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Argentina - Cases of A/H1N1 - 617 deaths

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    Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 235



    Influenza A: Close the Carlos Pellegrini
    Now add 22 schools to suspend classes for the virus and 27 others under review. WHO is considering declaring a pandemic.

    09.06.2009 | 19:55

    Pellegrini school closed until June 23. | Photo: CeDoc

    Influenza A, better known as swine flu, continues to expand in the colleges of the federal capital and despite the fact that schools were reopened yesterday that had been closed 15 days ago preventively now transcended new cases of infection in Buenos Aires that schools should suspend classes for two weeks. The case is more resonant, perhaps, the National School of Commerce Carlos Pellegrini, the UBA, where it is suspected that three students contracted the disease.

    According to the agency DyN staff of the Dean of the establishment, "the suspension took place today at 17 until June 23, inclusive" because "were found two cases of influenza A in the secondary level." Along with the Pellegrini, closed its doors on St Brendan's College of Belgrano, the Argentine Institute Private Japanese Nichia Gakuin de Almagro, the College of Saint Bridget Caballito and Saint Martin of Tours in Palermo.

    The time of suspension of classes varies each of the establishments in St Brendan's will not operate the primary level until June 12, while the secondary level will continue smoothly, the Nichia Gakiun will be closed until 23; Santa Brigida, until 21, and Saint Martin of Tours until 15.

    According to the last part issued by the Ministry of Health of the Nation, there are 22 schools with positive cases from Buenos Aires city and province of Buenos Aires and other establishments have 27 cases under study. Also, there are several courses of the Colegio Nacional Buenos Aires also suspencieron classes at the threat of influenza.

    In several places, such as school languages, closed until June 22, notification of the suspension of classes does not go through an official document, but are the students themselves who, in his communication book, written notice which is dictated by their teachers (see photo).

    Figures of the epidemic. The number of infected influenza in our country, according to the latest count, amounting to 235 cases and there are 858 potential study. Today, the institute confirmed Malbran 20 newly infected, while 85 rejected samples were negative. Meanwhile, in Mar del Plata was learned that two students infected with the virus, and in the Rioja is a doctor has confirmed that the swine flu.


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      Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 256


      Closed six schools and 21 new cases detected
      Wednesday, 10 June 2009

      Buenos Aires (DyN) - Six schools of Buenos Aires, including Buenos Aires and National Traditional Carlos Pellegrini, suspended or closed classes courses to students who have detected influenza A, a disease that affects Argentina in the 256 people confirmed yesterday to 21 new cases.

      The health situation in Argentina is part of a complicated international situation, after the deputy director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Keiji Fukuda, said today that it is "very close" to a pandemic.
      The Ministry of Health reported yesterday that 29 schools in Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires reported that students suffer from the condition and decided to suspend classes or close courses as a preventive measure.
      The health report, which outlined 21 new infections, he explained that are still evaluating at the Institute Malbr?n 886 samples taken from people who had flu-like symptoms, and 70% of the figure corresponds to "schoolchildren."

      In the city of Buenos Aires, five schools decided to suspend classes at the emergence of positive cases of influenza A, while the National College of Buenos Aires determined the closure of three divisions and the postponement of the course entrance.
      Staff from the rector of the College of Commerce Carlos Pellegrini, located in Barrio Norte, DyN informed that the "suspension" in establishing "occurred yesterday, at 17:00, and until June 23 inclusive" to check the existence of "two cases of the disease at the secondary level."


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        Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 281


        More than 280 cases of influenza A in Argentina

        25 were confirmed today. According to Health Minister Claudio bonaerense-Zin-"the most affected was the class average, upper middle," which uses the prepaid medicine.

        The national Ministry of Health reported tonight 25 new confirmed cases of influenza A (H1N1), which identified 281 people infected with the virus. In the party newspaper, the health portfolio further indicated that the Institute is 1032 cases Malbr?n study.

        Health Minister Claudio bonaerense-Zin-predicted today that "certainly there will be a greater number of cases" of persons affected by influenza A, but noted that "Argentina is ready" and that "the system is not collapsing, it is on defendant, "and therefore" there is still a possible answer. "

        Given the statements of social work and the Chamber of Emergency Medicine, said that being overwhelmed by the number of calls in the home care service, the minister admitted that "the most serious problem we have is the excessive demand," and remarked was not unduly affected the public sector because "the first class affected was the middle class, upper middle," which uses the prepaid medicine.

        Suspension of classes in Rosario
        The government of Santa Fe closed today and for 15 days, the 7th grade of the La Salle College of Rosario, then confirmed that a female student, who traveled to Chile a week ago with his father, has the flu A.

        It is the second positive case in that city. The first was a girl of 5 years that contributes to the garden Stella Maris, Fisherton district. During 14 days are not taught in both classes shifts the garden, as provided by relevant health protocol.


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          Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 343


          Google translation:

          Positive cases of H1N1 influenza in Argentina grows to 343
          11 Jun 2009 18:38

          BUENOS AIRES, June 11 (Reuters) - Argentina on Thursday confirmed 62 new cases of H1N1 flu, bringing the total of 343 infected South American country, while the World Health Organization (WHO) to maximize their level of alertness to indicate that a pandemic is underway.

          The party newspaper of the Ministry of Health of Argentina also showed that in the aggregate, since the beginning of the outbreak, and 1090 samples were discarded, and about 1211 still in evaluation.

          The WHO said on Thursday the first influenza pandemic since 1968, to raise the alert to the maximum 6-phase, implying that the disease is spreading geographically, although not necessarily reflect its virulence.

          The new strain that emerged in April in Mexico and United States, can be treated with antiviral drugs based on oseltavimir, the generic tablets of Tamiflu and Roche <ROG.VX> spray Relenza from GlaxoSmithKline <GSK.L>.

          To date, there are 28,744 reported cases of the disease in 74 countries, including 144 deaths, according to WHO's latest count.

          In Argentina, where there were no deaths, influenza cases led to the closure of dozens of schools, while public hospitals and private clinics are the saturated, when the winter weather favors the spread of this virus and influenza seasonal.

          Pharmaceutical laboratories were working on a vaccine, but the WHO said on Thursday that it will not be available before September.

          (Reporting by Lucas Bergman; Edited by Ricardo Figueroa)

          REUTERS LB RF /


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            Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 470; 3 serious condition


            2009-06-12 | 21:20:00 | National | A-H1N1 Pandemic
            There are three people in serious condition by influenza A

            The Health Ministry announced 127 new cases of the disease, which will join the 470 confirmed by the Institute Malbr?n. The largest number of positive samples was announced in a day. There are over a thousand cases studied.

            The Health Ministry announced 127 new cases of the disease, which will join the 470 confirmed by the Institute Malbr?n. The largest number of positive samples was announced in a day. There are over a thousand cases studied.

            Thus, from the beginning of the epidemic in late April, the Institute received Malbr?n 2754, of which 1180 were negative and 1104 are in the process.

            In the federal capital of Buenos Aires province and 37 schools are closed for confirmed cases of the disease.

            Of the total confirmed cases to date, nine requiring hospitalization. Four of them, with good results, were discharged. Two are placed in the general ward. The other three are still placed in intensive care unit.

            The Director of Epidemiology, Ministry of Health of the Nation, Juan Carlos Bossio stated that it is more likely to appear in provincial cases of influenza A, which called for extreme care and do not attend if they have indoor flu symptoms .

            Speaking to Telam, Bossio said, "and the virus spread to 74 countries in the world, it is expected that in Argentina, where there is movement, it also expands to other jurisdictions."

            Bossio noted further that "need not attend indoors if flu symptoms are not only to avoid the contagion to other people but not to increase demand for health services."

            In the party newspaper, the Health Minister Graciela Ocana reiterated the suspect case definition to describe the signs to which the physician should be consulted is anyone present acute febrile respiratory illness and flu symptoms within seven days the date of his departure from affected areas with sustained human-human transmission, or in the next seven days after having had close contact with a suspected or confirmed case of influenza A H1N1.

            Bossio explained that the meeting held today with infectologists in the city of Mar del Plata, where the Ninth Congress of the Argentine Society of Infectious Diseases, discussed "some changes in the approach of the cases and manner in which the classified according to the new categories that WHO had. "

            "We also worked on identifying a new case definition and recommendations to the new situation of the virus in the world, as well as to chemoprophylaxis measures to be taken," said the director of Epidemiology.

            The Tuesday meeting at the Ministry all experts in infectious diseases that make up the Monitoring Committee and then will make final proposals to the elevation to the rank of a pandemic of influenza A.

            Meanwhile, at the international level, has been in force since yesterday 6 alert level declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), and today 77 countries officially confirmed 34,582 cases of human infection by influenza virus A (H1N1), with 162 died.


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              Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 569; 3 serious condition


              Influenza A is moving in the country are already 569 cases

              Today confirmed 99 times over. Three seriously ill, as was recognized by the Ministry of Health.

              Saturday, 13 June 2009

              The Ministry of Health of the Nation today reported 99 new positive cases of influenza A (H1N1) in the country, bringing the total of people infected with virus add 569. Three of the patients continued tonight placed in intensive care.

              According to the report daily Malbr?n from 2806 samples received from April 26 to date 1244 were negative and 993 are in the process of study, while nine other schools decided to suspend classes for the virus.

              Globally, two countries joined the list of places with people suffering from the virus to get to 79 today with 36,112 confirmed cases and 162 people died.

              According to a communique of Health, the three people who were interned in the country yesterday by influenza A continuing tonight in an intensive care unit. "

              Regarding the number of schools affected by the virus, confirmed the nine most establishments closing their doors, because while 37 were up yesterday, today's report reported 46 in total in the Capital Federal, Buenos Aires Province, Misiones, Santa Fe and Tierra del Fuego.

              The Argentina with 569 confirmed cases, but no reports of deaths,
              remains in fifth place in the American countries most affected by the pandemic, behind the United States with 17,855 deaths and 45, 6241 in Mexico and 108 deaths in Canada 3511 and 4 deaths, and 2335 Chile was confirmed positive cases with two deaths.


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                Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 644; 3 serious condition


                644 people are infected with influenza A in Argentina

                The Ministry of Health reported 75 new confirmed cases today. Three quarters of patients are children and adolescents up to 17 years. Juan Carlos Nadalich reported three people in intensive care '

                Until yesterday the number of infections by influenza A H1N1 was 569, resulting in an increase of 75 new cases.

                Moreover, the secretary of Promotion Programs and Health of the Nation, Juan Carlos Nadalich explained that there were three people in intensive care. "

                Dozens of schools are closed in the country, when the winter weather favors the spread of this virus and seasonal influenza.

                Last week the World Health Organization (WHO) to maximize their level of alert to indicate that a pandemic is underway.

                WHO said the first flu pandemic since 1968, to raise the alert to the maximum 6-phase, implying that the disease is spreading geographically, although not necessarily reflect its virulence.

                First case in Tierra del Fuego
                The Ministry of Health confirmed that the province reported the first case of Influenza A (H1N1) in Tierra del Fuego, for a foreign woman living in Ushuaia and recently made a trip to Rio de Janeiro.

                Health authorities confirmed that the patient is now stable and no symptoms "and that" all this time remained in isolation at home ".

                The Minister for Health Mary Grieco, announced that its portfolio since it worked in the monitoring of close contacts of the person concerned, warning of "a suspected case is a direct contact of the confirmed case."

                Under both the case and confirmed the suspect had contact with educational institutions "College of the South" and "School of Calafate, Ushuaia both are determined by the closure term of 14 days.

                The College of the South and was preventively closed since last Thursday while investigating the absenteeism of many students.

                "The decision to close schools is related to the first case in the province, to reduce the initial spread," said Grieco.

                Besides Friday night in Rio Grande, was announced a suspect case in an adult, and this sense Grieco stated that "the samples are sent to the Institute Malbr?n to confirm or discard.

                The minister stressed that "in the context of the pandemic, the emergence of influenza A in Tierra del Fuego, is a situation we had been alert."

                The highest health authority in the province stressed the commitment of the intensive work carried out throughout the Health team, coordinated by the Department of Community Health, Nora Guastini, "giving a timely response and early, delaying the start of the epidemic in the province and taking appropriate measures to reduce the impact. "

                "We will continue working on the same line to minimize, as far as possible the spread of the virus, which although has a low mortality, trasmisibilidad is very high, with the possibility of new cases in the coming days" , concluded the official


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                  Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 644; 3 serious condition


                  Swine flu: one baby died and four others are very serious

                  Oca?a reported the first death from influenza A H1N1 in the country. Four other cases, among which there are an unspecified number of kids are serious. Are 89 positive cases and 940 samples studied by the Malbr?n.
                  A baby three months on Monday became the first fatality of influenza A in Argentina. And four others, including children, are severe. This confirmed the Minister of Health, Granciela Oca?a, this afternoon.

                  The child, said the official, would have presented the box to return from a trip abroad and his health deteriorated, suffering a pulmonary edema, which ended up causing his death.

                  The minister added that there are four serious cases, with assistance respitoria and that "young people, including children and people between 20 and 50 years," although he preferred not to specify.

                  In the usual daily press conference, Oca?a said that the last time 89 new cases were added to make a total of 728 people affected by the H1N1 virus. Meanwhile, other 940 samples were studied at the Institute Malbr?n.

                  In addition, 48 schools remained closed until Monday for the new detected cases of influenza.


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                    Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 871 - 4 deaths


                    Google translation;

                    2009-06-16 00:00:00
                    20:54 - SOCIETY

                    Four killed by influenza A in the country

                    Confirmed tonight by the Ministry of Health, reported that while there are 138 cases nuvos and the total amounts to 871 patients.

                    For those killed by flu in the country rose to four today, with 138 new infections were reported and all patients of the new flu is 871, reported this evening the Minister of Health, Carlos Soratti.


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                      Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 871 - 4 deaths


                      Google translation:

                      The Health Ministry confirmed that four were killed by influenza A

                      The Ministry of Health's Office confirmed tonight that amounts to 4 the number of deaths from influenza H1N1 in the country. In the capital Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires metropolitan area and are classified as "suspect" all categories of complications respirarias having fever and flu.

                      The Health Minister Graciela Ocana, reported that four people died in Argentina following the flu, and explained that there were 138 new cases and positive new patterns that were used to classify the cases as suspicious.

                      Specifically, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires matches and the city of La Plata will be considered suspect cases all those people with flu symptoms, fever of 38 degrees and respiratory complications.

                      Part number 49 in the Ministry of Health, the vice minister said that Carlos Soratti at the expert meeting held today the topic was changed the definition of suspect case, so in areas with external transmission is suspect of having the disease any person presenting febrile respiratory illness, which eliminates the need for epidemiological link.


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                        Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 871 - 4 deaths


                        4 are killed by the influenza A in the country

                        Three people, including one minor, were killed today by influenza A (H1N1), which resulted in 138 newly infected and cause the suspension of tours leaving from Capital and Greater Buenos Aires at the request of a committee of specialists sanitarios.Con the baby died yesterday added four deaths in the country.

                        The three new influenza A caused fatalities, a 10 year old girl who was placed on a table of meningitis in a private clinic in this city and two other people in the province of Buenos Aires, the total rose to four following the death of a drink three months on Sunday.

                        Faced with worsening health status, the Committee of Experts convened by the ministry decided on a series of measures, including ending the strategy of closing schools to detect infections in the educational community and to amend the definition of cases to their attention.
                        In addition, the Deputy Minister Carlos Soratti noted that experts "discourage" travel from areas where infected people were reported to regions in which no cases were recorded, such as alumni.

                        According to sources, the 10 year old girl who died today was placed in the clinic after Bazterrica present a picture of meningitis.

                        The other two deaths occurred in the territory bonaerense a couple of 28 years who was interned at the Hospital Rossi, La Plata, which a decade ago and had received a bone marrow transplant, and another person on the data that were not informed Personal.

                        "When a person must depress the transplanted system defenses, making it more vulnerable to agents that can cause disease," said provincial health minister, Claudio Zin.

                        The national government also said that 12 patients affected by the disease are placed in intensive care, three in the general ward with good results and four were medical, Soratti added.

                        The Institute Malbr?n, meanwhile, reported 138 new cases positive for the virus, which caused the total number of infected to 871 positives, while 772 samples are still being studied.

                        To prevent further infections, the Expert Committee recommended not to organize activities that require concentration of people in the same field, and "discouraged" traveling group of regions where there were no cases reported for other diseases.
                        In the latter case would be affected alumni travel to Bariloche and other sites in the country.

                        Finally, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported today that 79 countries had so far 39,031 positive cases of influenza A, which caused 171 deaths...


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                          Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 918 - 4 deaths


                          Health confirmed 47 new cases of influenza A in Argentina
                          19:15 | Country | Total patients reached 918. H1N1 influenza already claimed four victims in the country Falata.
                          Nation 4 confirmed deaths from influenza A in Argentina
                          June 17, 2009

                          BUENOS AIRES, June 17 (NA) - The government this evening confirmed 47 new cases of influenza A in the country, where he joined 918 people who contracted the disease.

                          "In the days of the date, ANLIS-Malbr?n reported 47 new cases and nine positive samples were negative for influenza A (H1N1)," the Ministry of Health of the Nation newspaper in his hand.

                          "Of the 3080 samples received since 1446 were discarded," said the health portfolio, noting that the tests that are 716 are in process at the reference laboratory official, "Dr. Carlos G. Malbr?n.

                          Meanwhile, news is not reported on people who are being held for having contracted the disease, which claimed four lives in the country, a baby just three months, two children and a couple(young man) of 28 years.


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                            Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 918 - 4 deaths


                            Google translation:

                            Misinformation and fear of swine influenza
                            ?Death by Influenza A: A cross between a Health Clinic and Saint Martin
                            The Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires says that a boy died from influenza A Medical Corporation in Saint Martin, the authorities deny the sanatorium. Crossing information, with the flu in the middle.
                            Leandro Fern?ndez Vivas
                            The swine flu caused four deaths in Argentina so far. One is a boy of 12 years who was interned at the Hospital Medical Corporation is Saint Martin, as reported by the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires. However, since the medical direction of hospital refuse the case.

                            Since Sanatorio explained that while he was a boy died following a chronic brain disease. The medical director, Dr. Ciancio, said "We do not have interned for swine flu, we have not had any." However the Ministry of Health, confirmed that the death occurred on the premises of the Medical Corporation.

                            "The case of the medical corporation, is the third recorded fatal case occurred on Saturday at Saint Martin" reports from the ministry in consultations 24CON. The account continues with the case of the premature baby who died yesterday, the employer of 28 years who died in La Plata, a girl of 9 years of Ituzaing? boy and Saint Martin.

                            The Director of Health Hospital Corporation reported that some employees of the site as children and patients were given a pre chinstrap.

                            Far from the crossover of information between the hospital and the ministry, the doctor explained, "In Japan people passing through the street with chinstrap. Here if someone is away chinstrap. The difference is knowledge. Now people are becoming aware of certain things, indoors and nobody sneezes openly. It is a cultural issue "ending specialist.

                            With the increase of infected swine flu in the country, amounting to 871 confirmed cases and four deaths before the ministry decided to change strategy to address the outbreak of influenza. It divides the country into two regions, the metropolitan area of Buenos Aires (Capital Federal and Buenos) which have the greatest number of cases, and no epidemiological link, and the rest of the country. Within the metropolitan area will not be analyzed each case but will fight the symptoms and seek to avoid the contagion of those individuals who are within the groups called risk groups (premature babies, patients with heart problems or kidney transplants, diabetic inmunodepresivos , pregnant women), who have a disease and those on both the seasonal influenza A caused severe or fatal tables.


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                              Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 918 - 4 deaths


                              Google translation:

                              Influenza A: There are 12 patients in intensive care and infected 918 total
                              The Ministry of Health reported 47 new infections this evening and announced that he bought drugs for two million treatments. Thus expect to be able to respond to the spread of the virus.

                              A contagion of flu continue to grow despite the health checks. Today reported 47 new infections and thus, when Argentina reached 918. But the worst part is that there are 15 patients, including 12 in intensive care.

                              In this situation, the Ministry of Health decided today to complete a batch of two million of drugs to halt the advance of the influenza A (H1N1), as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). It went to a game of 88.4 million pesos.

                              Deputy Carlos Soratti considered "probable" that the disease causes more deaths and spread to the rest of the country, after concentrating the majority of infections in the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires.

                              However, he stressed that the virus is more aggressive than others and said the focus of cases of people with acute respiratory infections and severe, as decided by the Committee of Experts at the meeting yesterday. Soratti remarked that it is "important" that the company clearing the "idea" that the country is "facing a more aggressive virus."

                              "They will have many questions, many international developments and can be fatal in severe cases with respiratory infections or chronic diseases that create favorable conditions to expect complications," the official told different radios.

                              Soratti even considered "probable" that the flu will spread to other provinces, because since April 26 when the first case was detected in the world, new infections occurred in the Federal Capital and Buenos Aires . "That's why health systems must be prepared in each jurisdiction," he said.

                              The official noted that the human populations that have risk factors "such as people with chronic diseases or infants born prematurely, are more able to suffer the disease.


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                                5th death


                                The Buenos Aires media reported that another person died from H1N1 Influenza A this morning in the country. The man, Carlos Gustos, was a teacher in the Dalmacio V?lez Sarsfield school, in the Buenos Aires city neighbourhood of La Paternal.

                                The school will remain closed until Monday as a sign of mourning. The government had not given any official confirmation on the alleged fifth death of swine flu in the country.