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Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    29-09-2009 16:45:00
    Declare end of pandemic influenza in Missions

    After the decline of cases, the health portfolio decided to end with alertness afecci?n.Los affected by the disease are confirmed in the 195 and there were 21 deaths. In the last week epidemiologic new cases were reported in missionary health portfolio.

    Most confirmed cases in August and September are the respiratory syncytial virus
    Since September 15, 2009 was declared an end in the Misiones province of influenza pandemic as such because prudent that within 45 days from the first of August saw a decline in complaints to casossospechosos Similar levels of seasonal influenza in previous years.
    Moreover, in the Weekly Epidemiological last part, the Ministry of Health Mission reported that there were no reported cases of influenza A or vector-borne diseases such as visceral leishmaniasis, dengue or yellow fever from the laboratory of Anlis / Malbr?n or Hospital of Pediatrics.
    Also, from the health portfolio specified that most of the cases confirmed by the Hospital of Pediatrics in August and September so far are for the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which is the most frequently isolated viruses in the flu seasonal.
    Moreover, until last week had confirmed 21 deaths by the new influenza, with a total of 195 persons registered with the condition by analysis of reference laboratories, Malbr?n of Pediatric Buenos Aires and Posadas, Misiones.
    With regard to leishmaniasis, since the confirmation of the latter two cases at the Hospital of Pediatrics in two female infants, 4 and 5 months, from localities in the interior of the province there were no new patients with the condition.
    From Public Health reported that both children had good evolution and the first of those affected is already high. Are maintained in 50 people affected by visceral leishmaniasis in the Province.
    For his part, Minister of Health of Argentina, Juan Manzur, said influenza, yellow fever, dengue and the global financial crisis "are threats" to the health systems of the region, exposing to the assembly Annual Pan American Health Organization in Washington.
    The official said that among the new challenges facing health systems in the region "is the emergence of threats such as pandemic influenza A, the re-emergence of diseases like yellow fever and dengue, and the global economic crisis .

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    22-09-2009 16:55:00
    Influenza A: confirmed deaths and new cases in Missions

    A San Pedro man died of the disease and are 21 dead. Also ratified two other cases in Puerto Rico and Monte Carlo. A total of 195 patient records affected by the new flu in the province.

    More than 20 people died in missions as a result of influenza A
    U n 44-year-old from San Pedro is the new death from influenza A in missions, the report issued by the Institute Carlos Malbr?n of Buenos Aires.
    Also from the national laboratory confirmed two more cases that correspond to a patient of Puerto Rico and other Monte Carlo, both in good condition.
    Since the area of epidemiology, Jorge Gutierrez said during this week received new results of the official laboratories, Carlos Posadas Pediatric Malbr?n and the report of three new cases for the province of Misiones.
    Of these newly confirmed cases, one corresponded to a deceased 44-year-old from San Pedro. The remaining two correspond to a patient of Puerto Rico and other Monte Carlo, both in good condition.
    In total there are 195 cases, of which 21 have died of influenza A.
    Most of the dead are of Posadas and Ober?. But there were also records in Eldorado and San Vicente.
    As of 18 September have confirmed 195 cases in the province of Misiones and patients Confirmed to date are for the following locations: Guest: 94 patients (6 deaths); Garup?: 7 patients. (1 deceased); Ober?: 18 patients. (5 deaths); St Vincent: 4 patients (3 deaths); Eldorado: 17 patients. (3 dead), Puerto Libertad: 1 patient; Apostles: 5 patients; Falls: 3 patients; Monte Carlo: 3 patients; The Proud: 1 Patient, L. N. Alem: 6 patients; Garden America, 5 patients. (1 deceased), Puerto Rico: 6 patients; Capiov?: 1 patient; Garuhape: 2 patients; Puerto Mado: 1 Pt. (1 deceased), San Javier: 1 patient; Wanda: 1Paciente, Puerto Esperanza: 8 patients; Cerro Azul: 4 patients. (1 deceased), Cerro Cora: 1 Patient, San Pedro: 3 Pt. (1 deceased), San Antonio: 1 Patient, San Ignacio: 1 Pt. (1 deceased), and a record of the Republic of Paraguay.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    08-09-2009 12:00:00

    Confirmed 17 new cases of influenza A, three of them dead in Missions

    From high school sent Malbr?n 60 results of laboratory studies, the majority was negative for novel influenza. Until the 4th of this month has confirmed 191 cases of influenza A in Misiones. The three dead were Ober?, San Ignacio and Inns.

    During this week the Department of Epidemiology, Public Health Laboratory received the report of Anlis / Malbr?n of 60 samples, with the confirmation of 17 new cases for l Missions.

    Of these newly confirmed cases, 3 were for the dead: of Ober? male person who was interned in the Samic of that city, San Ignacio a man of 51 years and Posadas female person of the past 17 years of the Hospital Ram?n Madariaga.

    Up to 04.09.2009 have confirmed 191 cases of influenza A in the Province of Misiones.

    Patients Confirmed to date are for the following locations:

    Posadas: 93 Pacientes (6 deaths).

    Garup?: 7 Paciente. (1 death).

    Ober?: 18 Pacientes. (5 deaths)

    San Vicente: 4 Pacientes (3 deaths)

    Eldorado: 17 Pacientes. (3 deaths).

    Puerto Libertad: 1 Paciente.

    Ap?stoles: 5 Pacientes.

    Iguaz?: 3 Pacientes.

    Montecarlo: 2 Pacientes.

    El Soberbio: 1 Paciente.

    L. N. Alem: 6 Pacientes.

    Jard?n Am?rica: 5 Pacientes. (1 death).

    Puerto Rico: 5 Pacientes.

    Capiov?: 1 Pacientes

    Garuhap?: 2 Paciente.

    Pto. Mado: 1 Paciente. (1 death).

    San Javier: 1 Paciente.

    Wanda: 1 Paciente.

    Pto Esperanza: 8 Pacientes.

    Cerro Azul: 4 Pacientes. (1 death)

    Cerro Cor?: 1 Paciente.

    San Pedro: 2 Paciente.

    San Antonio: 1 Paciente.

    San Ignacio: 1 Paciente.( 1 death)

    Rep?blica del Paraguay: 1 Paciente.

    In a report from the Statistical Service of the Provincial Hospital of Pediatrics, there is a predominance of influenza illness over all other respiratory diseases treated in the period from the Epidemiological Weeks ranging from 25 to 32.

    The findings of the Department of Public Health of the province to H1N1 influenza indicated:

    With regard to the recommendations of the Epidemiological Surveillance of Influenza A H1N1 from the Ministry of Health of the Nation, concludes that:

    The disease is spread throughout the whole province with low concentration of cases, exclusive of major cities.

    The trend in recent weeks as Epidemiologic is decreasing throughout the country.

    The intensity was high compared to expectations for this pathology in the region.

    There low impact on health services in this time of the pandemic.

    Source: Public Health Mission

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    2009-09-01 | 19:03:00
    Influenza A: It is 43 and the death toll from the H1N1 virus
    The Ministry of Public Health of Misiones, through the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance, revealed that 43 new cases were positive for influenza A H1N1, of which there are five deaths.

    He pointed out that from the school break and fair administrative decision was taken in July this year, hospitalizations in common room and in intensive care have been declining, "as well as patients with mechanical ventilation. Given that situation, "we think we will have a resurgence of the disease in the province. Similarly we are aware of the international variation, but overall there is no evidence that could have significant increases in cases.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    01-09-2009 16:44:00
    Confirmed 43 new cases of influenza and one of leishmaniasis

    Cases of influenza A, five belonged to people killed by the disease. The affected by visceral leishmaniasis is a small four months Mojon Grande, who is hospitalized in intensive care at the Pediatric Hospital in Posadas.

    Missions recorded 43 new cases of influenza A, of which five are people dying from the disease. This also revealed a pediatric case of visceral leishmaniasis, which affects a 4 month old girl is hospitalized in intensive care at the Hospital of Pediatrics.
    The head of Epidemiological Surveillance, Jorge Gutierrez confirmed that the number of new cases of influenza-affected missions amount to 174 and the dead to 19.
    He added that the deaths are from mid-July and resided in Alem, Guest Ober? and Cerro Azul.
    He clarified that remain to be confirmed or ruled out some 70 samples taken from patients with respiratory diseases.
    To determine the termination of the outbreak and health emergency by influenza A in missions will have to wait at least two more weeks, said public health officials.
    So far, Argentina 439 people have died, making it the country with the highest rate of deaths per capita (1.08 per 100,000). In absolute terms, Brazil has overtaken in the final hours to the U.S. as the country with more casualties, with 557.

    Leishmaniasis is expanded

    Jorge Gutierrez confirmed a case of leishmaniasis, a baby of 4 months Mojon Grande, who is hospitalized in Pediatrics in Posadas, and his condition is critical.
    In this small patient total there are 49 missions for those affected in this disease, of whom five died of the condition.
    The official said the total of affected most are adults, and among the most commonly infected were men.
    The official said the disease progression in Misiones is worrisome because the dispersion of cases.
    Gutierrez explained that in 2006 when the first cases were detected, there were two patients in Posadas, the following year there were records of cases in Garup?, signed up in 2008 patients in the central belt of the province in the towns of Ober?, Alem and Apostles.
    This year, the Epidemiological Surveillance chief said that with the confirmation of cases in Concepci?n de la Sierra and Mojon Grande, the disease is spreading to the fringe of the Uruguay River.
    He added that since the nation came reagents to diagnose the disease and were distributed to the affected municipalities.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    25-08-2009 15:58:00
    Confirmed 20 new cases of influenza A and two deaths

    They are already involved in missions 131, those killed and 15 by the new analysis influenza.Los endorsed a woman 45 years of San Vicente and a 50 of Jardin America died from influenza A H1N1.

    Gutierrez confirmed the spread of the disease in Misiones and the rest of the country
    In Misiones confirmed 20 new cases of influenza A, two of them dead, the dead are a 50-year-Jardin America and a 45 in the town of San Vicente.
    Epidemiological surveillance chief, Jorge Gutierrez said that in total are 131 confirmed cases Malbr?n laboratories and the Hospital of Pediatrics and 15 people died.

    In relation to the dead said they were old cases and that in August there were no fatalities in the country and the latter said on August 6.
    He said precautions should be continued around the disease, while experiencing a phase of declining circulation of the virus, may affect some people and if treated early and we can develop in severe cases.
    Regarding the number of internships at this time, Gutierrez said there are eleven and seven hospitalized patients requiring mechanical ventilation.
    Epidemiological surveillance chief said he was very helpful input from national government to the provinces, in the case of missions with five ventilators and 100 oximeters which served to address the most serious cases.
    Gutierrez said that the new confirmed cases also occurred in places like San Pedro and Bernardo de Irigoyen Andresito where they were registered patients diagnosed with the condition and which confirms the spread of the virus.
    With regard to vector-borne diseases, Epidemiological surveillance chief said it will launch a comprehensive operational plan against dengue and yellow fever on Friday 28 in Puerto Iguaz?.Agreg? missions that localities with greater impact are the North , Falls and Eldorado and therefore stable operating bases will be implemented in those areas.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    Confirmed four new deaths in Misiones, and the dead are 14

    The Head of Epidemiological Surveillance Missions, Jorge Gutierrez, reported this afternoon on the confirmation of four new deaths from Influenza A H1N1 in the province, so the death toll rose to 14, while 36 new cases were confirmed positive. In the ten who died were known until today, we added two women.

    Remaining aware of the outcome of a hundred more

    Remaining aware of the results of over a hundred samples were taken in July and then sent to the Federal Capital, for which the number of deaths from this disease could rise in coming days.

    In the ten who died were known until today, we added two adult women, while the remaining are children of 1 and 3 years of age who had died 15 days ago or so.

    "We currently have 78 people in the entire province with symptoms of influenza A, nine of which are ventilated and their medical health status is complicated,"
    said Gutierrez in a dialogue with agency Corrientes.

    The official said after receiving the results of a total of 64 samples that were sent in July to Malbr?n Institute of Buenos Aires, of which 32 were confirmed by influenza A.

    In addition, four other samples in the laboratory of the hospital "Dr. Fernando Barreyro "single center on a mission to conduct this type of investigation, also were positive for the new flu, bringing the total number of infected is 111.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    Health | 18-08-2009 15:36:00
    Health confirmed 34 new cases and four deaths by influenza A

    Indicate a slight resurgence of the disease, there are 78 patients and nine with mechanical ventilation in Misiones.Los dead are two children of 1 and three years of Obera and Apostles and two women from Eldorado and Obera. The analysis of small were performed in the Pediatric Hospital. Warn that we must not let our guard down with prevention.

    Gutierrez announced that in the laboratory of Pediatric and analyzes influenza A
    The new EW threw a small resurgence in internments especially in the northern part of the province and 34 new confirmed cases and four deaths, among which there are two children of one and three years of Obera and Apostles.

    The head of epidemiological surveillance Jorge Gutierrez said they have entered 64 new reports of the Institute Malbr?n, of which 34 were positive for influenza A and a total of 107.

    Meanwhile, Gutierrez said that we must add four cases examined and confirmed by the hospital laboratory of Pediatrics Fernando Barreyro, numbering some 111 cases.

    The chief explained that the epidemiological surveillance within the total of new cases were confirmed four deaths, including two women, one of the administrative district of Eldorado and the other a 74-year-old Obera. Two boys who were diagnosed by the pediatric hospital, one of apostles of 3 years, and a child under 1 year of Obera, these two who died a fortnight ago.

    Guterrez in part it was the first epidemiological report of the Laboratory of Pediatric Hospital Fernando Barreyro and that the analysis of influenza A can be others as the recognition of human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), Adenovirus, Parainfluenza and Influenza A and B .

    "Of the total samples analyzed 27corresponden the Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Parainfluenza 3 and 4 to influenza A). "As the virus circulating in more than 90% is considered positive for H1N1 pandemic," said the head of epidemiological surveillance.

    Also, the doctor warned that there was a resurgence in international consultations and by the disease, especially in the north.
    There are currently 78 people in the whole province, nine of whom nine required mechanical ventilation.

    Moreover, the head of epidemiological surveillance that we should continue with the recommendations to the population to continue complying with caution and preventive measures to avoid contracting influenza A H1N1.

    "In terms of surveillance Epimiol?gica two recommendations: the first is that anyone with flu symptoms contributes to the doctor. The second is that all doctors should medicate their patients with fever and flu-like symptoms "said the specialist.

    With regard to the recommendations of the Epidemiological Surveillance of Influenza A H1N1 from the Ministry of Health of the Nation, the provincial health portfolio concluded that "the spread of disease throughout the province with low concentration of cases, exclusive major cities "

    Also "The trend in recent weeks as Epidemiol?gicas decreases throughout the country."

    "The intensity was high compared to expectations for this pathology in the region."

    "There are low impact on health services in this time of the pandemic."

    From Nation, Health Minister Juan Manzur said "From the epidemiological point of view, Argentina is on a downward trend. There are viral circulation, but consultations are by influenza A minor "
    However, several experts cautioned that "we must not lower our guard," because the virus is still present.

    From May 17 until last Saturday confirmed a total of 6768 samples and 404 deaths associated with the disease. Jurisdictions in the Northwest, La Pampa and La Rioja have not registered a marked decrease in the virus.

    In fact many schools Rioja, Catamarca and Mendoza suspended classes after the confirmation of some cases of flu.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    It joins the other influenza A in death by Missions

    The region

    Published August 16

    Eldorado (M4). An employee of the municipality of Eldorado, Claudia Bouzou died on Tuesday July 28 after being interned for 20 days in the hospital because of a respiratory Samica grave.

    After a long wait, the results came from studies at the Institute of Malbr?n Buenos Aires and confirmed that Bouzou Claudia (33) died from Influenza A H1N1.

    It is worth mentioning that Bouzou died on Tuesday July 28 after being interned for 20 days in the hospital because of a respiratory Samica grave.
    TELAM two alcohol

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    Health | 11-08-2009 15:18:00

    Missions recorded 82 cases of influenza A and ten dead

    During the Weekly Epidemiological confirmed seven new cases and two new ratifications fallecidos.Las validated by the institute are Malbrán patients Posadas, Apostles Garden Eldorado America. The fatalities were a 28-year-old pregnant woman and a 38

    The epidemiological part it gave the secretary of Health, the head of epidemiological surveillance and the director of primary health care
    Missions in influenza A and had affected about 82 deaths and ten of the last report as part of the epidemiological health portfolio in the Province.
    The head of surveillance missions, Jorge Gutierrez said that one of the fatalities was a woman 23 weeks pregnant 28-year-Puerto Mado who perished in the first days of July in the Hospital Samica Eldorado and the other was a woman Posadas of 38 years who was admitted to hospital without vital signs Nosiglia of the provincial capital.
    Regarding the number of cases, Gutierrez said that seven new Institute Malbrán validations and that a total of 82 in the province.
    Moreover, the official stressed that at present only three persons are being held with mechanical ventilation, lowest figure since the outbreak began in the pandemic.
    However, the chief surveillance missions said that there is a slight increase in pediatric consultations this past week, coinciding with the return to school.
    For his part, Undersecretary of Health Carlos Baez said that consultations are within the pediatric predictable but more importantly they are being sustained decreases in internments.
    With regard to laboratory tests that began in the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Nacional de Misiones, Gutierrez said that in a few days be able to finally begin to realize the institution and do not necessarily require validation Malbrán.
    Starting the analysis in Posadas, the research would take an estimated time in 72 hours, the official said.
    In another, the head of epidemiological surveillance missions recommended that people not be neglected and continue prenvención measures to avoid the possibility of infection with influenza A.
    About the contraindications of Tamiflu for children, the undersecretary of Health, Carlos Baez said that the country is used for a specific drug for pregnant women and children affected by the new flu, which are less aggressive than the product for other patients with the disease.


    ...MISSIONS. Health authorities have confirmed seven new missions of deaths from influenza A, bringing to 10 the total deaths in the province, where 82 cases are affected by the disease. The report was disseminated by the Undersecretary of Public Health of the province, Carlos Baez, and the Head of Epidemiological Surveillance, Jorge Gutierrez, who said that "of the 150 samples that we had the (Institute) Malbrán joined 40 others, and 10 already have the results. "

    Officials also reported that seven new cases of confirmed influenza A, "a minor who is the site of Jardin America, whose health is good, responding well to medication, although there are" other-three patients ventilated houses. "

    Baez said that "with the return to classes on August 3, could have an outbreak among children," but said "there will be minor and not inconvenience...
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  • Shiloh
    Re: Another death reported in Misiones Province


    Saturday August 1, 2009

    Education on Monday resolved to extend the licenses of teachers preventive pregnant

    Three people died in suspicious pictures of influenza A this week

    :: She is a woman and a couple who were assisted at the Hospital of Eldorado, and Posadas a baby a year died from a pneumonia. A patient samples were taken and tests are expected

    Eldorado, Posadas and Obera. Hospital Samica Eldorado announced yesterday for two people who died with influenza A compatible tables, and two patients were taken to determine whether the samples were infected with the virus and the results are awaited. While in the Hospital de Pediatr?a de Posadas, a baby born in a year Apostles ceased to exist on Thursday, a result of complications associated with pneumonia.
    Samica was in response to a patient originally from Puerto Rico who died on Wednesday, died yesterday and a couple of 17 years Wanda, which presented a critical and box was being assisted with breathing machine.
    In addition, the hospital received diagnostic confirmation yesterday for seven new cases of influenza A in the town of Eldorado.
    "The boy was placed for 24 hours in intensive care, came from a private hospital with signs of great seriousness," said hospital director, Claus Jahke. While women of 53 years remained interned for two weeks showed pathology, both are considered suspect cases of influenza A.

    Suman deaths from pneumonia
    Hospital statistics show that in the last ten days six people died because of severe pneumonia, accounting for 66 percent of the age group covered entre15 to 44 years of age.
    In all suspected cases of death from influenza A H1N1, there is only a confirmation, "not to say that the dead are all negative, we are awaiting the results," said Jahke.
    The professional said that yesterday received the results of ten samples analyzed by the Institute Malbr?n, seven of them positive and three negative.
    Currently in the hospital there are 20 patients with intensive tables respiratory therapy in a pediatric patient, and three ventilated. Five patients with suspected influenza tables A. "The situation remains worrying," said the director.

    The epidemic in Posadas
    For its part, the doctor Jorge Lopez, head of the Pediatric Infectious Hospital Posadas, said that in recent weeks of the epidemic curve is dropping and there is no hospital in the pediatric patients placed in critical areas.
    "Concerned that you can not predict with certainty the behavior of this disease, we must continue to care so far as to prevent further infections," he said.
    In this respect, he stressed that we are going through the final weeks of critical illness and the virus did not behave with violence we expected, and the cases dropped, but we can not judge what will happen when we all return to total normal activities. "
    The doctor warned that the return to classes that could be given new cases, "cases are not so numerous but surely that can occur when some people back to amucharse in a small space."

    There would be more licenses
    Pregnant teachers due on Monday, while the educational authorities resolved the same day to extend the licenses preventive.
    On the subject, Lopez suggested that teachers should not be pregnant classrooms at least the first week, "I think it's better to wait and see how the epidemic evolves in the coming days and evaluate whether there are risks to not expose this vulnerable group "he said.
    Licenses for pregnancy prevention mandated by the provincial executive ended yesterday, the Health Director General Teaching Council for Education, Jos? Gaspar Arguello told The Territory that on the morning of Monday, will meet the educational authorities to decide whether extending the licenses. "They are a risk group and that we will weigh, on Monday we will know what percentage of workers in this situation," said Arguello.
    Professor Mirta Chema, president of the Teachers Union Argentinos (UDA), said that day, the guild will be the first time in CGE, "to see what decision is taken, we believe that extending the licensing a preventive week but until today (yesterday) there was no official decision. "
    Accordingly, Chief of Epidemiology of Public Health, Jorge Gutierrez, also said that the Health portfolio is tilted to "extend the licenses for a week to protect this group of risk."
    "We must remember that in the province were able to mitigate the epidemic with only implement isolation measures, but the return to activity must be progressive," recommended.
    Concerning the operation of the laboratory for sampling and sample analysis in the pediatric hospital, the doctor said "is in trial phase, are analyzed in the laboratory takes cases that are serious and are not controlled, but samples of patients with respiratory disease complex is still sent to the Institute Malbr?n in Buenos Aires. "

    Require preventative Obera
    Served daily between 50 and 60 consultations for respiratory conditions in the hospital Samica as confirmed Schwengber Elena, Head of Epidemiology Center Area High Uruguay.
    He noted that there are five confirmed cases of influenza A H1N1 at the local level, while expressing concern about the lack of continuity on preventive measures.
    In this regard, stressed the need "to maintain preventive measures because the disease will remain installed, but in the course of many days set aside certain precautions."
    ?? Back

    ? 1999-2009 - All rights reserved.

    Posadas (Misiones), Argentina
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  • Shiloh
    Re: Another death reported in Misiones Province

    Here's another

    2009-07-30 | 17:55:00 | Local | Pandemic

    Influenza A: Public Health has confirmed one death and three new cases in Missions

    The man died a month ago in a private sanatorium Posadas was 40 years and lived in Garup?. On the positive samples came from the Institute Malbr?n are a child (8) and a young (28).

    Posadas. Three new confirmed cases of influenza A and four were already dead by the disease in the province of Misiones.

    With this number rising to 48 and those diagnosed with Influenza A H1N1 in the province of Misiones.

    On Thursday authorities confirmed that the Public Health Institute in Buenos Aires Malbr?n sent the results of three samples a month ago for Influenza A H1N1, which were positive.

    One of them belongs to a male patient, who died a month ago in a private sanatorium in Posadas. The man was 40 years and was a native of Garup?.

    The second sample is a child of 8 years of Garup? and the third belonged to a couple of 28 years of Posadas.

    The head of the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance, Dr. Jorge Abel Gutierrez, said that they are sending samples from Buenos Aires long overdue, "which sent today were taken late last month.

    In children and young Posadas, both are in good health, and made the appropriate treatment. "

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  • Shiloh
    Re: 2nd death reported in Misiones Province


    Health | 27-07-2009 15:18:00
    Title: The two new confirmed cases of influenza A, while Public Health since dropped the claim that consultations

    Two new confirmed cases of influenza A, while Public Health since dropped the claim that consultations

    With two new confirmed cases of influenza, a total of 45 across the province and three deaths so far.
    Consultations for influenza A H1N1 in the Pediatric Hospital "Dr. Fernando Barreyro and health in the truck in front of the Guardia Hospital Dr. Ram?n Madariaga" marked a significant drop this weekend, despite the low temperatures were presented in Posadas.

    Similarly, the health portfolio urged not to reduce arms on prevention. It is the only way to mitigate the disease and prevent a collapse in health services, both public and private.

    In the truck health consultations, between Saturday and Sunday, not exceeding 20, a figure more than encouraging for those working in the mobile phone.

    For the Pediatric medical records showed a decline of 20 per cent over the past weekend. "Of all the patients who turned to watch the hospital, 40 percent were for Influenza. Last weekend we were at 60 percent, "said Assistant Manager of the hospital, Dr. Juan Pablo Ledesma.

    Moreover, from the Department of Epidemiological Surveillance reported that the Institute Malbr?n sent this morning two new results, which were positive for Influenza A H1N1.

    Data from the first sample corresponds to a patient of 39 years of age, profession maid, a native of Buenos Aires, who was strolling through the city of Obera days ago. Is outpatient treatment and his health is good.

    The second sample belongs to a woman of 51 years, a native of Eldorado that serves as a maid in a private sanitarium in this city, who is in outpatient treatment.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: 2nd death reported in Missiones Province


    Health | 01-07-2009 18:21:00

    Posadas driver died a victim of the influenza A
    Was confirmed by the secretary of Health Carlos Baez. The man was 40 years and was inspired on a tour norteamericanos.Confirmaron with five new cases, one fatal. The locations to which they belong are: Posadas, Puerto Libertad, Eldorado and Obera.

    A driver of 40 years became the second victim of the influenza in Misiones. The victim had been infected during the course of his career by moving a number of American tourists from Buenos Aires to Posadas.
    Yesterday, Deputy Secretary of Health of the Province, Carlos Baez, confirmed the death of this man
    and the positive results of a babe of 10 years, and three young adult men Eldorado, Puerto Libertad and Obera.
    In this situation Missions has 16 positive cases for this disease, of whom two have died.
    Undersecretary of Health of Misiones, Carlos Baez said that the deceased was admitted to hospital Integral IOT with a picture of pneumonia and its evolution was decided finally to take the sample tested positive.
    The official said that the epidemiological link was very strong, since moved to a contingent of Americans to Posadas from Buenos Aires and denied that the man has had a background disease or a history that links it to the risk group.

    Also, the secretary of Health said that another of those affected is a child of ten years, like other cases of young adult men Eldorado, Puerto Libertad Obera and outpatients are being treated in hospital and without notice.
    Moreover he added that it was not possible to determine the epidemiological link in these cases and it is believed to have been an internal attachment of the virus.
    On Tuesday, during the announcement of the suspension of school activities in the province at all levels, the deputy of the province argued that a death in eleven cases was serious, it indicated a high mortality rate, therefore, of 16 cases, two deaths marked a very worrying situation.

    In this regard, the provincial health portfolio recommended to all who have flu symptoms voluntary isolation to prevent the spread of the virus. This includes not attend any events where there is crowding of people, because those places are most conducive to the spread of the virus. Social responsibility is essential at this time.
    Moreover, it will increase the number of professionals to carry out biochemical sampling, to those people considered suspicious. In the Guard Hospital Ram?n Madariaga, is located the mobile dental MISSION We Care Program, to add more flu clinics in Posadas.
    Olegario Ramos, medical infectologists Epidemiology said the telephone consultations were arranged for overcrowded calls, only in the afternoon shift there were an average of 20 calls per hour.
    Ramos said that the telephone has tripled since the confirmed cases in the province.
    Also, both the nursing and public hospitals receive a large influx of patients for consultations.
    For this reason, Carlos Baez, secretary of Health and pediatrician specializing in nemonolog?a said that parents of healthy children should not do consulting control, but to reschedule the dates to avoid the contagion of the small.
    Also, the health official said that those who have flu and not showing signs of serious sleep performing at home and avoid going out to public spaces and mass attendance.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: 2nd death reported in Missiones Province


    Was interned in POSADAS
    Influenza A: a new confirmed death in Missions

    This is a man of 40 years who worked as a driver of long distance service and in recent days "had contact with a contingent of tourists." It is the second fatal victim in that province.

    A man of 40 years died of influenza A in Misiones, where four other cases were confirmed and are fifteen in total, health authorities reported today in this province.

    Official sources said the last fatality of the disease was a driver of long distance service which was placed a long two days in a private hospital Posadas.

    With regard to possible links between the disease, the provincial secretary of Health, Carlos Baez, said the man was in contact with a contingent of tourists who visited recently Missions, whose members moved from Buenos Aires. "

    Introducing advanced symptoms of pneumonia, the driver was taken to the Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology (IOT) from Posadas, but died yesterday, after which it performed the analysis of influenza A, with positive results.

    Also, the official confirmed the detection of four others in Posadas, Eldorado, Puerto Libertad and Puerto Iguazu, but gave no details about how to have contracted the disease.

    However, the officer said "Well, this picture of the situation shows that virus is already among us and need extra preventive measures."

    According to official records, the driver was the second fatality of influenza A in this province since the first was a remisero of San Vicente, who was interned in Eldorado in early June, where he died two days later.

    Following the proliferation of cases under study, from the portfolio of Provincial Public Health was resolved not to distribute the number of cases.

    With the aim of preventing the spread of the disease, decided to stay Missions are given classes in all levels from 6 to July 10, after which they begin the winter break which will last until the 26th of the month .

    Meanwhile, the provincial government ordered a fair administration throughout the public sector bodies, and from 6 to July 27, like the Universidad Nacional de Misiones (UNAM)

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