La última semana fallecieron 5 personas mayores de 59 años en la provincia de Arequipa, sumando en el año 145 fallecidos.

Spanish-English translation

Arequipa: 145 pneumonia deaths rise

Pneumonia continues to cause deaths in the region Arequipa , last week reported the death of 5 people over 59 from the districts of La Joya, Fencing and Mariano Melgar Paucarpata. This year 145 people died from pneumonia, the 8 of which are children under 5 years and 137 adults mostly seniors, as reported by the Department of Epidemiology, Regional Health Management. the last week for pneumonia patients seen fell 40.4% to 170 reported cases. In both acute respiratory infections increased by 11.6% to be met in a week 16,165 patients, mostly adults.