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Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero

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  • Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero


    06-07-2009 08:47:00
    Killing two babies, who were suspected of influenza A
    Two children suspected of having influenza A died during the weekend at the Provincial Center of Child Health (Cepsi) Eva Per?n. These are patients with viral diseases at the hospital where doctors performed a routine swab samples and sent to the Institute Malbr?n but still no results.

    (DIARIOC, 06/07/2009) In a conversation with liberalism, Dr. Carlos Marrod?n, director of the hospital, described how patients are dealt with in this type of situation: "The young do a swab and when we see the results neither within a box hadenovirus a sinsicial or other influenza Malbr?n to send it for consideration. "
    While from the Cepsi specifying the number of suspected cases from which samples were sent for analysis to the Institute Malbr?n, said "many" and that "special care and are under surveillance."
    In babies under one year, the impact of influenza A is more important because of the age. However, influenza A (H1N1) is affecting more young people and young adults. In the same way, pregnant women comprise a group of higher risk.

    Also, this weekend was evident in Cepsi a marked decrease in the consultations on the guard. Marrod?n felt that this was due to the suspension of classes, but cautioned that "while there is less amount of people who come are serious paintings."
    "You should not think that is something casual - Marrod?n said - is a sign of health, because forty-eight hours after the suspension of classes and there are changes in the figures."
    "We had seven hundred a day until two days after the suspension of classes - the doctor remarked - down to six, two days later and now we are four hundred, which are among the figures that always manages the hospital."
    The children now go to the doctor do when your table has already advanced health. "We're seeing fewer patients, but much more serious - Marrod?n remarked - with more severe complications in relation to what we saw before. Those who come to watch. "

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    Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero (Catamarca)


    08.07.09-07:09 pm | Victims Increase
    Another death with symptoms of influenza A in Santiago

    The deceased is a man of 39 years who was in the hospital Independence. Still no official data and not known exactly how many patients are in that province, which has no beds in private schools.

    This adds to the death of other patients whose deaths were linked to influenza A, although none has yet received the results of the tests being conducted at the Institute Malbr?n.

    Yesterday, Health Minister Santiago, Luis C?sar Mart?nez, confirmed that there are investigating several deaths of this kind, but it is still premature to say whether it was the influenza A which has caused death. Martinez said, in this sense, I could not yet give an official number of cases of this kind, and also admitted to not knowing exactly how many patients in total are in the province that actually have the virus, he published the newspaper El Liberal.

    "Many times we go behind the numbers and we can not say that there is nothing more than those who reported in the official party - the minister said - there are many people who have no symptoms, or who have nothing but cough and even then consult. So we can not say this is the number of people who have the virus. What we know is people who come from clinics, hospitals and private clinics since.

    Furthermore, Martinez said that "human errors" and that "a nation from Santiago arrived a couple of samples from two people who were made twice by mistake."

    To be consulted by the case of deceased patients who might be linked to the pandemic, said that "not all cases are reported when a patient who died was suspected of having the virus, and that" today we have to wait to report that the institute Malbr?n.

    For the moment, "an analysis is being done with individual hospitals and the people of the Civil Registry to see what the status of these deaths and if they have a relationship or not with influenza A," remarked Martinez.


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      Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero (Catamarca)


      Sanatorium in Santiago of this city
      Suspect dies of flu A
      The couple (youth) remained interned for over a week in the medical center.
      Suspect dies of flu A

      Was placed in intensive care during their passage through the place.
      Another suspicious death by influenza A mourning the province.
      In this particular case, this is a young man of thirty years, who remained confined in the sanatorium in Santiago city.
      The unfortunate incident took place at dawn yesterday, about the two o'clock, after he was interned for over a week.
      In a conversation with family members, told this means that the outcome of the sample to determine if your case is positive for influenza A H1N1 has not yet arrived in the province, and takes several days late.
      The man living in the capital city, was admitted to hospital with a very strong box flu, which caused pneumonia, forcing him to remain in intensive care during these days, subject to a respirator.
      The day after his admission to the medical center, the swab was performed for these cases, the sample was sent immediately to the Institute Malbr?n of the province of Buenos Aires to try to get a quick response.

      In turn, the state has always been critical, so family and friends remained constantly on the rise.
      At 1330 on Wednesday, the man underwent a surgery called a tracheostomy, which carries out an opening in the trachea of the patient, given that it was connected to the respirator can only be useful only for seven days.
      The operation was conducted in the area of intensive care, where they remained committed, since his critically impeded their mobility to another operating room of the hospital.
      This practice lasted for about 25 minutes, since it is a complex intervention.
      During his stay in the hospital, he remained lucid, as it was in a pharmacological coma to avoid suffering a respiratory arrest.
      His remains were veiled in drawer closed, according to the recommendations during the day yesterday, and moved around five in the afternoon to a private cemetery, located in the south of the city on Independence Street.

      - On the street, at work or in any other, trying not to scratch your eyes or put their hands in their mouth or nose. It insists: frequent hand washing is the best prophylaxis.
      - If you have symptoms, contributes to the doctor first and then stay home and avoid spreading the infection.
      - If symptoms such as fever greater than 38 ? C, muscle pain, conjunctival congestion, decay or shortness of breath, come immediately to a health center. Do not swallow in any case, aspirin or steroids on their own account. The doctor who will make the diagnostic and possibly therapeutic.
      - Isolate patients suffering from influenza or respiratory illness in their homes (quarantine) for at least 7 days.


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        Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero (Catamarca)


        "They have fallen by the Council of flu cases in Santiago"
        Health Minister Luis C?sar Mart?nez, said that consultations for flu-like frames dropped during the past four days. He also expressed that the measure to close the spaces of mass attendance was effective and that the Institute does not Malbr?n Influenza A confirmed deaths in the province.

        The head of the provincial Health, Luis Cesar Martinez, paid to appear on the stock of News 7 Today the Influenza A virus in the province, stressing that dropped over the past four days and stressing that the measures were taken to eradicate the disease.

        Martinez reported that currently there are 28 positive cases of Influenza A in Santiago, also having 241 suspected cases, 9 cases and 2 confirmed discarded for other reasons. He also expressed that during the last meeting with the Emergency Committee, could confirm that "for the past four days have fallen sharply consultations in cases of influenza, especially in kids, which is mainly due to school recess and the suspension of classes. "

        "We have seen through the measures taken in the province, a plateau in some bands et?reas and a decrease in others, like the children. From now on, I suppose, that have been closed to public places will continue to decline. "

        On the possibility of extending the school break, the officer reported that between Wednesday and next Thursday will be the topic on the agenda. "Festejo has been taken so far to close public places, did much to decrease the attack rate of the virus among the young. I am in permanent contact with the health authorities, they are changing the mark according to the measures being taken. "

        Provision of antivirals

        Asked about the number of doses of antiviral drugs that have the province, said James Martinez began to provide the drug before it began to move the virus. " "We have enough doses and are working with the College of Physicians, and the PAMI Iosep, to supply the private sector," he said.

        Also, the minister said that 3790 had been seized had doses due date for 30 days. About the rumor that indicated the movement of these expired medicines in the health system, the Mart?nez out, indicating that "two blisters were somewhere in the system and were delivered by mistake. Anyway, the end that indicates the medication, let it be consumed until two months later, it was a mistake of people who had the blisters. "

        Finally, he asserted that there is no confirmed cases of deaths from Influenza A in Santiago del Estero.

        "We have not received confirmation of the Institute Malbr?n of deaths from Influenza A. Still, we have suspicions, "he concluded.


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          Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero (Catamarca)


          14-07-2009 08:59:00
          Influenza A: There is another suspect dead and could extend the closure of bowling
          Panorama. In Santiago del Estero are already 28 people who were positive for influenza A, and there are 241 suspected cases and study at the Institute Malbr?n.

          (DIARIOC, 14/07/2009) A man of 46 years who lived in the capital city died yesterday with symptoms of suffering from influenza A, while the Ministry of Health of the province confirmed yesterday that 28 people are ill with this type of influenza in Santiago del Estero and 241 suspected cases.

          For its part, the mayor of the Municipality of the Capital, Hugo Infante, said yesterday that the city could extend into the closure of bowling alleys and tearooms is compounded if the progress of the virus in the province.
          The official stressed the willingness of employers to comply with a preventive measure even though the sector is burdened with the willingness to work fewer hours to avoid gatherings of people in enclosed spaces.
          "The checks have been made. I will from this opportunity to thank all the owners of bowling alleys and tearooms that have accompanied this situation is not pleasant for the people, but have shown that over the economic loss is the health of people, "said Infante .
          The mayor said that "if necessary, extend the cessation of activities to prevent future infections, but said that was not expected to reach this point and that the situation is reversed.
          In connection with the celebrations for the anniversary of the capital city, Infante said: "There will be no show. They can not do us in the city and prohibiting the other side. "
          "Almost for sure that is not anything - Infante said - let's do something possibly a simple greeting to all citizens, that he will see that this is no time for us to find meetings where agglomeration of people."
          For his part, Enrique Ledesma, owner of a bowling works on the highway Santiago-La Banda, there was disagreement with the ban extended to keep the premises open dancing after midnight.
          While accepting this measure to prevent the spread of influenza A, Ledesma considered "discriminatory" and demanding that "is the same for all those local businesses and where there is crowding of people during the day."
          Ledesma question: "Why some may work and others do not, it seems that the virus lives because they closed at night to work at night only."

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            Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero


            16-07-2009 09:27:00
            At least 12 people died in Santiago suspected influenza A
            Situation. The deaths occurred in private clinics and regional hospitals, Independence and children. All the deceased had been medicated with Tamiflu, the drug used to combat the disease.

            (DIARIOC, 16/07/2009) Although the Ministry of Health of the province is not officially confirmed any deaths by influenza A in the province, so far, at least 12 Santiago suspected of having the disease died in the Intensive Care private clinics, regional hospitals of Ramon Carrillo, Independence Center and the Provincial Child Health (Cepsi).
            In all cases mentioned, the deceased were described by the doctors who attended as "patients suspected of influenza A, as it not only performed the swab, who were sent to the Institute Malbr?n for analysis, which not yet know the outcome, but were also medicated with Tamiflu, the drug that is used throughout the world to treat the disease.

            Data were provided by The Liberal to hospital sources, including some hospital directors, who stressed that while none of the patients who died were considered confirmed cases of the disease, who were admitted to treatment for influenza A.
            Among those who supposedly ceased to exist for respiratory complications aggravated by influenza A, are babies, children, youth and adults, including pregnant and puerperal women.
            While no age group is exempt from the disease, experts agree that warn vulnerable groups at risk are covered by immunocompromised individuals, pregnant women, children and youth.

            In this regard, experts explain that in any given year that the virus circulating in Argentina and older were immunized, therefore not affected at this time, not so young, so they are most vulnerable.


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              Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero


              A nurse is serious
              One patient died suspect
              A new victim suspected of having influenza A H1N1 died between Monday and Tuesday, in a health center in this city.
              This is a person of 46 years, who was in intensive care with mechanical ventilation and was unable to overcome the acute.
              As indicated, the male resident in the city center and as in all cases, the result of the samples still awaiting family members and medical professionals.

              Serious internal
              Moreover, during the day, a nurse who worked at a hospital in Campo Gallo was placed in a sanatorium in the city with strong symptoms of influenza A H1N1 and was due to intensive therapy.
              In this regard, said a relative who has a serious lung ailment, adding that the move left "long" before the placement at the health center in Havana.
              It also hinted that the professional contracted the virus at work because he had no other contact with people who could be suspected of introducing the virus or flu intense paintings, he explained.


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                Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero


                Google translation:

                2 other suspicious deaths in the province
                It would be because of the flu. This is a neighbor who died in the Capital Regional, and a child located in the department Moreno. The latter, performed the autopsy.
                2 other suspicious deaths in the province
                Prevention is key to prevent the circulation of the virus.
                The death of a woman and a child suspected of having influenza A H1N1 swell the list of deaths at the provincial level, since the beginning of the pandemic. This time, one case is a female person of this city, whose death occurred at the Regional Hospital, between last Wednesday and Thursday, according to hospital sources indicated.
                The second case occurred in the department Moreno and the victim was only eleven months of life. As reported by a person close to the family, on Wednesday morning to make the child vomit with the first-aid room in Las Tinajas and the nurse placed him dipyrone injection and sent him to the house to return the next day to who controls the doctor. " On Thursday, the doctor did not attend the lounge, which is why the nurse injected dipyrone once again, while the baby's health worsened, which is why they decided to transfer to hospital Quimil?, he became lifeless .
                "There, the doctor who was evaluated clinically and according to the symptoms presented by influenza A stated that it would be," said a person close to the family. In this situation, he performed the autopsy, whose results will determine whether the child died as a result of the virus or because the drug used to reduce fever, pain and inflammation in children.

                Regarding the situation of hospitals in this city, both at the regional as well as the Independence, the number of dropped, but not placed in the intensive therapy. In this area there are five Regional patients, whereas in the north of the city presents a similar situation, as to persons in state.


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                  Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero


                  There are more deaths from suspected cases
                  In the county, a girl and a man would no more have been infected by the virus.
                  There are more deaths from suspected cases
                  Deaths occur without reaching results.
                  During the course of last week continued the unfortunate deaths in the province of people suspected of having contracted the influenza virus A, and have not reached the results of samples from the province of Buenos Aires.
                  One case involved a family of Palermo neighborhood, the city of La Banda, as a girl of 5 years passed away on Saturday morning, after being confined for nearly two weeks in hospital in children Francisco Viano of that city, according to a source close to the family.
                  It was unknown how and where the small contracted the virus, but when I started to feel the first symptoms, she was taken to hospital, where he practiced for the swab and the sample was sent to the Institute of Malbr?n Buenos Aires province, but to this day get the same result and a hundred more Santiago.
                  The remains of the child were veiled in his home district of Palermo and buried in the cemetery The Mercy, which is located near your home.
                  During the night he died on Saturday afternoon, a provincial employee of 56 years, whom he had conducted the relevant studies to be a suspected case of influenza A.
                  The man in question remained confined for ten days in a private sanatorium in the capital city, located on Calle July 9.
                  In a conversation with one of his sons, said he could not determine where is contagious, but that went by various hospitals in the area, which possibly could have contracted the virus.
                  According to them their families, the patient had a lung problem, a situation that complicated the second body, primarily as a result of their addiction to snuff. In turn, brought about a diabetes.
                  This situation led to the alleged contract the virus, its defenses were inadequate, which resulted in his death.
                  In this respect, his children said that doctors in the institution were quite explicit in stating that the sample results would take about a month, so expect them to determine if the death occurred due to this.
                  Co-workers and relatives of the body of the deceased told this means it has at least two suspected cases of employees who are interned, so are requested to take action.
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                    Re: Suspected A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero


                    Confirmed the first death in Santiago and 80 infected
                    Minister of Health yesterday announced that the province received from Malbr?n, the positive outcome of a sample corresponds to a woman who died in this city. 37 had the virus, 43 were added.
                    Confirmed the first death in Santiago and 80 infected
                    Minister of Health confirmed the first death in the province.
                    Health Minister Luis Martinez yesterday confirmed the first death by influenza A in the province. This is a female person of the capital, who had died days ago and hoped that the results of the surveys sent to Malbr?n. While no further information was provided as the first doctor said that Martinez would like to inform the relatives, "we are very respectful of privacy and has to do with professional ethics."
                    Confirmed that still remain in the Banda and Capital, the largest number of cases by the fact that populations are more numerous, where the virus circulates more easily.
                    Taking into account that have been raised from 37 to 80 positive cases in the province, Health Minister, Luis Martinez, said that has increased preventive measures, but explained that the fact that increasing the number of positives, does not mean there is an increase of paintings suspected influenza A, but the samples are shipped 3 weeks ago. Highlighted the fact that for 4 or 5 days have not had reports of suspected cases in the province.
                    Remaining samples of deceased persons suspected of having suffered from influenza A, which are under analysis at the Institute Malbr?n, but if positive first inform the family.
                    Regarding the consequences of polar wave said, "makes the virus more easily and play that we can have a rebound next week." He explained that this is one of the indicators taken into account when analyzing the return to classes of boys, which could be negative.
                    Finally, it is recommended from the outset to limit their social activities, but the agencies decide.

                    Are 80 positive cases
                    Health Minister Luis Martinez reported yesterday received results of samples sent to the Institute Malbr?n, with respect to the province still has 210 in analysis, while 80 were positive for influenza A H1N1, plus 11 samples were discarded and were two other viruses. Until last week, there were 37 positive and 43 were added yesterday


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                      Re: Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero


                      As reported by the Ministry of Health
                      Suman 6 deaths from influenza A in the province, including a child
                      Although no specific information provided in each case, it was revealed that all died in hospital capital. Five were adults, and the remaining 9 years of a boy born in Los Juries.
                      Suman 6 deaths from influenza A in the province, including a child
                      They claim that consultations are amesetaron at health centers in the province.
                      A total of six people died from the H1N1 influenza A, five of whom belong to the Capital and a General Taboada department, as indicated in the part issued by the Ministry of Health of the Province.
                      Although the health agency issued the number of deaths, does not give any details about the approximate age or sex, nor reported killed in areas where public or private. However, reliable sources told Nuevo Diario that all deaths occurred in public hospitals and Capital of the province.

                      The report also says that ministerial received 48 additional results from the Institute Malbr?n, of which 30 were positive and 18 negative. It also confirmed that as of yesterday the total number of people affected by H1N1 influenza A total of 110.
                      Moreover, 29 samples were discarded, while two were positive for other respiratory viruses, and 162 remain at the Institute for Malbr?n study.
                      As regards the details of cases by department; Aguirre is under study in 7 samples, 6 positive for influenza A H1N1, 2 negative. In Avellaneda, 5 and 1 positive study. In Banda 27 studio, 17 positive and 10 negative, while in the department there is only 1 positive Belgrano. In Capital there are 66 samples studied, 68 positive, 11 negative, 2 correspond to other viruses and 5 deaths.
                      Choya is in studio 9, 1 positive and 1 negative in Copo, 6 studio, 1 and General Figueroa Taboada 11 in study 2 positive and 1 died.
                      For its part, Loreto has 5 studio, Moreno 6, 3 positive and 1 negative, Ojo de Agua, 3 studio, 1 positive.
                      2 in Pellegrini is under study; Rio Hondo 4 studio, 2 positive. Robles has 9 studio, 5 positive and 2 negative. Saint Martin in 1 study and an equal number of positive, 1 positive Silipo other provinces and 2 positive and 1 negative. In a total 162 study, 110 positive, 29 negative, 2 other viruses and 6 died.

                      Moreover, one must add that in the day Sunday a person suspected of having influenza A H1N1 died in hospital intensive care Regional Ramon Carrillo, while "some" still in delicate condition, according to hospital authorities.

                      Juries The boy died of influenza A
                      One of the six patients died because of the virus, is a child born in Los Juries, who once produced the death he took samples and sent them to the Institute Malbr?n as trusted authorities in the area of Health.
                      It will be recalled that the situation occurred in late June when the small town of that nine years was referred to hospital in critical condition and A?atuya failed to be transferred to this capital, because he died.
                      And then to the uncertainty, the director of that hospital, Hugo Mujica identified with a set of swabs are small foreign body mucus from the nose to determine reliably whether or not the virus. This child at the time of boarding an acute respiratory disease and a lung, which has generated suspicion of professionals who attended, adding to the immediacy of his death in hospital of A?atuya.


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                        Re: Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in Santiago del Estero


                        This was confirmed by the Ministry of Health of the Province
                        Influenza A: It amounts to 8 deaths in Santiago and 141 infected

                        Of the total fatalities, 6 were living in capital city, one in the band and the remaining in the department Taboada. Most were between 20 and 49 years and was male. On the other hand, reported receiving an additional 31 positive samples and results of that study is 131. Furthermore, they stated that there were no suspected cases in the past 10 days.
                        Influenza A: It amounts to 8 deaths in Santiago and 141 infected
                        The announcement was made at a press conference.
                        A total of eight deaths due to influenza A H1N1 were confirmed in the province until the day, six of which relate to capital, Banda and the other one to the department Taboada.
                        Most of the people killed have ranged between 20 and 49 years, the other case corresponds to a minor, in addition to a couple between 10 and 19 and one over 65.
                        Following the inquiry conducted by Nuevo Diario, the owner of the portfolio of Health said that most of them died in the public and only in a private school, and of all deaths a higher percentage were males.
                        It also noted that there were 31 new positive results, so far totaling 141 people affected by the influenza A H1N1. Of the total 29 samples were discarded and 2 were positive for other respiratory viruses. As for the samples to continue study in the Institute are Malbr?n 131 figure for the first time is less than the amount of positives.
                        Regarding the epidemiological situation distributed throughout the province, Aguirre explained that the department has studied 7 cases positive for influenza A H1N1 influenza 6 and negative for 2 in Avellaneda: 5 studio, 1 negative in Banda: 19 study, 25 positive, 1 dead, 10 negative. In the department Belgrano, 1 negative; Capital: 48 studio, 86 positive, 11 negative, 6 deaths; Choya: 9 studio, 1 positive, 1 negative Copo 6 studio; Figueroa: 1 studio; General Taboada: 11 studio, 2 positive, 1 died.
                        Loreto: 3 in study 2 positive Moreno: 3 studio, 6 positive, 1 negative, Ojo de Agua: 3 studio, 1 positive; Pellegrini: 2 in the study; Rio Hondo: 4 studio, 2 positive; Robles : 9 studio; 5 positive, 2 negative. In Saint Martin: 1 studio, 1 positive; Silipo: 1 positive, other provinces: 2 positive, 1 negative. Total: 131 in study, 141 positive, 29 negative, 2 killed and 8 other viruses. Moreover, he added that in the last ten days, the number of suspected cases have declined to the point that "there were no new cases of patients who have complications and who may have influenza A H1N1."
                        He maintained that the hospitals has decreased the number of queries as well as the number of hospitalizations.
                        "During these days we have been able to inter-work with the team in terms of prevention," he explained.