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Spanish-English translation

More than 80,000 cases of respiratory infections in Lambayeque, Peru

More than eighty thousand cases of acute respiratory infections and diarrheal diseases 13 000 have been recorded in various parts of the Lambayeque region so far this year, especially in the districts of Incahuasi and Canaris and urban marginal city ​​of Chiclayo.

The regional manager of Health, Carlos Uriarte N??ez, told RPP News that according to the EW report No. 32 Surveillance System, there are over 80,000 episodes of respiratory infections in 14 districts of the region, of which 439 are pneumonias and 30 severe bronchopneumonia.

"The affected children ages recorded between 1 and 4 years and are in the Incahuasi, P?tipo, Pueblo Nuevo, Ferre?afe, Canaris, Illimo, Jayanca, Olmos, Salas, Motupe T?cume, La Victoria, P?tapo, Pomalca and Zana.

He said that because the temperature continues to fall in the Andes, not rule of green alert declared in this sector.