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6th death in Rosario, Santa Fe

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  • 6th death in Rosario, Santa Fe


    Influenza A: six were killed in Rosario
    01/07/2009 06:24 |Sources close to the health authorities said this morning that sixth fatal victim in Rosario as a result of influenza A. In this case it would be a woman with a prior hepatitis table. Important recommendations for pregnant women

    Both the case yesterday as it became known early this morning are for patients with a prior commitment to health. On the day before, according to officials of Public Health was a young immunosuppressed as a result of a neural disease which was interned in a public effector.

    Last night, the provincial secretary of Health Debora Ferrandini stated that throughout the Santa Fe is 1,500 cases of influenza A.

    "There may be some other event not reported, because there are people who take it as a cold and not being registered," said the official.

    In this regard, he added: "No fewer than 3,000 people were affected so far and were able to spread the virus."

    Ferrandini identified as red zones to Rosario, Santa Fe and Deer Tuerto and reiterated that "it is not necessary to confirm with laboratory tests each case to be included as an influenza A".

    Ferrandini renewed the request for suspension of all calls in massive spaces that are not absolutely essential. " And stressed the value of the distance from public areas and working people with high fever and other symptoms of influenza.


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    Re: 6th death in Rosario, Santa Fe-revised to 4


    Clarify that only four deaths by influenza A in Rosario

    Rosario .- The Secretariat of Public Health, Rosario said this afternoon that four fatal cases of confirmed influenza A in Rosario, leaving the crossing of speaking versions of most killed by the pandemic. Yesterday a man died in the HECA was said that he had the virus, but assert that the results were negative.

    The secretary of Public Health, Rosario, Luis Dimenza told that confirmed cases of influenza A in death by four Rosario. She is a woman who died in the immune sanatorium of the UOM, another who died in the sanatorium Delta which was submitted to dialysis sessions, in a man and a woman Laprida twenty years he was interned in HECA.

    Meanwhile, he noted that 61 years of a man who died yesterday in the HECA was accused of being the fifth victim of fatal influenza A, but Dimenza said that tests to identify whether this was the virus were negative.

    Were also studies in a young woman who died today at the HECA due to respiratory failure. This evening will be the results to see if infected with influenza A H1N1.
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      Re: 6th death in Rosario, Santa Fe


      Rosario died a couple for influenza A sixth victim, and there would be fatal

      Publication Date: 01/07/2009 | 19:01 Translate

      He suffered a respiratory disease sequelae

      Recommend the most extreme security to women who are enrolled in a pregnancy.

      A young man who suffered a respiratory illness victim died yesterday of influenza A and became the fifth victim caused by the fatal disease in Rosario in the last week.

      In addition, a woman died this morning at the Hospital de Emergencias Clemente Alvarez from Rosario and became the fatal victim number six for Influenza A in Rosario in the last four days, according to the newspaper Rosario 3.

      Secretary of Health of Santa Fe, D?bora Ferrandini, the agency confirmed that the citizen DyN Rosario died in yesterday afternoon after contracting the influenza A (H1N1), but emphasized that "carrying a sequels neumonal severe disease."

      Ferrandini confirmed Tuesday the death of two others to the disease. In statements to the press, the official noted that the deaths, a pregnant woman and a man immunosuppressed, occurred on Monday.

      Health authorities in the province recalled that they met on Sunday the deaths of two other people affected by the virus.

      In this way the dead were six in Santa Fe because of the new flu, everyone in the area of Rosario and its environs. Ferrandini warned that "it is striking that the virus attacks the influenza A pregnant", and it recommended "the most extreme security measures" in this risk group.

      With respect to the deceased, said to have occurred in the "node Rosario" and noted that "two of them occurred in patients who had to be an important immune disease."

      In other cases, while one was a young adult that had no basis in pathology and the other a pregnant woman, "he said. Moreover, health authorities Rosario noted that only in this city and its hinterland were 1500 confirmed cases of the new flu, although health facilities estimated to be 3000 patients.

      Santa Fe Health Minister, Miguel Angel Cappiello, denied to be suspended in the province before social events or cases of influenza A, while those who have advised that symptoms of the disease to stay in their homes.

      However, the government ordered the Santa Fe suspension of classes and passing of winter.
      01 July 2009 (The Coast)


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        Re: 6th death in Rosario, Santa Fe


        Demand in the guards doubled
        There are six dead in the city of Rosario
        On Wednesday morning a woman died in HECA. Health municipal guards stepped their hospitals, where consultations were made to double by the new influenza. Moreover, the authorities took to clarify that the provision of antiviral and the studies are insured. Yes there is a shortage of chinstrap, but in the prisons began to manufacture.
        01-07-2009 | 16:56 hs.
        Author: Agenciafe Source: Rosario 3

        A woman died Wednesday morning at the Emergency Hospital and Clemente Alvarez became victim number six fatal influenza A in Rosario in the last four days. At the national level would be 44 deaths.

        Moreover, this Tuesday afternoon was the fifth fatal victim in Santa Fe for the new flu. This would be a young person immunocompromised Rosario, who was carrying a severe sequelae of neuronal disease. Sunday was the first two reported deaths, and on Monday the number had risen to four.

        The other deaths occurred where the epidemic are: Province of Buenos Aires (29), the Federal Capital (six), in Corrientes (two) and Misiones (a). In the last official party mentioned 1587 people infected, although the real figure is multiplied several times.

        Ensure attention

        Given the sharp increase in medical consultations for influenza A, the local Public Health Department said that care is provided in the guards of the municipal hospitals after reinforcements have in them. Demand in the effectors Rosario rose on average by 70 percent since the beginning of the epidemic of influenza and other diseases of cold season. For the same reason shifts were extended to pediatric controls and healthy adults. In addition, provincial authorities said that there is no risk of missing drugs, distributed by the State for free.

        "They were all enhanced services and redoubled the efforts of staff to the attention of thousands of Rosario attending hospital daily to watch", informed the council Tuesday, and gave details of the increase in consultations.

        Reportedly, at Children's Hospital Victor J. Vilela number of patients rose by 90 percent, and this Monday his guard were treated in 600 children. In the health center were suspended surgeries scheduled.

        In the case of Hospital Roque S?enz Pe?a, demand climbed a hundred percent and the first day this week there were 510 people, including adults and juveniles.

        The same situation occurred in hospitals and Alberdi Carrasco, and from the Ministry of Health also highlighted that 60 percent of the queries originate from respiratory problems.

        Drug studies and chinstrap

        Moreover, the authorities came to clarify some of the fears that are installed on part of the population, such as lack of drugs to combat the flu or lack of inputs, for example, make the samples in Cemar Rosario.

        In response to that concern, the Director of Epidemiology in Santa Fe, July Befani, reassured the public and stated that "in the province is guaranteed providing ozeltamivir (Tamiflu, the brand name), the WHO suggested that antiviral treatment for of influenza A ".

        "This week will more doses of Buenos Aires, and we can ensure that everyone who needs the drug, with it," said Befani in dialogue with, and detailed the procedure to access the ozeltamivir.

        From the laboratory Cemar, moreover, confirmed to the Mobile Channel 3 that there was no congestion collapse due to lack of reagents and studies to determine whether or not a patient has H1N1 virus are performed normally.

        Chinstrap made in prison

        Instead it could have no chinstrap effectors in public for the week since they said the Health Department at Radio City 2, which gave about 15 thousand last Friday and are awaiting a new line from Buenos Aires.

        Therefore, from this Wednesday will begin to produce chinstrap in three prisons in the province of Santa Fe to serve the prison service but also hospitals.

        First begin to take place in Pi?ero and two other prison units, and from July 10 prisoners Coronda also be added to production. Autarchic from the Institute of Prison Industries (Iapip) confirmed that the sewing will be responsible for supplying an order of SIES thousand units held by the Ministry of Health.

        Situation in watches

        In the pediatric guards, the most frequent reasons for consultations are originated in sneezing, nasal congestion, sore throat, cough, fever, angina, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchiolitis.

        "It should be noted that the opening of the new guard in Roque S?enz Pe?a was able to decompress the referral to other effectors. There was also an improvement in the attention from the implementation of the short attention that the child is to have two or three hours in a watch aerosol under medical supervision ", it added.

        While it may be recalled that in the laboratory of the Center for Outpatient Services Medical Specialties (Cemar) the swabs are analyzed influenza A referred by professionals, so patients should not participate directly. So far 140 samples were analyzed for the province of Santa Fe


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          Re: 6th death in Rosario, Santa Fe


          Online Edition | 02-07-2009 | 22:15
          Last Updated | 22:30

          Five of them are confirmed, all belonging to Rosario
          There are seven fatal cases in the province with symptoms related to influenza A

          Secretary of Health, Debora Ferrandini, explained that for seasonal influenza body builds immunity to vaccine and risk groups, which does not occur with influenza, which is why there were many cases in a short time. He also said that with the measures of prevention and prophylaxis should be an exercise in commitment and solidarity of society.

          Secretary of Health of the province, D?bora Ferrandini, confirmed tonight that the deaths in the province with symptoms related to Influenza A total of seven cases. Of these, five are confirmed as positive (all in the city of Rosario), while the other two are awaiting the results of the analysis.

          The official also explained that "in our very transmissibility is circulating respiratory syncytial virus, which is of concern to us all winter, so we have a combination of the two epidemics (syncytial virus and influenza) in children. But in adults, the vast majority of flu are Influenza A, "which recalled that since the Ministry of Health are considering any flu as influenza A."

          On the concern of the population before the pandemic situation, Ferrandini said that "it is understandable, because the health emergency was declared, were suspended ?ulicas activities, elections, then it is logical that people assume that we have a situation of extreme gravity, and this is so at some point, but not numerically: the vast majority of reported flu and are disqualified as data, because very little people who served in relation to the amount of people engripa. "

          In this regard, the secretary of Health said that "we think we are not mistaken if he believes in people in 5000 had been restored and flu or flu are having at this time. This is common observation: you go to any work environment is safe and with people who were a couple of days with fever and then it happened discomfort. That could have been influenza A, and not a doctor and led to much less notice. These people are restored without any sequelae and that is what happens in the vast majority of cases. "

          However, Ferrandini also acknowledged that "there is a huge number of cases requiring hospitalization, and what is striking is that it is younger people who are not usually that has affected the seasonal flu." This seasonal flu affects far fewer people because, as explained by the doctor, "every year we build our immunity and vaccination for groups at risk," but this does not happen to combat influenza, "which is why in so little time so many people are affected by influenza A. "

          An exercise of solidarity and commitment

          The official was interviewed tonight on the Theme of the Day, which is broadcast daily on the cable channel C and D (20 to 21). They pointed out that anyone can get sick from the flu at any time, "which means that no one will die, even going to make some form of pneumonia that requires hospitalization. Most likely that means in two days in fever, feeling ill and need a bit to rest. " In such cases are asked to affected during seven days, even though they feel well, they are isolated at home and use chinstrap. "

          This order, like the health emergency and other steps taken, and the precautions that are recommended, "are primarily to protect those few who, sick, they might have become more complicated. This is an unusual year for our social practice but extremely valuable: we all commit ourselves in a very great effort to save the health of a small number of people who could benefit from this act of solidarity, "he explained.

          Finally, Ferrandini reviewed some of the measures of prevention and more effective prophylaxis can be implemented in homes and workplaces: the use of a chinstrap, which is the most practical, or other item that cover the nose and mouth, which is an efficient barrier to isolate respiratory secretions such as coughing, sneezing and even talking, which are the ways of the influenza virus from person to person through the air (which takes very little).

          While on the surface the virus can last a few hours, so we recommend washing surfaces more frequently than is done routinely, and do it with water and lavandin to 1 percent.

          He also said that "we have to assume the practice of washing hands frequently, not a bar of soap that you can use someone else, because the soap can get the virus, which can scratch the soap so that is not shared . Otherwise, you can use liquid soap, which is more practical.


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            Re: 6th death in Rosario, Santa Fe


            Confirmed two more deaths from Influenza A in Rosario

            While stating the health emergency in Santa Fe for 90 days, the provincial secretary of Health Debora Ferrandini confirmed two new deaths from Influenza A in Rosario. In this way, since the seven deaths from the disease reported in that city.

            The official reported that the victims were two young adults. " One of them, he added, belonged to a risk group because it was "immunosuppressed"
            . He also explained that "a total of more than 1600 registered cases," and that "could be as high as 10,000, mainly in the cities of Rosario and Santa Fe

            Ferrandini remarked that now the focus of the actions implemented aims to mitigate the wave of virus infections. "That will be the key social distancing from people," he said.

            In this regard, said the H1N1 virus is characterized by a rapid spread, "but remarked that" so far there is little amount of fatalities. " However, admitted that "there were many people who were affected by the virus in a very slight".