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Neuqu?n province- 13 confirmed so far

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  • Neuqu?n province- 13 confirmed so far


    Google translation:

    She died a woman with symptoms of influenza A in Neuqu?n
    Await the results of analysis that are at the Institute Malbr?n. Confirmed cases reached 27 and there are 165 suspected illness.

    NEUQU?N (AN) .- A woman between 50 and 60 years died on Tuesday in this city as a result of the evolution of a respiratory disease that occurs with the influenza A H1N1 virus.

    For the undersecretary of Health, the woman who died had all the symptoms of swine flu but that information can not be made official until the results obtained from the analysis performed at the Institute of Malbr?n Buenos Aires.

    The woman was placed during the last weekend in a private health center in this city and died on Tuesday but the case was reported recently as yesterday.

    Yesterday, after several days, updated data and Neuqu?n reached a total of 165 confirmed and 27 suspected cases of swine flu. These 27 cases correspond to the analysis of 34 suspected samples that were sent to the laboratories of the Federal Capital.

    "Among the suspected cases, 35 patients required hospitalization, 9 of them in intensive care units," reported yesterday from the provincial health portfolio.

    Under the emergency, the authorities of the Health Emergency Operations (COES) call-mitigation stage of the Universidad Nacional del Comahue decided to stop any type of administrative activities until July 26. On Monday, defined suspend classes and exams.

    In the southern province yesterday confirmed three cases of swine flu, one in Saint Martin de los Andes, one in Junin de los Andes and Villa La Angostura in third (see separate article).

    Most municipalities Neuquen taken simultaneously to the suspension of classes.

    In the provincial capital, among other things, medical professionals recommended that children not attend the baseball players, movie and shop where they produce agglomeration of people.

    Analyzed in parallel action on the recommendations for public transport and shops.

    The secretary of Health admitted yesterday that the province was a game of antiviral drugs to combat influenza A that won a couple of days ago.

    Sources consulted by this newspaper reported that 18,000 tablets of the batch is out of circulation and that they will be replaced.

    "It was out of circulation on the day of expiry," they said.

    At the hospital also reported that there was enough stock to mitigate the risk present, according to the degree of severity with which until now was the virus in the province (see separate article).

    The Central de Trabajadores Argentinos was expressed yesterday in line with the teachers' union ATEN. Claimed that exemption to all state employees to attend work.

    From the portfolio of Health warned that risk groups: pregnant women, those over 65 years, two years younger than the people who have any chronic pulmonary or cardiovascular system (heart disease, severe asthma, emphysema, fibrocystic disease Pancreatic, pulmonary hypertension), patients with metabolic diseases like diabetes, renal failure, children and adolescents under prolonged therapy with acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) and people living with immunocompromised patients.
    For the rest of the population, is the usual treatment for seasonal influenza: resting at home and fulfilling the recommendations outlined by the health professional.

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    Re: 5 Suspected deaths in Neuqu?n province


    Google translation:

    That are five confirmed deaths in Neuqu?n
    Was confirmed by sources from the Secretary of Health of Neuqu?n. Over 130 samples were analyzed in the Instituro Malbr?n of Buenos Aires.

    Sources from the secretary of health in Neuqu?n province confirmed that five people died from respiratory diseases as a result of infection of influenza A.

    Apparently the official body organized information according to the stages that the disease runs in the district. In the first phase of containment, sent 165 samples of which 30 were positive, 3 negative and four seasonal virus. Of the remainder, which still await the results, the analysis performed are two people who died in the province.

    The current phase of Influenza A, mitigation, it was reported that three more deaths are discussed that could be related to the disease. On this second group of samples there is no data or figures.

    The brief official said yesterday that the Institute Malbr?n reported that three other samples from suspected cases sent for several days were positive for H1N1 virus. Thus, of the 165 samples sent for analysis during the containment phase, 30 have yielded positive results for the new virus, the other 3 were positive for the virus seasonal and four were discarded. The rest of the results remain outstanding. "

    And he goes "two of the 165 suspected cases died early this week. These are 2 patients with risk factors for complications of respiratory infections. Not yet received results of the samples.

    Finally, states that "in the last week, public and private establishments in the province have reported that patients with three categories of acute respiratory infection and had unfavorable died. All were sampled to determine the presence of H1N1 virus were sent for processing to the Institute Malbr?n.
    Writing On Line and the newspaper agency Neuqu?n River Black .-


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      Re: 5 Suspected deaths in Neuqu?n province- 1 confirmed so far


      Confirmed the first death from influenza A in Neuqu?n
      The secretary of Health reported. This is a child who had a pre-existing disease. Meanwhile there are four other cases of deaths that have suffered from lack confirm whether the H1N1 virus.

      Neuqu?n .- The undersecretary of Health confirmed today Neuqu?n in the first death of a person with influenza A virus in this province.

      This is a child, and reportedly had a pre-existing disease, and the provincial agency that is still "no certainty" that has killed only by having the flu (H1N1).

      Meanwhile, in this province there are four other cases of human deaths and suspected of being infected.

      In Neuqu?n, according to the ministry of Health of the Nation, of which there are 56 patients in the analysis were positive Malbr?n Institute in Buenos Aires.

      Agency Neuqu?n


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        Re: 5 Suspected deaths in Neuqu?n province- 1 confirmed so far


        Confirmed the first death from the virus in the province
        This is one of five people have died with symptoms of influenza A in Neuqu?n. They still remains to confirm or exclude the other four cases.
        The Undersecretary of Health reiterated yesterday that killed five people suffering with symptoms prior predisposing conditions.

        Neuqu?n> The Secretariat of Health yesterday confirmed the first death from influenza A in the province. This is one of the five people who died waiting for the confirmation of the studies submitted to the Institute Malbr?n. In this way, four deaths still remain to be confirmed or excluded if they had the new virus.
        Furthermore, it was reported that already 56 confirmed cases of influenza A in the Neuquen. And he added that a total of 289 samples sent for analysis, the Secretariat of Health reported that seven were discarded and three other samples were of seasonal influenza. Meanwhile, 36 persons were assisted in intensive care.
        Last week, Neuqu?n underwent a remarkable growth in terms of cases requiring hospitalization. Were 102 patients in public and private establishments in the province. The previous week had been 25 people who had to be placed with a diagnosis of severe acute respiratory infection and suspected of having contracted the virus again.
        Furthermore, in previous epidemiological week (number 26) was not confirmed any cases of influenza A in Neuqu?n. Is that since last June 29, the Health Emergency Operations Committee (COES) decided to move from containment to the mitigation, considering that influenza A H1N1 is circulating steadily in the province . Thus, we handle only those who belong to a risk group or those with unfavorable developments requiring hospitalization.

        At its meeting yesterday the head of the Health at the national level with provincial ministers of the area, it was decided that all suspected cases over 15 years will receive antiviral treatment without waiting for confirmation Malbr?n. The announcement was slipped informally last Friday by President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.
        Last week, the province with 1800 treatments of oseltamivir. In recent days, received another 3800. However, from the Secretariat of Health estimate that more than 9,000 Neuqu?n need treatment so we can deal with suspected cases antiviral used to combat influenza A.
        In a communique, the COES said "not recommended until the" suspension of work or the closure of public or private organizations. He also explained that the evolution of the epidemic in the region "has a displacement in time and may have a pattern different from what is happening on Capital and Greater Buenos Aires. Therefore, measures for that part of the country does not imply that they are necessary for our province. "
        And he adds: "The effectiveness of a measure with high social impact may be diluted or lost if taken as early as late." But it also explains that social distancing is meant by the collective attitude of solidarity to increase social distance effective in reducing the risk of contagion. "

        Influenza A
        In Cipolletti, three deaths with symptoms

        Two of the victims were young people. It is hoped the outcome of the samples.

        Cipolletti> Between Thursday and last weekend, four people died with symptoms of influenza A, which looks at the outcome of the samples sent to the Institute Malbr?n to confirm or exclude that the virus is the Influenza A ( H1N1). While three patients died in Cipolletti, one quarter had been referred to the capital Neuqu?n, where he also lost his life.
        The novelty was known yesterday during the meeting of the Crisis Cipolletti, which confirmed that the deaths of two victims would be young people resulted in severe acute respiratory disease, recognized as one of the medical specialists that are part of that organization formed in the city.
        While not yet know the results, it was learned that three of them were people who had no previous health problems known. It was also noted that of the 15 samples so far received from the Institute Malbr?n, 6 were positive for H1N1. Remain to be the results of tests of 52 other suspected cases.

        The Crisis Committee met again yesterday to assess the situation of health emergency after the first weekend since its declaration by the local City Council, meeting at which he also described the situation to a group of merchants.
        Contrasting with the severity of the deaths mentioned above, according to statistical data gathered both in the public hospital in the private health institutions, the out-patient dropped by 40%. It is estimated that the decline has affected the suspension of activities and measures of individual isolation. However, no decrease in the percentage of inmates for respiratory problems, as was 90% to 80% over the past few days. In this regard, a high percentage of 29 respirators operating in the city are affected in patients with respiratory symptoms.

        Bertoldi, without "drastic measures"

        Centenary> The mayor Javier Bertoldi toned down the discussion by influenza A, and said he favored taking "drastic measures" as a possible preventive closure of all facilities of the City of Centennial.
        Yesterday at a press conference said that despite not dramatize the problem, close the office of the management of communal land, by Mauricio Inostroza, because space is very recudido and "there are lots of people" .
        The closure of a sector of the community, joined the House of Culture and Sports, places with a conglomeration of people. However, the customer service is in force in different areas, some under strict guard. Bertoldi said that this direction will be closed, but stressed that there is a work located in San Juan Bosco and Intendente Pons, where will the new portfolio of Lands, in a larger space where it is today.

        "Not consistent with the drastic action of closing, people are very aware of what is happening with the flu. With a law that will not move to avoid slowing the virus, is a matter of conscience, "she said. He clarified that "there are services that can not be cut off as water and sewers. It is impossible to close such areas, but if problems arise in culture can do, like in the movies. "

        The mayor's statements were supported by the Union of Municipal Workers and Employees of Centenario (Soemc), an agency that cares for the health of community agents, after the pandemic of H1N1 influenza virus.
        Guild municipal Bertoldi who asked not to close the Family Action Units (FAU), as many kids, even with low weight-withdrawn food diary, it would be a mistake, according to the state, closing the dining room.
        In this sense since the union was assured that "there was very good will" by the mayor to solve the problem. " He added that "we should not put anything before the trade issue is important for health." The village head said that a municipal employee suffered from influenza A, but that is perfectly fine, and was recovered, it decreased the level of psychosis that exists in much of society about the consequences of flu.


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          Re: 5 Suspected deaths in Neuqu?n province- 1 confirmed so far


          Confirmed the first death from influenza A in Neuqu?n

          The Secretariat of Health announced yesterday that Neuqu?n, according to the results of a sample sent to the Institute Malbr?n, one person died of influenza A in the province.

          The victim is not yet on the list of deceased officer of the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

          Meanwhile, health authorities are awaiting confirmation of another four deaths, the analysis found in the laboratory Aires, reported the website of The Morning Neuqu?n.

          There are three people who died in the city of Cipolletti, and fourth in the provincial capital, for acute respiratory problems. Of those, two were girls and three had no previous health problems.

          Cases of influenza A detected in the province amounted to 56. Meanwhile, this week the number of patients that should be placed with acute respiratory diseases and suspected of having contracted the disease rose from 25 to 102.

          The province is one of the already declared health emergency.


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            Re: 5 Suspected deaths in Neuqu?n province- 1 confirmed so far


            Influenza A: Reduced consultations Neuqu?n

            The Emergency Committee for Health (COES) reported that there was a significant decrease of the total consultations in health. Is stable, the number of cases of patients with influenza or respiratory diseases.
            In a report circulated, the Committee on Health Emergencies, COES, said that in the week running from June 29 to July 5 was a "significant decline" of the total consultations for influenza in health care public and private the province. In the same period, the agency found that the number of cases is stable, which indicates, "For the moment," a correction of the upward trend of the outbreak.

            The data, corresponding to the current epidemiological week 26, which covers the period indicated.

            On that basis, the COES that "had been rectified by the time the strong uptrend of the flu outbreak detected in mid-June, from 488 cases in week 23, ranging from 6 to June 14, 5579 to at week 25, 21 to June 28, according to the notifications of the public health sector.

            Under the situation, maintaining the preventive measures widely used in population-hygiene, social distancing and others - is not recommended the suspension of work or travel, sports or cultural, but its relevance to the needs of these preventive schemes. If the criteria vary due to the dynamics of the epidemic, the agency shall inform the new recommendations.

            The COES adds that "stabilization in the number of cases was the desired effect by the suspension of classes in provincial schools, which also observed in other districts of the country."

            Furthermore, "is thought to have contributed significantly to social distancing measures and prevention of respiratory infections that both the general community as many of the organizations which have been increasing up."

            The epidemic of influenza in Neuqu?n exhibited similar behavior in the rest of the country and the world. The vast majority of cases presented tables mild, indistinguishable from seasonal flu, which recovered spontaneously without specific treatment.

            The report indicates, however, that there is a very small percentage of cases evolving rapidly into pneumonia tables and / or respiratory failure requiring hospitalization and specific antiviral treatment. Unlike seasonal influenza, these cases are occurring more frequently in young and middle-aged than in older adults. So far only one confirmed case died of influenza A H1N1 in the province.

            In recent days increased the number of children under two years of age with bronchiolitis boxes.
            Bronchiolitis is a respiratory infection that affects the small airway and lung in some cases cause severe breathing difficulties. Its origins are different respiratory viruses, including the flu, so it is expected that the annual seasonal peak of the disease coincides with the flu.

            In summary, while there has been a significant change in the pattern of consultations for influenza, it is noted that the number of cases requiring hospitalization in children and adults. The high demand is the number of beds available in the health system in the province, both in the public sector and private. ..


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              Re: 5 Suspected deaths in Neuqu?n province- 1 confirmed so far


              SOCIETY - 17.07.2009
              Another person died with symptoms of virus

              Cipolletti was yesterday. It is the fourth victim of suspected influenza.
              Cipolletti> One person died yesterday at a health center by a private Cipolletti of serious condition of the airways. For your symptoms, it is suspected that this was a case of influenza A, so a sample was sent to the Institute Malbr?n. This is the fourth fatal victim of the new virus with symptoms.
              The patient was taken to the polyclinic model, which had been transferred from the hospital days earlier because he had no available beds in the intensive care unit. The new version circulated as a suspected case yesterday and was later confirmed by Dr. Luz Maria Riera, who stated that the deceased, aged around 50 years, was the husband of a hospital's medical staff loved and respected by the community hospital, which yesterday was shocked by the death.
              The professional reported that the deceased patient was apparently a person with no major health problems and death would have occurred by the complications that usually occur in people who are long-assisted ventilation.

              The case is suspected to be related to the epidemic of influenza A because, so far, are not the results of samples sent to the Institute Malbr?n of Buenos Aires.
              To date, there is no confirmation of the positive or negative, of samples from three patients died in the city, despite his death occurred several days ago. The Crisis Committee on Health will meet at noon today and evaluate the situation of the pandemic in the city. Yesterday had fallen again and international consultations, but the new suspected case is a wake-up call.


              Meanwhile, Minister of Health of Black River, Cristina Ur?a received yesterday conduction block lawmakers from the Coalition to provide information regarding the operational health mounted pandemic influenza A. Meeting and took part LAZZERI Adriana Ivan Gutierrez.
              Ur?a conducted a review of measures taken in Black River for the prevention and treatment of disease, accounted for purchases made for the reinforcement of hospital equipment, including respirators and supplies. He also explained the statistics of cases developed by the COES and based on them, what are the prospects for future epidemiological weeks.
              "I thought it was interesting to invite representatives of other powers to have information about the real situation, with numbers and estimates of the plateau may have the potential epidemic outbreaks," said Uriah.

              PAHO, skeptical of the vaccine

              Montevideo (dpa)> The Pan American Health Organization is skeptical about the availability of vaccine for treating influenza A in developing countries, as the representative of Uruguay, Jos? Fernando Dora.
              Dora said that "when we start to produce a vaccine starts from zero and demand is very great."
              "The big discussion that arises is that richer countries want to have the vaccine for all its people. And it may not reach the first production for the entire population of the planet, "he added.
              Therefore, PAHO recommends the establishment of risk groups and priority is given to the people of the health services working in care of the sick "because they are more exposed." Then be extended to other populations, he added.


              Dora said that PAHO estimates a decline in the number of cases at the end of winter as any disease of this kind passes through a period of growth, then finally down to a plateau. "In any transmissible disease, it happens," he said.
              According to the spokesperson of the international body, "where the larger the number of cases decreases the number of (people) can be susceptible to contracting the disease. They then become resistant and acquired immunity against the disease and are no longer susceptible. The point is to identify when the plateau leads to a drop in cases, 'he explained.
              > swap


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                Re: 5 Suspected deaths in Neuqu?n province- 1 confirmed so far


                Confirmed five deaths
                The COES said that three new samples of deceased persons were positive in Neuqu?n. The fatal victims were three women and two men.
                In a statement, it was reported that four of the five dead were risk factors for complications of acute respiratory infection.

                Neuqu?n> After receiving the confirmation of three more deaths in the province as a result of influenza virus A, and five were killed in the Neuqu?n. So informed the Health Emergency Operations Committee in a statement.
                There are three women and two men (one of whom lived in Black River) and, as expressed COES, four of the five victims had risk factors for complications of acute respiratory infection. Of the five people killed, two were younger than 18 years, two between 8 and 65 and one was over 65. Thus, the Institute confirmed until yesterday Malbr?n 107 positive samples of influenza virus A H1N1 and 23 were discarded. Meanwhile, 270 others are still in process.


                The COES referred to the possibility of delaying the return to classes in the province. "There is no reason to consider it. It is estimated that the contribution of the suspension of classes in provincial schools has been important since the decline of cases in people younger than 25 years has been marked since the first week in which the measure became effective , "says the communique. In addition, the COES indicated that next week, with the epidemiological assessment of the pandemic, announced guidelines to follow.
                Meanwhile, COES confirmed that during the epidemiological week 27 (6 to July 12) saw a significant drop in the number of flu cases treated in health facilities, both public and private. "In the public sector, influenza notifications decreased by more than 40% over the previous two weeks, which exceeded the length 5000, indicated.
                "The decrease in the number of cases is attributable to the measures of social distancing and prevent respiratory infections, both the general community as many of the organizations, are holding" was added.
                Meanwhile, COES said that the epidemic of influenza in the province continues to show a similar behavior to the rest of the country and the world. "The vast majority of cases have mild tables, indistinguishable from seasonal flu, which recovered spontaneously without specific treatment. There is a very small percentage of cases, some young, fast-moving tables to pneumonia and / or respiratory failure requiring hospitalization, "he says.
                Furthermore, described as' hope 'that at the end of July, the return of the school holidays, can cause a "new increase in cases and the steady movement of viruses in the community is maintained for several weeks."

                Risk groups

                As for the license to persons within the risk groups, the provincial COES recalled that the decree established a pre-license "until further notice." The measure extends to employees who have influenza A or displaying any symptoms, pregnant women and immunocompromised workers or who belong to groups at risk for chronic diseases with a negative trend or decompensated.

                Cipolletti: Another suspicious death

                Cipolletti> A woman who suffered from a severe respiratory ailment died yesterday at a local hospital with symptoms of influenza A, which are already six suspected cases in this city. One case relates to a person Catriel.
                In this context, there is the case of children who died in cipole?o Neuqu?n, which alone of all deaths that affect the city which has confirmed the presence of the virus.
                Dr. Luz Maria Riera, covering the area of hospital epidemiology and a member of the Crisis Committee of the Local Health System, said the demise of women took place on Thursday at the local hospital. At the provincial level, it was reported yesterday that the Ministry of Health received notification of positive results for influenza A H1N1 in two patients who died in Black River. The notifications are samples of a person confined in a sanatorium Viedma and other private Luis Beltran, a minor, stemming from the hospital General Roca. So far, the national reference laboratory ANLIS-Malbr?n reported 59 positive cases, which included three deaths (two with severe disease required), and 13 negative.

                A rate "unprecedented"

                Geneva (AFP-NA)> The influenza A virus is spreading at a rate "unprecedented" in the world, said the WHO did not disseminate reports about new developments in the pandemic. "In past pandemics, influenza viruses longer than six months to spread as much as did the new H1N1 virus in less than six weeks," he said.
                The large number of infections in such a short time "due to a combination of factors, 'said a WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl. Globally, the H1N1 virus had been contaminated with 94,512 people in 136 countries and territories, causing 429 deaths.
                "The virus is spread very effectively from man to man, even without any symptoms in a carrier of the disease, he said. Moreover, viruses are spreading at the speed of transatlantic flights that travel into the thousands.
                Questioned about how they can determine the policies of vaccination in the absence of global statistics, Hartl WHO recalled that "the virus and can not be stopped" and that "all countries will need the vaccine." Virtually, the 6800 million people on the planet could be contaminated, he said.


                However, WHO stressed the "benign symptom of the overwhelming majority of patients who generally are restored, even without medical treatment, one week after the onset of first symptoms. In this situation, the organization added that "the counting of individual cases is not essential (in the most affected countries) to the level or nature of the risk posed by the pandemic virus, or to give information on the best answer to the disease.
                In some countries, screening of suspected cases "mobilizes most of the capabilities of the laboratories, which leaves little room" for the monitoring and investigation of serious cases and exceptional events ", the WHO stressed to justify its decision not to provide more global statistics. WHO called on countries concerned to continue to "closely monitor unusual events, such as fatal or serious pollution of the population, or unusual symptoms that could point to a worsening of the dangerous virus.
                From now on, be limited to the WHO report on the new countries. "WHO will continue to call on those countries that reported the first confirmed cases and, as far as possible, give weekly epidemiological figures and descriptions of new cases", he said.


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                  Re: Neuqu?n province- 13 confirmed so far


                  13 are already dead in the Neuqu?n
                  The information was provided yesterday by the Health Emergency Operations Committee. Pending the results of 162 samples.
                  Warned about the possibility of a second peak for the upcoming flu two weeks.

                  Neuqu?n> As reported yesterday by the Health Emergency Operations Committee (COES) of the Secretariat of Health, 13 people died in the province of Neuquen as a result of influenza A.
                  Of the total of people killed in the province, 8 are women and 5 men, five children under 15 years, 6 between 15 and 65 years and 2 over 65 years. Indicated that 9 of the 13 deceased persons had at least one risk factor for complications of acute respiratory infection, and that none of the women was pregnant.
                  The agency said that so far taken 585 samples for the presence of the virus A (H1N1) infections in patients enrolled with acute respiratory influenza. Of all of these samples confirmed 239 (41 percent), leaving 184 (31 percent), with the remainder to be confirmed.
                  "The epidemiological situation regarding the influenza A (H1N1) in the province of Neuqu?n has evolved in a very dynamic with some variations from the national situation," said the statement.
                  Depending on the laboratory-confirmed cases and national data, it is believed that at least 80 percent of influenza cases seen and reported in public health establishments in the province of Neuqu?n from week 23 (7 to June 13), has been involved the pandemic virus.
                  "Regarding the data attributed to Neuqu?n broadcast by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, we have already warned that it is expected that those provinces that have implemented an adequate system of surveillance, like our own, reported more suspected cases and register can result in more deaths confirmed and / or higher rates than other provinces that do not look at all deaths from respiratory diseases, "says the communique COES.

                  They ask not to underestimate

                  One of the paragraphs of the report issued yesterday by the Operating Committee of the Emergency Health Secretariat of Health stresses that while the current epidemiological situation in the province of Neuquen "shows a clear return to normal seasonal conditions, the scenarios posed to future the context of uncertainty in which the epidemic, says not to underestimate the current situation. The occurrence of a second peak of flu and pneumonia is a possible scenario, so it should be considered the necessary relaxation of some measures of social distancing. "

                  Black River, 183 positive cases

                  Cipolletti> The Ministry of Health of Black River reported that the number of positive cases of infection with influenza virus A (H1N1) confirmed yesterday in the province amounted to 183, with 13 deaths, following the recent reports of the national reference laboratory ANLIS-Malbr?n.
                  The statistics also recorded 35 cases and the lack of negative result of 343 samples sent to hospitals from the province.
                  Most of the confirmed cases were positive amount in the cities of Bariloche (43), Rock (42) and Cipolletti (31).

                  Cipolletti: restrictions lifted

                  Cipolletti> By unanimous vote of its members, the City Council of this city arranged for the survey, as of midnight yesterday, the restrictions that were imposed for the actions of all local public and private, which agglomerate Many people, following the spread of influenza A.
                  The resolution of the elected officials was consistent with what was suggested on Wednesday by the Crisis Committee of the Local Health System, which took into account the decrease in the number of consultations for respiratory diseases that were recorded in the city days ago.
                  However, in the ordinance passed yesterday resolved to maintain the state of health emergency in the city while their similar willingness by the government of the province, while indicating that the Crisis Committee will be "until the completion of the pandemic, the national recommendation for the formulation of necessary measures for the containment of the disease influenza, especially in case of outbreak. "
                  The restrictions remained in force concerning, in particular, tearooms, restaurants, pizzerias and bars, where the distribution of the tables had to observe a distance of not less than 1.50 meters. Now this is no longer more. Moreover, removing the prohibition to work 50 percent of its capacity for governing confiter?as dancing, casinos, festivals and worship halls, pubs, cybers, private gardens, players, sports and everything else closed densely crowded people, were public or private.
                  It also abolished the suspension still weighed for artistic and sporting activities, cultural and recreational activities that take place in enclosed and with massive public participation.
                  The text of the ordinance, it is stressed that there are now "indicators of low contagiousness" decreasing "to query the minimum levels." It also points out that "epidemiologically, despite having begun attending classes, not by increased respiratory disease consultations.

                  WHO says the vaccine will be safe

                  Geneva (Telam)> The World Health Organization (WHO) said yesterday that health authorities will ensure the future safety of the vaccine against influenza A and noted that drug companies are working to improve the effectiveness of the drug.
                  The director of research of vaccines from WHO, Marie-Paule Kieny, stressed that started the "trials and test results will probably be ready in mid-September, after which the vaccine must be approved by health agencies .
                  Once the vaccines are available for use, you must create a monitoring system to detect any adverse side effect of the dose.
                  In addition the WHO has promised to give poorer countries a minimum level of doses of flu vaccine A.