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Pneumonia killed 30 in less than 2 months

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  • Pneumonia killed 30 in less than 2 months

    Spanish-English translation

    Pneumonia killed 30 in less than 2 months

    * Children and the elderly are vulnerable to lung disease by varying the temperature causes infections and increase in 15% in children.
    It has been two months of 2013, and to date there have been 30 deaths from pneumonia, exceeding the figures of 2012, where there were only 15 victims.
    According to report Epidemiological Area Regional Health Management (GRS), four elderly victims died of pneumonia last week, including three from the district Jos? Luis Bustamante y Rivero, one of La Joya, one of Socabaya and Fencing the White City.
    The low temperatures in the Arequipa region, increased acute respiratory infections (ARIs), affecting 17 children under five years with delicate state of health.
    In the first three weeks of February 2013, small household were affected with 33%, increasing the care of infants under five years, higher than the 2012 where there was only 16.5%.
    Also, hospitals in the Arequipa region, attended 2000 298 patients showing infectious complications of airway in children under five years, racking up 11% for January.
    Meanwhile seniors attending clinics totaling 4,209 consultations for acute respiratory infections, being prone to lung infections higher grade.
    Called to the population of the region mistiana, caution when hygiene, like using a box of tissues or toilet paper, clean with soap and water or alcohol tables, telephones, computer keyboards, toys, railings and other objects common use.
    Also, avoid crowded places, particularly the cold and very dry environment, do not forget to drink fluids for hydration, either natural water, fruit juices, freshly made soups, fresh or warm.
    Therefore strengthen the epidemiological alert campaigns for the population to prevent contagion to patients with pneumonia.
    The districts with the highest risk to the rainfall recorded are Caravel? Condesuyos and Arequipa