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Argentina - Cases of A/H1N1 - 617 deaths

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  • Argentina - Cases of A/H1N1 - 617 deaths

    AO PAULO -- Brazil and Argentina have confirmed five swine flu cases within their borders as the virus affects more nations in South America.

    Brazilian Health Minister Jose Gomes Temporao says four young adults contracted the flu outside the country, which is home to the continent's largest population.

    He says three of them caught the virus in Mexico, and one in Florida. Only one remains hospitalized and is reported in good condition.

    Argentine Health Minister Graciela Ocana says the first person sickened by the virus in her country is a man who returned from Mexico on April 25.

    He has already been released from the hospital.

    Before Thursday, Colombia was the only South American nation to confirm swine flu with its borders.
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    Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1


    Influenza A: the Ministry of Health confirmed a second case in Argentina

    (23/5/2009) The Minister of Health, Graciela Oca?a, yesterday confirmed the second case of influenza A (H1N1) in the country. She is a woman who was in United States 20 days ago.

    This is the second patient whose analysis are positive. Others were discarded and 164 are 38 suspected cases.

    Usually, symptoms of influenza type A appears during the first 48 hours of infection occurred, but on the newly confirmed case was reported that the patient had returned home three weeks ago, coming from United States, one of the countries most affected by the so-called swine flu.

    Suspicious symptoms began one week after arrival. That's why they are still investigating whether there was a contagion in North America or if a case is "autochthonous."

    Meanwhile, the World Health Organization (WHO) said that "developing countries must prepare for more serious cases" because the winter is approaching in the southern hemisphere creates the conditions for the virus changes "its genetic material so unpredictable."


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      Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1


      Current events
      Two of those infected were infected in the United States and the third person to have contact with a Peruvian woman who returned to his country

      Three new confirmed cases of influenza A in Argentina

      24.05.2009 | The three new patients, all residents of Buenos Aires and Province of Buenos Aires, are in good health and very close to beat the episode, "so that" there is no risk of aggravation their health.

      Three new cases of influenza A (H1N1) in Argentina were confirmed today by the Ministry of Health, the number of times since he arrived five declared disease.

      Graciela Oca?a Minister explained that the virus was detected in two people who arrived from United States over the past few days and another that would have been infected after contact with a young Peruvian who six days ago he returned to his native country.

      The positive samples were detected as reported by the laboratory of the Institute Malbr?n, where they study in 22 other medical tests.

      The three new patients, all residents of Buenos Aires and Province of Buenos Aires, are in good health and very close to beat the episode, "so that" no risk "of the worsening health, he emphasized Deputy Carlos Soratti.

      Oca?a, at a press conference, adding that passengers who arrived from the United States had symptoms in the days after the trip but are in perfect condition "health.

      The other case, the official said, is a person who made contact with a Peruvian couple who, between 14 and 17 April last, he participated in the Buenos Aires international tournament riding "Sun of May", held at the Club Riding Argentino.

      The minister could not determine whether a Peruvian citizen contracted influenza A in Argentina or in their home country, where the symptoms have developed. "

      "It remains to be determined where he was the source of the disease," he said. Following the event, which was reported last Friday from Lima, the Department made contact with some of the people "had links with patients suffering from the virus.

      Despite this, Oca?a asked the participants of the sports competition to communicate with the health authorities "to investigate and deal with them.

      According to officials, three cases were detected in the city and the province of Buenos Aires, but avoided giving specific information on the exact site and the identity of patients.

      In Argentina there were five positive cases of influenza A since April 26.

      The first was played by a man, a native of Chubut, who had returned from Mexico, while the second, reported last Friday, also was a citizen who returned to the country although United States.

      Oca?a also stressed that the Institute Malbr?n broadcast today that the Chilean citizen who had to be placed in Mendoza last Thursday did not have the disease.

      Was also negative for influenza A case of a Canadian tourist who died on Friday at a hotel in Buenos Aires.

      For its part, the Institute reported that 22 studies Malbr?n doctors continue to study, 16 were considered negative and today joined five other samples for analysis.

      The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that 12,488 cases were detected in the world since April 26, and the disease caused 91 deaths.


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        Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1


        14 new cases of influenza in Argentina
        In neighboring edge
        26.05.2009 07:58

        Fourteen new cases of influenza A (H1N1) were confirmed in Argentina by the health authorities, which brings to 19 the total number of patients with HIV in the South American country and four schools are closed 14 days.

        "Of the 17 samples analyzed today (Monday), 14 were positive and three negative," said Health Minister Graciela Ocana, after participating in the Casa Rosada (government) of a meeting of the Emergency Committee headed by the chief Cabinet Sergio Massa.

        Oca?a explained that the 14 new confirmed cases, 13 relate to a fellow graduate student at the private Catholic school Fray Mamerto Esqui? in the neighborhood of Belgrano, who had recently traveled to United States with his family and where infection had already been confirmed.

        The fourteenth case corresponds to "a person who was in contact with a Peruvian citizen" who participated between May 17 and 14 of international equestrian tournament in the Argentine capital, said the minister.

        One of the three cases was confirmed on Sunday a couple of 15 years, student of the College of Pilar, in the northern outskirts of Buenos Aires, which was infected swine influenza in the horse tournament, which was in contact with the Peruvian couple, who had symptoms of the disease after returning home, it was reported.

        These two schools closed their doors for 14 days to prevent new infections, as well as two other establishments, one in the capital and another in the province of Buenos Aires, Massa said without identifying them.

        The first positive case of the disease in Argentina was confirmed on May 7 and was a person who had returned from Mexico, the epicenter of the global epidemic, the second was a patient who arrived in the country from 9 United States, but 16 presented symptoms.

        Information disseminated by AFP


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          Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1


          Argentina rules out suspension of classes for influenza
          Alert influenza - Tuesday, May 26 (08:45 hrs.)

          * After the health authorities reported 14 new cases of influenza A

          El Financiero Online

          Buenos Aires, May 26 .- The Argentine government today ruled out the possibility of suspending the classes in the country after five colleges to take that step Cases of influenza A among their students.

          This was stated by Minister of Education Juan Carlos Tedesco, hours after the health authorities reported 14 new pictures of the disease in addition to the five already recorded, so the total amounts to 19.

          The official confirmed that a private school on the outskirts of Buenos Aires decided to suspend classes today and Wednesday as a precaution due to the fact that between them there is a possible case of influenza A.

          "These situations and the overall measure is prevention, counseling to be very attentive to the symptoms. We are working with a scenario of containment," said Tedesco radiales statements.

          Last night the Minister of Health, Graciela Oca?a, had announced the suspension of classes for two weeks at two schools in the capital and two others in the province of Buenos Aires after detecting the infection of some of their students.

          Tedesco said that at a meeting to be held next Thursday with the educational authorities of the provinces are considering measures to prevent disease in order to standardize criteria throughout.

          Of the 14 new affected, 13 were infected at a college in the capital which was attended by a girl who contracted the disease during a recent trip to Orlando (United States).

          The other became ill after taking part in an international riding in the city which was attended by a young Peruvian who had the disease caused by virus AH1N1. (With information from Reuters / CFE)


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            Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1

            Swine flu: 18 new cases and more than 100 study

            The total number of infected in the country and continues to climb and reached the 37.

            There are eight schools that suspended their classes. The national health ministry reported this evening 18 new cases of influenza A (H1N1), identified by the Institute Malbr?n.

            The information was confirmed by the health portfolio in its day and now the total infected in our country amounts to 37. There are also another 118 cases under study, suspected of having the virus.

            The majority of cases are associated with schools that are under surveillance, the Health Ministry said in a statement. The Institute Malbr?n reported today that 18 new cases were positive and 36 samples were negative for influenza A (H1N1).

            In addition, new samples were received from 116 patients who met the case definition, most related to the schools under study, "in reference to the schools in which there were positive cases or some of his students were in contact with infected.

            Currently, eight primary and secondary schools-of-the City of Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires suspended their classes, because some cases positive for prevention and other suspected cases.

            The Ministry of Education recommended the closure of establishments during two weeks when there are confirmed cases, but ruled out bringing forward the austral winter holidays that usually take place in July, or suspend classes across the country.

            Meanwhile, some 35 employees of the Foreign Ministry remain in isolation at home after confirmation that one of their workers are infected swine flu. This is a woman who had recently traveled to United States and who is [in] good [condition].

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            Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief The Lancet

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              Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1


              70 are infected
              Influenza A: 33 new cases confirmed in country

              28-05-2009 / The Ministry of Health reported the number of influenza A H1N1 and most appropriate for students of various schools that were closed preventively in Capital Federal and Buenos Aires. Meanwhile, the first infection was recorded in the province of Neuqu?n, a man who arrived from Mexico.

              Concern in the country for the progress of the flu.

              The Minister of Health of the Nation, Graciela Oca?a, confirmed tonight that added 33 new cases of influenza A (N1H1) in the country, which added to the existing 37 give a total of 70 infected during a press conference at the headquarters of the health portfolio.

              In addition, the official noted: "The cases are distributed between the city of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires province and 1 in the province of Neuqu?n.

              Meanwhile, the first infected in the province of Neuqu?n corresponded to a man who arrived from Mexico last week, said Health. In total, 70 people were infected by the virus H1N1 in the country.


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                Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 80


                Argentina confirms ten new cases of swine flu, totaling 80

                The Ministry of Health of Argentina reported on Friday, ten new cases of swine flu, which brings the total to 80 infected in the country, according to a press release.

                The laboratory Malbr?n responsible for the analysis of influenza A (H1N1) reported ten cases in the positive day, most students who attend schools in the capital argentina and its suburbs, and 23 negative, said the press release.

                Since April 26, when the Malbr?n began to analyze samples for possible infection, the health ministry reported 80 positive cases and 272 negative, whereas today there are 273 samples in the laboratory process.

                Most of those infected are students from four schools, two located in Buenos Aires and two in the northern suburbs, which led the authorities to take preventive measures in these establishments, which will remain closed for two weeks since the emergence of new infections .

                "Most of those infected are linked to infected passengers and in schools where there were kids who came to United States," said Health Minister Graciela Ocana, in statements to the press.

                Oca?a stressed the importance that people with symptoms of swine flu conducting a voluntary isolation, to prevent further spread of the virus.



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                  Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 100


                  Google translation:

                  20:13 30.05.2009 SOCIETY
                  Already there are 100 infected with swine flu in Argentina

                  The increase in cases was confirmed today by the Ministry of Health, after receiving new reports of laboratory Malbr?n. In Cordova, said it is "highly probable" that the virus is already circulating in the province.

                  The Ministry of Health of the Nation tonight confirmed the increase in influenza A-infected (NIHI) in the country, bringing to 100 the number of patients infected by the disease.

                  The information was disseminated through a press release which stated that "today, the lab reported 20 new cases Malbr?n positive and 10 negative samples for Influenza A (H1N1)."

                  Meanwhile, the Belgrano Day School-Capital Federal-supported educational institutions affected by the estalecimeitnos swine flu after confirming the disease in one of his students, so it will close its doors for a fortnight.

                  Finally, the Ministry of Health reported four suspected cases Cordova virus in the province, but so far none are confirmed. The owner of the portfolio, Oscar Gonzalez, conceded that it is "highly probable" that the new flu virus is already circulating in Cordov


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                    Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 100


                    Argentina reached 115 confirmed cases of H1N1 influenza
                    Sunday May 31 2009 19:38 GYT

                    BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina said on Sunday that confirmed cases of H1N1 flu rose to 115 from 100 the previous day, as we are currently studying the recent deaths of a couple after an acute respiratory table in the northern province of Jujuy.

                    The Government reported that since April 26 was detected 115 positive cases, 304 negatives, 404 samples while still under evaluation.

                    The Deputy Minister of Health, Carlos Soratti, said in a press conference in the next few hours are going to be able to certify whether the boy died from a respiratory infection had influenza.

                    Although in the case found that "there is no data to assign the link with the influenza epidemic."

                    Soratti said that 90 percent of cases in the country belongs to the school community.

                    Several schools were closed in Argentina trial for the Ministry of Health to prevent further infections, while other schools decided to suspend classes on their own to prevent the spread of the disease.

                    (Reporting by Walter Bianchi; Edited by Javier Leira)
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                      Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 174


                      Google translation:

                      Cases of influenza A (H1N1) in Argentina increase to 174

                      Friday June 5, 2009
                      Source: Reuters

                      80% of new infections are in children under 14 years, from schools in the capital and its suburbs.

                      BUENOS AIRES .- The Argentine Government reported Friday that it detected 11 new cases of influenza A (H1N1), which was raised to 174 the number of patients in this country.

                      80 percent of those affected are children under 14 years who were infected at schools in Buenos Aires and its suburbs, the area hardest hit by the nation, said the Argentine cabinet chief Sergio Massa during a news conference.

                      Twenty schools in the capital and its populous suburbs wholly or partially closed to prevent further spread of human influenza, then that in these centers are detected infections.

                      The Argentine authorities confirm that we are not suspended classes in the country, nor advanced local winter vacation, made a half years, to prevent disease progression.

                      Meanwhile, Massa announced that the Government allocated an additional $ 10.8 million "for further work to do the provinces in order to ensure more resources for the prevention of the virus.

                      Influenza A (H1N1) affects mainly United States, where 27 people died and 13,217 were infected, and Mexico, which recorded 103 deaths and 5563 patients


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                        Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 202


                        Google translation:
                        Argentina increased to 202 cases of H1N1 influenza
                        Saturday June 6, 2009 21:08 GYT

                        BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentina announced on Saturday that cases of the dreaded H1N1 influenza increased to a total of 202, with 886 patient samples under analysis, it was reported officially.

                        In his daily report, the Ministry of Health added that increased the amount of 28 positive cases in a day, with 17 schools closed to avoid contracting the flu, since most of those affected are students.

                        Chile is the country with the highest number of confirmed cases in South America, and one death occurred on Monday became the first nation to confirm, in the region, a fatal victim.

                        A total of 73 countries have officially confirmed 25,579 cases of human infection by influenza A virus to Saturday, with 139 deaths, said the official report of Argentina on the basis of data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

                        (Reporting by Jorge Otaola, Edited by Gabriel Burin)


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                          Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 215


                          Argentina many people with a new strain of influenza 215
                          07 Jun 2009 18:59

                          BUENOS AIRES, June 7 (Reuters) - The Government of Argentina on Sunday, joined 13 other people with the dreaded H1N1 influenza, to add 215 cases since late April, most minors.

                          The Ministry of Health added that performs 836 shows in other patients.

                          "With 74 percent of the confirmed cases are children (of) 5 to 17 years, attending 17 schools (the) city of Buenos Aires and (the) province of Buenos Aires. In addition, 14 other establishments have case study ", reported the health portfolio.

                          Chile announced that a second man died from this influenza, of which 890 cases were recorded in the country counterpart, the only one in South America which has so far confirmed deaths by the new strain of flu.

                          The Argentine ministry said in its daily report that 75 countries have confirmed 25,690 cases of human infection by influenza A virus to Sunday, with 139 deaths, based on data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

                          (Reporting by Jorge Otaola, Edited by Rodolfo Saavedra)

                          REUTERS JAO RS /


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                            Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 235


                            20 confirmed cases across the country
                            08-06-2009 / The Ministry of Health indicated that the total amount of infected and 235 in Argentina. Furthermore, it was reported that 858 samples have Malbr?n analysis process. The number of patients in the province of Buenos Aires, also rose today to 28 cases.

                            The Ministry of Health reported tonight twenty new cases of influenza AH1N1 in Argentina, according to studies conducted at the Institute Malbr?n, bringing to 235 people infected in the country. The portfolio, in a press conference, indicated that 858 samples are in the process of analysis.

                            In addition, earlier this afternoon the Department of Epidemiology, Ministry of Health bonaerense confirmed five new cases of influenza AH1N1 in the province of Buenos Aires.

                            Informed this afternoon that figure rose to 28 the total affected by the flu in the province and was known before the national Ministry of Health to disseminate its daily report.

                            The new cases are four people living in the north of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area: two in Pilar, Escobar and one other in Vicente L?pez.
                            Meanwhile, according to an official statement, "unable to determine domicile of another patient, but living in the same area surveyed.


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                              Re: Argentina: Confirmed cases of A/H1N1 - 235


                              Google translation:
                              And add 235 cases of swine flu in Argentina, 49 schools in the sights
                              The Ministry of Health announced today 20 new patients from swine flu and amount to 235 new infections in Argentina, where 49 primary schools and secondary schools are targeted by the authorities for suspected or confirmed cases.

                              Buenos Aires. AFP.
                              The health portfolio in a statement said that influenza A H1N1 infection in 22 schools in the city of Buenos Aires and its suburbs north and the cases under consideration in 27 other establishments in the capital.

                              Members of the crisis committee of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) arrived in Argentina to exchange information on the epidemiological situation and the viral circulation in the country and analyze the control measures taken and future scenarios for action, says the text.

                              Ministry officials on Monday held a videoconference with their peers from Chile-the country with more cases in the region to update information on the epidemic and the measures implemented to control the flow border.