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MONDAY JULY 23, 2012 15:56 PERU
Arequipa: seven more deaths from pneumonia because of the intense cold in the region

To date, there are now 152 people killed by the disease, higher than that recorded last year. Acute respiratory infections affect nearly 15 thousand people.

It also increased the number of visits for pneumonia and ARI. (Photo reference: File The Trade)

The cold claims more victims among vulnerable populations of Arequipa . Last week there were seven people who died of pneumonia, including a baby of only 8 months old and six adults over 49 years.

In these cases, so far this year and reported that 152 people died from pneumonia, among which has nine children under 5 years and 143 adults, which exceeds the figures of 2011.

According to PPR, the care of patients with pneumonia increased by 23.5% with 155 cases last week. The most affected areas are the provinces of Camana Caravel? Castile and Arequipa.

More worrying is the number of respiratory infections (ARI), whose number rose to 14,800 cases last week. The risk areas are Caravel?, Islay, Arequipa and Condesuyos.

According to Patricia Polanco, director of Epidemiology, Regional Health Management of Arequipa, "cases of pneumonia and ARI are increased by the intense cold, crowding and manipulation of objects, especially in school