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Fatal cases of influenza in Cordoba

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Fatal cases of influenza in Cordoba


    Influenza A: confirm the death of four pregnant
    The Ministry of Health confirmed the death of pregnant 12 respiratory infections, of whom five died from influenza A. Extended leave. In total there are 25 killed in Cordova.

    The Ministry of Health confirmed today that the province are 12 pregnant women killed by respiratory infections, of whom five died from the H1N1 virus.

    As said the daily La Voz del Interior in its issue today, until yesterday had been informed the woman of a pregnant woman in San Francisco for influenza, whereas today confirmed four other victims (see Pneumonia, record maternal deaths, in print edition).

    Pedetta Gabriel, secretary of Health Program, also indicated at a press conference that already are in total 25 deaths in the province due to influenza A. "So far we have confirmed 25 fatalities and others are still under study," he said.

    The official further stated that until August 9 next leave work to embazadas. The measure applies to the public sector, but recommends extending the private sector.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: First fatal case of influenza in Cordoba- another confirmed


    Google translation:

    After the death of a man in Cordova, joined the 150 victims of the influenza A
    Health Minister Cordoban confirmed last night the death of a patient of 31 years, infected with the H1N1 virus. Had been placed by a panel of influenza that was complicated by respiratory failure. Argentina remains second in the ranking of countries with more deaths from the disease.

    With the death of a man of 31 years in Cordova, the number of deaths from influenza A in the country rose to 150. In this way, Argentina remains the second highest position in the ranking of countries with more deaths from the disease, only preceded by United States. Minister of Health of Cordova, Oscar Gonzalez, last night confirmed that the deceased patient was interned at the Hospital Rawson, the provincial capital since July 11. Had entered the establishment with a picture of the flu which then was complicated by respiratory insufficiency. "He had received ventilatory support. On the 13th he had performed the analysis and were found to suffer from the N1H1 virus," the provincial official, who added that the victim did not suffer from any disease prior. The victim said they had initially been treated for bronchitis and then pneumonia, not to limit the visits. In this case, because there are three people who died in Cordova for Influenza A. The first two deaths were recorded in San Francisco, 226 kilometers from C?rdoba. Were 33 years of a man and a woman of 26 years who had given birth a few days earlier. Thus, the number of deaths in the country by the H1N1 virus has risen to 150. Argentina is located in the second position in the ranking of nations with most killed by influenza A. It is located behind the United States and Mexico before the two countries with the highest number of cases since the beginning of the pandemic.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: First fatal case of influenza in Cordoba- another confirmed


    Cordova: 11 suspicious deaths from influenza A
    Health Minister Oscar Gonzalez, who refused to hide information. Next week will be testing the province.

    Provincial Health Minister, Oscar Gonzalez, confirmed that the Institute Anlis-Malbr?n whether Cordoban 11 died from influenza A (N1H1).

    Even up until yesterday the Ministry of Health of the Nation was still without including the confirmed deaths in Cordova. In this regard, the minister denied that Gonzalez Cordova hidden information, as suggested by a health officer of the Government of Santa Fe, and predicted that next week, finally, the Central Laboratory of the Province will make the analysis to detect cases in 48 hours influenza A.

    Gonzalez did not hide their anger at the statements of D?bora Ferradini, Deputy Minister of Health in Santa Fe, who noted that the pandemic Cordova bottom time and that attitude resulted in an underreporting of the number of deaths. "(...) The problem is that the hierarchy data numerically higher than those who do not have, and that does not mean the virus is particularly virulent place in Santa Fe, "said Ferradini this newspaper.

    The head of the health of Cordova insisted that the Institute Malbr?n has a delay of 10 to 15 days to deliver the sample results. "Cordova is not hiding information. In medicine so you can not hide the dead. We have 43 confirmed cases and two deaths due to influenza A N1H1. In addition, there are 11 patients who died from acute respiratory infection that has Malbr?n were to determine whether or not this type of influenza. "

    Also distorted the terms of the official Santa Fe in that Cordova "bottom" this disease. "If efforts by health, no one has done what he has done Cordova, particularly in relation to seriously ill patients. There is a 28 per cent of beds in intensive care, pediatric beds increased over 100 percent, there is a 35 percent more for assisted ventilation and 170 physicians were added to address this pandemic, "he said.

    "However, from a therapeutic point of view any 15 years old patient receiving the treatment as if they were influenza A," the minister said.

    "We have the perception that we are in the plateau of the disease. Consultations have been flattened and 10 more days this will be accentuated," added Gonzalez, who yesterday met with local authorities and health of San Francisco.
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  • Commonground
    Re: First fatal case of influenza in Cordoba- another confirmed

    Argentina: Second death confirmed in Cordova

    Wednesday July 8, 2009

    Yesterday was the bad news was precipitated by the state of health of some people with respiratory diseases are the second confirmed death from the province because of the influenza A (H1N1), there are suspicious deaths and patients with influenza A that are in sensitive .

    In the country, 60 deaths were officially recorded, but it is known that there are more and which have not yet been registered by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

    Provincial Health Minister, Oscar Gonzalez, said that although this year increased the number of consultations for respiratory diseases, the prisoners and deaths from these causes were not higher than they were in the same periods last year.

    A sanfrancisque?o of 39 years yesterday became the second fatal victim in Cordova by the influenza virus A (H1N1), as confirmed by Mario Vignolo, director of the center state. The two fatal cases originated in the eastern city of Cordoba. The latest victim is Fernando Leiva, who died on June 28 last at a private clinic in the city.

    Vignolo confirmed that there are a number of cases studied, six or seven patients with suspicion. " As it transpired, between the two cases analyzed should pregnant women and a boy of 12 years, who died last weekend. In this framework, the City of San Francisco declared a health emergency by 90 days to combat influenza A virus that has claimed two lives in the city.

    At Marcos Juarez in the hospital Abel Ayerza isolated two patients remain in intensive care and low forecast reserved. One is a man of 31 years with high suspicion of carrying the influenza A virus H1N1, "said the director of the health center, Daniel Fragazzini.

    They also spend 25 years a woman had a bilateral pneumonia. The couple had a pregnancy of 36 weeks and a cesarean section was performed. Furthermore, another couple of Marcos Juarez, 28 weeks pregnant, was due last Friday to a table with Provincial Maternity bilateral pneumonia.

    Villa Maria, where he died Monday morning, a patient suspected of suffering from influenza A, four patients are placed in hospital under treatment antiviral Pasteur, one of whom is a certain severity, said the director, Guillermo Tomas. There are pregnant women among them.

    Villa Maria, where he died on Monday, a patient suspected of influenza A, four patients in the hospital undergoing treatment antiviral Pasteur, one of whom is serious, said the director, Guillermo Tomas.

    Rio Cuarto, relatives of a young man with Down syndrome who died on Monday reported for alleged malpractice in the New Hospital San Antonio de Padua. They called for an investigation into whether doctors wrong diagnosis and finally died of influenza A without medication accordingly.

    In the city of Cordova, the director of the Mercy hospital, Ra?l R?, waited yesterday for tests to determine whether the flu was the cause of death of a teenager who was interned in the hospital. At Children's Hospital is a teenager of 14 years, with health status that could have booked influenza A.

    Gonzalez clarified that the number of deaths and international registered in the province this year will not exceed that of last year. "We need more consultations, but the total number of acute hospitalization for breathing is more or less similar to last year, and deaths." And that "last year, 1168 patients died from acute respiratory diseases, ie, influenza and pneumonia, which is the usual way of dying of influenza complicated.

    Analysis. A private laboratory conducted 50 days in the last analysis is found in all influenza A. Meanwhile, the province can now perform the analysis in Cordova to detect influenza A. According to Gonz?lez explained, in 48 hours you get the result. Before you were sent to Buenos Aires, which delayed the diagnosis.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: First fatal case of influenza in Cordoba- 2 more suspect


    Second victim of influenza A in Cordova
    This is a man who had entered with a picture of pneumonia at a clinic in San Francisco. Investigating two deaths at the Mercy and Villa Maria.

    The director of the San Francisco Hospital Iturraspe Mario Vignolo, confirmed this afternoon that the death of a man of 39 years, died on June 28 last, was due to influenza A, which is the second death from the disease in C?rdoba province, both in the same city.

    "The patient is now sampling and analysis were positive," said Vignolo. Last Saturday had killed a young mother of 26 years who gave birth to a baby in perfect condition.

    "The victim is from San Francisco who was not just in hospital but in a clinic, although all samples were made from the hospital," he said.

    Vignolo confirmed in this city east of Cordova, 180 km from this capital, "there are several cases under study, about 6 or 7 patients with suspicion." "We have two confirmed cases and two victims," he added.

    "The patient who died in hospital had a table and started with flu-like respiratory disorder for which he said the caesarean section after 11 days of being interned died, a grave picture. The other patient was admitted with severe pneumonia and died in 48 hours, "he said finally.

    The doctor felt that this week and next will be "the peak of the epidemic."

    "Until we pass this peak do not believe that these measures were reversed, I also believe that can be sharpened. We must not create paranoia but not to underestimate this disease, the best care is common sense, "he said finally.

    Mercy. Medical authorities Mercy Hospital of Cordova awaiting tests to determine whether a teenager died of influenza A in the hospital, although in principle it could be pneumonia.

    Ra?l R?, the hospital director, said the patient died with pneumonic box is not confirmed as influenza A ".

    "Either way the studies are in progress, we have no confirmation. The table was made from a pneumonia, is treated as such," the doctor told radio Miter 810.

    "This girl came in with respiratory symptoms, its placement was decided, we all studies but had a very fast and died. Pneumonia is a viral table, we must turn to confirm whether there was a virus," he added.

    Villa Maria. Investigating the death of a person apparently in Villa Maria with symptoms of influenza A.

    In this regard, William Thomas, director of the Pasteur Hospital in that city, stated that the patient suffered from 49 years of bilateral pneumonia and only in 20 days will tell whether his death was due to influenza A.

    In San Francisco, meanwhile, there are two pregnant women in serious condition following a strong picture of influenza A.

    Children's Hospital. It reserved the health status of a teenager 14 years with suspected influenza A.

    I informed the director of radio LV2 hospital, Diego de Giorgi. He clarified that by the time you can not establish whether the virus mutual. However, that could be explained by a phenomenon that can have different variations depending on the area develops.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: First fatal case of influenza in Cordoba- 2 more suspect


    Home ?Local? A man who died was among the suspected cases
    July 7, 2009
    Influenza A - the first fatal Villa
    He died a man who was among the suspected cases
    He was born in Alto Alegre, he joined the Pasteur Hospital on Thursday with a severe bilateral pneumonia and the symptoms of influenza A (H1N1). The ISOP was sent to Cordova, but the results are not yet
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    The emergency committee met yesterday afternoon fall and discussed the situation. "There are enough drugs," said

    Brise?o Ruben, aged 49 and originally from Alto Alegre was the first victim in Villa Maria, in the context of pandemic influenza A (H1 N1) that has a health emergency in the country.

    Brise?o ceased to exist, at 10.30 yesterday, in the Intensive Care Hospital Pasteur was one of "suspected cases", with the samples sent to the Institute Malbr?n, but ended without results.

    The patient was admitted to hospital in Mendoza street, on Thursday afternoon, presenting a picture of bilateral pneumonia and the symptoms of influenza A, as reported by the doctor in the Intensive Care Unit Sara an exchange.
    The man was healthy, non-smoker and had no history that would justify the seriousness of the disease.

    Common room was in a few hours on Friday and was taken to therapy with severe degree of respiratory failure. "By the way things were presented, all precautions were taken, the sample was collected and sent to Cordova," said the professional.
    The situation did not improve and ceased to exist yesterday. Pasteur was met in every step, but the concern is for professionals who are facing a new disease. "
    The high fever, body pain and chest pain are signs of a flu-like box that require an X-ray and treatment with all the precautions. However, it is not known how the disease evolves, "according to the sayings of the profession.
    The mixture of paranoia and confusion among patients, a result of the epidemic, is another complication to the health care system that has full capacity to serve people.

    "All forecasts"

    Moreover, emerging diseases committee continues to work relentlessly to plan the care to all residents having flu symptoms.
    In the afternoon yesterday, held a further meeting with representatives from all health institutions in the city to assess the progress of the epidemic.
    "We are taking all possible forecast, all medications are sufficient for clinical treatments," said the head of the Municipal Health Mildred salary.
    The official took to calm the population in this regard.
    "There are enough drugs and the mayor Eduardo Accastello traveled to Buenos Aires to manage more resources are necessary to deal with the epidemic," said the doctor consulted by our newspaper.
    Salary, said they are working very well and in coordination with the private sector.
    "The clinics have suspended all elective surgery to have the largest number of beds available," he said.
    The committee members also evaluated the death of a neighbor of Alto Alegre yesterday.
    "We have no confirmation that it has been influenza A, but was one of the suspected cases that had been evolved with the symptoms," he explained.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: First fatal case of influenza in Cordoba- 2 more suspect


    The pain of the mother of a victim of influenza A in the country
    Mega 98.3 Irma spoke with about how his daughter, pregnant and diagnosed with influenza virus A, deteriorated rapidly to death. It is one of the deaths that are not yet confirmed by the Ministry of Health

    Comba Irma is the mother of the youngest of 26 years died yesterday at the Hospital Iturraspe, San Francisco, C?rdoba. This is the first laboratory-confirmed fatal victim in that province.

    The family recounted the odyssey 98.3 Mega happened by her daughter, pregnant and near delivery.

    "It started as a cold, like a flu. The cough was worse. Cough was the most terrible, and fever," the woman recounted.

    "After he was placed, forward delivery, and when he left the delivery room and led to therapy and then to Iturraspe Hospital where he died, said Irma.

    The couple gave birth 15 days before dying when he was subjected to an emergency cesarean to save the baby, who is now in good condition.

    While women's health adversely changed until the death, not sparing in praise of the medical staff attended. "It was very well attended (...) But you see that things were not and could not take it out of the box," he explained.

    Furthermore, he stressed that the diagnosis of influenza A was made in a short time and reported back to the family. "A she interned and arrived on Saturday (the analysis from the Institute Malbr?n) Monday or Tuesday of next week, fast," he said.

    For his part, Mario Vignolo, director Iturraspe Hospital, noted that "the young woman suffered complications after her caesarean section and required mechanical respiration, unfortunately could not escape and died of bilateral pneumonia," as published on website Cadena 3.

    "There was nothing to do, we was," concluded the woman.

    This is one case that still is not in the official statistics of the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: First fatal case of influenza in Cordoba- 2 more suspect


    In the city of San Francisco

    A couple died of influenza A and 6 are suspected cases in Cordova
    06/07/2009 | 06:16 A couple of 26 years died in the Hospital Iturraspe of that city. The couple gave birth 12 days before dying. Among the cases there is a possible pregnancy. Investigating whether a man of 36 years and a boy of 12 died from the virus.

    A woman of 26 years became the first fatal victim of the influenza A (H1N1) in the province of Cordova.

    The young man was confined for three weeks and gave birth 12 days before dying.

    "The girl suffered complications after her caesarean section and required mechanical respiration, unfortunately could not escape and died of bilateral pneumonia," confirmed director of the Hospital Iturraspe Mario Vignolo.

    The diagnosis of influenza A to the deceased patient had been confirmed last Tuesday, following receipt of the surveys sent from San Francisco Institute Malbr?n.

    The doctor confirmed that two other suspected cases of pregnant women could be infected with influenza A.

    Both are being held in hospital in the capital of C?rdoba.

    "Pregnant women are a risk group and are doing all the swabs that are flu-like paintings," he explained.

    The doctor said to take precautions but not alarmed by the rise of the pictures of influenza A.

    "In the last month three people were killed by pneumonia common in the San Justo Department but were not news to the media, the best way to avoid infection is the" self "and not go to places where there is mass concentration," he said.

    He added that people are becoming aware of going to hospitals and clinics only when necessary "and avoid higher risks of infection.

    On the other hand, said that the hospital runs, consultations for influenza and respiratory diseases are similar to previous years.

    "What if you're seeing is a strong increase of the tables of pneumonia," he said.

    Health authorities indicated that this week will be the peak of respiratory diseases in the country, and they recommended not exposed in public places of concentration.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: First fatal case of influenza in Cordoba


    Buenos Aires, July 5, 2009 - 15:02 pm.
    Last updated 15:21

    First case in Cordova
    Amounting to 56 deaths in the country for the swine flu
    The last fatal case occurred in Iturraspe Hospital in Cordoba city of San Francisco. The youngest of 26 years died a few weeks after being placed and give birth to a bebe.

    A woman of 26 years became the first fatal case of swine flu in the province of Cordoba, with this death and 56 people were killed across the country as a result of this disease, according to official figures.

    The person died yesterday, about 21:00, at the Hospital of the city Iturraspe cordobesa San Francisco, a few weeks after being placed and give birth to a bebe.

    "The girl suffered complications after her caesarean section and required mechanical respiration, unfortunately could not escape and died of bilateral pneumonia," said the director of the Hospital Iturraspe Mario Vignolo, told Cadena 3.

    Diagnosis of swine influenza in the deceased patient had been confirmed last Tuesday by the Institute Malbr?n and for the moment, it is unknown how they are spread.

    "This woman was admitted with this pregnancy to term, but with a flu-like box. When subjected to a caesarean section and respiratory complication was a bilateral pneumonia," he said.

    The specialist said that "the baby is well, is with his grandparents, was two days in neonatology, but without complications."

    "Pregnant women, then consider why they are far more vulnerable to this condition. They are a risk group and are doing all the swabs that are flu-like paintings," he explained.

    In this way, the dead across the country as a result of swine flu amounted to 56, with 39 cases in the Province of Buenos Aires, six in Capital Federal, 7 in Santa Fe and two missions, one in the metropolitan area without specify the place and one in Cordova, according to official data.

    Furthermore, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Juan Manzur, delivered on Sunday a total of 30 respirator and a hundred to his bonaerense oximeters, Claudio Zin, to treat respiratory diseases.

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  • thebes
    started a topic Fatal cases of influenza in Cordoba

    Fatal cases of influenza in Cordoba


    (Machine translation)

    A woman of 26 years, that days back gave birth to a baby in perfect condition, passed away last night because of the influenza To in the Iturraspe Hospital of the city of San Francisco, to 210 kilometers of the Cordovan capital. With this decease, they add the 56 deaths confirmed before the advance of the epidemic in the country.

    The young person is the first fatal victim of virus A/H1N1 in Cordova and passed away east Saturday around the 21 after remaining boarding school about 20 days, needed the director that welfare center, Mario Vignolo.

    ?One week ago that the diagnosis in the Malbr?n Institute had been confirmed?, he informed.

    The patient had given birth to a baby by Caesarean days in a private clinic and later she was derived to the Iturraspe Hospital, where she passed away.

    The girl new born does not have sequels of the disease of her mother and ?she is either, or she heals, without no complication?, ratified Vignolo.

    He does not know himself when, where and in what circumstances the young deceased contracted the disease.

    In Cordova, the official number of infected people is 28, including the passed away woman last night.

    With the collaboration of Juan Carlos Cow, correspondent in Cordova.