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Deaths now at 21 in Argentina

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  • zimagail
    Re: Deaths now at 21 in Argentina

    They are not speaking of a missionary but of Misiones is a province in the north or Argentina.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Deaths now at 21 in Argentina


    YA SON LAS 21 EN ARGENTINA fatalities
    A remisero, the first death from influenza A in the interior
    He was 36 years, were living in Misiones and 250 km from Posadas. There were also three other fatal cases.

    IN THE HOSPITAL RAMOS MEJIA are placed several persons with symptoms of the disease.

    From the Ministry of Health recognized over a week ago the first death from swine flu in the country, the number of deaths by influenza virus H1N1 has grown dramatically since then. In fact, in 24 hours were added four new deaths, two of them represent the first in the country. Thus, there are already 21 victims in Argentina, the third country in the world with more fatalities.

    One of the new deaths were recorded in the other missions and in Patagonia. However, the only confirmed so far is that of a missionary remisero, which is also the first fatal case in the interior

    The Ministry of Health in the province confirmed that this is a man of 36 years a native of San Vicente, who died in the superb, a town 250 km from Posadas, a grave picture of pneumonia. However, it is alarming that the victim was not within the risk group, as they did not suffer any contagious disease before the influenza A.

    Meanwhile in the capital Santiague?a woman is placed in a serious condition that is contagious in Buenos Aires.

    For now, the number of infected people in Argentina amounted to 1.297. n

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Deaths now at 21 in Argentina


    Complaints about delays in the distribution of cases of influenza A

    Health professionals accuse the national health authorities to take "too long" to return positive tests. This does not allow the isolation of the patient and preventing new infections, said

    Professionals from the Ministry of Health of the match in Buenos Aires San Isidro talked with them about the complications that caused the delay in receiving the results of samples taken from patients suspected of suffering from premises of the new disease.

    "The federal government concealed information," said Andrea Herman, the municipal professional.

    According to his sayings, the health portfolio "withheld information" on the positives "too long", so the focus of people infected by this virus was almost impossible.

    "We send samples to the Institute on May 25 Malbr?n us and the results came in just today. These patients are well, and may have infected others," explained the doctor.

    "If we had known that there were so many infected, would have acted differently," he added.

    On the other hand, confirmed that all deaths in the country to people with a background disease complicating the picture of influenza A.

    Two of the deaths recorded by the Ministry of Health of the Nation are related to the party of San Isidro. One, a dentist who worked porte?a pregnant and was attended there (could save your baby), and the other a girl of 13 years a native of this town who died in the Hospital Rivadavia. Both were booked by the City of Buenos Aires.

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  • Shiloh
    Re: Deaths now at 21 in Argentina

    I believe this woman is included in #19-#21 announced today


    Authorities confirmed the death of a woman for Influenza A
    Wednesday June 24 2009

    City authorities confirmed tonight by Influenza A death of a woman originally from General Rodriguez who was interned at the Clinic of G?emes Lujan.

    Through a press confrencia provided by Graciela Rosso governor and secretary of Health Ruffinelli Hector, it was reported that the patient was 22 days pregnant and her baby was born by caesarean section. The patient, died Tuesday. On the afternoon of the analysis confirmed today that she had the H1N1 virus.

    "In the last hours we have a death of a young man that General Rodriguez was derived G?emes the clinic, which treated the case as appropriate. One patient was pregnant, cesarean section was performed and the baby was compromised as a result of this problem, but today was a good performance, "said the mayor.

    He also explained that "we have strengthened the public health system, so I convey tranquility. Guaranteed watch pediatric and adult. There is a high level of vaccination for influenza in Luj?n common, although we know that there is still no vaccine against influenza A ".

    He also noted that the population at risk are elderly people and minors. Also, diabetics, people with heart problems, those suffering from hypothyroidism or diseases that lower the defenses. "

    "Another group at risk are teenagers, because their behavior because they are usually reluctant to go to the doctor," added the mayor.

    For its part, Ruffinelli spoke of the current situation in our city: "In the hospital, in pediatrics, we have two cases of influenza A, which does not mean they are N1H1. And in the private system there are two suspected cases. Serological confirmation is still missing, but none has bad outcome. "

    In addition, the Secretary of Health reported that "at the hospital will meet separately for patients with respiratory problems. Will receive a chinstrap and attend a doctor while the rest of the staff is devoted to other pathologies. "

    Then, the mayor outlined a series of measures to prevent the transmission of viruses, including avoiding contact of healthy children with sick children. "We ask parents not to keep the kids healthy by a medical examination this month, is expected because the peak of the common flu and the common respiratory diseases. Nor should we send the kids to school if they are cold, and adults do not have to go to work if suffering from that table. "

    Other recommendations made include:

    * In case of fever above 38 degrees, cold air and / or difficulty breathing consult health centers.
    * Are advised to schoolchildren to submit the above-mentioned symptoms, do not attend school and remain in home isolation for 7 days.
    * For adults of working age are advised not to attend work if they are in the same situation.
    * Emphasis is frequent washing of hands and, with respect to the use of chinstrap is recommended in patients suspected to be ill or in public places. Once used, discarded to avoid spreading the secretions.

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  • Shiloh
    started a topic Deaths now at 21 in Argentina

    Deaths now at 21 in Argentina


    Reveal that there are four in the country died from influenza A: 21 in total and are

    Two more people died in Buenos Aires and in Patagonia, as was confirmed The government informed the Mission that another patient with the disease died in the last few hours. In Santiago there is a boarding school in serious condition

    According could see four new deaths were reported in the last hours in the country because of A/H1N1 virus.

    Two of the victims were natives of Buenos Aires, while one third would belong to the south of the country.

    Meanwhile, Jorge Gutierrez, head of epidemiological surveillance missions, confirmed the first death in this province due to influenza A. This is a remisero of 30 years in the town of San Vicente, who died in the town of Eldorado, the site reported Territory Digital.

    According to the explanation by the officer, the victim was not within the risk group was not considered a suspect case,
    as it was not found so far "epidemiological link" (necessary in this area by the scarcity of positive patients).

    July Estevez, director of epidemiology in the province, confirmed the death C5N. He noted that the patient was admitted to a health center with advanced pneumonia, and that a subsequent swab confirmed the presence of the disease. "There was very little evidence to believe that we were faced with a suspected case of influenza A/H1N1," he explained.

    Meanwhile, a woman originally from the city of Beltran Santiague?a is placed in intensive care and ventilatory support at the Hospital Independencia in the provincial capital, reported the website The Liberal.

    In this health center was derived from Antenor Alvarez Hospital in the city of Banda, who was admitted with symptoms of influenza A.

    The woman had been days ago in maternal home, located in the village of Claypole bonaerense, from Almirante Brown, where it is believed may have been infected.

    When she started to experience the first symptoms of flu, and back in his province, he visited doctors Beltran, who decided to transfer to hospital of La Banda. Suffers from a severe respiratory condition box, which joined the suspicion of the new disease.

    Meanwhile, the rest of Santiago del Estero there are 29 suspected cases, four of whom are placed (one of them is the woman mentioned above). The tables are for more serious two sisters in the city of Fernandez, who are housed in the hospital in intensive care Independence, and a third patient is isolated.

    In the next few hours, the Minister of Health of the Nation, Graciela Oca?a, attend one of the trailers in the city health to combat the new disease, which will talk to the press and it is estimated that formalized these deaths.

    Until last night, the number of infected people in Argentina amounted to 1.297, while that accounted for 17 deaths.