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A/H1N1 confirmed/suspect deaths reported in Corrientes

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    Re: A/H1N1 2 confirmed/ 10 suspect deaths reported in Corrientes


    Google translation:

    With 5 new positive and amounted to 94 total cases of influenza A H1N1 in Corrientes

    With three additional suspicious deaths amounted to 19 the total sample who died while awaiting determination of which five were confirmed.
    According to the most recent results emanating from the Malbran ANLIS, Corrientes at present 94 new cases of influenza, of which 91 correspond to the national reference laboratory and the other 3 lab tests Manlab, while 3 new suspicious deaths amounted to 19 the total sample died awaiting determination while 5 were confirmed.

    This was reported in hours of the siesta the Minister of Health of the Province, Adolf Schneider, who confirmed the entry of new 5 Malbr?n by the positive and the registration of deaths related to 3 new pictures of the flu, which occurred recently in the towns of San Luis del Palmar, Virasoro and Capital.

    Given that the pace of confirmations of cases there is also a significant number of discards, Schneider said that so far are 250 suspicious samples for which results are expected in a basic, today reported 386 swabs made from June 18 this year.

    With regard to records of the day in the Central Laboratory of the Province, today admitted 14 people suspected samples from the localities Mercedes (1), Santa Rosa (1), Laguna Brava (1), Curuz? Cuati? (2) and Capital (9) whose ages range between 12 days and 59 years in a group where 4 patients were children.

    About the inmates, the minister Schneider said that "the records are falling in our schools, the whole system is working very well according to schedule because correntino with no need for inpatient care is free."

    Thus, 75 patients were placed in central hospitals in the capital, another 21 are in hospitals in the Interior and are 29 people in hospitals and clinics, which total 38 patients enrolled out placement services in intensive care.


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      Re: A/H1N1 2 confirmed/ 10 suspect deaths reported in Corrientes


      Google translation:

      [30/07/2009] | Home
      medical malpractice claim
      Free: confirmed death from influenza A in a young pregnant woman
      The wife of 21 years came to the border town in serious condition since Pucheta stop. The family said it would have been placed in patients with influenza.
      Two of the five fatalities in the province confirmed so far are from Paso de los Libres. The most recent is that of a young pregnant woman aged 21 who came with a very advanced symptoms compatible with those of influenza, from rural Pucheta stop. Was placed in intensive care at a private clinic, but unfortunately died a few days.
      The family alleged that the couple would have been placed next to people who had the virus, so it may have accelerated his death, if not the main cause. We are now waiting for the latest results confirm a total.
      On the case, the hospital director Jose San Jose Legarreta noted that, from the public helped to trace the possible causes that led to the death of the girl, "but we could not even identify where there might be contracted virus. Talk with your family, with all the people that came in contact with her and apparently did not travel and had the preventive measures, "he said.
      At the end of the health emergency in the border town was a plateau of cases, after having supplied the antiviral about 70 people showed symptoms of influenza A.
      "With medication and preventive measures, I think we managed to stop the virus, although at this point, something will have changed," said Legarreta, in dialogue with the Republic.
      Since the arrival of the disease, the first victim of the city was a woman who arrived from Buenos Aires with a very advanced stage of cough, phlegm and fever. These days, waiting for the confirmation of third fatal victim.

      Patients in other cities
      Although the general feeling is calm, the past records of cases suspected of suffering from Corrientes influenza admitted to the Central Laboratory of the province came from Mercedes (1), Santa Rosa (1), Laguna Brava (1), Curuz? Cuati? (2 ) and Capital (9). The ages of patients ranged between 12 days and 59 years, while 4 of them are children.
      This week, the confirmation of five new positive cases by the Institute Malbr?n and three new tables related deaths that occurred recently in influenza San Luis del Palmar, Governor Virasoro Capital and put back to health authorities on alert.
      Although the estimated peak of the disease would have passed, the low temperatures continue and the return to public activity would contagion. Levels of prevention and awareness is maintained throughout the province.

      19 fatal cases
      Despite ending the health emergency declared by the Government, those infected continue to rise.
      Until yesterday, the total number of patients confirmed by Malbr?n Institute was 94, while 5 are already dead and three additional suspicious deaths, the dead are 19 tables associated with the virus.
      The figures were circulated by the Minister of Health of the Province, Adolf Schneider, who noted that although patients are around 100, there is a decrease in the number of inmates.
      "The whole system is working very well according to schedule, because correntino with no need for hospitalization is unattended," he said.


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        Re: A/H1N1 2 confirmed/ 10 suspect deaths reported in Corrientes


        Google translation:
        Seventies, the twenty fatalities
        Publication Date: Thursday, July 30, 2009

        A woman of 77 years became the twentieth suspected fatal victim of influenza A in the province. The woman, placed in a private sanitarium in this city died on Tuesday night by a respiratory ailment.
        In this regard, the Health Minister, Adolf Schneider, told El Litoral that the patient had a comorbidity, as she had COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). With this death, suspicious deaths from influenza A in Corrientes amounted to 20, listed the official said.
        He also said that no new cases were confirmed in the last few hours. So that is kept in total 94 cases of influenza A.


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          Re: A/H1N1 2 confirmed/ 10 suspect deaths reported in Corrientes

          Yesterday, add 6 positive samples
          Influenza A: Currents sum 8 confirmed deaths and a total of 123 cases
          Publication Date: Sunday, 02 August 2009

          With the Central Laboratory of the province whether suspect cases were influenza A H1N1, the numbers affected will rise rapidly. In two days, Corrientes counted 23 new patients with positive and three more deaths due to the virus.


          After initial results themselves, staff of the Central Laboratory held a reunion.
          NUMBERS flu
          The number of samples of suspect cases that remain without response from the Institute Malbr?n. This was confirmed by the Health Minister also explained that new studies are not high and were analyzed directly in the Central Laboratory of the province.

          THE DATA
          The owner of Public Health explained that the decentralization of laboratory studies "of the confirmations will be faster," and also noted that the reactions to the epidemiological situation that we are living in the province may also be.

          "The new samples are positive in that ancient time still received antiviral treatment and relevant social distancing measures, so do not think it has increased the risk of infection of healthy individuals after these results," he said yesterday Health Minister Adolfo Schneider. He did so after learning that the province had 123 confirmed cases and 8 deaths from influenza A.
          According to an official from the health portfolio in the province, the abstract reports of deaths of 5 positive samples identified by the national reference laboratory, the Institute Malbr?n; 1 private laboratory examinations Manlab and 2 cases confirmed by the recent Central Laboratory of the Province, following the decentralization of determinations of influenza.
          What makes the number of falls by the influenza A H1N1 virus reaches a total of 8 in Corrientes. While still waiting the results of the Institute Malbr?n about 22 other suspected samples.
          It was also learned that according to the latest determinations of the chemical laboratory of the Central Province of the total cases, including recovered, climbed to 123 (in two days is a total of 23 cases) after yesterday confirmed 6 new cases . It should be noted that recent positive tests are for people affected by the pandemic to come from the towns of Mercedes, Virasoro, and Sao Tome, mostly as is so far the trend of capital.

          In this sense, Schneider, emphasized "the new positive samples are old." While, with regard to consultation and hospitalization rates of patients with new tables related to the flu or any of the types of influenza, he reiterated that "are low in free-fall as the demand for care time decreases although we must remain vigilant until the end of this seasonal period. "
          Also on the tests from now on in the province (with specialized equipment and resources of the Central Laboratory), the provincial official said the simplest way possible that "what we do with the complexity in our laboratory is to identify those samples affected by influenza type A, so applying them on antiviral treatment needed and reject those that do not correspond with the new flu. "
          Consulted on this approach for identifying possible cases, he added that "there are many types of influenza, at least identify the type A allows us to provide immediate care to suspects stronger and avoid unnecessary treatments engripados common."


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            Re: A/H1N1 2 confirmed/ 10 suspect deaths reported in Corrientes


            Influenza A: The latest deaths were from the capital who were 40 years
            Date Published: Monday, 03 August 2009

            A man and two women of this city became the latest victims of lethal influenza A in the province. With new samples studied, the Central Laboratory is looking for results of more cases today.

            With the reagent kit sent by Nation, the Central Laboratory can analyze up to 100 samples of suspected influenza A.
            Since the Central Laboratory of the Province began to perform virological influenza A, the result of samples for the disease is facilitated. Thus, in recent hours, the center reported two deaths from this cause, while the Institute of Malbr?n Buenos Aires posted a new report on fatalities. These last 3 deaths, according to the Ministry of Public Health, is the capital of one patient age group between 40 and 45 years.
            With these numbers, the deaths by influenza A in the province amounted to 8, although the cause remains to reveal the other 22, whose initial diagnosis was due to respiratory conditions. So, between confirmed cases and fatalities from the disease, whose people are already recovered, those infected reached 123 in Corrientes.
            Consulted, the deputy director of the Epidemiology of health portfolio, Angelina Bobadilla, told El Litoral that recent deaths from influenza A is for persons from this city-a man and two women, aged between 40 and 45 years.
            In this way, is, according to the epidemiological analysis, the predominant age group are infected, between 40 and 50 years. For its part, the holder of the Central Laboratory, Gerardo Andino told this means that the center has already been tested over 34 samples. This analysis of the influenza A virus H1N1 can be done by sending a PCR kit from the Nation last week, and whose work began to take place on Wednesday.
            However, it is worth remembering that the only kit to analyze 100 samples, so in the course of the week, increased testing will be necessary for the health portfolio strengthen national laboratory equipment.
            Andino also said that during the course of today may be new notifications as tens of samples are being processed through these times.

            Infected domestic
            According to the report of the Ministry of Health, Nation, more than 400 thousand Argentines were infected by influenza A. These are patients treated in public hospitals and private clinics across the country. While some 270 people died from the virus H1N1 (83 in Santa Fe only), although there are more than 200 cases of deaths are examined to confirm the presence of the new flu.
            These data reported by the national health portfolio and disseminated by the newspaper La Nacion for analysis in all 24 districts. The figure is also a picture of the situation in the middle of last month. There is an update in the nearest time as a consequence of the delay in reporting of influenza-like diseases (ETI, see box).


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              Re: A/H1N1 2 confirmed/ 10 suspect deaths reported in Corrientes


              29 deaths from respiratory diseases
              Posted on 03/08/2009

              While awaiting the results' official 'confirmation of 21 others, rose to eight killed by Influenza A. 8 people were killed in Corrientes, which belong to the 'universe' of 29 deaths from respiratory diseases, while remaining 21 cases were confirmed if influenza A.

              The Ministry of Health reported that the total was 8 of Influenza H1N1 confirmed dead, according to the latest determinations of the chemical laboratory of the Central Province while the total cases, including a recovered is 123 patients. The summary reports of deaths of 5 positive samples identified by the national reference laboratory, the Institute Malbr?n; 1 private laboratory analysis and clinical Manlab last 2 cases confirmed by the Central Provincial Laboratory, following the decentralization of determinations of influenza.


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                Re: A/H1N1 2 confirmed/ 10 suspect deaths reported in Corrientes


                Corrientes, Tuesday August 4, 2009 Forecast: T: 12 H: 86%
                NEW PEAK IS EXPECTED
                Currents in the region the most infected of Influenza A H1N1 has

                Until the last hours of the night of Monday, the Ministry of Health of the province confirmed that 123 were infected by influenza A, 8 of whom died. As is the Nea, the figure is the highest. Since the health portfolio warned that there could be a resurgence.

                No change in the number of infected in Corrientes, Influenza A H1N1 is like entering a plateau. But it is the highest in the whole region, because the 123 cases ratified by the health authorities in other jurisdictions doubles as Chaco and Formosa.

                Also in regard to death also differs from neighboring districts. Eight to have this province, while the closest is 6 confirmations missions, and 61 infected.

                The Chaco has 52 confirmed infections and deaths from the swine flu. Formosa while still in the grid of new infections, with 77. But there are no fatalities reported by health authorities in that jurisdiction.

                Latest data

                As far as Corrientes, the latest confirmation of H1N1 Influenza A date last Friday, when 6 were reported as positive cases, with the total to 123.

                In terms of deaths, the Institute Malbr?n 5, 1 laboratory testing Manlab and 2 Central Laboratory of the province, both ultimately confirmed.

                Continue to await results, meanwhile, another 21 suspected samples of deceased persons whose determinations come from the national reference laboratory.


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                  Re: A/H1N1 2 confirmed/ 10 suspect deaths reported in Corrientes


                  situation in the province due to the H1N1 influenza
                  Corrientes province is the sixth most deaths confirmed influenza A
                  With eight deaths confirmed by different laboratories, is the district of the Northeast with more deaths from the virus. On the other hand, is expected to confirm at least 23 other deaths. Buenos Aires and Santa Fe is located at the top. Schneider downplayed statistics.
                  Although far from Buenos Aires and Santa Fe, now 123 confirmed and 83 deaths from influenza A since last May, Corrientes, with 8 deaths, ranks sixth among the provinces with most deaths from the disease, ratified by the laboratory, according to the Part released yesterday by the Ministry of Health of the Nation.

                  On the other hand, the figure could increase if the other 23 confirmed deaths are suspicious, entered by the Ministry of Public Health in the province. Statistics disseminated by the national health portfolio, coincide almost entirely with the view to meet local, demonstrating that the tasks in terms of counts, seems to have normalized after some differences of weeks ago, the parties with respect to medical and one other body.
                  In Corrientes, while the part on the situation of pandemic influenza A H1N1 occurs every day, the truth is that the news show that there are no changes in the statistics for the last Friday, that is six days ago.
                  Last night, until the closing of this edition was not news on new cases confirmed or discarded in Corrientes. Moreover, while awaiting the arrival of supplies to continue the work, from the Central Laboratory of the Province reported that they continue to conduct analysis of samples of suspected premises.
                  The laboratory correntino just last week began the activity, although it has long looked forward to the blessing of the nation to test samples of suspected cases. In fact, the party promoted by the national health portfolio, it was reported that confirmation of cases of Influenza A H1N1 was carried out in 18 provincial and national laboratories, public and private, located in City of Buenos Aires and the provinces of Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Cordoba and Mendoza. That is, never mention that of Corrientes.
                  Since the health portfolio stated that the new flu pandemic is stabilized flows, but also noted that it increased the number of confirmed cases since the Central Laboratory of the Province, since last Thursday, the samples studied and diagnosed disease.
                  Within this framework, the Minister of Public Health, Adolph Schneider said that there are 129 positive cases of H1N1 virus, most of whom were treated and patients are in good health. "
                  Also noted and confirmed national figures regarding the number of cases that reached a fatal stage on provincial territory. "She keeps in the eight confirmed deaths and 23 deaths suspected to have respiratory diseases, which are still awaiting the results of the analysis to know whether they were caused by this new disease," said Schneider.

                  Statistics disseminated by the health officer, matching the national medical unveiled yesterday morning.
                  Note that the 129 local cases of influenza A were confirmed by parties, in three clinical centers approved. Specifically, 111 cases were confirmed by the national reference Malbr?n 15 by the Central Laboratory of the Province and 3 by the private school Manlab (see details in table relationships).

                  "It's anecdotal,"
                  With regard to the amount of statistics and infected with influenza A in Corrientes, Schneider described as "anecdotal" to the number of cases and clarified that "in other provinces are waiting for answers more often."
                  He stressed that "viral traffic across the country declined," it denied that in possible cases of suspected influenza A in the schools "will not return to closed classrooms, or classes will be suspended."
                  Speaking to Radio Two, Schneider, referring to comparisons with other provinces with regard to influenza A, said: "We must not do any competition with none."
                  "I think we did things well Corrientes, close gambling houses, cinemas, schools, so that the virus continues to circulate. Today I can proudly say that no correntino has been unattended, "said Schneider.


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                    Re: A/H1N1 2 confirmed/ 10 suspect deaths reported in Corrientes


                    Influenza A: detected another suspicious death
                    Publication Date: Sunday, 09 August 2009

                    Yesterday he met another victim of fatal illnesses compatible with influenza A, but will wait for confirmation. The Central Laboratory continues to receive federal and reagents proceed with the purchase. Reaffirm that the disease is controlled.

                    Geipe TO THE FACT
                    From the Central Laboratory noted that unlike Malbr?n it takes between 15 and 20 days to confirm cases, local analysis results delayed between 48 and 72 hours.

                    Since mid-week, left the Central Laboratory for testing of suspected samples of influenza A H1N1 by the lack of reagents and expected since the dispatch of the Nation. They argue that this complicates the understanding of the state of viral circulation in the province. Yesterday saw the death of a person with severe respiratory problems in addition to long waiting list for confirmation.
                    The decentralization of tasks in the study of suspected samples were concluded just a week and then be discontinued because the National Health did not respond to the request for provision of reagents.
                    In this regard, Undersecretary of Health, Emilio Lanari, told here that the recent meeting of COFESA had a commitment from the head of the health, Juan Manzur, to send a small party soon.
                    While advancing the efforts of the provincial government for the purchase of another.
                    Also, the official stressed that in that meeting reaffirmed that the disease is controlled and hence the directives were addressed in the planning of preventive measures against dengue and yellow fever.
                    With the number of cases, Lanari said that there had been no news. Ie maintaining the number of confirmed in 151, of which 9 were faltales.
                    Also reported that was reported yesterday a suspicious death. A woman of 50 years who died after suffering severe respiratory disease, in which 33 additional deaths since the beginning of the pandemic of influenza A.
                    From the Central Laboratory, the holder Gerardo Andino, confirmed that the lack of response from Health of the Nation on the provision of reagents, complicating the detection of cases and knowledge of the state of viral circulation.
                    According to, "on Wednesday were left to analyze samples of influenza A suspect entered the lab," and said that despite the request submitted to the national health portfolio on the need for another batch of reagents to unzip the institute's work Malbr?n "was not received until today (yesterday) a response."
                    He stressed that the decentralization of analysis would have enabled the rapid detection and confirmation of positives and negatives of the disease. What was now impossible because they lack the necessary equipment to perform appropriate testing. In this regard he added that having the kits and reagents are essential when it is returned to the public activities of the province and governed the possibility of a resurgence of cases of this disease.


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                      Re: A/H1N1 confirmed/suspect deaths reported in Corrientes


                      Corrientes, Wednesday August 12 2009 Forecast: T: 17 H: 66%
                      9 dead and 169 confirmed cases of Influenza A in Corrientes

                      Currents recorded to date 169 confirmed cases of Influenza A H1N1, of which 9 are dead, although trends show that levels of consultation and treatment are descended from the last two weeks epidemiology.

                      Of confirmations, based on the latest data issued from the Epidemiology Branch of the Ministry of Public Health, 142 cases were reported by the National Reference Laboratory, the institute Malbr?n; other 3 were determined in the laboratory of clinical analysis Manlab and 15 were reported from the Central Laboratory of the Province.

                      With regard to deaths associated with respiratory diseases, were confirmed dead so far in Table 9 of Influenza A H1N1 as the cause of 23 other deaths still pending determination of the central level.

                      On Friday the committee will meet again on Collision of Influenza A H1N1 in the Situation Room of the provincial health portfolio, about 640 Cordova Street, where the Minister of Public Health, Adolf Schneider, and members of his cabinet will work on the next steps to conform to the epidemiological situation of the new flu, including on the management of communication.

                      Rather, it incorporates these days to the agenda of priorities of the provincial health portfolio early implementation of management policies related to preventing and controlling dengue and yellow fever, vector-borne diseases that lurk in the arrival of high temperatures , starting with the month of September.


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                        Re: A/H1N1 confirmed/suspect deaths reported in Corrientes



                        Currents recorded 170 cases of Influenza A H1N1
                        (Public Information) with two recent determinations on deaths occurring in the local capital and Empedrado, negative and positive respectively, Currents recorded 10 deaths so far confirmed Influenza A H1N1, with the total cases in the province amounted to 170

                        This report from the Epidemiology Branch of the Ministry of Public Health, where the owner of the area, Angelina Bobadilla, also stated that the deaths, 8 (7 positive and 1 negative) were reported by the National Reference Laboratory, the institute Malbrán others reported 2 confirmed from the Central Laboratory of the Province and 1 was identified by Manlab, private laboratory for testing.

                        Anyway, he explained that so far recorded in the database a total of 31 deaths associated with respiratory diseases, so then subtracted to obtain determinations of 20 cases still under consideration.

                        As a story, the specialist Bobadilla said inter alia that "the two results posted today Malbrán, was discarded in a Capital and confirmed in another Empedrado", of which the equations were closed so far.


                        Influenza in Corrientes: 31 died from respiratory diseases
                        Posted on 14/08/2009

                        However, only 10 were killed by the H1N1 influenza, according to official data from the Province. In both cases, 170 were positive.

                        While official admits that 31 people died due to respiratory diseases was confirmed by a new influenza A death that brings to ten the victims of the deadly H1N1 influenza. However both the minister and his undersecretary Schneider Adolfo Emilio Lanari, ensure that 'fell' viral traffic school and not in danger in their continuity.

                        Determinations with two deaths occurred in our Capital and Empedrado, one negative and one positive, Corrientes registered ten died from Influenza A by which the total cases in the province amounted to 170 patients. The Deputy Director of Public Health Epidemiology, Angelina Bobadilla out that the total deaths, seven were reported by the Institute Malbrán, two in the Central Provincial Laboratory and identified by a Manlab, private laboratory for testing. The official explained that records in the database a total of 31 deaths associated with respiratory diseases, so then subtracted to obtain determinations of 20 cases studied.

                        'SCHNEIDER LIE'

                        "In the hospitals are ordered to bring a cause of death other than the actual cases in which not even count as doubtful. For example, almost all being 'bilateral pneumonia' instead of Influenza A, then not only have or are suspected as possible when the count "(heard on Metropolitan)

                        170 positive cases

                        With 170 positive cases, 10 deaths are influenza A. Are confirmed cases of people killed by influenza. And 22 patients died suspects. Adolph Schneider argued that the procedure is implemented in Corrientes. "We are the only province that reported daily as the disease evolves and we know the numbers exactly," said the minister, who, however much of the last two weeks there were no major "news" about the pandemic and, suddenly, the initial two deaths had more than tripled, while in his words, decreased viral circulation. Regarding the suspension of the school insisted that "there is no epidemiological grounds to justify a suspension. What you have are coming elections and this is an intentional policy. The school will continue normally."
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                          Re: A/H1N1 confirmed/suspect deaths reported in Corrientes

                          figures linked to viral movement
                          Influenza A: is back and breathe easier health authorities
                          The trend and intensity, according to national monitoring, are in apparent decline. In addition there is an impact within the normal levels of demand for public services. Maintains current 170 confirmed cases and 11 deaths.
                          Current is maintained in 170 confirmed cases, 11 deaths and a marked decline in consultations for symptoms of influenza A. Restrictions issued for over a month for activities of public places have been lifted. Normality, even with the circulating virus is back, not only in the province but throughout the country.

                          According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization to monitor the pandemic on the follow-up of four indicators (trend, intensity, geographic dispersion and impact on the care of health), Argentina is currently in the epidemiological week 31, with a wide geographical dispersion, ie, cases are occurring in all provinces, a trend of decreasing the activity of respiratory disease as shown by the epidemiological surveillance of influenza-like illness (ETI), a high intensity activity TSI ie, there is still a higher proportion of population affected as expected for this time of year and there is a low impact on health services, ie the demand for healthcare is not higher than normal levels.
                          On August 13, the Ministry of Health of the Nation published the latest official part of the influenza A in the country. That report, which included data from May 17 to August 8, there were 793,637 cases of TSI. The provinces with the highest cumulative (over 300 cases per 10,000 inhabitants) are: Formosa, La Pampa, Misiones, Neuqu?n, Black River, Salta, Tierra del Fuego and Tucum?n. 6768 cases have been recorded. Total hospitalized for respiratory illness amounts to 5,999 (leaving 383 cases that were studied). In addition, 404 deaths were confirmed in 20 provinces, including Corrientes. Rioja, Catamarca, Formosa Tierra del Fuego and no reported deaths confirmed.
                          While the situation is improving, the virus circulation is maintained. For this reason, health authorities in the province, who have lifted the restrictions, calling the people to maintain precautions.


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                            Re: A/H1N1 confirmed/suspect deaths reported in Corrientes


                            DATOS OFFICIAL
                            And add two more confirmed 13 deaths from influenza A H1N1
                            (Mega 24) from the Ministry of Health confirmed two deaths from influenza A, which is 13 people killed by the H1N1 influenza virus throughout the province and in this context the minister said Adolph Schneider "in the first half this year there were 50 percent fewer deaths from respiratory disease compared to the first six months of last year.

                            The director of the Ministry of Health Epidemiology, Angelina Bobadilla gave a breakdown of Corrientes Agency that the data correspond to the report that was received this morning Malbr?n Institute of Buenos Aires, regarding samples that were sent from Corrientes in July.

                            "They are two male adults Capital, which joined with tables of respiratory infections and so he proceeded to make the analysis," he said.

                            From these new data, amounting to 13 deaths from influenza A, while the director revealed that Bobadilla was awaiting a response from more than 240 suspected cases.

                            "The results we are getting Malbr?n quite promptly and we will inform the extent that we have the confirmations," he said in that regard.

                            He explained that in July he sent between 10 and 15 daily analysis, but at the decline of cases in the last week were sent out between 6 and 8 samples every two days.

                            "We believe the health emergency is over and it shows in hospitals, since fewer and fewer patients admitted with respiratory infections," described.

                            For his part, Minister of Public Health, Adolf Schneider, said that "in the first half of this year saw 50 percent fewer deaths from respiratory disease compared to the first six months of last year.

                            Speaking to Radio Two explained that "generally the deaths this year compared to last year have been halved," and felt that was key to this "awareness that have made the media both national and provincial warning about whole problem. "

                            "There are other provinces where the situation was more delicate. I think in Corrientes has been protected very well since the number of consultations and deaths were not significant and this is due to measures already taken, "he said.

                            Finally, he recalled that "we were the first to close the schools, license to employees of public administration and has not been any correntino without appropriate attention.