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Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in La Pampa

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  • Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in La Pampa


    A male victim died of "pneumonia" PDF Print E-Mail
    Friday, July 03, 2009

    General Pico (Agency) - A man of 41 years died last Wednesday night at the Regional Hospital, the victim of a "bilateral pneumonia, while health authorities said that there is" highly suspicious "of influenza A. After death, it was decided to close for 10 days of the Administration, where he wife of the victim, while the medical staff of this unit and employees of the EPA, where the deceased worked.
    If the samples sent to the Institute Malbr?n confirm that this is a case of influenza type A, would be the first fatal victim of the pandemic in La Pampa.
    The information was confirmed yesterday by the Deputy Director of Hospital Centeno Cesar Norverto, while an hour later to admit that there is "highly suspicious", the director of that establishment, and head of Norverto Dario Balsa, downplayed the issue in a radio interview (see box).
    The victim is Gustavo Fabi?n Esteban, 41, who served in the Provincial Administration of Energy, three days ago and the doctor concurred with high fever. It was decided to stay in the Regional Hospital and died on Wednesday night for a "bilateral pneumonia.
    Precisely the type of pneumonia that ended the life of the worker to 41 years, would be the same as the deaths of several people in Buenos Aires, which were confirmed as cases of influenza A.
    Against this background, it was determined to provide prophylactic measures and medical employees of the Administration, where he wife of Stephen, and the closure of the unit for 10 days.
    Yesterday morning, about 30 people in the Administration were ordered to go through the Rye Hospital, where doctors and were advised to stay in their homes. Meanwhile, in front of the body showed a sign "closed for prevention."
    Also about 40 employees of the EPA, where he worked Esteban, were medicated as a preventive measure.

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    Re: Suspected A/H1N1 death in La Pampa- total 3


    Nurse died of Upper Italy, is suspected to have influenza A PDF Print E-Mail
    Monday, 06 July 2009

    Alta Italia nurse, Fabiana Maria Donadio (43), who was interned on suspicion of having influenza A died this morning at the Santa Teresita Clinic in the town of Realic?. Thus, three cases of people who died, allegedly, by the new disease in the province.

    According to what the doctors told the nurse she had a "bilateral pneumonia" and was defined as "immune depressed," because since childhood he had "lupus erythematosus, a disease suffered its defenses.

    Furthermore, according to what transpired today, there are two other people in the town of Realic?-mechanical respiratory assistance, and are now isolated and with symptoms of influenza A.


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      Re: Suspected A/H1N1 death in La Pampa- total 3


      TWO suspected cases of influenza A
      Gabriel Reinhard died musician and nurse Maria Fabiana Donadio
      Tuesday, 07 July 2009

      General Pico (Agency) - Two people died early yesterday morning in the victims of "bilateral pneumonia, and two suspected cases of influenza A. Renowned accordionist Gabriel Reinhard, to 41 years, ceased to exist in the living room of the Hospital Intensive Care Centeno, while nurse Mary High Fabiana Italy Donadio, 43, died in the intensive care room of the Clinic Santa Teresita of Realic?.
      The nurse, mother of two sons of 22 and 15 years, was placed on June 30 with a "bilateral pneumonia," whereas professionals stressed that the serving was a serious, difficult recovery. Donadio girl suffering from "lupus erythematosus, a disease that affected his defense.
      The nurse from the health center of Upper Italy was in a coma for days pharmacotherapy with mechanical ventilation and died yesterday around 5 am. Since his hospitalization showed no signs of recovery.
      Until yesterday, the outcome was unknown in the samples sent to the Institute Malbr?n, referred by physicians Realic? to dismiss or confirm, if it was another case of influenza A.
      Moreover, Gabriel Reinhard also died in the early morning yesterday to 41 years of age. The brilliant accordionist was placed several days ago in Terapia Intensiva Hospital of Rye, with acute respiratory distress and bilateral pneumonia.
      In recent days, Gabriel had made an improvement that led doctors to remove the breathing machine, while on Sunday night and early hours of yesterday, its picture worsened suddenly. Here too the outcome is still unknown from samples sent to Malbr?n.

      His remains were taken to his hometown, Baron Cologne, where relatives and friends attended his wake and funeral.


      The brilliant performer on piano accordion Reinhard Gabriel toured venues across the country and was able to gather the most heated humbly praise for their presentations in Cosqu?n.
      The local Department of Culture yesterday circulated a letter which accompanied the pain to his family and recalled from his successful career.
      Reinhard, born January 15, 1968 at Baron Cologne, studied in the same locality in Bartolom? Miter School and the Institute Jos? Hern?ndez. And then in Buenos Aires, where he earned the title of telecommunications technicians.
      Musical Arts Institute in the Milanese-Aira-Kiss from Buenos Aires won the title of senior lecturer in piano and accordion and Theory Music theory also conducted workshops with the pianist Nicol?s Ledesma (in tango) and Alvaro Torres (Latin music).
      Stood out in the field of music and acted in countless performances. He was drummer and a whole Yicarean Alejandro (1982-1986), another famous accordionist from Baron.
      From 1987 onwards served in restaurants of Buenos Aires, where he shared the stage with Alberto Balberrey, Miguel Calo, Alberto Rosas (vocals by Astor Piazzolla) and Alfredo Montoya (the solo pianist D'Arienzo), among others.
      He made the recording for Sony Music with Julio Pane and Horacio Cabarcos and conducted tours of various provinces. In 2002 he accompanied the group walks in the National Theater of Trelew in Patagonia in 2003 won in the solo instrumental Cosqu?n Pre Engineering Luiggi, the same year and won the 2nd. Award at the National Accordion Festival in San Jorge.
      Represented as a solo instrumental La Pampa Pre Cosqu?n in 2003 and in 2004 won first prize. Acted on several occasions with the City Chamber Orchestra of General Pico, as guest soloist.
      In his outstanding career, he performed in various theaters and festivals in the country along with other renowned accordionist Ildo as Patriarch, his artistic godfather.
      For several years he managed the Accordion and Keyboard Workshop, Bureau of Culture and Education of the Municipality of General Pico, in the Cultural Center maracas, and also served on the local environment by giving tuition.
      Was convened and participated in various events, shows, meetings and presentations of books, where permanent and selflessly gave his music, knowledge, passion and quality of interpretation, that the public was dumbfounded that yesterday the news of his death was able to recognize.


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        Re: Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in La Pampa


        Google translation:

        There are 71 confirmed cases and 385 OTHER SUSPECT S
        Piquense a woman, the first death in La Pampa by influenza
        Wednesday, 15 July 2009

        Internal: the woman died at the Rye Hospital after ten days of hospitalization. He was diabetic and had a lung disease. Care and consultations continue on a plateau but the number of suspected cases. Piquense a woman of 48 years, housewife, who died last Monday, is the first confirmed death from influenza A in La Pampa. From the Secretariat of Health was not informed what neighborhood belonged to neither entity, although it was stated that diabetes was a disease and lung base. There are an unspecified number of patients.
        Confirmed cases and 71, increased by 22 because according to the results returned by the Malbr?n in the day. There are 185 other suspected cases in this institute, and another 200 at the Instituto Nacional de Epidemiolog?a "Dr. Jara" in Mar del Plata.
        The death of the woman occurred on Monday, at the Rye Hospital. The confirmation was yesterday. Coordination of Epidemiology stated that "the results received today, one of the samples positive for influenza A (H1N1) is a person who died on 13/07/2009 in Hospital Govt. Centeno General Pico, a carrier of disease and severe pneumonia concomitant base, with more than 10 days of hospitalization. "
        When this woman was placed (with a serious respiratory ailment) was subjected to the protocol of influenza A. These analysis were sent yesterday: 24 hours before the woman had died.
        The Provincial Government communique said that "today, July 14, 2009, the Institute Malbr?n sent the results of 22 samples processed, accounting for the samples deposited for 71 cases confirmed influenza A (H1N1), 16 cases negative 4 samples are discarded and waiting to be processed 185 samples.
        Consultations in hospitals remains high, but decreased the peak of late June. "In the Molas are approximately 100 general and pediatric 82. We had a peak of 380 and 250," said Undersecretary of Health Luis Ordonez. But was unable to specify in relation to last year about the level of consultation.
        The undersecretary said that the other deaths suspected to be cases of influenza A were not yet confirmed or discarded. But the number of suspected cases grew exponentially formal: there are already 385 cases.
        At national level the Ministry of Health reported that deaths climbed to 137. But confirmed the death of La Pampa was not computed. The province had 70 confirmed cases appeared. Ie that the deaths in the country, for women piquense, would amount to 138.
        According to the evolution of the statistics revealed many cases of suspicious deaths were confirmed as cases of influenza A in the coming days.


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          Re: Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in La Pampa


          Area - 16/07/2009 03:03
          General Information
          General Pico: First confirmed case of death due to influenza A in
          Announced the death of a woman who was also suffering from severe pneumonia. It is suspected that other deaths may be linked to new virus and are waiting for results.

          Through a communiqu? issued by the provincial government confirmed the death of General Pico by influenza virus A.
          This would be a woman of 48 years of surname Rodr?guez. According to a source of health, of the death yesterday morning in the Governor Rye Hospital after 10 days of hospitalization.
          According to the update of the epidemiological situation in the province, the patient was carrying a "severe pneumonia and concomitant disease of base (diabetes and respiratory problems)."
          With the confirmation of the fatal case, the action of the Influenza A virus claims first life in La Pampa officially, although it is suspected that the number could be higher when you are finished analyzing samples from patients who died with similar symptoms, affected by bilateral pneumonia.

          Fears over the spread of the virus led to the health authorities to seek preventive closure for ten days of the local offices of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES), then to know the death of a man of 41 years, doing tasks in the Provincial Administration of Energy, but his wife works at the national agency. A week later he announced the death of the musician, Gabriel Reinhard, also of 41 years and suffering from "bilateral pneumonia.
          In the town of Realic? reported two deaths that could be linked to the new virus. A nurse for 42 years Alta Italy santarrose?o and 56 were the victims whose samples were sent to be analyzed to Capital Federal.

          In the last few hours it was learned that a woman is also committed to a serious chamber therapy clinic. The same situation occurs with a person in the hospital Rye.
          Furthermore, from the province said that the July 14, the Institute ANLIS Malbr?n Carlos sent the results of 22 samples processed, bringing the figures to 71 confirmed cases for Influenza A (H1N1). The party notes that the studies conducted, 16 were negative, four samples were discarded and left to process 185.
          Moreover, the hospital director Centeno, Dario Balza reported that as of Thursday, July 16, 8 to 12, will begin to operate as outpatients and the nursing service in the District's Community Center Integrator Rucci, with two doctors makers, doctors and Ver?nica Rodr?guez Ben?tez Carlos Zerpa.


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            Re: Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in La Pampa


            Three other dead of influenza A PDF Print E-Mail
            Tuesday, 28 July 2009

            Coordination Epidemiology Provincial Government announced last night that killed four joined by influenza A in La Pampa. In case of a woman who died at the Hospital of Rye General Pico, now added three more.
            In addition, officially reported that as of yesterday there were 126 cases confirmed for influenza A (H1N1), 29 negative, 4 samples were discarded and 117 in the process. Furthermore, it was noted that 23 deaths have been reported by acute respiratory infection (ARI), of which "four were confirmed as positive for H1N1."
            Also, in the communique stressed preventive measures with individual and social, such as "avoid assisting sites generate situations of overcrowding and facilitate infection. Choose activities in open and ventilated. In the presence of flu symptoms, not attend work or school or public events that put at risk of disease to other people, see a doctor for home insulation and keep 7 days. Avoid being less than two meters away from people sick with the flu. Avoiding the kiss hello or handheld. Avoid to the maximum share keys, cell phones, pens, cutlery, glasses and that the virus also spreads via infected objects. Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with a disposable tissue or your elbow to avoid spreading the virus, among others.


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              Re: Suspected/confirmed A/H1N1 deaths in La Pampa


              They are 11 deaths from influenza A
              Sunday, August 30th, 2009

              Coordination of Epidemiology reported that a total of 11 people were killed in the province for influenza A. On 26 August, the province received results of samples sent to National Institute of Epidemiology "Dr. John H. Jara "for samples sent to National Reference Laboratory of the Institute of Supervision cases of the H1N1 pandemic.
              The results show the samples from the Surveillance Pandemic processed until 26 August, 211 were positive, 41 negative, 4 still being discarded leaving 392 samples, officially reported.
              Similarly it was reported "that a total of 26 people died of Severe Acute Respiratory Infections (IRAG), 11 (eleven) were positive for Influenza A"