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Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases

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    Re: Misiones Province: suspected/confirmed cases


    29-09-2009 16:45:00
    Declare end of pandemic influenza in Missions

    After the decline of cases, the health portfolio decided to end with alertness afecci?n.Los affected by the disease are confirmed in the 195 and there were 21 deaths. In the last week epidemiologic new cases were reported in missionary health portfolio.

    Most confirmed cases in August and September are the respiratory syncytial virus
    Since September 15, 2009 was declared an end in the Misiones province of influenza pandemic as such because prudent that within 45 days from the first of August saw a decline in complaints to casossospechosos Similar levels of seasonal influenza in previous years.
    Moreover, in the Weekly Epidemiological last part, the Ministry of Health Mission reported that there were no reported cases of influenza A or vector-borne diseases such as visceral leishmaniasis, dengue or yellow fever from the laboratory of Anlis / Malbr?n or Hospital of Pediatrics.
    Also, from the health portfolio specified that most of the cases confirmed by the Hospital of Pediatrics in August and September so far are for the Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), which is the most frequently isolated viruses in the flu seasonal.
    Moreover, until last week had confirmed 21 deaths by the new influenza, with a total of 195 persons registered with the condition by analysis of reference laboratories, Malbr?n of Pediatric Buenos Aires and Posadas, Misiones.
    With regard to leishmaniasis, since the confirmation of the latter two cases at the Hospital of Pediatrics in two female infants, 4 and 5 months, from localities in the interior of the province there were no new patients with the condition.
    From Public Health reported that both children had good evolution and the first of those affected is already high. Are maintained in 50 people affected by visceral leishmaniasis in the Province.
    For his part, Minister of Health of Argentina, Juan Manzur, said influenza, yellow fever, dengue and the global financial crisis "are threats" to the health systems of the region, exposing to the assembly Annual Pan American Health Organization in Washington.
    The official said that among the new challenges facing health systems in the region "is the emergence of threats such as pandemic influenza A, the re-emergence of diseases like yellow fever and dengue, and the global economic crisis .