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Deaths reported in Rosario- total 4

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  • Deaths reported in Rosario- total 4


    Overtaken by hospitals and health care consultations

    Influenza A: two dead and hundreds climbed confirmed cases

    Secretary of Health of the province, Dr. Deborah Ferrandini confirmed this afternoon that tested the first two deaths due to Influenza A, "two young people," on which he avoided giving further details. Are estimated at about 800 cases of influenza throughout the province.

    The drafting of the Coast

    Coast was able to talk this afternoon with Secretary of Health of the province, Dr. Deborah Ferrandini, who gave information of the first two deaths in Rosario. These would be young people who are detected the presence of H1N1 influenza in the laboratory and who also suffered from two diseases that compromised the defensive system. Ferrandini noted that "in both cases had diagnostic hypothesis" because the table were patients who were confirmed by laboratory.

    In addition, the officer explained that the health portfolio in Rosario, Santa Fe, Venado Tuerto and Casilda is no longer necessary to establish the epidemiological link and, therefore, who present box are treated as Avian Influenza A "because it has been dominated this virus "and that so far are about 800 reported cases.

    Another aspect on which placed particular emphasis on Dr. Ferrandini is to explain that one of the groups at risk are pregnant women. "Any pregnant woman who has symptoms of the flu should consult their doctor," he said, and in line with what was stated by Minister Miguel ?ngel Cappiello said that restricts the delivery of drugs to at-risk groups and pregnant women.

    High demand in Rosario

    The staircase of the hospital Alberdi was transformed into a cold and uncomfortable seat. At each step there are people waiting to be served nestled in a watch. Children are upa of the elderly, and all have since chinstrap. The youngest of colors, blue for boys and pink for girls. The delivery to each employee who signs up to be reviewed by a physician of the hospital Alberdi, in the north of Rosario. Taxi drivers waiting in the passenger door also carry chinstrap.

    Betty is sitting on the stairs next to his daughter Anabel for over five hours. They live in La Cer?mica, and girls of six years had cough and fever, a diagnosis that affects most of which also attest to the corridors. There are clinics that are open 24 hours because of increased consultation. In the last two days quintupled the number of people who came to this hospital, a doctor is to explain that in a frantic back and forth to account for the littoral cronista that two days ago that does not sleep. The young professional seeks only recourse to people who are hospitals with acute fever. "It is impossible to continue in this way," said a frantic while entering the clinics. A few seconds reappears and shouts: "Ferrari." A woman and her son about ten years with a blanket wrapped van quickly towards the hall.

    Health centers appear set to a script that only P. D. James could have imagined in their stories, but they are a reality in Rosario, where the public health system is collapsing and private. Therefore, the same doctors in hospitals prioritize the care of patients with influenza-like tables with high fever, over 38 and half, who could have contracted the flu. The attention of other diseases will be for another time.

    From one extreme to another

    At the other end of town, the hospital Child Victor J. Vilela consultations exceeded every record possible. Seven doctors attended on Friday to turn over 650 patients.

    Children's Hospital in Northern Region, the situation was similar to that of Vilela. Roxana Planellla, pediatric care center, said that in his last 24 hours guard on Friday, 400 people attended.

    One of the major companies that is dedicated to the care home was yesterday waiting for 24 hours. Had registered more than 2,000 calls in one day.

    "We leave kids by the ears of the number of queries. And if the media continue with the daily scrutiny of fatalities then the health situation will be exacerbated by the fear generated by the overflow, "analyzed the pediatrician Daniel Leto.

    For the physician there is a difference between the real extent of the disease and created by most people. "While the spread of influenza A is easier than another variant of the virus, the disease is less virulent in itself," he said.

    Fatal case in Mar del Plata

    A woman of 40 years yesterday became the first fatal victim of the influenza A in the city of Mar del Plata, while there are already 29 confirmed cases of influenza A and about 250 more cases awaiting results of swabs from the Institute Malbr?n.

    The victim was confined for over a week at the Regional Hospital Interzonal marplatense.

    The owner of Zona Sanitaria VIII, Gustavo Rodriguez, said that "the landscape in the river plate with respect to the Influenza A pandemic is compounded by the passage of days."

    "In the hospital's Maternal and Child Guard arrived to serve 700 kids a day in the hospital Interzonal Acute created a crisis committee and provided a special clinic at the hospital guards," he said.

    From the municipality of General Pueyrred?n agreed to use the facilities of Gada 601 to isolate those poor or living on the street, because the virus is reaching the poorest strata of society.

    "Unfortunately most of the fatalities were associated diseases," said Rodriguez.

    "The measures are in line every day"

    Health Minister of the province, Miguel Angel Cappiello, said in an interview with El Litoral that "every day changes the policy, we agree with the needs and taking appropriate decisions."

    The head of the provincial health stated that "we are in phase with the containment closure of schools and closure of suspected cases in classrooms, so we closed the schools," and clarified that "we are seeing if we deepen the measures or not. You might begin to close some schools, especially at the nodes where there are more cases. "

    Moreover he clarified that "may also be that they no longer do the analysis to all cases but is working with groups or sentinel epidemiological surveillance," and stressed that "also the subject of drugs are only given for groups risk. Today it covers all patients with chemo, but now look to limit the risk groups. "

    On the spread of influenza in the province of Santa Fe said that "this is a very significant increase in cases since we are close to 2,000 suspected cases in the province," but remarked that "what happens is that the government changed the national case definition for all patients with suspected acute respiratory illness, with more than 38 degrees of temperature and symptoms compatible with influenza. No need epidemiological link.

    In Cullen

    Hospital staff Jos? Mar?a Cullen expressed discomfort this morning by the lack of alcohol and chinstrap to deliver to patients who arrived with flu symptoms to the hospital. According to specialists from the Ministry of Health, the province ordered the measure through a note, but not made available inputs, which would have remained in the reservoir of the hospital pharmacy. The unit remained closed all day being Sunday.

    In a tour he made today by the Coast Guard emergency health center, we noted the large number of people of all ages admitted with flu symptoms to be addressed.

    / / / THE KEY

    The Child Jesus

    still closed

    Infant Jesus School San Exequiel Moreno reported that remain closed throughout next week, by the Ministry of Education. The measure responds to the outbreak of Influenza A. The setting was the first in the city that decided to interrupt the holding of classes for seven days.

    Concern UPCN

    The Santa Fe branch UPCN reported that in recent days received numerous inquiries from employees where the fear expressed by increasing circulation and transmission of influenza virus A.

    The concern and uneasiness, warns the workers live who work in direct care services to the community and the most vulnerable sectors, such as hospitals, health centers, schools, gardens, family care centers (CAF), households of children and elderly, Zonal Development Centers (CDZ), Provincial Directorate of Prevention of addictive behaviors, among other sectors of public administration.

    The union warned that echoed the unease, not only are public employees, he said, but seen throughout the community, but that becomes more noticeable in the most vulnerable, where workers are more exposed to infection .

    The concern of the workers lies especially in the absence of information and training to know how to respond to suspected cases and how to take the precautions necessary to work in peace and prevent future infections to other people who attend, address or residing in the same place.

    Finally, UPCN asked the authorities to swiftly take sufficient precautions to prepare the staff with information on prevention, prophylaxis and other measures to cooperate with the H1N1 virus does not spread.

    / / / THE FACT

    In Casilda

    Established a municipal decree closing bowling, restaurants and cinemas, Influenza A. This happened Friday at 14 hours after the issuance of regulations that states suspend all kinds of social activities for 72 hours. Since the digital voice of the people of that city confirmed that the commercial activity in the city is very limited and are already missing chinstrap and alcohol gel in pharmacies.

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    Re: 2 deaths reported in Rosario

    It is worth noting that Rosario is in Sanata Fe Province, adjacent Buenos Aires province and samples from 200 suspect cases have been sent for testing, based on media reports.


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      Re: 2 deaths reported in Rosario

      Rosario is easily seen in the Satellite hybrid view at (just northwest of Buenos Aireas along border with Uraguay)

      However, as soon as the map is updated, it will "disappear" under circles represently fatal confirmed and susepct cases, as happened to Buenos Aires yesterday.


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        Re: 2 deaths reported in Rosario


        There are 30 cases in the capital Santa Fe
        The first two confirmed deaths in the city of Rosario by influenza A
        28/06/2009 | 19:50 They are two youths of 25 and 28 years. One of them was suffering from another disease that I had immunosuppressed. Are the first two deaths occurring in the province of Santa Fe

        Two people died Sunday in the city of Rosario affected by influenza A and are the first two fatal cases in the province of Santa Fe, health authorities reported that district.

        The deceased are two young, 25 and 28 years. One of them suffered from another illness, which remained immunosuppressed.

        In Rosario, have already detected 30 cases of influenza and another 400 suspects.

        Tomorrow, the provincial government convened an emergency meeting to discuss the situation.


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          Re: 2 deaths reported in Rosario

          Updated map


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            Re: 2 deaths reported in Rosario


            Google translation:

            People are scared and anxious, awaiting the coming of the new Ministry of Health.

            Two young men died in the city of Rosario as a result of influenza virus. The province would increase social distancing measures from Monday and the imminent declaration of a national health alert.

            Today, amid the legislative election, a new bad news on influenza A was released.

            It confirmed the deaths of two patients with influenza A in the city of Rosario. The vice minister of Health of the province, D?bora Ferrandini said that these are two young people who are detected the presence of H1N1 virus in the laboratory.

            Contact with Radio 2, the official reported that "it is the death of two young adults in Rosario," and explained: "One of them had committed their immunity to other diseases." Of the two, one living in Rosario while the other had another residence in Santa Fe area.

            The professional avoided giving further details, given that it must maintain the privacy of the identities of the patients died, but said that in both cases was confirmed as influenza A positive patients. "

            "We can say that the cause was linked to death," he continued but then warned: "Even we can not too much on clinical characteristics of patients."

            After contacting Channel 3 Ferrandini noted that "there are several serious cases" by influenza A.
            In this regard, he confirmed that further discusses the measures of social distancing and questioned the strategy developed in Buenos Aires.

            "It would be desirable to have a national alternative measures because life is better tolerated when there aa couple of concesno a province. We work to achieve consensus with other locations in Santa Fe and it is very difficult because they are rarely fatal. to avoid the social distancing, "remarked the doctor.

            Finally, he highlighted the need for pregnant women to take caution and see a doctor urgently if symptoms endure.


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              Re: Deaths reported in Rosario- total 4


              Reported two other deaths in Rosario by influenza A

              Two other people died today in Rosario because of influenza A, which will join the four fatalities in the city.One victim was pregnant, died today, while the other was an immunocompromised individuals.

              Did not transcend the identity of the deceased.

              The Ministry of Health reported that about 1,500 cases in the province, although they suspect that the actual number of people who contracted the influenza A trepar?a twice.

              The fatalities were reported today an immunocompromised individuals (whose immune system functioning below the normal rate) and a pregnant woman.

              It recommended to women who are expecting a baby exercise extreme care, since they constitute the highest risk group against influenza A.

              The other deaths were confirmed yesterday and it was young adults, one of whom was immunosuppressed with a basis of respiratory pathology.


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                Re: Deaths reported in Rosario- total 4

                This last article suggests six total fatalities in Rosario, unless I am mistaken.
                "I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much." - Mother Teresa of Calcutta


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                  Re: Deaths reported in Rosario- total 4

                  Suspension of educational and cultural activities in association reported that ATEEl resolved to join the recommendations by the provincial health portfolio in relation to influenza, which ordered the suspension of all its educational and cultural activiades until further notice.

                  29-06-2009 | 18:55 hs.Autor Source: Press ATE

                  The State Employees Association-ATE-states that have resolved to join in the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health of the Province in relation to health status and therefore ordered the suspension of all its educational and cultural activiades until further notice.

                  So are suspended all the job training courses being conducted at their headquarters and cultural activities planned in cinema auditorium in his Centro Cultural Casa ATE Spain. Besides suspending the Cologne vacation scheduled for the winter season on the farm UNL-ATE.

                  Finally, reports that ATE has maintained daily contact with government authorities to coordinate actions to preserve public health.


                  Estimated reading time: 0:39
                  NotasGripe A: suspending classes in the entire province