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2nd confirmed death in Argentina

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  • 2nd confirmed death in Argentina


    Confirmed dead by an influenza A in the Region
    URGENT .- The patient was 28 years and was in the hospital of our city Rossi. Already there are two deaths in the country because of the disease and investigate third

    A couple of 28 years, who was interned at the Hospital de La Plata Rossi for having received a bone marrow transplant and was "immunosuppressed", died suffering from influenza A (N1H1).

    The death was confirmed by the Minister of Health of the Province, Claudio Zin, who explained that the boy, nine years earlier had received a bone marrow transplant, and it was a patient immunosuppressed very severe. "

    In this regard, he explained that "when a person must depress the transplanted system defenses, making it more vulnerable to agents that can cause disease."

    With the death of this young man rose to two fatal cases of influenza A in Argentina, as the authorities yesterday reported the death of a baby of three months from this disease.

    Dr. Raimondi Clemente, owner of CUCAIBA reported that the Department of Virology Rossi Hospital had confirmed that the patient was positive for influenza A, so the samples were sent to the Federal Capital, with a further part of the health authorities province.

    The picture of the patient, who was not informed of his identity, it was worse and led to his death last Friday, June 12