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Respiratory infections packed emergency room of HVS

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  • Respiratory infections packed emergency room of HVS
    Spanish to English translation

    Pediatricians working flat
    Respiratory infections packed emergency room of HVS

    Health service users indicated that during the day of the weekend the site was safe

    THE TEQUES.Los constant climate changes typical of the area of High Mirandinos have been the main cause of respiratory disease that filled during the weekend the hospital emergency room Victorino Santaella (HVS). Doctors on duty, who preferred to remain anonymous because he was not authorized to testify, they said that the greatest amount of income that occurred from Friday night until Sunday morning were people with asthma, pneumonia, pneumonia, among other respiratory infections. It was concluded further that not only the emergence of adults received a significant number of patients in pediatrics were at least 56 admissions requiring nebulization.
    100 security

    Members of the local health service highlighted that during the days of the weekend were attended by officials from both Poliguaicaipuro, Bicentennial Polimiranda and Security Device (Dibis), who guards the integrity of those found at the site.