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45 were killed by the influenza A in Argentina

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  • 45 were killed by the influenza A in Argentina


    43 were killed by the influenza A in Argentina

    In the province of Buenos Aires there are 29 deaths from the virus, while in the city are six fatalities. Santa Fe has five deaths, Corrientes, with two, and Missions, with a. They denounce "subanotaci?n of fatalities and 15,000 affected

    The number of deaths by influenza A in Argentina amount to 43, with 29 in the province of Buenos Aires, six in the City, five in Santa Fe, two in Misiones and Corrientes. Also, note that the number of infected in the country reached 15,000, well above the 1587 in the last party official was disclosed last Friday.

    It may be recalled that yesterday the head of the health bonaerense Claudio Zin said that there were 29 fatal cases in the province. Meanwhile, his counterpart at the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires, Jorge Lemus, confirmed six patients died in the city of Buenos Aires by the new influenza virus A/H1N1.

    Bonaerense territory, would have killed a child product of the virus, while three other children who go to the same school that the victim would be infected. Meanwhile, in Berazategui died Paula Reyes, a nurse who worked 37 years at the Hospital Evita Pueblo.

    In the city of Buenos Aires, killing three people who were interned at the Italian Hospital. These are in addition to the deaths of a pregnant student and a teacher who attended the School of Dentistry, University of Buenos Aires, in this Capital.

    In fact, yesterday, the Italian medical infectologists Hospital Alejandra Valledor confirmed that the total number of patients attended, recorded the death of three persons not included in the list of deceased national health portfolio. Speaking to Mega 98.3, Valledor explained that the official records there is a "subanotaci?n" of the fatal cases, as well as how many people are affected.

    These deaths are in addition to five reported in Santa Fe, more precisely in Rosario. The latter was a young man who suffered a respiratory illness and died yesterday of influenza A victim

    Meanwhile, in Corrientes, a couple who lost their lives to the disease. However, this would be the second case, since the June 20 would have died from the virus 61 years of a man who had "other serious health complications such as diabetes, heart disease and a localized infection in a prosthetic hip" published the Chronicle newspaper.

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    Re: 45 were killed by the influenza A in Argentina


    A flu: more deaths reported by the flu, and 45 have died throughout the country

    Two new suspected cases were heard by this time. A woman died in Rosario for the new disease, which increases the number of deaths in Santa Fe six. On the other hand, a student died of a college of Tigre. Infected exceed official figures.

    Two new suspected cases of influenza A is known in the past few hours, to be raised to 45 the number killed by the disease. It is hoped that the information is officially confirmed by health authorities in both places.

    Is known so far that the Santa Fe claim that a young woman died this Wednesday morning at the Emergency Hospital of Rosario Clemente ?lvarez due to influenza A, according to published Rosario3 site.

    The new death in addition to those already registered in that city, and increase the number of deaths to six. Women, immunocompromised, dragged a neuronal disease with severe sequelae. Between last Sunday and Monday were the first four known deaths in the province.

    On the other hand, some media said at noon on Wednesday that a student at a college in Tigre have died of A/H1N1 virus.

    With these new data, the official number of deaths at the national level would amount to 45: 30 in the province of Buenos Aires (counting the last of Tigre), 6 in the City 2, Corrientes, Misiones and one in St. 6 Fe (only 4 of them were confirmed by health authorities in the province).

    Remember that since last Friday, the Ministry of Health of the Nation does not issue an official with the new data.
    In addition, various agencies indicate that the number of infected in the country reached 15,000, well above the 1587 in the last part of the official health portfolio.

    The imminent development of influenza A in our country, and provoked the resignation of Graciela Oca?a as minister of Health on Monday and taking as his replacement by Juan Manzur two days later.


    The director of the Department of Information of the Ministry of Public Health, Anal?a Chumpitaz officially confirmed that four people died affected by influenza A (H1N1) in the city of Rosario, but said they are investigating two other cases.

    "We have three people killed in the private sector and fourth in the public sector and deaths are recorded as cases of influenza A, and two other not yet defined," he told Telam Chumpitaz.

    The expert added that "there are two others (cases of deceased individuals) that are not defined, because you do not have the diagnosis."

    One of those two suspected cases of fatal falls to a woman who died this morning at Clemente Alvarez Hospital and the second case was a young man who was suffering from a neuronal disease.

    On Sunday last, the provincial Ministry of Health has reported the first two deaths, and the next day joined by two other cases in the Santa Fe.
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