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Rebound respiratory infections

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  • Rebound respiratory infections
    Spanish-English translation

    Rebound respiratory infections
    1,548 patients have been treated
    by Francisco de Miranda Network

    Children between 1 and 4 years are most affected by climate change

    At least 1548 people in the state served by Miranda have been the specialists working on the Net Francisco de Miranda, as detailed in the Health epidemiological bulletin issued by Miranda.
    Acute respiratory infections top the list of most common diseases in the last week with a 45.54%, followed by febrile syndromes with 37.27%, 15.44% with diarrhea, amoebiasis with 0.58% and chickenpox with 0.32%.

    The age group that recorded the highest number of hits corresponds to 1 to 4 years (23.84%), followed by the 25-44 group (13.05%). Also, children under 15 account for 62.86% of consultations for notifiable diseases.