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Suspected A/H1N1 death in Tierra del Fuego

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Suspected A/H1N1 death in Tierra del Fuego


    Investigating alleged death by influenza A in Ushuaia

    If confirmed, would be the first death from the disease in the province. It is an elder who was interned in the provincial capital in serious condition. "While antiviral treatment was routine, the result is awaited to confirm or dismiss the case, health authorities reported. The party newspaper provincial Ministry of Health yesterday reported 86 positive cases, while Nation reported that already 102.

    RIO GRANDE .- An elder would be the first fatal victim of the influenza A in the province, according to health authorities reported. Apparently the person who died yesterday at the Hospital Regional Ushuaia, is currently investigating whether the causes of death are those of influenza A.
    In addition there are thirteen people in the provincial health centers, five in Rio Grande, two of whom are in intensive care. While five others are housed in the provincial capital, in a therapy.
    Also yesterday, a new case was confirmed positive in Ushuaia, where they are 70. According to the newspaper part of the Ministry of Health in Tierra del Fuego there are 86 confirmed cases. Although the Ministry of Health of Nation reported yesterday that the 102 is confirmed in the province, which provincial authorities explained weeks ago in a delay in reporting cases of the Institute Malbr?n.
    They also stated that the number of outpatient visits for influenza-like illness in hospitals and health centers continue to values similar to the previous days.
    Reiterate the request of responsibility to society. Since the health portfolio warned the people served with protective measures, if not respect the indications of isolation by staying at home, attending public places crowded with people, can come into life-threatening situations because of their greater vulnerability.
    The Ministry of Health stressed the need for "all" members of society from Tierra del Fuego to assume "responsibility" that touched on the task of preventing the spread of Influenza A H1N1, while the isolation and other measures recommended repeatedly and across different media.
    "At this point, nobody can say that information," emphasized by the Ministry of Health, who noted that the issue is on the agenda of all media locally, nationally and globally.
    Mary Grieco Minister noted that "as well as seeking the suspension of classes decrease the spread of the disease in schools, we believe it is necessary that members of the education community to abstain from engaging in other spaces in which to reproduce a similar situation the classroom, as well as travel outside the province, which is a warning we have been doing for some time. "
    The official said the order that "may cause greater then inoculation of virus into the province to return the Fueguians that, for various reasons, are leaving today."
    In the same manner, called upon the people reached by the special leave, "to respect the privacy, because in the case of influenza infection may develop a more severe disease and even in some cases, killing."
    Grieco recommended that "in families coordinate actions so that those who do attend the proceedings or supermarkets and other public places with large movement of people, whether they are in better health, protecting children, pregnant women and those suffering from diseases chronic.

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  • Shiloh
    started a topic Suspected A/H1N1 death in Tierra del Fuego

    Suspected A/H1N1 death in Tierra del Fuego


    The doctor confirmed his death Saturday at the Hospital of Ushuaia
    Expect results to confirm whether the influenza A and claimed a life in Tierra del Fuego

    The number of confirmed cases of Influenza A, 70 of those people live in the capital while the other 16 live in Rio Grande. The last part of the Ministry of Health indicates that the number of outpatient visits for influenza-like illness in hospitals and health centers continue to values similar to the previous days. In the same vein it was reported that tables are placed on breathing 8 patients of whom 2 are under care in the intensive care area of the Rio Grande Hospital. Within the Hospital are placed Ushuaia other 5 patients, of whom 1 was placed in intensive care. The health portfolio indicated that the person was in serious condition at the beginning of this month died despite receiving antiviral treatment routine, the result is awaited to confirm or dismiss the case.