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Argentina: 23 confirmed dead

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  • Argentina: 23 confirmed dead


    Specialists argue that actual cases reported to significantly exceed
    2 killed pregnant and adds another case in the interior
    Formosa died in a Paraguayan woman, also suffering from pneumonia.

    Buenos Aires. Amid concern over the worsening of the epidemic at national level, sources from the Ministry of Health of Buenos Aires reported that in the last few hours two women, both pregnant, were killed by influenza A in the towns of Luj?n and San Miguel, while joined by the second fatal case in the country. The first victim, a young 22 years, with 38 weeks of gestation, was a native of General Rodriguez, and had entered a private clinic in the town where he died yesterday with symptoms typical of influenza virus A. Despite the situation, the doctors managed to save the baby, who at this time remains stable.
    At noon, high official sources confirmed the second death. This is a 19-year-old, who died in hospital Larcade of San Miguel. Sources of the Municipality of Buenos Aires refused information. "The girl died on Tuesday morning with flu symptoms, but the only way to know if he died from influenza A is awaiting the outcome of swabs sent to the Institute Malbr?n. And that takes between 10 and 15 days, that's the only truth. Nobody else can confirm that the results are not yet, "said Mario Ruso, Undersecretary of Health in the Municipality of San Miguel.

    Meanwhile, the Institute confirmed that Malbr?n a Paraguayan woman, who died a few days because of pneumonia in the general hospital in the central province of Formosa, was infected with the virus of influenza A. In this case amounted to two deaths in the country last night and expected a new part every day.
    On Wednesday, joined by 97 new cases, however, some health authorities estimated yesterday that the fatal cases are already more than officially reported and there were reports of 15 other deaths.
    Meanwhile, as reported officially reached 1391 cases across the country, but many specialists said that clearly exceed the actual reported.

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    Re: Argentina: 23 confirmed dead


    Reported that a woman died of influenza A infection in Posadas

    The victim's son said in C5N his mother, who was interned with a picture of pneumonia, contracted a new disease in the intensive care room. There were people with the A/H1N1 viruses that were not isolated

    The deceased is Elina Beatriz Aguilar, a 54-year-old woman who spent two weeks in the hospital for a table Posadas initial pneumonia.

    Gustavo Ventura, his son, spoke with C5N on the case and claimed that his mother died of H1N1 virus made in the health center.

    "The Guard Hospital Posadas had a girl that was to last 24 hours to intensive care with a diagnosis of H1N1. In the same intensive care rises the next day my mother with a picture of pneumonia," said the man.

    As pointed out, while women seemed to evolve positively, "the middle of last week the party began to be somewhat encouraging, since it started with a fever" very strong.

    In this situation, doctors would have explained to Aguilar's family that the deterioration of general condition was related to a virus. "We never gave the name and never gave us the results of this new virus," said Ventura.

    "In those days began to appear other cases of 'flu A' in the intensive therapy of Posadas, who were in direct contact with both my mother and relatives who went to visit patients," he added.

    While all signs point to the family that the death was caused by an attack of the new disease, a fact that there was, they say, are practically confirmed. "By generating all the paperwork to remove the body was a very particular situation. The person who was in the ambulance as we nurse mentioned: 'So who died of H1N1," recounted the victim's son.

    Confirmed that this death is the result of influenza A, would swell the list of the 23 deaths which it country.