opened another front of conflict in this case with the Doctors' Union) is not the only point where it crossed versions. Is that on Sunday morning killed a man 57 years in cardiology at the hospital and Rawson, although there was said off the record that it was a case of influenza A, it was originally denied by Frida Cappato. "It is investigating whether samples were removed, where is the sample and what the outcome," said the official. Also circulated the rumor that the death of a teacher of 38 years in Rawson was influenza A. But Cappato said that officially there was no record of that case. And, meanwhile, last night in the nation have not recorded any deaths in the San Juan 2.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: 1st A/H1N1 death in San Juan province- confirmed


    Buenos Aires, July 6, 2009 - 17:41 pm.


    San Juan, July 6 (Telam) .- The first death by influenza A in the province of San Juan was confirmed today by health authorities, who said that this is a woman of 38 years, originally from Caucete, located 35 kilometers east of the provincial capital.

    The victim, who was not included in any risk group suffered from respiratory complications which could not be replenished, and died in last Saturday night in the sanitarium Almirante Brown.

    Frida Cappato, medical services and head of the Epidemiology of the provincial Public Health, who made the announcement at a press conference, adding that the death is under study by a man of 57 years, occurred this morning in the Rawson Hospital.

    CONFIRM FIRST DEATH BY A FLU IN NEUQUEN Neuqu?n .- The first death by influenza A in Neuqu?n was confirmed today by the Provincial Secretariat for Health, who noted that this is a patient who died last week of respiratory complications.

    The communiqu? says "one of the positive samples of the H1N1 virus is reported for a suspect cases who died last week, it became the first case died in the province, where 54 were confirmed cases of disease.

    There are 400 confirmed cases and 18 died in Santa Fe SANTA FE - The confirmed cases of Influenza A in Santa Fe today was 400, reported on 2000, and the dead numbered 18, indicated today spokesmen provincial Ministry of Health.

    Of those killed, 15 correspond to the area of Rosario, two to the Santa Fe and the remaining Venado Tuerto, of whom 12 had risk factors.

    MISSIONS IN ANOTHER CASE AND CONFIRM Posadas .- A total 21 new cases of influenza A was confirmed today by the Missions Ministry of Health local, which total 21 people infected with H1N1 influenza in the province since it came to the pandemic The country finally confirmed infection affected a woman aged 58, housewife, who was interned in a private hospital following a chronic lung disease, said director of Epidemiological Surveillance of the province, Jorge Gutierrez.

    Ten cases of influenza A were confirmed in San Luis SAN LUIS .- Ten cases of influenza were confirmed in the province of San Luis, about 90 suspected cases under treatment and posts which samples were sent to the Institute for Studies Malbr?n, City of Buenos Aires, said today puntano Health Minister, Julio Quevedo.

    "Over the weekend we received the results of samples that had previously sent to Buenos Aires, with the confirmation of five new cases, so the five who were confirmed earlier, totaling 10 people sick in this province," said the official.

    TUCUMAN 21 IS CONTAGIOUS AND MUNICIPALITIES S coordinate actions .- San Miguel de Tucum?n Confirmed cases of influenza A in Tucum?n totaled 21, seven of which are under intensive care and two in critical condition, reported today by Health Minister Paul Yedlin , who announced that the province will coordinate a health plan with municipalities.

    The official announced that "all flu cases will be considered suspect.

    Are not going to look very differently and we're going to have to get used to larger numbers "of potential infection.

    MAR DEL PLATA IN THE SITUATION IS STABLE Mar del Plata .- The situation was now stable in Mar del Plata, for influenza A, the Health Department informed the party of General Pueyrred?n, whose health system collapsed not due to increased demand for cases of influenza.

    According to the agency, there are free beds and respirators for 10 or 12 days was not necessary patients out of the game.

    SET UP TENTS FOR CARE OF PATIENTS IN CATAMARCA Catamarca .- The Influenza Emergency Operating Committee and the Ministry of Health Catamarca available today that suspected cases of influenza A are treated as outpatients and in tents, to prevent the entry of these patients hospitals.

    Health professionals and epidemiologists estimate that this week is expected to peak of the disease, and that the next two weeks will be crucial in this regard.

    In Catamarca three were confirmed cases of influenza A, whereas 20 suspects are awaiting confirmation from laboratory tests.

    Meanwhile, students of the educational system of Catamarca will be monitored during the winter teaching preventive provisions in the province, reported today the local Ministry of Education.


    The government of the province of Rioja said the winter recess in the civil service, to be held from tomorrow until the 26th of this month and will reach all employees.

    The measure was announced by Governor Luis Beder Herrera, after confirming its first case of influenza A in the province, which involved a teenager, and the proliferation of respiratory disease.

    BAHIA BLANCA IN NO PLACES CLOSE Concurrency MASS .- The Bahia Blanca Bahia Blanca mayor, Cristian Breitenstein, confirmed today that are not ordered the closure of places of mass gathering, as a result of influenza A, as in other communities of Buenos Aires .

    "The cities have few places girls massive concurrency and is different in large cities such as Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mendoza, La Plata, more or less equivalent to Bahia Blanca took no restrictive," said head.

    INTENDENCIA HOUSE STRIKES CLOSE TO MILKING PREMISES .- Bah?a Blanca mayor's house party bonaerense Coronel Rosales, N?stor Stara, was stoned and painted with legends of repudiation to the closure of shops and restaurants, provided by the head to avoid Influenza A infection

    The incident occurred at dawn yesterday, when it was attacked in a similar manner Palace of the party's southern province.

    (Telam) Op-GJU-jm-fa-mc-LRE-mz-lev-wjp Ageo-mag -

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  • Shiloh
    Re: 1st A/H1N1 death in San Juan province


    First victim in fatal San Juan: did not belong to a risk group

    This was confirmed today by the Health of the neighboring province. The victim is 38 years and was not immunocompromised. This would be confirmed 61 deaths.

    Monday, 06 July 2009

    Health authorities in San Juan reported today that a woman died on Saturday due to influenza A, becoming the first casualties in the province.

    This was announced today the director of Epidemiology San Juan, Frida Cappato, who said that women had 38 years and "did not belong to any risk group."

    The woman was placed in a private nursing home and died on Saturday, but the official report was provided this morning.

    Cappato told the press that this is a "woman housewife" who had no background disease.

    The official said the woman suffered "complications" as a result of the flu and would have had a multiorgan failure, "he said.

    In San Juan were 24 confirmed influenza A cases, and although not reported the number of inmates, Cappato spoke of two children who were being assisted in intensive care in the Hospital with a diagnosis of suspected disease, "but is waiting for the confirmation of the analysis, "he said.

    Until yesterday, the federal government had reported 60 dead, 42 of them in the province of Buenos Aires, although reports of Cordoba and Santa Fe to raise that figure to 65 fatalities.

    The health portfolio recorded three new deaths in the territory of Buenos Aires and two in Santa Fe, which has 9 deaths since the disease was detected.

    Health authorities in Santa Fe, however, confirmed yesterday a total of 13 deaths as a result of the virus, and 9, as the detailed report of the Ministry.

    Minister Miguel ?ngel Cappiello told the press that Santa Fe is compared to "the upward curve of the disease" and "begin to appear more and more cases." Cappiello said that in that province killed 8 women and 5 men, with ages ranging between 17 and 59 years.

    In Cordova, meanwhile, Mario Vignolo, director of the hospital Itarruspe in the city of San Francisco, reported the death of a young woman of 26 years, who had given birth days earlier. The newborn has no after-effects of the illness of his mother. In that province, the official number of people infected is 28, including the deceased woman.

    For his part, at least 11 others died in different provinces in recent days after suffering symptoms similar to those of influenza A, but not yet the final diagnosis was confirmed by the Institute Malbr?n, which analyzes the samples.

    The Ministry of Health reported yesterday that the 2485 suffered from the influenza A virus, according to data recorded by the Malbr?n. Minister Juan Manzur lead a meeting today with their peers from all districts of the country to assess "the mass has taken" the virus. Again called "individual and social responsibility" to stop its expansion and reiterated that the country went from the stage of "containment" to "mitigate."

    Argentina is the second country in the continent with most cases behind Chile, which is 7342.

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  • Shiloh
    started a topic A/H1N1 deaths in San Juan province

    A/H1N1 deaths in San Juan province


    San Juan confirmed its first fatal victim of the new flu

    Health authorities in San Juan reported today that a woman died on Saturday due to influenza A, becoming the first casualties in the province.

    This was announced today the director of Epidemiology San Juan, Frida Cappato, who said that the victim was 38 years and "did not belong to any risk group."

    The woman was placed in a private nursing home and died on Saturday, but the official report was provided this morning.

    Cappato told the press that this is a "housewife" who had no background disease.

    The official said the woman suffered "complications" as a result of the flu and would have had a multiorgan failure. "

    In San Juan 24 cases were confirmed by influenza A virus and, although not reported the number of inmates, Cappato spoke of two children who are assisted in intensive care in the Hospital with a diagnosis of suspected disease, "although it is waiting confirmation of the analysis, "he said.

    The victim engrosaria the list released yesterday by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, which accounted for 60 confirmed deaths from the disease in the country.