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Confirmed death in influenza in Mission province-#18

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  • Confirmed death in influenza in Mission province-#18


    Google translation:

    2009-06-24 | 11:51:00 | Provincial | This is the first

    Analyze a suspicious death in influenza A Mission

    Remisero was one of 36 years and St. Vincent would have been interned in the Eldorado Samica suffering symptoms similar to the swine flu. Until now, the province has seven confirmed cases and many others under study.

    (POSADAS) .- The Head of Epidemiological Surveillance Jorge Gutierrez confirmed that a remisero for 36 years a native of San Vicente, who was interned in Eldorado, "died of a severe pneumonia box. In the first analysis performed by influenza A were positive. Now we await the results of a counter. "

    Gutierrez also said that it was confirmed positive for a girl "daughter of a worker's Hospital of Pediatrics, which is co-worker of the medical" to which he was declared the disease after returning from a trip outside the countries where it was stated H1 N1 influenza. Now the number of confirmed cases rises to 7

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    Re: Confirmed death in influenza in Mission province


    Influenza A: a new confirmed dead and another woman who they suspect is dying

    Health authorities reported the death of Missions remisero because of an illness. Meanwhile, a woman is in serious condition in Santiago del Estero, apparently by the A/H1N1 virus attack

    Credit: AP

    Jorge Gutierrez, head of epidemiological surveillance missions, the first confirmed fatality in the province (and the first outside Buenos Aires) due to influenza A. This is a remisero for 30 years, a native of San Vicente, who died in the past the town of Eldorado, the site reported Territory Digital.

    According to the explanation by the officer, the victim was not within the risk group, no case was considered suspicious because it was not found so far "epidemiological link" (necessary in this area by the scarcity of positive patients).

    Meanwhile, a woman originally from the city of Beltran Santiague?a is placed in intensive care and ventilatory support at the Hospital Independencia in the provincial capital, reported the website The Liberal.

    In this health center was derived from Antenor Alvarez Hospital in the city of Banda, who was admitted with symptoms of influenza A.

    The woman had been days ago in maternal home, located in the village of Claypole bonaerense, from Almirante Brown, where it is believed that could have been infected.

    When she started to experience the first symptoms of flu, and back in his province, he visited doctors Beltran, who decided to transfer to hospital of La Banda. She suffered from a severe respiratory condition box, which joined the suspicion of the new disease.

    Meanwhile, the rest of Santiago del Estero there are 29 suspected cases, four of whom are placed (one of which is the last woman mentioned above). The tables are for more serious two sisters in the city of Fernandez, who are housed in the hospital in intensive care Independence, and a third patient who is isolated.
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      Re: Confirmed death in influenza in Mission province-#18


      Another confirmed death from influenza in the country: 18 are already
      The head of epidemiological surveillance in the province of Misiones, Jorge Gutierrez, confirmed that a man of more than 30 years a native of San Vicente died of Influenza A.

      It was reported that the deceased was not in the risk group, or group of suspects, because they had no epidemiological link. In this way, there are already 18 people died from influenza A.

      Yesterday, it reported 81 new cases and 34 positive samples were negative for influenza A (H1N1). Of the reports as positive date, seven cases involved patients who died. The cumulative total of 18 died, 4 are located in the city of Buenos Aires, 13 in the province of Buenos Aires and one of Misiones.

      "If necessary, evacuate to concentrate there as many adult and pediatric cases (respiratory disease) and prevent the movement of patients to other hospitals," the health minister of the province, Claudio Zin, this morning. He also assured that tomorrow will visit the Hospital Militar de Campo de Mayo, I talked to the Minister (of Defense Nilda) Garr? to allow me to use the 20 available beds. "

      On the other hand, there are 102 inmates with positive virus H1/N1 hospitalized and 201 others are under study by the Institute Malbr?n, whereas it was confirmed that almost 46% of those affected include those aged between 5 and 14 years
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        Re: Confirmed death in influenza in Mission province-#18


        Google translation:

        Ensure that the number of deaths by influenza A is "reasonable" if one takes into account the actual number of cases
        Specialists said that the number of infected is much higher than reported officially, said the deaths could be due to a delay in treatment and the disease becomes more severe in sectors with fewer resources

        General News: previous | next
        Wednesday June 24, 2009 | 12:51 (updated 12:50 pm)

        Although the 18 deaths reported for influenza A in just eight days were assessed as "severe" by health experts, several experts said that the number of deaths continues to the extent expected if one takes into account the actual number of cases.

        Is that, as estimated by the doctors consulted, the number of infected in Argentina is considerably higher than official reports.

        "The mortality rate should be calculated on the total cases, which is much higher than that reported by health authorities," said today the president of the Infectious Diseases Society of Argentina, Pablo Bonvehi, who is also a consultant to the Emergency Influenza A (H1N1).

        This coincided fellow of the institution, Pryluka Daniel, who explained that the number of actual cases is higher than reported because "first, Malbr?n announced the results late, but it is also common knowledge that For more than a week in the capital and suburbs are left to diagnose massive. "

        The reasons for the dramatic increase in deaths. The number of fatal cases in Argentina ranked the third in the list of countries with highest number of deaths from this disease.

        The Minister of Health of the Nation, Graciela Oca?a, said this morning that there were "various theories" about the causes of high death rate of influenza patients in the country, but did not clarify what feels more accurate, while called "no panic. "

        Pryluka felt that "it is likely due to patients not treated in time, especially those at risk is essential that immediate attention." "The delay in processing the information outside of time could have influenced mortality," added the doctor.

        The specialist added that in his view "the spread of the virus with the social, poverty of much of the population of the metropolitan area, begins to come into play in the death rate."

        This coincided Chief Department of Medicine Children's Hospital and chairman of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society of Argentina, Eduardo Lopez who said that people whose basic needs are unmet are more at risk. "The chances of access to health, housing conditions, nutrition of children are always factors that affect the respiratory and infectious diseases," explained the doctor.

        Considered correct in this regard the decision taken in the province of Buenos Aires to vaccinate children under 2 years against seasonal flu because it "decreases the risk of the most vulnerable."

        Addressing the spread. Regarding the treatment of the epidemic within the hospitals, the three experts considered essential to generate the special chambers for dealing with cases of influenza A. "Any measure to speed up consultation and reservation of beds in hospital is undoubtedly useful," Pryluka said.

        "I think it is the effective measure taken by the provincial Ministry of Health hospitals dedicated to preparing for these cases, as was done with the Malvinas Argentinas. At Children's Hospital did something similar and unified criteria for isolation and streamlines management of patients, "Lopez discussed in turn.

        The doctors felt that this year the situation of influenza in the country is more widespread than in previous winters. "The most important is the immediate. If the patient is treated early, complications can be avoided," said Pryluka.

        Lopez also said that it is very likely that the peak of the disease arrives within two weeks.

        "Be careful, it's a virus that must be respected, we must not forget that the WHO believes that the intensity of the pandemic is moderate. We must pay special attention in the international," the specialist.


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          Re: Confirmed death in influenza in Mission province-#18


          He died a man on mission by Influenza A PDF Print
          Written by Editorial The Journal of the Republic
          24-06-09 ---- 11:20
          A man of 36 years died in Posadas as a result of having contracted influenza A, which accounted for 18 deaths due to this disease.

          The information was announced this morning by the director of Epidemiology, Ministry of Public Health missionary, Jorge Gutierrez, who explained that this was the first death from influenza A in the Province.
          The man died last Saturday, but the confirmation of the table is only known today for the usual press conference to publicize the epidemiological report on the provincial health portfolio.
          The official noted that the death from influenza A occurred last Saturday at a hospital in the town of Eldorado, 200 kilometers north of Posadas, where he became affected with a picture of acute pneumonia.
          The victim was taken to the health center from the town of San Vicente, where he was remisero he said.
          Gutierrez also indicated that the province had a total of eight affected by influenza A, while awaiting the results of six other suspected cases of the disease. DyN.


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            Re: Confirmed death in influenza in Mission province-#18


            First death from influenza A in Missions
            Posted on 24/06/2009

            The Head of Epidemiological Surveillance Missions, Jorge Gutierrez, confirmed today that a man of 36 years became the first fatal victim of H1N1 Influenza A after the last Saturday died of a picture of pneumonia aggravated by the action virus.

            The victim lived in San Vicente, a town where she worked for remisero Saturday and was rushed to the hospital Samica Eldorado, where he died a product of pneumonia aggravated by influenza A.

            "After killing studies were performed that confirmed the presence of influenza virus A (H1 N1) in your body, which complicated the clinical picture leading to death," the provincial official.

            "The situation is complex because now we have to find the epidemiological link to try to find other patients who may have been infected, and at the same time find out who transmitted the virus to remisero this," he said Guti?rrez

            Another of the concerns of health authorities is to know the route of infection that has the disease, because so far the positive cases were concentrated in Posadas.

            "We must begin a more active, and you are looking for suggestions of specialists trying to understand and counter the risks that may appear to not know where our link is contagious," said the official.

            He also complained because the results of samples taken in Missions takes almost 15 days to get answers from the authorities of the Institute Malbr?n and "unable to work with details of whether this type of disease."

            On the other hand, confirmed another case of the disease in a girl of 7 years, bringing to seven the confirmations of the disease in the province until today.