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Hospitals reported a large number of consultations for influenza

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  • Hospitals reported a large number of consultations for influenza

    Spanish to English translation

    Hospitals reported a large number of consultations for influenza
    In recent weeks, hospitals began receiving a large number of consultations for flu symptoms, mainly by the strain of influenza A (H3N2). Urge to continue with preventive measures.

    INERAM coming up with various respiratory diseases are checked and then classify them according to their health.
    Despite the heat, respiratory viruses are circulating among the population and generating a significant number of hospital visits.

    At the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases and the Environment "John Max Boettner" are received each week about 20 cases of influenza patients, according to Ms. Shepherd said Ramirez, head of epidemiological surveillance.

    "It's what we're getting more. These are patients who come to consult flu-like tables, which in the end what we are isolating is influenza A H3N2 that is prevailing among the other viruses. The H1N1 is almost no longer in circulation and not the other viruses are respiratory syncytial virus and adenovirus, "he said.

    The professional said that the most affected are children under 5 years, while highlighting that the virus makes no distinction of age.

    "It's a very easily spread virus. Now, with the heat that we are as agglomeration, concentration of population in areas occupied by the air conditioning, "he said.

    The license indicates that also recorded, per week, about three cases of pneumonia as a result of this virus. Equal risk

    "Many fear more for the H1N1, but this virus is too risky for the health of people, and the mode of transmission is the same. Seen in all services is the same virus that prevails, "he added. According to the report of the Ministry of Health, during 2010 detected 123 cases of pneumonia as a result of the H3N2 strain. ]It adds that, since last October, is the predominant respiratory virus.

    The IPS also logged nearly 1,000 inquiries a week for the flu.
    January 7, 2011 00:00