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Respiratory infections are on the rise
For Ppn. - 6/17/2012 - 20:05

The Director of Health Surveillance said in a press conference, so far this year have accumulated some 127,305 visits for respiratory infections, which shows a gradual increase from one week to another. Infectious agents currently prevailing throughout the country are: Influenza A H1N1, Influenza B and Parainfluenza.

As stated by Dr. Ivan Allende, in the last week there has been over 8500 visits for influenza-like illness, a situation which he explained, is within the expected range. noted that currently there is a change in the profile respiratory virus circulation, where the predominant strain Influenza Pandemic of 2009, H1N1, which today has a seasonal pattern. So far this year, the Sentinel Surveillance System reported 4 deaths from acute respiratory infections: one case was a result of influenza B virus and the other three, Influenza A H1N1. While there for respiratory symptoms associated mortality in recent years since 2009 - there is a marked decrease in the trend of mortality from pneumonia. "This has to do with the haste with which many go to health services in the presence of respiratory symptoms," explained the epidemiologist, while showed a decrease in self-medication with symptoms of pneumonia. "This ensures a more timely and better to avoid complications and deaths from these infectious processes," said the owner of Health Surveillance.