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The inputs are not enough in the National Hospital

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  • The inputs are not enough in the National Hospital

    The inputs are not enough in the National Hospital

    The area of the National Hospital pediatric emergency room is exceeded by his ability to focus and inputs that account are insufficient to meet demand.

    This was revealed by Dr. Jesus Irraz?bal, chief of pediatric emergency clinic before our consultation.

    On weekends, the number of patients coming to the service, in the pediatric area, over a hundred, he said. "70 to 80% of the inmates are respiratory symptoms. We exceeded in number of patients," said the doctor.
    Lack of inputs further complicates the situation. According to Dr. Irraz?bal, the main deficiency at the moment are the tubes that are placed in the noses of babies to supply oxygen.

    Magn?metros also require suction to suck up liquids, a fundamental procedure in the management of many respiratory symptoms, he said.

    Although antibiotics have all the necessary support required laboratory studies begins to get complicated, because the lab is running out of reagents and breeding grounds for analysis, said.
    EMPTY ROOMS. The National Hospital has four rooms that were prepared last year for cases of influenza A H1N1. Although these have beds, cots, incubators and oxygen mouths for 10 patients, not used, so the rooms are empty.

    On 29 January, the National Hospital director, Dr. Felix Ayala announced that 5 of these beds would enable to meet the high demand in the pediatric emergency service, for which nurses were able to devote to this sector.

    To date, however, no such thing has happened and that infrastructure continues to idle. "It is a space that is there, equipped, but without human resources and inputs can not be missed," said Dr. Irraz?bal.

    The lack of doctors on duty in the Emergency Pediatrics, on Sundays, is another indicator that reveals the human resource gap-at least in the area of health care-in the National Hospital.